Apr 16

SC EP:946 I Could See The Wrinkles In Its Face

Pat writes “On my bachelor party, Friday the 13 august 2021 after we all were drinking, a Bigfoot stormed through our camp and growling and stomping in an absolute territorial display.

It was probably more like the early hours of the 14th. This f—-r was stomping and growling At the same time. I could feel the growling and feel the stomping as well as hearing the stomping and growling! This was at the same time. Initially I thought it was my friend who was notoriously known for screwing with people, so when I got up I said out loud, “Grant, what the f–k are you doing?!” Then I heard a quick shuffle.

I saw movement above my head….. I have to go back. I have a giant Costco tent. Its more like a barn than a tent. We didn’t have the rain fly on it because this is august. Thought it was raining, but it’s rocks. Before the growling. I’m sorry it’s all scrambled. However, after I thought it was my friend and I yelled out, I saw out of the corner of my eye through the top of the tent was a face.

This face was larger than a five gallon bucket. It was quicker than a moment. This f—-r was looking down at me, and when I saw it, it was shocked I saw it. So, it looked at me and lurched backwards like it was scared. BUT, as it moved back it’s face changed from shock to absolute pissed off something fierce where I could see the wrinkles in its face.

Before it yelled and growled down at me like I can’t explain In text. I saw it’s teeth. It’s nose. Hair line. There is so much more to this story, but I saw it’s teeth, face, wrinkles in the forehead. I can’t sleep. This is why I’m emailing you this late because I’m tired of being sick and tired.”

Here is the image Pat sent me that was close to what he saw. Pat writes “It kind of looked like this only its teeth were clenched together with a taller forehead and darker but greasy looking skin”




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77 Responses to “SC EP:946 I Could See The Wrinkles In Its Face”

  1. Nolebez

    No one worth a damn or who should be taken seriously is laughing. Laughing at this stuff is the result of fear. Thanks for sharing what happened bud, we are all happy that you made it out of there with just a stern yelling at. Absolutely terrifying account for sure. I’ll take having pebbles thrown at me over that any day.

  2. David P

    making my weekend once agsin Wes! living in this schizophrenic state of Wisconsin; 80 degrees yesterday, 8-10” of snow tonite. got the wood burner going and getting ready to enjoy this episode!!

  3. Chad W

    A remarkable episode… Pat’s response and emotions are exactly what you’d expect after going through that! Terrifying, to say the least. I hope that getting this all off your chest is beneficial for you.

  4. Janice K

    Mt grandmother taught me to keep quiet unless I had something nice to say. This was a good encounter share. Thank you for sharing . One question, why does everyone now overuse the word like? It makes my head hurt.
    Like why would you like say that you like saw or like did or like did not like see something or like hear something or like not like smell or like see something or like. . .
    I know it could be nervousness. I just wish we could all not preface every other word or sentence with like.
    it’s so prevalent now and I just have to check out when it’s every other word.

    • Bradford L

      Modern linguists say it’s the new conversational pause, used to formulate the next phrase . There are some very interesting studies and examples of how humans are adapting speech patterns.

  5. Roy F

    damn, Pat. That must have been horrific. Great encounter recollection. You did fine telling your story. This is the place to come to get it off your shoulders. Another authentic Sasquatch encounter on Sasquatch Chronicles. Best podcast!

  6. Roy F

    was camping near Allegheny National Forest in PA last year when my son was 11. Our campsite was right next to Pine Creek and we were the only tent in the primitive area. My son told me in the morning that he had gone outside the tent to pee during the night. Jeez, I said, you are brave but don’t do that again without waking me. Right? Bears, Sasquatch, coyote, even crazy rabid raccoons. Even with food in the car, we grilled steaks for dinner that must had smelled great to meat eaters.

  7. Corrie S

    This is encounter happened in the town I live in. Lots of crazy things happening here. I live right on the nearby creek and have heard the Ohio howl, cast tracks and lots of other weird things.

  8. Anna D

    Thanks for sharing this encounter, Vernonia is in my neck of the woods. I wondered about the rest of the guys there and if anyone else, your brother for instance, heard it? other than the guy in the van.
    well done telling your story, you did good. 👊🏼 Thanks Wes, you knocked it out of the park again.

  9. Blanche D

    When these creatures get so close, no wonder this fella has PTSD. So sorry that he is mocked when he discloses it. I hope at least his friend in the pick up is able confirm their experiences of sassy encounter. Best wishes. Thanks for sharing 🍖👏😁

  10. Jason G

    Hey, I’m in Rainier! I’d love to talk to you about this stuff. Is there a chance that we could meet up to in a public place in Vernonia to chat? I’d really like to hear what you have to say.

  11. James F

    he starts off describing the night as pitch black. that combined with looking thru mesh I don’t understand how he could’ve seen even 2
    5% of the details he claims. he sounds believable other than that.

  12. Jeanee M

    I have always thought that they are goal oriented. Their goal is to get you out of their territory not to kill. The “don’t attack unless attacked behavior seems to be because they have learned if they kill one of us more of us come. The goal is to rid all intruders through fear. always, always works.

  13. James R


    I like youre take. They do seem to have pause. My argument would be the potential danger front. They are very smart. Id bet bottom dollar that there are quite a few good reasons they normally (to knowledge we can actually account for) dont go on the full scale assault.

    Ive hunted predators for 2 decades or so. Animal and human. All Ill say on that. Anyway, I can tell you from an animalistic point of view, that there are normally 2 reasons predators refrain from attacking full scale.

    The first is that when they are alone, they alone are accountable for anything they do. By that I mean, they are accountable for the kill but also the damage inflicted its way. Most predators will not attack if it feels the reward isnt worth the risk. like….they get you and feed but what good is that if you broke its leg in the process? Now it cant hunt tomorrow. Or tender young or whatever else you can think of but animals wolrds revolve around food. Its of no use to feed today if the result of that hunt means now you cant tomorrow.
    When alone, its not worth the risk.

    Second is that animals are habitual. Especially when HUNTING for food. Pack animals learn how to hunt in a pack. Like a coyote. They wont hunt alone because they really dont know how. Its not a learned habit. I dont think for a second that they live alone. My belief is that they live in family groups. They hunt in pairs at the least. Hunters will become scavengers if they dont have live game they can down without core damage. These solo Sasquatch bluffs etc I believe are an animal stating dominance to get you to go away for whatever reason without physically risking bodily harm.

    The caveat is predators who are sick in anyway, backed in a corner, or starving. You add anything involved with those two (very broad statement) in the mix and they may have no issue going after a human. At that point, the reward is worth the risk.

    I dont mean to blindly state they are big dumb animals. They are way smarter than any animals we deal with on the day to day. Im just stating my thoughts on normal predator instincts vs their actions and seeing a result that resonates with me. Taking that perspective, this is just what makes sense to me.

  14. Jack K

    I don’t think the creature wanted to scare anyone. I believe it was just plain curiosity. came up to the tent just to get a closer look and got caught so it growled as it’s defense mechanism and went away

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