Jun 19

SC EP:864 The Chewy Road Incident

Tonight I will be speaking with Miranda, Jeanette and Carol. The family is from Oklahoma and they will be sharing their encounters from their time on this property.

Miranda writes “I will be speaking on behalf of mine and my families encounters together in this email and if you would like to know more, My mother and My aunt are ready to share as well as myself. Let me start with Our family home where we experienced these things was on an old Indian barrel ground which we always knew about living there.

It always had an odd feel to it living there but we learned to live with it. We experienced constant Orbs, Shadows, Whispers, and more. I remember playing in my room at night with no curtains on my windows and having an overwhelming sense of fear that was so bad, I would bolt out of my room to a part of the house that didn’t have windows. I never understood why I had those feelings at the time but I remember having the urgency to get out of my room. A feeling of being watched. My family was always used to those things (the paranormal) but it was the flesh and blood encounters that terrified us. My first encounter and my mothers second happened when I was 11 years old, We were walking from my grandmas house back to mine which took us maybe 3-4 minutes. It was very late and pitch black, before we walked out my grandmas door, I felt the overwhelming fear again which I blew off ( I hated walking in the dark there) we walked out of the house with our two cats walking beside us, it was so quiet outside you could hear a pen drop, we started walking up the hill and about 4 feet in front us of was a tree full of birds, the birds in the tree started going crazy and they flew quickly out of the tree which startled us, after the birds started flying off my cats that were practically walking under our feet also took off, as soon as my cats bolted we heard what I can only explain as a huge lion. The growl/Roar was so deep we could physically feel it in our bodies and it continued to get louder. My mother looked at me and told me not to run, even though I wanted to run for my life, I trusted her and quickly walked beside her. When we got to our yard where my papa previously hooked up a flood light just a month before this encounter. I took a deep breath and felt relieved when we got under that flood light in our own yard.

I don’t know why I felt out of danger in the light but im assuming because I could finally see around me. My mother grabbed my hand and ran me into the house at that time. I was so scared I started to cry and begged my dad to come home from work. I never shook that feeling of fear. It wasn’t until two years ago that My mother shared her own personal encounter with me. Hers happened one year before my own encounter when I was 10 years old. She was with a Co-worker getting a ride home from work and as they turned into our driveway her and the co-worker seen what she could only tell me was “something right out of the movies”. She said it was a real living werewolf.

Her description of it was around 6 ft tall, black hair, giant head, small waist with ears, and a snout. She kept telling me it was a Bigfoot but I’m really not sure. I can’t seem to find any Bigfoot descriptions like that, But I could be wrong. I’m still learning. Anyways her and that Co-worker were so frightened that they looked at each other and neither of them said a word. The Bigfoot ran across the street on two legs into the woods. My mom didn’t want to get out of the car but when she finally did she bolted into the house and never said a word. So when me and my mother had our encounter together that next year,She knew exactly what it was that roared at us, and that’s why we also got flood lights in that same year. Im glad she didnt tell me what she saw when I was a child. But as an adult I’m just as scared. When she shared her own encounter with me, she also explained to me that the night it roared at us, she knew it was behind the house, which was directly behind us. That’s why she told me not to run that night, she knew what it was and she knew where it was standing. I think that scares me the most. The paranormal encounters in our home didn’t give me fear like whatever that flesh and blood thing was. I’m scared of the dark as an adult because of it. I always keep my curtains closed at night now and I haven’t had that feeling of being watched since moving away from there. But this is mine and my mothers encounters, now I will share my aunts own encounter on behalf of her, for this email. Hers is short but very scary. She’s extremely traumatized still.

Aunt Carol’s Encounter- This happened in the early 2000s, She had picked up her grandson and he was sleeping in the back seat while was taking a backroad home, she was driving quickly and was coming around the corner when she noticed something giant and harry on the side of the road. She thought it was a man until getting closer, as she finally had driven right up to it by which this time she said it was was standing in the middle of the road. She slammed her breaks to not hit it and when she realized how giant this thing was she was in complete fear. She quickly realized it was NOT a human but something else. As her car stopped directly in front of it the Bigfoot slammed both of its hands on the hood of her car while making noises. She was in complete shock and was so scared she actually reversed the whole way back off the road. She never spoke about it for years after that and never drove that road ever again. She said it was an animal, brown long hair, very large, very scary face, huge and it looked like a giant ape.”








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37 Responses to “SC EP:864 The Chewy Road Incident”

  1. Linda B

    Hi, Wes!! Thank you!!! Hi, fam and congrats Brian!! I was listening to an older episode, 518 tonight waiting for tonight’s show….always good stuff, fascinating stories. Thanks to your guests tonight, Wes. I lived in McCurtain County OK and got creeped out at Beavers Bend State Park while on a solo hike, and my brother Brad had a road crossing north of Idabel, yep… they’re there. Have a good week everybody.

  2. Chad W

    Can’t wait for this one. I did much of my growing up in Tahlequah, not far downstream from Chewey. That is a beautiful, but mysterious area. Thanks Wes & guests!

  3. John A

    Miranda, Jeanette and Carol Thank you for coming on and telling your stories. Your experiences, one in particular, are helping me understand more about some experiences I had growing up and in the present and stirred up a few memories. Your collective recounting sounded sincere and however difficult it is to access those memories you have helped me and possibly a few others. So it was worth it.

  4. m99

    Wow. Just getting to listen to this episode. Was sick (don’t know why) over the weekend. Still weak, but better. Anyway, this is an awesome episode. Wes, you do such meaningful work. I can hear the compassion and ability to Identify with these people along with their daughter, aunt, dad niece. Great job Wes!

  5. Kelly K

    Although I appreciate the sharing of these odd experiences,…What I find disturbing,… is that Carol feels no need to investigate or render aide to what she says sounded like an 8-year old child wailing… possibly due to the loss of a pet dog. No mention on if Carol and her sister contacted neighbors the next day to check on their well-being. Doesn’t sit right with me.

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