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SC EP:875 The Kern River Monster

Spoke to Nate and he has agreed to come on the show, Nate writes “Time and date: 12-2am August 2007
Location: lower richbar picnic area of the Kern River in the Kern River canyon.

We decided to go night fishing for catfish in the Kern River canyon because it was too hot during the day. I decided not to go too deep into the canyon but to the first or second campground off the 178hwy. We arrived to lower richbar around 12:30am just after midnight. All three of us were armed, just for protection like we always do. Haul our fishing gear and started fishing with chicken liver as bait. By 1:30am we caught at least 6 catfish in a stringer.

We were happy that we didn’t really had to use the flashlight since the moon was out. As we were talking, we heard this roar. Roar so loud that we felt instant fear as it vibrate through our chest. I have heard many animals nothing like this. Then we all noticed across the river by a tree, this thing stood up, all black, tall 9-10ft, muscular. We all froze. It proceeded to push the tree next to it into the river.

The tree snapped and echo throughout the canyon. I grabbed my knife and cut my fishing line. My friend and brother also in a hurry brought their poles to cut our lines. As I’m finishing up with that, it jumped into the river and was swimming (more like walking through the water) towards us. At that moment, I drop the poles, pulled out my gun, and keys. Told the guys to run to the car. Understand that this river, Kern River, have killed many people, trying to swim across or drowned. We all ran to the car with left our poles, the fish and stringer, and tackle box. Running in fear to the Lexus and drove off. I must’ve been going 70mph. After a couple miles we came out of the canyons towards Bakersfield, I slowed down, and utter the first words. Wtf was that? We were in shock but asking that it snap the guys back. My friend said the .45 wouldn’t do a thing to it. We laugh but we’re all still in shock, how big it was, how it was swimming through those rapids, like it was in a indoor swimming pool.

Like the river current wasn’t an obstacle to get across. It shook all of us. Let me know if you like to hear the second story.”






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199 Responses to “SC EP:875 The Kern River Monster”

      • Greg O

        Nate I saw that Light after a diving accident when I was twelve. Also seen Sasquatch twice and they treated me like the plague. They made it tough on themselves if spiritual beings getting away from me climbing a glacier like that. Am in an episode but have forgotten the number/title. GODbless you and see you at supper!

    • nate m

      it wasnt until my expriences that i picked up the bible, it literally describe everything i saw. bottomless pit, the seperation, teeth gashing, i was surprise to see it described that way.

      • Jackie K

        I wish all the non believers could hear your near death story! I agree with you in what these things are and I’m also a person who talks to God a lot. Still not near enough though and the thing I want most is to please him.
        Thank you so much Nate!

        • nate m

          you welcome Jackie, my wish is for everyone to have a relationship with God. To please Him, best way is to give thanks, acknowledge all the great things he has done.

          • Stephen T

            Nate do you have a blog or some place you’ve described this experience in more detail including any other information you remember? I’d love to hear it!

  1. Joseph G

    what a beautiful message… thank you Wes for letting the message come through. may our Lord be with us all…. God bless you all and you specifically Wes for you allow his message to be sent to many people that didn’t even know they needed it. I was one of them…..

  2. Linda B

    Wow, what a wonderful end result for Nate in his near death experience. Funny how you have to either die and come back to get who God is so you can live it, or receive His Son while you’re alive when He is able to reveal Himself to you without the terror part. Do that. 🙂 don’t get down there and get stuck. When you love others you want the best for them and when you have God, you love others. Makes sense. Have a great week everyone! Love this Show!!!

  3. Carol W

    Great episode! Don’t know how anyone can say “disappointing”. The bigfoot encounter was detailed and certainly must have been terrifying to go through. But the NDE was amazing, especially to me a Christian. Thank you, Nate, for sharing both experiences–bigfoot and NDE. What a powerful testimony it is. It’s a wonderment to me how people can still doubt and be unbelievers after hearing these. It’s as Wes said, even the very name of Jesus Christ spoken aloud can turn around and change things that seem demonic. Time is short, as we see events globally heading towards some sort of culmination that will affect us all. Thanks Wes, for letting the guest go into detail on his NDE. I too believe these bigfoot, dogmen, UFOs, orbs, etc. are spiritual and evil, demonic in origin.

  4. Lesley V

    Oh my, what a powerful show. I was in tears listening to his near death experience. I was not expecting to hear anything like that. Thank you for sharing. Just, wow. So impactful.

  5. Tony Y

    Awesome show Wes! His encounter was very interesting. I also enjoyed his best death experience he shared. We should all take heed and evaluate our lives because in reality our time on this spinning marble is very short.

