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Strange sounds in Pennsylvania

A listener writes “I grew up just outside of Oil City Pennsylvania in a living village of Dempseytown. Hearing these few stories from my home town brought back some memories from around 2002-2004. Never had a visit encountered but definite hears some weird stuff. And I’ll give you a little backstory as to what happened, and this happened a few times a week for a whole summer.

My grandmother owned a golf course, roughly 100 acres. The back side of the property sat against a state park, about half a mile south was a giant apple orchard, they had apples, strawberries, and blueberries you could go pick and things like that. And pretty much everywhere else around the property was farm land.

So I was the grounds keeper, did everything from mowing to watering the greens at night because we didn’t have an automated watering system. The watering had to be done at night and involved driving around the golf course on a golf cart with one tiny headlight and a flashlight to see where everything was. So to run the watering system I had to start up an old tractor hooked up to a pump in one of the 3 decent sized ponds we had on the property.

The tractor was pretty loud and ran the whole time to pump the water across the property. Could never hear much until you got 100 yards or so away from the tractor. So throughout the course of the evening starting around sundown I’d start the tractor and start my rounds of putting out the sprinklers on the greens.

I’d normally try and let the sprinklers run for about half an hour before moving them. After each run of movement sprinklers and checked to make sure everything’s was working properly I’d go back to the tractor, check the gas, make sure everything was running smooth and go back to moving the sprinklers to the next spot. Well the first time I heard this noise was pretty around 10-11pm, I was on my way back to the tractor to check things and I heard what I can only explain as a woman or a child screaming like they were being murdered or assaulted.

Just blood curdling screams. Now if it was anywhere else on the property I may have chalked it up to a bobcat or maybe a stray cat or two fight, but to hear it over the loudness of the tractor made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Now I’d hear this sound maybe every other night, and always in the same spot around the same time, roughly between 10-11pm.

Now in my younger days I spent lots of hours in the woods around the property and knew the animals in the area pretty well as well as the sounds they made. Hunted the property both in the day and night, pest control was also part of my duties. Always had seen deer day and night, skunks and coyotes were a regular occurrence too and an occasional black bear. So I kinda just wrote off these noises as one of those things and never really thought much about it, but I definitely got my work done really fast and got away from the noise as fast as I could whenever I heard it. And like I said this happened a few times a week for the whole summer I did this work.

Never really told anyone about this and never thought much about it until i started listening to the show. Not really a super great encounter or an encounter at all but I just figured I’d share.

My sons and I really enjoy listening and my 6 year old always wants to go out and make Sasquatch sounds whenever he gets a chance. I can’t say enough nice things about the show and all the great encounters we get to hear about. Keep up the good work and we look forward to keep listening to all the shows and hopefully catching up on all of them.”

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  1. Ron G

    I’m very close to that area. One episode had a caller who talked about a siting in Oil Creek state park. That’s not more than 5 miles from this site

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