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Running On Two Legs, It Sounded Huge

A listener writes “In September 2016, this happened in the mountains around the small town of Ruch Oregon. Myself and my wife had been working on a small Marijuana farm managing the day to day operations.

Every Saturday night we would all gather by the house and have a bbq and fire with karaoke. On one of these nights I was sitting out front with my friend and owner of the farm, “G”. There was just the 4 of us this September night, myself and G hanging out front at the table and our wives inside chatting in the kitchen. It was about midnight or so and as myself and G were sitting there Vibing up and relaxing, we started to hear all the neighbors dogs barking. As they were barking we could hear them running towards our area barking and getting louder.

There were at least 5-7 50+lb dogs. They get about 20 yards from us on the shared road and started whaling and snarling like a wolves. The next noises we heard I’ll never forget. As the dogs closed in you could hear something on 2 feet take off running not more than 25 feet away from our table on the outside of the Garden fence. I know what different animals sound like when running and this was not one of them. The dogs lit into this thin and you could hear and feel it run by with heavy loud thuds from each step, the dogs ran it through the yard and in to woods and boy this thing sounded like a freight train barreling through.

Trees were snapping and brush was flying. Our friends who were city folk had no idea what it was until I explained and they were shocked and awe struck. From what I could tell when it ran off it had to be watching the kitchen windows and outdoor table where we were for at least an hr or more. I don’t know if the curious smells of Caribbean jerk chicken or the old apple tree outside the garden fence that made it come close but boy did it. When you can feel something running away through vibrations and the sounds as the feet slap the ground with every thud there’s no other explanation for it. It had to be at least 900+ lbs to make the sounds running it did and there no mistaking 2 legs for 4 with this, I’ve been around all the big animals and this was bigger.

I still dream about that night and it haunts me still.”

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