Aug 5

SC EP:877 This Thing Bent Down Over My Tent

Duane writes “I am a Tribal member with the Hoopa Valley Tribe and grew up here all my life, my homes about 20 miles from where the Patterson film was shot at Bluff Creek, during the summer of 2018 me a friend and her family decided to go camping at this little campsite off the mountain road of Bald hill.”

Spoke to the witness he said his grandmother was a medicine woman and had warned him not to go into this area after dark. The witness will be sharing the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s beliefs on these creatures. He also discusses the canine creature known as Dogman but they have a different name for it.





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78 Responses to “SC EP:877 This Thing Bent Down Over My Tent”

    • Carl W

      Colleen I tell my daughter The same thing:
      Thanks for introducing me to the show, but camping overnight is out of the question, at least for now. Had to share this with you after reading your comment about your husband.

  1. Michele C

    fabulous episode. Wes used skilled sensitivity when asking all those great questions to the guest . Fascinating hearing from the guest about his families historical traditions and beliefs. Brilliant episode

  2. Chad W

    Can’t wait to listen to this episode. I very briefly visited the Hoopa reservation three years ago. Didn’t see any cryptids, but it sure was beautiful!

  3. Thomas H

    Happy Friday everyone here. Been looking fwd to this episode all day. Now I’m going to relax and listen to the best podcast out there. Thank you SC & Wes. Here we goooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  4. Linda B

    Can’t wait to listen. Not knowing tonight’s episode would have a guest from the Hoopa Reservation, I handed my mom The Hoopa Project book by David Paulides while I fixed dinner earlier this evening. How uncanny. The book is a compilation of sworn affidavits outlining sasquatch sightings. The eyewitnesses are so down to earth and honest, just like Duane. ???? thank you, Wes!! Have a nice week everyone!!

  5. Edward H

    I really appreciate hearing Native American and First Nations people’s views on these creatures, as I believe they have had the most experience with them. Dogman on the other hand, I believe that Europeans have encountered these creatures in both the Old and New World, they could be a result of dark, evil, practices.

  6. Chuck C

    What a great episode. I think the insights and past Native American stories are so interesting. Thanks Dwayne and Wes for such an interesting conversation!

  7. Matthew J

    If Duane reads the comments, I’d like to ask him 1 thing. As best he can, write down and record all his Native beliefs. Include any Native words too. Another generation goes by without recording all that stuff and it can vanish forever. Great show again.

  8. Antony H

    I want to thank you Duane for the great privalege you have given to us all for sharing your tribal knowledge and your Grandma’s wisdom. I am very grateful, thank you.

    Wes, great show. So many excellent questions. 877 episodes in and it still feels this fresh, exciting and new.


  9. Mark A

    It’s not so much human encroachment; although that does exist- the current climate changes (caused mostly by a collective human action(s) over almost 200 years) are forcing wildlife and humans to die or leave areas that are burning and have burned, areas that have flooded and continue to flood . As climate change ramps up more and more criptids and otherworldly entities will be seen and experienced more and more. Climate change has thrown a wrench into the gears that keep the natural balance and unfortunately that “restart button” has been pushed awhile ago and we are experiencing the consequence of that action. There is no turning back. We must learn to live together as one species or we will kill each other off. History tells us this over and over. You think humans would get it by now! Not as a collective group. There is hope until no one exists for hope to be present. Then…

  10. Ron S

    Wow, I didn’t see this one coming! Bravo Wes, great info and questions…great experiences and info from Duane. I’ve listened to every SC episode and this one single episode matches the closest to all my many personal experiences and the conclusions I’ve drawn so far, (and without myself having the luxury of inside family knowledge by my living relatives knowing Native American medicine)…what Duane is saying makes total sense to me. I’ve seen the large creature come out from a tree too small for it to fit behind…the X’s, the sounds, appearing like smoke, the tribute…all of it. I’m sure I’ll have to listen to this one several more times.
    I just wanted to add that the car without wheels sounds like how an early Native Americans legend that was passed down generations would eventually use that terminology to describe a UFO…but it’s just a hunch. More and more I’m convinced that most cryptid, alien and paranormal events are possibly linked.

