Jul 19

SC EP:873 I Thought I Shot A Man

Rest in peace my friend. God is watching over you now.

David said “In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other.

I wasn’t sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was mad and working himself up to attack me. I shot it and I know it was a lung shot. I could describe every detail about him. This has weighed on me for the last 40 years, I have only told one person about it. It bothers me that I shot but from the way it was acting I thought it was him or me.”






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99 Responses to “SC EP:873 I Thought I Shot A Man”

  1. Paul R

    Hasn’t this been uploaded like 4 times already? Also when will the members have an app… it’s takes forever to scroll back to old member episodes. Been doing it for like 3 years gets old.

      • Mark H

        May God bless David to now rest in peace.
        This is one of the best encounters I have ever heard… and there are MANY “best encounters I have ever heard” on Sasquatch Chronicles.
        I am very curious as to the huffing / grunting action which this male displayed. If there is anyone here in the audience who has experience working with primates and has heard of or seen similar actions, please contact me and let us know what this huffing grunt means in the primate world.
        Is it as David says, “working himself into a blood lust” for a fight or is it for sexual arousal or does it have some other meaning for primates?

    • Daren c

      There’s an app for those who want to use it and Yes this episode has been replayed but not 4 times, this is the second replay for a total of 3. This gentleman passed away so Wes replayed his episode in his honor , a very nice and honorable thing to do IMHO.

    • Karla G

      You can scroll through only members episode content in the current app. Go into the app, and then go to Episodes, go to the search option, and then type “members” in the search bar, it will pull up a list of only member episodes that you can scroll through, instead of having to scroll through all episodes like on the website.

  2. Pamela S

    As I said last time..the guy tracked the bigfoot. the creature saw David following him with a gun pointed at him, how else was the creature supposed to react?? Of course he was scared for his life and rightly so. So David killed it. He instigated it, he got what he wanted. Nothing has changed

      • Gabby M

        Did I I hear a different story!!! I am lover. Of all creatures. I I didn’t get that he was at the place at the wrong time. He seemed scared. It felt bad all this time. Does not sound he wanted to do it. I felt for both!!!

    • DALYNN P

      Trust me on this, from someone who had been an Agency (State/Fed) wildland firefighter for 29.5 years before I retired, and who had done MANY, MANY fire/RX/hurricane/etc details/assignments down in the south, when a Southerner says “sceered “(for scared) and “hooey” (whopper or a fake story) they are being sincere. Just listening to David (RIP), he was being absolutely truthful in what he saw in HIS eyes.

    • DALYNN P

      His pistol was holstered the whole time, up to the very end. He even stated that it must of not seen it, as it was tucked kind of behind his leg. He also forgot that he even had it, until the end, and that alone shows he wasn’t “tracking it” with his pistol out and at the ready. Details, Pamela S, details.

    • James M

      I can tell you’ve never been terrorized by these things. Trust me, they have nothing but contempt and hatred for you. They aren’t little Kitty Cats waiting for a hug. The damn thing was pissing on him.

  3. David R

    An old friend told me he could of shot 2 of them here in WA ST. They were a few miles apart, and different years, but he couldn’t shoot. He said they looked too human!

  4. michelle m

    Wow I can’t imagine ! This is so sad in many ways. I feel bad David has to live with this, so many questions run through my mind. Why not back away and leave? But who knows unless you are in that position it’s hard to say what you would do. Being only 18 yrs old I can understand how this would happen. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mike C

    this was one of if not my favorite episode wes has ever done. it was the first time that it really came through to me that these creatures are as smart as they are and can show emotions for something so feral. David’s account will continue to blow my mind every time I listen to it. rest in peace brother

  6. m99

    Wes, you’re the sweet heart my friend. Can you imagine the peace he experienced from his online friend and you working with him, validating and approving the message to his heart? There’s just no way to measure such a thing. Yes, God speed Mr. David from North LA. God Bless you too Wes. You’re a jewel. _m

    • m99

      …so I was thinking… David said he was 18 at the time, 41 years ago. If you add that up it comes to 59. He was still too young to go. But I’m sure, he was ready. They say dying in one’s sleep is the very best way yo go. A good ending for a good life. Blessings.

