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SC EP:979 Gorilla Man

Susan writes “In 1962, I was only 12 at the time of the encounter. This happened in Crandon, Wi and I have been reaching out to find others in this state who have seen a Bigfoot.

I can give a very detailed description of the day, his face which I thought was so horrendous at that time and his hands, etc. something many people don’t get a good look at. This event happened late afternoon just before the sunset. It was very confusing as I thought I saw a gorilla man or else a freak that escaped from a circus freak show.

It was an event that made me depressed and gave me many sleepless nights/weekdays with nightmares. I am attaching an AI picture that closely resembles the facial structure of the type I saw.”











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70 Responses to “SC EP:979 Gorilla Man”

  1. Karla G

    I heard this lady on another podcast at one point but anyway you can tell she hasn’t listened to not even half of wes’s if she still thinks they are an ape type being. Most people think theyre some sort of human hominid. Not to mention the DNA findings that they’re mostly human. Although I do think there are different types. Some of them being more ape-looking.

    • Heather G

      I agree. I feel like they maybe live in small tribes and perhaps there are those that live so remote that they end up inbreeding which could explain some looking stranger than others, aggression, etc. I honestly don’t know, these things are so strange to me. I think about this almost everyday of my life.

  2. Asheim

    Wow just heard the whole thing! Susan was really a good speaker and weaving the story making me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing this and thanks Wes for your hard work to bring us these. Yes, we’re getting near 1000 episodes! I’ve heard every one of them. Much love to the SC family. Have a good weekend all. Be safe wherever you are.

    • Rob S

      Weaving a story? Love Wes and the production is immaculate as always but this was very difficult to follow. Some interjections would have helped this flow alot better. I do understand some people are nervous and struggle to articulate what may have been be a traumatic event but this account is about 300 words a minute. It was ALOT to listen to.

  3. Whizbang

    Her explanation is the same I use, my mom told us stories of hobos chasing her on rail tracks going to and from school. So when I’d see them they were just hobos.

  4. Colm O

    A picture tells a thousand words.
    I appreciate this episode and love the show – but can’t make sense of this or put anything together with the extensive, elaborate descriptions.

  5. Geneva V

    hello Was and SC fam!! hope you all have a great weekend.
    Wes….where did that pic come from? I have been looking for one to use in my art. I like this one a lot.

  6. Geneva V

    I’m such a dork🤪! I already knew this! anyway I read the description and read that the pic was AI and Susan sent it in. lol. anyway if your ok with it Susan I think I would like to use this picture.

  7. David L

    These things are real. Wes without you I would have thought I was just misinterpreting what I had encountered. It would have been a permanent question, left in my memory. A searing ember of memory that only could leave, loneliness and confusion. You’re podcast helped me process my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, of reality. If all plausible explanations are exhausted, only the implausible remains. They exist. I believe because I encountered something that was told to me did not exist. They exist. I saw , heard, and felt, something and that will not be soon forgotten. Thank you Wes. Keep up the good work. 👍.

  8. Benji P

    EP 979, 21 ep’s away sir. I just want to thank you Wes for creating this platform. I think u already kno what u do for ppl, but truly sir, you are doing soo much more that u can imagine. Bless you. Greetings from Amsterdam. Love Nd light for you Nd ur love1s <3.

  9. Roy F

    wow Susan, what an encounter, especially for a 12 year old. Before you said someone suggested he was asking for berries, that’s what I immediately thought when you said he seem to coax you with his hands. He wanted you to share. And your description makes me think it was an older one who was hungry, really hungry. You told your story very well. I mean I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Great encounter story.

  10. Josephine L

    Wow! Many thanks to Susan for her bravery and sharing her encounter in such detail! That picture tho….👀… Wes, hers is definitely one of my 10 faves. I’ve already listened twice. Until Sunday, wishing our SC family a restful weekend❣😎🌼

  11. James G

    If she still believes that was an animal, she still has a ton of learning to do. A predator of that size would have killed her, based on the behavior only, it’s more than animal. What it is, jury’s still out, but it’s not merely an animal. All one has to do is listen to the people and their encounters.

  12. Paula B

    Thanks for sharing your encounter Susan. Your detailed description really brought everything to life and this image just emphasizes it that much more. Great show again Wes! Thanks for all you do 👍🏻

  13. Mark Z

    Anyone having issues getting items from the shop? I ordered a shirt in June to celebrate listening to all the episodes and have yet to get my order. I’ve contacted the shop 4 TIMES and have yet to hear anything back from them.