  11. STEVE W

    I agree with Wes, Gifting is playing with fire, I dont exspect anyone to believe me, But a warning,
    My encounters was 65 miles from my home, Since then they have showed up at my home,
    Banged on my bedroom window once, walked up to my bedroom window, whistled in my back yard at me,
    Walked outside one morning to complete silence, No frogs crickets ect, I also caught a glimpse of something running around
    the corner of my home,,, My advice is dont poke the bear,,, But these creatures are not a normal earthly animal

  12. Greg N

    well wess , That should help you back out of the rabbits hole that should clear a lot of things up ????,, sweet Jesus now I know what you mean the more you learn the more complex this phenomenon culture creature whatever you wanna call it becomes, i’m thinking of you brother how do you come back to reality after seven 800 shows of things like this take care of yourself Wes a lot of people could lose it after cooking in your soup, continuously I’m reaching back you’re close to 1000 shows brother, does West live there anymore, Please protect yourself mentally spiritually and neurologically ,, don’t let this deterior you from our father son and holy spirit of Jesus Christ

  13. Mike G

    Great show as always! Fascinating tribal takes on these phenomena. So I’m in southern nh, and though we are not far from what you would call civilization, I’ve seen and heard some things. There is a couple hundred acres of forest and swamp behind us. Not far back of our property I found this:
    The sticks were stuck in so deeply into the root ball of the fallen tree that they were hard to remove. The ones that are no longer parallel were me trying to pull them out. I have no idea why a human would do it in these woods. If it was the start of some kind of human art project, it’s now been there for 6 weeks without any more enhancement. Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?

  14. Deb A

    Wes, you were speaking with Duane. He mentioned
    the whale bones found in Shasta County
    When I was a child around age six, I had a
    recurring dream of the Grand Canyon. The
    ocean had filled the entire canyon.
    Whales were one of many ocean creatures
    I saw swimming within the canyon.
    Where I live, I’m near Butte Creek Canyon
    in Paradise Ca. I had the same dream of the canyon
    full of ocean water.
    The dream faded when I was 17 years old.
    I truly believe planet earth was at one
    time all ocean with very little land.

  15. Mariajose B

    Excellent interview, Wes. So much to learn from the Native tribes. I have watched the show Finding Bigfoot and it was interesting to hear they had trouble with their equipment–they didn’t put that part on the show, lol.

  16. Dovie D

    Great restart is Armageddon but it the new system. Look into Daniel and revaluation. All governments (world) and babylon will fall then the new government will take over (Christ)

  17. Kelly S

    I don’t know why Wes always says, “What does my opinion matter?” After his experience with his brother and probably more than 1,000 stories he has listened to (some people won’t come on the show) – He has a great deal of information and I believe his opinion definitely matters. I know he’s a humble guy, however, he shouldn’t say, “What do I know?” Wes has more knowledge than most.

    The little people story made me immediately think of Misssing 411.

  18. Shane M

    Just goes to show why these creatures are so much closer to being PEOPLE, whether an older version of human or a newer, because they are just like us. There are good ones and bad ones. Some of them are feiendly, some of them want nothing to do with any of us, and some of them have no problem eating us like a sack lunch! Seems most are the latter two, but there are some who can be friendly or not willing to kill/eat us… Lol. It’s a crazy world we live in and anybody who listens/trusts gov’s is a FN moron. Gov’s, law enforcement, and even the military do nothing but destroy this planet and hide the truth from people. It’s time to purge this earth of the people who believe in CONTINUITY OF GOV and straight BS like that. They are nothing but tyrants, pedos, and LIARS OF ALL KINDS! Idk about you all, but I want to hunt these evil SOB’S down and HANG EVERYONE OF THEM. These vaccines have killed 4 of my closest and dearest family members and they all deserve nothing but death! Sorry for sounding so ANGRY, but I am and everything is connected whether people except it or not! It’s time to purge this earth of ANYBODY WHO DOESNT CHOOSE THE TRUTH FIRST! My entire fm family is gone and I just have my mom now. Please stop participating in the problem and the problem being those who hide the truth and lie about the truth! God bless you all… Much love!

  19. Shane M

    And yes SASQUATCH/all cryptids have a whole lot more to do with THE MISSING 411 than people want to except! It’s sad and even scary, but people are nothing but food to evil FN demons and unfortunately some of these cryptids can be possessed by them… Atleast it sure seems that way! Stop trusting ALL GOV’S and stop putting MONEY over doing the right thing and putting the TRUTH FIRST… Amen!

  20. Kimberly M

    David Paulides has a book called “The Hoopa Projectl” which tells of all these things that the First Nations know of these things. It’s very coincidental that these people considered them as gods which is what the people thought of the nephilim back in earlier times.

  21. DIDIER T

    The great flood event is likely to be the final phase of the melting of the ice at the tail end of the ice age. It happened in staggered episodes as giant ice dams 100s of miles long and tens of miles thick eventually burst sending ice locked seas flooding across continents. At the same time the sea level rose over the following 10s of thousands of years altering coastal geography. This era is liekly to be the unified source of creation and biblical floods because it occured all over the globe at the same time.

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