Mar 29

SC EP:90 Interview with Bob Gimlin

The Patterson–Gimlin film is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the film makers purported to be a “Bigfoot”, that was supposedly filmed on October 20, 1967, by Roger Patterson and Robert “Bob” Gimlin  on Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River about 25 road miles north-west of Orleans, California. The film has been subjected to many attempts both to debunk and authenticate it.

Both Patterson and Gimlin have always insisted they encountered and filmed a real Bigfoot, not a man in a costume. Patterson died of cancer in 1972. Patterson’s friend, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a hoax with Patterson. Gimlin mostly avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early 1970s until about 2003. Tonight we will discuss the events around the film and what lead up to the famous encounter.



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  1. Tyler D

    You have no idea how much we appreciate you not giving up on Sasquatch Chronicles. I can only speak for myself on this one, but I love this website n I’m not sure what I’d do without it. N that’s the truth. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU WES

  2. PJ

    That was just awesome to listen to! Heard things about the encounter and time leading up to it that I had not heard before. Great interview!!!

  3. mark s

    Hey Wes I get this interview at the beginning it resembles some of the things that you have had to deal with lately, hits home a bit.
    Anyways very cool interview appreciate.

  4. Karen D

    AWESOME!! Great questions Wes….really makes Bob n Rogers ecounter a more personal experience .With so much focus on the film , its refreshing to hear about it like any other encounter without all the “prove the film” in the foreground.
    Thanks We …and thanks Bob 🙂

  5. david s

    Bob’s a good man in every way in my opinion. I noticed tonite that when someone is telling a truthful story like Bob was, there is a natural flow to it. God bless ya Bob.

  6. Chris I

    Wow great interview Wes…you do a great job on your own. It’s nice to hear fresh material without the same 2 accounts being told again and again. If ya know what I mean….;)

  7. Terry W W

    That was the best interview I have ever heard. Bob was incredible and told it like it is. Man, I would love meet Bob Gimlin. He is a very genuine. He does have a cool voice. Wes, I am glad you didn’t give up. You stayed on that saddle and hung in there. Great show!

  8. Kathy E

    Wow Wess what an interview! you must be so excited right now, you conducted a great interview with “THE” guy!
    What an honor! He sounded great and totally honest. I am so glad that i got to listen to it, THANK YOU for sharing with us. Please pass on my thanks to Mr. Gimlin. That was AWSOME!

  9. Jay Carlsen

    Horse People ! Ya can’t beat them down ! On my Mothers Birthday , I make sure to take her down the river w/ my Children , Or horse back riding , Going out to Lake Michigan for the day …….. What ever , I try to make it an Event .
    Still to this day , that little old women can Handle a Horse now ! & the animal Knows it right from the Start , as soon as she grabs it by the Reins. ( She worked at Riding Stables , outside of Detroit. Way back When.) She told me how the Rodeo was in town . & they heard the Cow Boy’s were going to show up at the Ranch , to go out Riding , before the Rodeo that night . The Owner who’s name was Roy , found my Mother saddling up the Best Horses he had , For these Cowboy’s to ride when they showed up. And ol Roy was Pissed ! He told my Mother to take those Horses back to the stalls & to saddle up the Old Mares , The ones that were Terrible to ride. She said that she did as she was asked , But didn’t really know what was Roy’s Purpose was ?
    Until the Cowboy’s showed up , When they climbed up in the saddle – BAM ! They were on Different Animals ! The horses Listened,
    Were High Stepping , Attentive ! When they road off , Roy came over & told my Mother “See ? Really Cowboys can Ride Anything you put under them .” ……………………………………… Horse People – The Real Deal .
    Great Episode ! Leave that Poking Stick ALONE. your doing Great .

  10. Cindy W

    YEA!!!! Great interview!! Thank you so much for it. I loved it!! Wes, you rock – I’m soooooooo glad I’m a member of this fab team!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for not giving up on us. This little Alabama Southern Belle sends love your way!

  11. David R

    I got to meet Bob at the Ocean Shore BF/ Sasquatch Convention, and WHAT A GREAT GUY! He’s willing to talk to anybody ( If you get a chance) when you get him alone! Derick Randles is a nice person too! Les Stroud is the nicest guy that I met this last Nov. Sorry his wife got his land that he spent so much time/$ to live off the grid in his divorce!