    • Sheila L

      No kidding, Miss m.

      He was as polite a gentleman that I can recall being on Wes’ show. His details were amazing.

      I will be praying for him.

      Godspeed to you, Mister David.
      Kevin L

  7. Asheim

    Thanks Wes old friend, your podcast has helped me through many of lives ups and downs. I’m still here since your first ep. And so sorry to hear of David’s passing.

  8. Elizabeth D

    I’m sure that his Maker understands completely what happened. I hope he has deep peace now. I’ve listened to this episode probably 6 or 7 times now, and I recommend it to everyone. One of the very best stories ever. Such a moral and well-intentioned man.

  9. Jacob W

    Well so much for this duck hunt episode I heard was airing this Sunday ….(like 3 weeks ago or something) anyone have a clue it happend apparently in Eastern iowa. Naturally like all the other times I reach out to Wes ….no response …anyone have any ideas ????!

  10. Diane C

    Wes, thank you for revisiting the show with David. Such a sweet soul he is. Your thoughtfulness shines through, Wes. It’s been a tough and heavy year ????. Replaying the ending song again was a nice touch, even though it makes me cry, again.

  11. Tommy

    Wes, I don’t think it’s possible for you to spend any real time actually hanging out with us folks (interviewees)and not be affected in some way. We’re an odd sort aren’t we?
    #1, you were not looking for this, you and Woody were NOT seeking out monsters on the side of a mountain one night for fun! Hell, if there’s anything you have learned about this subject , it’s that its ANYTHING but ordinary or usual. That YOU are anything BUT ordinary or Usual. And where is Woody now ? Was he simply just not affected by your experiences to end up Right Where You Are today? No, I’ve listened to everyone of your episodes since day one, including everybody else’s take on your experiences, and all your interviews of your encounter . Last time I heard , Woody was not sitting on a stool, in a dark bar muttering into his beer, and neither are YOU! There is a special fabric that you are woven with Wes. A ‘quality’ that lends your personality to exactly this type of experience for this world.
    Now me Wes? I’m somewhere between hosting a podcast, and being the guy at the end of the bar muttering into his beer. I know what happened to me and how the abuse changed my encounter into some kind of revenge hunt for a child abuser.. I have a basic understanding and the ability to use the written word to help others cope. I have my experiences my memories and my horrific encounters which tells me I was also shown these creatures for a reason. I know that you feel like you’re somewhere in the middle, and that’s fine too buddy, where your placed, is exactly where you’re supposed to be.
    Wes, I’m absolutely positive that there are many many folks out there who will agree with me when I say that it was your voice that kept us from going over the edge, when the ‘edge’ was a set of memories that our minds could not embrace. That’s where YOU STEPPED IN, it was your nature, your heart, and the fact that you had empathy for what we had seen because you had also seen, you knew there was no contempt in our stories! Because you had also witnessed it! Not only had you witnessed it, you had the one person you trust with your life sitting next to you saying ” I see it too Wes, I see it too!”
    Something most of us do not have, a corroborating Witness! Imagine being an 11 year old boy with nothing but your crazy stories about an abusive farmer, and a crazy monster from the woods , and you , waiting your WHOLE LIFE for someone to trust you and believe you. Yeah you start looking pretty nuts, pretty quick! And you spend the rest of your life wondering if maybe you are.
    Wes, it’s been said to me before, that if enough people tell you you’ve got a tail, you might start considering turning around and figuring out what that thing is , that’s been dragging between you all your life! Put into its proper context, if enough people tell you that your pretty darn special, and that you’ve really got a gift for this particular situation and subject, maybe you should just accept it? Or is that kind of the whole point Wes? If you don’t accept it, and you are humble enough to just be you, you become way more effective! yeah that’s it, it’s better off that you don’t know. STAY HUMBLE, ITS WORKING!
    In closing, it’s no accident that David came to you with his story after 40 years! oh, hell its no accident that I came to you with my story after 40 years. David closed that important chapter of his life with you, and he picked the right person. It’s no accident that you played “here I am” by the Boxer Rebellion, as it IS THE RIGHT SONG and it was the right thing to do, THANK YOU SIR..
    I Wonder what MY SONG will be? Take care Wes, keep wearing that humble hat buddy, it looks fantastic on you!