  14. Ron S

    “Spittin’ nickels”😂I haven’t heard anyone use that phrase in a while, but I love it and need to start using it.
    Great encounter, but I doubt the being wanted her raspberries because it was hungry, it’d be very proficient at scaring the people off and helping itself… possible it wanted the berries as an offering or tribute though, or just trying to lead her somewhere, to safety or otherwise.

    • Ron S

      In my opinion it is possible that there is an aspect to these things that deals with “rules” to other realms or even the spirit world, so in terms of offerings if you follow them you could be unknowingly giving your physical self as a tribute. This situation could’ve been seconds away from Susan making the wrong choice to follow the being and Mike coming back through the bushes and not seeing the creature or even Susan ever again.

      These things shouldn’t be gifted IMO, they could just be trying to build a false sense of security with you before they get the grand prize, meaning people. I think it’s more than likely that God made these things shocking, scary, intimidating and sometimes very stinky for a very good reason, and that reason isn’t for you to have a little tea party out in the sticks with a troglodyte. 🌞

  15. Candice W

    Doesn’t look horrendous to me.. I think they’re all beautiful and fascinating. No offense to anyone.also not dismissing the scary encounters people have had but I have had nothing but good encounters with these beings. It could be because of my intent I always state my intent when I go into the forest They might have also witnessed me rescuing bugs from deadly situations. as I am that person that doesn’t even kill insects.. not even mosquitoes at this point of my life.. I’ve always been extremely empathetic to other living beings.

  16. Joe G

    Wes- ok lets get right into it, tell us what you saw
    Guest- granma grandpa, cousin Eddie, my sister, my aunt, my aunts grandpa, my cousins dog, my little brother, and the grandkids………20 minutes later she tells us what she saw

  17. Bob V


    I’ve mentioned this before.
    My Son spotted one looking at him through a window of my Grandmothers house. Every Fall we would have strange things happen around the house.

    This was happening in Waukesha County. Only twenty Minutes from the city of Milwaukee.

    They are closer than you think.


  18. Linda B

    Just listening at the end of the weekend. Susan, thanks for telling us about your encounter. I thought you did a great job telling your story and I thought you were very clear in your descriptions and in your relaying the story. Manlike and ugly are both words we’ve heard before, this guy seems to have looked more like a human who acted animal-like thrashing bushes and holding his hand out without communicating. It would have been really scary to be in those woods and have an experience like that. Now that you are safe and it’s in the past, I’m glad you are okay. Wes is so good to have this platform for people; it has to feel good to have told your story; we really appreciate hearing about your encounter.

  19. Mark H

    This is Mark from SC EP:807 The Little Monkey.
    This image is very similar to the Juvinile I saw up on the Uncompahgre Plateau west of Montrose and Olathe, Colorado 30 some years ago.
    The one I saw was much younger and had larger eyes and nostrils. The eyes had no whites that I could see and appeared to be dark amber or nearly black. Plus, it was slightly more Chimp-like and the forehead sloped back, but the other general features are pretty close.
    Like I said, the one I saw was much younger than this rendering, but this is about as close as I’ve seen to what I saw. The eye brow meat is correct, the cupped mouth is correct and the look of hatred and disgust is also correct.
    I’d love to get in touch with whomever did this A.I. rendering. With a few tweaks, it could be really close.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless…

  20. Dennis W

    Thank you Susan for the awesome encounter! Don’t listen to the morons. When you have 50 people telling you how great the encounter was and a couple that can’t seem to figure it out, you know where the problem is. My Mom was one of 17 children who was raised in Armstrong Creek a few miles away. Did some hunting up there and had some run-ins with invisible entities. Strange “nortwoods” up der hey

    • Rob S

      Or a couple that are plain honest. It wasn’t an attack on the guest, it was likely traumatic and the recall triggers a retelling like this. I can empathise. I dont deserve to be called a moron because I was honest enough to make a suggestion that some structure to the account would’ve helped…

  21. TROY W

    Thank you Susan ” my uncle took me to see Samson the Gorilla in 1973. I remember him charging the kids up at the glass and pounding his fists against it scaring the heck out of everyone. 😂

  22. Rebecca V

    I dont mean to be rude or hurtful but I seriously couldn’t follow this lady’s story at all. it felt like a whole lot of rambling. I’m sorry, I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing.

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