  12. MONTE M

    This is now another piece of Bigfoot History . The telling from Bob Gimlin in his own words after he said he was done doing interviews. The story of the famous footage.Felt like I was there .Excellent thanks! Well done!
    My first memory of Bigfoot was seeing this film on some documentary on TV in the 70’s . It stated that it was “real footage” so it was exciting and scary because it was a monster and the footage was all shaky and panicked . I was probably 9 or 10 when I saw it. Half of me believed it but in my own 9 year old opinion what I thought did not look real ( since I was a 9 year old skeptic) was the still famous still frame shot when the thing looks back . I thought the head looked like it was a guy in fuzzy home made fur football helmet fake costume helmet thing of some sort . My thoughts were That the head looked stupid and fake and thought they could have done a better job of the costume with the head. So in my own thoughts thought the head did not look real to me when I was 9 so I dismissed it as fake. They never talked about or pointed to the breasts . I watch the stabilized version on Bigfootencounters and it is pretty cool . Watched it drunk and saw things I didn’t see before that. What mass! Massive!
    Thanks for this show and sight I love it. It is such a real and intense show. I usually listen to it on the job , driving a semi down a dark interstate in Minnesota. I always listen to the song at the end . I love that song . I think it calms me down after another intense show where Sasquatch chronicles reveals the truth to the world only without all the BS. It would be cool to see these interviews live on TV so experts could go thru 90 episodes and show voice and facial expressions picked apart by experts who can tell that people are telling the truth or fibbing thru their expert analysis of voice and facial expression . Sasquatch Chronicles is the foremost leading information provider on Sasquatch species in the world . Awesome, thanks! Glad to be onboard .

  13. randolph m

    As other members have posted when you hear Bob share his story it moves along in a smooth truthful way. I wish Wes encounter story did the same but it doesn’t. There is a very clear distinction between Bob’s story and Wes story
    Anyhoo good interview.

    • Derek G

      I agree with you about Bob’s account but I totally disagree with you about Wes and Woody’s account. It flows together fine just different but the same authenticity is perceived. Just saying…..

  14. Eddie M

    Wow…You can’t Hide Genuine. Thank you Wes! The details about having to get back to work and paying for trip/providing vehicle…That’s just genuine stuff coming from genuine guy. I appreciate the man’s character … He’s a real American…and they’re becoming rare. Great Job Wes. He don’t give interviews and he gave you one…Takes One To Know One. Hell of a compliment brother…Carry On!

  15. Letty

    I was completely floored to have heard Bob’s account first hand. Wow… what an amazing man! He showed true character and integrity. Listening to him retell it from behind the scenes gave the footage more meaning. Thank you Wes for the great interview and a million thanks to Mr. Gimlin for coming on the show to give your account behind the Gemlin film. We are all indebted to you. What a pleasure hearing your voice. You are true genuine man.

  16. Anthony M

    Bob Opens Up Here Like I Have Never Heard Him Before With More Details Than Ever.
    This Was-The Interview Of A Lifetime!

  17. Derek G

    Isn’t it amazing how much courage Bob had when experiencing these events? Like the last encounter he had. Everyone took off scared and his first thought was to make a call and then get on the road closer to the creature, then he decides to camp a little further from the fire because, “If it came through this way….. maybe it will come back”. Wow!! I love the woods and hunting and camping but I think in the same circumstances I would be genuinely frightened and don’t think I would be trying to call the thing.

  18. Papa - Yeti

    Well, that was top of the chart over the top best of Sasquatch – Encounters, Interview; Bob Gimlin was awesome, rugged, kind, gentle spoken, and polite, he is the kind character; Bob is truly the Icon of the American true west, and of the Sasquatch Community, the no B.S. and down to earth S.C. Community. Hell most men these days would have ridden off in a hell of a rush. But then there is Bob, dismounted with his rifle in hand, covering Patterson back. Not to mention hauling the horses and gear all over the region, up and down those mountains, and caring for those horses. Bob Gimlin will be chiseled in history as a Legend and American Folk Hero. Thank you Wes, for sharing with us Bob’s detailed accounts of the days of the Patterson – Gimlin – Bigfoot Encounter. Thank you Bob Gimlin.