    • m99

      Mine is, This World is not my Home, I’m just passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The heaven beacons me to Gods golden shore, and I can’t feel at home in this world anymore …

      • Sheila L

        “He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” (John 12:25)

        You’re right on track, Miss m. ????
        Kevin L

    • Jackie K

      Hi Tommy, do you have an encounter in here? If so I would love to know the episode to listen to. I’ve listened to a lot of them but no where near all.
      I didn’t mind listening to this episode again at all. In fact when I really enjoy one I like to listen several times. May David Rest In Peace! You could tell he was a good and sincere man.

      • Tommy

        Hi Jackie, My episode was #442, Sasquatch Saves Child. The book is entitled “The Agony Of One Child’s Weeping” by Tommy C. Eugene, it can be found on Amazon

  12. Jeremiah S

    Dang I’m sorry I caught this late. What a beautiful tribute to a kind soul that shared a part of himself with us. My most sincere condolences to David’s family. What a hard loss to deal with, Rest In Peace David W.

  13. Chad W

    I’m also sorry I caught this late. Wishing peace to David’s family. This was one of the most affecting episodes ever on Sasquatch Chronicles. Thank you, Wes. Rest In Peace, David.

  14. Heather G

    This is so sad for both beings. David was in a tough situation and unless your in it you will never know. I could hear how this weighed on him. I also feel bad for the creature bc who knows if their “normal” facial expressions are just that “normal” but yet scary to us. I think there are bad ones out there as well as good just like people. David I hope you are at peace and no that nobody is judging you. We were not there. We did not feel that fear. RIP

  15. Glen K

    .(New Jersey) That was truly a terrifying, yet sad encounter! I am not a hunter Regardless, I can’t imagine running into one of theses creatures in the woods! And on top of that, alone! The encounter reminds me of the Michael Wooley episode, Both accounts had profound and long lasting psychological effects on the men. One thing I wondered was why there was not more use of warning shots. Then again, hindsight is 20 -20. Well all in all an amazing encounter.. So sad that a Bigfoot died.

  16. Sally K

    I’m so glad he was able to find peace from his experience before he died. You gave him so much, Wes. The song at the end is so appropriate and a beautiful send off to this special soul.

  17. Melissa K

    I am sorry to hear of his passing. Thank you Wes, for reposting his episode. It is strange the things you remember from each episode. I had forgotten his encounter until he described the creature as having useful muscles not like a body builder. Never heard it phrased that way before. Can’t imagine what he went through. May he Rest In Peace.

  18. Kelly S

    It saddens me that he shot him. ????
    The Sasquach didn’t lunge or even more towards him. He also could have misread his facial expressions.
    I don’t understand why he didn’t say, “I’m not gonna hurt you – I’m just going to walk backwards to my truck, with the gun up” or something???
    I know it sounds easy to say – sitting in my house safely – not being in that situation. It just always breaks my heart when they get shot.

    • Philip M

      Kelly – I personally think that by the time a creature like this, or another primate gets into the state this one was in, the time for peaceful walking away has passed. Sometimes in life there are situations that can only end one of two ways. This was one of those moments, as sad as it is that it has to end the way it did.

  19. Derek G

    He knows now that Our Lord holds nothing against him for defending himself from a creature with bad intentions.
    We will all be there to join you soon David!
    May perpetual light shine upon you!
    God Bless you Wes Germer!

  20. Trent M

    As Glen K already said this encounter was much like Mike Wooley’s as both men were outdoorsmen that had their peace and enjoyment snatched away by these creatures. I am happy they both found some kind of acceptance before they passed although I really wish it had happened sooner as they were both good honorable men.
    And as someone that does not believe in coincidences I know you were chosen by God, or for others, whoever watches over us, to ease the burden and heal those who struggle with encounters with this creature and I am truly thankful for you and the relief you bring them.

  21. Philip M

    Very sad to hear of David’s passing. His sincerity and clarity stood out head and shoulders; one of the best recounted stories. Rest in Peace David, sending my best regards to all your loved ones. Great tribute too, Wes.

