Apr 16

I Believe My Grandpa Had Seen This Thing Before

A listener writes “I was about 12 years old (96/97). I was at my grandparents ranch in Hockinson for the summer. We had horses that would go missing from time to time (usually the fence would be broken). Anyway one day around 5 or 6pm my grandpa said we were going to go look for a missing horse.

We walked about a mile or so into the woods until we found what we looking for. The horse was dead and had been half eaten (wolves or coyotes?) Anyway we started to walk back towards our ranch when my grandpa put his hand on my chest and told me to stay still. He was staring at something in the trees. I looked up in that direction and up in the trees was something very dark and large. It had dark brown hair, long arms, almost like an orangutan and it was definitely staring back at us.

The eyes were somewhat shining (a cats eye in the dark would be the closets way to describe it) It seemed calm at first staring and was definitely staring back at us. My grandpa raised his rifle (not sure if he was going to shoot it or if he was just trying to get a better look). At this point the creature went ballistic. It started shaking a branch above its head until it snapped off. He threw it down and dropped into the background (like step jump backwards onto another branch). It didn’t turn around when it jumped. I remember that it definitely never turned its back to us. It just kind of faded into the forest. After that my grandpa and I started walking back towards our ranch. Along the way he told me to never say anything to anyone and that we have no idea what we actually saw. He told me that people wouldn’t believe me anyway and would just make fun of me and make things difficult.

My grandpa was very stoic and wasn’t much for being a talker but I could tell he was definitely shaken up by what he saw. He was very quite at dinner with my grandma. Which is unusual since she was barking at him about the dead horse. Anyway over time I convinced myself it was just an escaped monkey or something and never thought anymore of it. After I told some people (much later in life…around my 20s) it was taken as a light hearted story and definitely was not believed. My grandpa passed in 07 so there’s no way I could ever talk to him about it again (and to his word we never did talk about it). One last thing that was SUPER weird, was that my grandpa had brought a rifle with us that day. He had never brought one before and we had never found a horse dead and eaten before. He said the horse was eaten by wolves or coyotes but I ran the tractor my whole life up there and never saw wolves that close to our ranch or any horses half eaten for that matter.

I believe my grandpa had seen this thing before and that’s why he started bringing a rifle. Anyway just figured I’d send this out sent I promised her I would. Have a great day.”

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  1. Chuck L

    Your Grandpa definitely saw this thing before. When you were searching for the horse, was there any signs? like drag marks, or signs of disturbed ground? Thank you for sharing your encounter.

  2. Charles R

    Even the adults have little problem with climbing trees, although, of course, they would have to be more careful and use stout branches. Kevin Lainge had a story of his bigfoot friend Glagg, who was pretty large at this time, carrying him way up a tree in just a few seconds in order to keep Kevin protected from other Bigfoots that may mean harm to him. Trees are a perfect place for watchers of the troop to scout their territory for potential threats.

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