  19. margaret h

    So good to hear Bob Gimlin telling his OWN story HIS OWN way. A true gentleman and an honest hardworking man. A very interesting backstory to the PG Film. Thanks Bob for everything. Thanks Wes for a memorable talk with such a great historical figure such as Bob Gimlin.

  20. Simon E

    Fair dink’em Wes, you and the show are kicking goal’s…sorry, touch down’s in American isn’t it?..Great interview..great show..what a gentleman is Mr Gimlin…big thanks to both of as always from Australia..

  21. r v

    Good, solid, and down-to-earth. You’ve got a classic on your hands with THE icon. Which sounds better, the “WB Interview” or the “GG Interview”? The first one’s too Hollywood, but the last one sounds like the name of a poodle or a bad French flick… “Germer-Gimlin” then.

  22. r v

    Incidentally, has anyone ever considered that the clarity of the PG film may have something to do with the nature of it actually BEING film? Everything anyone tries to capture with video is a blur. I’ve just never heard anyone mention this. Could start a new train of examination into BF physiology relative to optics.

    I miss the forum. 🙁

  23. Andrew O

    An excellent interview. So good just to let him speak, and tell his story without having to prompt, or pre-empt anything. A classic.

    Bob Gimlin seems like a genuinely nice, down to earth guy, and good to hear both of you together.

  24. Pat T

    Wes, thank you, hearing it from the legend himself, what a humble down to earth gentleman who seeks no publicity, or fame and money. Best thing he could have done was sell his part of the film for a buck. I am sure it gave him the peace he was looking for. He must think the world of you to get this interview the way you did. We need a lot more Bob Gimlens out there in the BF community, guys like him will give it the respect it deserves. Bob also mentioned his faith which obviously plays a role in his humility. Thanks Bob, and thanks again Wes, I think your doing just fine flying solo!

  25. Pierre M

    Its crazy to think how people still discredit the footage even though Bobs story never waivers. I dont even have to hear the interview to see thats a real creature. But the interview just puts the stamp of authenticity on the footage. It also makes Wes and Woodys encounter even more amazing. Im surprised those 2 guys didnt have to go thru some kind of therapy or hooked on Xanex lmao. These creatures are for real and hearing Bobs encounter never gets old. Every time I hear it theres a little more detail that I didnt know. It puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Like I didnt know they air mailed the footage to his brother in law. The interview puts all the questions to rest.

  26. Charles R

    Great interview, need to get him back for a longer one. I have heard Bob say he would love to come face to face with one with no weapon. He would just sit down on the ground and act submissive, therefore showing the forest giant he was no threat and try to have some kind of meaningful interaction, maybe talk to it and try to get something back from the forest giant. This has been a dream of mine in much the same manner for the past several years.

  27. PaddySquatch

    What a night that was….Mr Gimlin himself . And only one Man, capable of taking on a task of this importance…..tadahhhhhh…. SuperWes, my hero!!
    The way you helped Bob remember, the way he helped you in some way…., perfect interview imo.
    A mutual coming together of Greatness, right here on SC. Pity there are no new questions asked, and we have heard it all before, but hey, who needs it? The important thing is our Boss, Wes, and his fighting Apache spirit! Yayyyyyy! Onto new territory from now on, yayy……!

  28. Frankie P

    I so enjoyed this! I haven’t heard but bits and pieces Mr. Gimlim on conference videos, and this was so much better. He reminds me of my Dad – got a job , do the job, suck it up, enjoy the little things. You are a great interviewer Wes, and this is a gem of an interview with Mr. Gimlim. Thank you for all your effort.

  29. Daniel E

    I don’t think you can top that one Wes, great job. As a 12or 13 year old I read a Readers Digest article on their encounter at least a dozen times and wrote a letter to Roger Patterson about how excited and amazed at their discovery I was. Roger wrote me back, and invited me on an expedition he was putting together and I think my expenses would be around $800.00. I’m sure he didn’t’ realize I was a kid. I asked my dad for the money that we dind’t have and he laughed me out of the room when I told him what it was for. I had two previous face to face encounters Pryor to the article which I never told anyone about, I knew no one would believe a little kid and would be teased relentlessly by my siblings. I have always believed in the Party film,and enjoyed listening to Bob’s take on it all. You guys rock!

  30. Dave T

    Top shelf Wes. Bob is an icon in the BF world. You only need the PG film and Bob to tell the story to know this thing is for real. Nothing but respect for that guy. Wow.