  22. Stephen L

    RIP David and a great show as always Wes, a fitting tribute. Would love to have asked more about the road closure a few days later. Wonder if a body was found and the Government moved into to remove it? Great account – still one of my favourites.

  23. Renee F

    I wasn’t going to listen to this encounter because I had heard it before, but I am glad that I did. I am terribly sorry to hear of David’s passing. One thing that was going through my mind after he shot the creature was “glad there wasn’t any others in the vicinity”. Also I loved the format of this show, with no intro music and that lovely song at the end.

  24. Eric N

    What a great tribute to a good man so many people live with such things and never share it. Your show is amazing and you are amazing for doing this it does mean something I think everything we do means something, RIP David.

  25. susan w b




  26. L. Oriana S

    David, even if you think that Sasquatch WAS human, remember that you sincerely felt your life was threatened by him. If a man had threatened you to the point of being sure you were about to die, you would have been totally justified in defending your life by killing it. It was him or you and you made the only sane choice.

  27. Bryan G

    I don’t think the creatures intentions was to kill this man. Predators don’t wait to attack their prey they pounce first chance they get. They don’t stand right in front and observe what their gonna kill first. I believe the creature was an adolescent and to the creature it was some sort of game like ‘hey gotcha’ then the sounds he was making was notifying the other creatures that were around like hey look im playing with a human or look how close I got. I believe the creature was generally excited in a positive way cause of how curious he was about humans. Its quite obvious they like to mess with humans for fun if you’ve listened to the show. probably why the creature looked at this man after he was shot like ‘why did you do that I wasn’t going to harm you, I just wanted to check you out’. If the creature was “blood lust hungry” he would have ripped him to shreds on the spot.

    once again when do apex Predators surprise their prey and observe it and get excited? The moment they have a chance to kill their prey they do without hesitation!! Just my opinion i wasn’t there obviously but I know I would have been scared shitless! I think we quite often misunderstand these creatures and out of fear and their size we make the worst assumptions. These creatures and every other living thing on this earth are terrified of humans cause we are the most evil cruel relentless creatures of all.

  28. Penny F

    RIP David. I am glad you posted Wes. You are also a genuine guy and it is an honor to be able to tell you. Thank you for the opportunity. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. I APPRCIATE YOU

  29. Connie O

    Thank you Wes, for playing this dear man’s encounter. After 40 long years he found peace because of a Sasquatch member and you. May he have eternal peace. The song you chose at the end Wes, is beautiful. Thank you for your kindness ????

  30. Raul H

    RIP This is one of my favorite episodes of all time his description is so detailed and fascinating. Whoever said them southern rednecks ain’t educated lol ! Hey quick question one of my other favorite episodes was with a New Jersey truck driver who encountered one off the highway with his little dog in a truck they were driving when they pulled over. Anybody know what number that episode was I’d like to go back and listen to that one again

  31. Bryan G

    from all the encounter I’ve heard and having one myself I truly believe this creature was not gonna harm David. these creatures do not hesitate with letting you know how they feel about you or attacking you if they want too. I believe the creature was a teenager and roughly the same age as David at the time. the creature mimicking him is a sign of playfulness. I think the creature was curious and excited that David might be playful as well and would satisfy his curiosity at the moment. ive heard and read of kids encountering younger sasquatch and the first type of play they do is mimick one another. if the creature was smiling I don’t believe it was an evil smirk these creatures do not hold there emotions back at all. the “blood lust” was him being excited and happy. when David pulled his gun then the mean look happened and when he shot it and the creature following up with a look of betrayal and sadness is a huge reason why I don’t believe this creature meant harm! there is a reason David lived with guilt and I believe its because he let fear kill this creature and as he dwelled on it he knows that he let fear get the best of him. Now! that being said im probably sure I would have done the same thing in his situation cause David must of been overwhelmed with fear! David is a good man put in a bad spot but I blame the government! why? cause if we were educated on these creatures I think the outcome would have been a more peaceful result. Its a shame I feel bad for David and the creature but its also sad we live in a world where we’re taught lies. RIP David I hope you and the creature made peace in the next life. God bless all

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