  6. CJ M

    He got the essence of what people spend lifetimes trying to get in one experience. Its an understanding that WOULD change this world, he even stands as an example of how one could do wrongs against others because they just don’t know that we’re all part of God. Its one thing for someone to tell you that, but its very deep seated when you have an experience that shows you that. Great show Wes.

    • Wyman S

      Awesome what was shared.
      I too was shot, lost all my blood , but God saved me,..so I can understand,…but I have always been a strong Believers… and still am one of HIS.

      There a book titled; 23 minutes in Hell,.. it describes that place all to well,. It will scare the Hell out you.

  7. Matthew J

    Wow Wes. Incredible show. The creature swam across the river like if the water wasn’t even there. The way they walk is strange too. Running has them moving like a cartoon. These are not apes. Very intense NDE with Nate. Amazing story. If members would like to look more into near death experiences, a YouTube channel called Randy Kay has 50 or more recorded stories.

  8. Connie O

    Hello Wes, Thank you very much for allowing Nate, to talk about his near death experience. Romans 10:9 says, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”. I absolutely believe by Nate quoting that verse it saved him from eternal damnation. The whole interview was great but Nate’s testimony was the best. The only thing I disagree with is Nate saying when to pray. The Lord Jesus is readily available to hear our prayers any time day or night. Wes, I hope this is a wake up call for people. If I may add one more verse in Isaiah 55:6 “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near”. Time is short! Thank you Wes, for all you do! You’re the best! Take care! ????

  9. Tara G

    Thank you for sharing your encounter & testimony Nate.
    And I agree with Wes.. it’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever heard.
    * I grew up in Taft. I know exactly where you were fishing.

  10. Mark H

    What a Fantastic Episode!
    Nate’s trip to Hell in The Bottomless Pit is fascinating. What a tremendous testimony.
    What stronger encouragement can there be to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!
    Wow! I’ve heard several near death experiences but this is about the best. It all fits Biblically.
    May God continue to bless you Nate and may he use your testimony to draw others near to Jesus.

  11. cynthia s

    Great show, Thanks for sharing your NDE Nate. I’ve studied many people who have had NDE and one of the many constants in their narratives is after the NDE, they no longer have any fear of death and the life after this one is so much more than this world could ever be. And Love is all there is because that is what God is.

  12. Lindsey F

    Awesome episode as always! I recommend the book journey of souls by Michael Newton. There is a free version on YouTube you can listen to. It’s into pop it it’s in 2 parts. Very fascinating!

  13. Andrew A

    It’s very sad to me to come to the realization that there is evil among us. I see evil in those who are trying to perpetuate a lie in the news every day. I didn’t realize there were so many evil people in this world until the last few years. Stay strong in your beliefs, pray to your higher power and with hope we all will get through this evil time!

    Thanks Wes and Nate!

  14. Andrew A

    BTW….those that do not like the spiritual side spoken are, in my opinion, grappling with their own demons. When did speaking of a higher power become so distasteful in this world and who is to blame for it being so? There is only good and bad and it’s apparent where that comes from, in my opinion!

  15. Mark R

    Great episode! Thanks for Nate’s sasquatch encounters and his NDE. And what life. The redemption of Christ is the greatest gift.

    Thank God his martial arts instructor put that scripture in his heart. It took me years to figure out that our natural default as humans is to be bad. Biblical heroes like David, Jacob and Paul did horrible things but God offered them salvation, which is a great encouragement to me. And Nate, I start my day in the Word at 4:30am. Not as early as you but you’re right…it works! Stay strong and true my brother.

    • nate m

      yes my sensai taught me well, thank you. 4:30 is an awesome time to pray, its in the time frame. praying anytime is good. prayers are like radio signals, 3:30-4:40am the signal is the strongest.

  16. Cindy B

    Awesome testimony and I appreciate your humbleness Nate. Thanks for allowing him to share Wes. It is much needed in these times. God bless you Nate and Wes so much. There is so much to learn about everything re: God, the supernatural, and how we and these beings all fit into this existence. And so little time….”seek the LORD while He may still be found”. Evil abounds, but God’s love is much greater. I had a NDE that changed my life and allowed me to experience God’s love too. I didn’t know I was lost in darkness and heading for hell until He showed me. And when I called on Jesus, I felt the most incredible love and light that I ever felt in my life and He saved me. I still have much to learn in humility and love but I know God will never leave me or forsake me as long as I cleave to Him and continue to try to follow Him.

  17. Brandon B

    Excellent excellent testimony! I really enjoyed hearing this…..
    I believe in the Bigfoot experience, whatever it may be….. but more than anything, I believe it is a spiritual being…. there are to many biblical references to the phenomenon…. its beyond the borders of demonic.

