Jun 18

Ancient Aliens: Aliens in Disguise Warn Researcher

Kind of creepy I did not know this is where the men in black come from. History writes “UFO researcher, Albert K. Bender, had to halt his studies after being visited by strange entities dressed in all black, in this clip from Season 18, The Shadow People.”

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  1. Stacey C

    Wes, I seen you put several videos on YouTube, is that yours or not? I would like to know before I support it..?? Ty.
    Also I find it funny they “Always” say they are from a far far away place in the galaxy but that over time was proven false.. It’s my opinion and my opinion only they are the fallen ones, not all were bound and chained… They always do the wicked torturous things on humans and always have. I don’t know if anyone here or you Wes has ever heard Mike from around the world, but he very much belies in God/Jesus but he also works or worked high up in government intelligence and has said many things from yes big food is very real usually with a dark grey skin they are of a very ancient tribe, one being of Esau. He has talked about underground civilizations and coming weather changes. I’ve listened to him for just over 10 years and over 90% of what he has said has happened or is taking place….
    Happy Father’s Day Wes, and all Fathers out there!!!!!

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