Jun 19

Dark Waters: Dogman Siege Of Locket Ranch Full Version

DW writes “Dogman Siege of Lockett Ranch Full Version is the combination of all three parts of this horror story. Dogman / werewolves attack a families ranch in the area of Taylor Mississippi in 1948 destroying everything. This True Horror Story is about the events surrounding those attacks, and how it effected the family. This true dogman encounter was provided by Edward Lockett the third, who still lives to this day.

Dogman Siege of Lockett Ranch Part 1 is a true horror story recreated based on the memories of Edward Lockett III. Edward’s family had multiple encounters with Dogmen in the 1940’s that led to them being forced to leave their home. This story tells of the events that lead to the family’s discovery of these creature on thier property, the presence of Chickasaw Indian burial grounds, and the discovery of the nest in which these creatures live. The story climaxes with several attacks on the house, and people go missing on the property. This is one of the most Epic true stories I have had the pleasure of researching , and recreating thus far and before it is done will shed light on the creatures that people are calling dogmen.”

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  1. Curt N

    I’ve learned a lot listening to SC, and now believe things I never thought I would, including some pretty credible dogman encounters- but I would not count this one among them! Great campfire story though

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