  18. richard r

    scary sighting, amazing what they can do like the pushing a tree over and crossing rivers with ease. the testimony was the best at the end, it is true 3AM is the best time to pray. i was praying against the devil and something shook the house like a car running into it,. Yes its more effective.

  19. Ron S

    No offense to anyone as these are my own thoughts and questions…I’m thinking about civilizations both past and present that were/are on the outside from ever hearing about religions or beliefs outside their own. Does that make someone who has never heard of or know for instance Jesus Christ, does it make them condemned?…or is the conscience mind and spirit so powerful they actually do end up in an afterlife/alternate life or become a different form or entity they truly believe they will become, deserve to become or even a place they hope to go once they have passed on?…Or are they judged by a different set of rules and there is actually just one universal God/Gods appearing to them in folklore containing different forms that they can relate to?
    Myself being of both Norwegian and Native American descent makes we wonder about the beliefs of my ancestors, the differences and also the similarities.
    Without the passed on tales of Gods and Great Spirits would the individual human spirit by itself ever achieve enlightenment or do we need these “guidelines” or tales of rewarding or punishment to function as a community to keep each other and ourselves in check?
    It seems like nowadays there is an influx of things trying to keep us in check in one way or another.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Man it has been too Long since I have sat in a Sauna ! I an an American Dane , but I did live in Kaleva Michigan ! Which was founded by Norwegian’s ! And I have since found that Danish and Norwegian beliefs are very similar ! And from the Scandinavian Folk Lore I have come to the conclusion that the Ragnarok Event is in fact described as the Nephilim Wars in the books of Enoch and Jubilees. Which was fought upon the Island Continent of the Antarctic , upon the 100 mile x 100 Mile Vigard Battle Plain. Can you Imagine what could be laying on the Ground Down There ? ( Underneath 2 miles of Ice ! )
      ( I make my Assumption from how Odin answers Vathruder the Giant He asked the price of a Draft from Mimir’s Well of Knowledge. As the Location , which is said to be an Island Continent )

      YEARS Ago ( 2000 I believe ) I bought a Book on old Scandinavian Folklore ! And in it was a Story of a Wealthy Land Owner who lived in Sweden who had a Battle to attend the following day with some other Wealthy Swedes that were local to Him. But He was conflicted about attending , as He did not know if any of the Men who he took with Him would end up wounded ? And it was not really clear what the Stakes were , only that He had doubt.
      So He went to a Bent and Ancient old Women who lived in the back of the Land that He held as His Own ( But in the less desirable areas ) in a beaten down old Shack. And this Old Women was reported to have the Ability to “LOOK” Into the Future.
      On the Day before this Battle was to take place the Land Owner went to the Old Women to ask if it would be worth His time to gather His Men and attend the Battle the Following Day ? And He found her waiting for Him outside. ( She could see into the Future and knew He was already coming ) When the Landowner asked If She would look into the Future for Him to see if it would be worth the time & trouble ? After thinking about it She agreed – BUT Only on the Condition that if Her Prediction came True ? That She would be allowed to keep all the Land that She could Plow Up in a Days Time.
      And the Landowner looked at the Bent & Ancient Old Women and couldn’t even imagine Her Plowing Up anything more than a Flower Bed ! And He was laughing in his Heart when He agreed to her Terms.
      So she did what ever was required for Her to look Into the Future , and Told the Land Owner that it would be Well Worth His Time ! And He should gather His men and set out that very night !
      Which He did , and took the High Ground before anyone even showed up ! And things did turn out well for Him , and none of the Men that He brought with Him were injured in any way ! And it was all over with before Mid Day ! And the Landowner had Tripled His holdings ! And when they returned they celebrated well into the Night !
      Before the Sun rose up into the Sky the Following Morning there was a Knock at the front of the Landowners Hall. And The Landowner knew who it was , so He went and opened the Door to find the Old Women standing there with Her 7 Sons and a Plow.
      The Landowner greeted Her , and said that He had done so well the day before that He had instructed some of the Younger Men to give her a Hand Tilling up the Ground ; But since she had brought her 7 Sons that would not be Necessary. So before the Sun broke over the Horizon , the Old Women transformed Her 7 Sons into Magical Oxen ! And in 1 Days Time She Plowed up Denmark !
      ( THIS is Why the Swedes think so low of the Danes ! And now that I know this – let them pout ) Because in Copenhagen there is a Water Fountain of a Beautiful Viking Princess standing at a Plow that is being pulled by Her 7 Sons , Who She had transformed into Magical Oxen

      There is more to those old stories that we know.
      And with that said , I wonder the Location of the Baltic Sea Anomaly ? Could this Thing at the bottom of the Baltic Sea have been the Plow ? That the Beautiful Viking Princess plowed up Danmark from Sweden with ?