  31. Scott D

    BIG thanks to Bob for coming on!! I’ve been hooked on Bigfoot since the I was a little kid in the 70’s. I have always had a ton of respect for what Roger and Bob did!! I was riveted to everything he had to say, lol! Thanks Wes for continuing to carry the torch bud! Awesome!!

  32. Elaine G

    SC gets better and better, totally original, professional and now the main man, the myth that is Bob Gimlin of the BF world here and live on SC…. Wow thanks so much Wes and a big thank you to Mr Bob Gimlin for sharing his story.

  33. Kerrin C

    I really enjoyed this show. I didn’t understand until tonight that Bob Gilman was such a serious horseman or that it was his horses that Roger Patterson was in need of. I know it would have been off topic but now I want to know all about Gilman’s long life as a trainer of rough country horses. I guess it’s because I ride and do trails and I know just how much trust you have to put into your horses and where those two men were riding was rough and rugged. Wow. What a great interview. And I loved the way Wes began by getting Mr. Gilman to speak of the nay sayers and those that tried to discredit him over the years and how he said “you just have to let it roll like water off a duck’s back.” Great advice for you Wes. Thanks for putting this interview together. Truly interesting on so many levels.

  34. Jeffrey H

    Mr. Bob Gimlin is a last of a dying breed. The true old cowboy that has manners and a handshake is all that was needed. His world is gold. He is one of the few people that I would truly like to meet. When he speaks it’s the truth, no question about it. A true product of the Wild West. He gas his priorities and it’s taking care of his, horses and his job, Bigfoot is down the latter. His words gave never changed since it first happen. Thanks Mr. Gimlin, thank you for staying who you are throughout all those years!

    • Jeffrey H

      Sorry: He has his, first correction second correction it’s taking care of his wife, his horses and his employment, Third, his words have never. Again, sorry, very late and was not feeling well.

  35. Gail d

    Bob Gimlin is truly the the last of a dying breed of men. A real man’s man that is extremely rare nowadays. God bless you sir. His story is wonderful to listen to because it never waivers. What a remarkable sight that must have been to see for a man who wasn’t even sure that these creatures existed. I really enjoyed it Wes , thank you for continuing the show.

  36. Frank S

    Loved the show/ puts things into perspective: Bigfoot is real n I hope I’m lucky one day in my life to get to see one! Great interview!! Thanks Wes!!!

  37. sherry r

    Great interview Wes!! Bob is a stand up person and you dont run by those kind of men very often these days! Enjoyed it tremendously! Id like to add, you are really standing up to your promise of giving us great content!Keep it up. 🙂 love SC!!

  38. Thane M

    Great Wes you got this one down for posterity. This man is truly the epitome of the cowboy gentleman with a heart as good as gold and a face like an affidavit! I really enjoyed this as all my great uncles were real cowboy out of Texas and I took care of three horses when I was a kid. Yeah it would be great to have him as a guest co-host on your show. What’s next …. well maybe you should approach Les Stroud to come on and talk about what he has learned on the subject.

  39. victoria b

    This was an excellent interview. The flow was good, it was nice to hear an interview without all of the interruptions and cutting off of the interviewees train of thought. Good job.

  40. Kurt S

    Great interview Wes. Brought the man and the story closer without all the show biz hype I experienced as a kid growing up with the footage. My first full viewing of the footage along with most of the country was at our local theater here in El Reno Oklahoma. Basically had to wait to the very end of this long documentary film to see a few seconds of film. LOL

  41. Kim

    Hi Wes,
    Fantastic interview! Youve learned alot. You sense when to leave them alone and if they need help getting back on track. You also dont intergect yourself into the story, like, this is what happened to me, me, me. You make the interview about them.
    Do you realize how monumental an interview you got? Think about it. He chose you because of your attitude and style. You care, and mean what you say!
    What an honor it was Mr. Gimlin to have our beloved host interview you! You are a man of men honest, sincere and faithful. Thankyou for your memories!

  42. Evelyn L

    This is such a great interview with Bod Gimlin. I wish that all those who have tried to malign this man would listen to this and realize how wrong they have been. Bob Gimlin is a good man and the stories that have been told about him by people who have never even met the man are outrageous and shameful.

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