      ( And Nate – GREAT Episode ! I been to Boise Idaho ! Only we went to the Snake River Canyon out past Kuna Idaho )

    • Janice K

      I will share this possible perspective. So many religions, so many people. I believe there is only one God, who is known by many names and seen through many eyes. If God is the top of the mountain, and the task is to get to God, there are many faces, trails, obstacles. What if God doesn’t care what side of the mountain you climb, or how difficult or easy the path is, He only cares that you make the journey. It’s always the individual’s choice. God doesn’t force anyone to choose Him. ???? Now, back to the sasquatch chronicle!

  20. Christopher M

    Our sasquatch here in Texas are mean and loud.
    The ones that camped out under my deer stand for over 8 hours were tall and skinny and acted retarded. They looked like they had full blown aids

    • nate m

      she was. i flatline twice on the OR and to this day still have a bullet between my heart and sphine, mm’s either way ….., it reminds me of his love and power.

  21. Timothy S

    Excellent testimony Nate. Thank you for sharing your encounter and especially your personal story. Its a great explanation of how everyone and everything around us is spiritual and not just physical. I look forward to when I shed this mortal “meat suit” and put on the immortal suit my creator gives me.

  22. m99

    The testimony Nate has given here is so right on. We are actually three part beings, body, soul, and spirit.

    Whether we are alive, spiritual beings or dead, spiritually, depends upon what we choose. We are also predestined by God, because many are called, but few are “chosen”, meaning, few choose Him, actually.

    Thankfully, somehow, the scripture was in his heart, or deep in his mind (soul), and he was able to hear. We have a time, and it was not his time yet. If he had chosen not to believe it in his heart, maybe he would have come back to (this) life, but the memory may have been wiped.

    “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shalt be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:9,10

    I like to say it like this, confession of belief yields receipt of confession. We go from being spiritually dead, to being alive, born of His Spirit, and embark on our spiritual path, growing up in the Spirit.

    That scripture alone eliminates works to get to heaven. It IS a Gift, the Gift of Life. When we see the other side, we will really start our life journey. The gospels speak of the future with the Lord. And we haven’t seen anything yet! We can’t begin to know the great things we are going to see.

    God is Full of mercy. God is Love. It should be (after we’re saved) that we are becoming more like Him (Jesus). Sometimes we get sidetracked, full of our selves, and start looking down on people who aren’t believers in Jesus. That’s not what Jesus did. It’s not walking in the spirit of reconciliation. Plus, it’s not what we do, but what we are that matters to God. Being “religious” is not what Jesus taught. Matter of fact, many “religious” people think reciting some scripture, or faithfully attending service means they are saved. No. And Nate demonstrated that being saved is a matter of the heart, not the works of righteousness. We work because we’re saved, not the other way around.

    Remember the Pharisees? Jesus said in Matthew 23:23 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.”

    He loves us and doesn’t want anyone in Hell. Thanks Nate. And Thanks Wes. That was a very good word for all people.

    • Connie O

      m99…I agree with everything you said, but want to add one more thing God’s word says regarding this. In Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”. Nate quoting the verse in Romans was more powerful than any demon, and that is what saved him from hell at that moment, God’s word! He turned to God for help and the power of God’s word and God Himself, got him out of there! Yes, salvation is a “gift” and must be willingly accepted to be saved. Ephesians 2:8-9. Yet, God Himself tells in Hebrews, the power in His word.

  23. Deb A

    Life teaches us many lessons.
    I’m learning and try to
    become a better humanbeing daily.
    Nate, your near death experience
    saved your soul.
    3:00/3:30 am is the perfect hour
    for speaking with loved ones who past away
    and to God. I’m positive he’s listening
    to us always.
    Those wispers you heard near the river
    at night, perhaps it was of people who
    I believe your stories, I’m glad you survived your ordeal:)

  24. Bryan H

    I have to say, i love the sasquatch thing and always want to hear about that but i needed to hear Nates story. What a powerful testimony this will stick with me for a long time, thank u Wes and thanks Nate i know like Wes said it was a very personal story but it will help us all for sure

  25. Lisa S

    Oh my goodness, Wes! Nate, thank you so very much for coming on and sharing your stories and especially your near death experience. What a blessing that was to hear it and I know everyone who does, receives a huge blessing, so thank you for sharing.

  26. Karen C

    Outstanding story, that reminds me of why I need to stay kind, generous and thankful for all that is around me, family, friends and all…Thank You Nate, very inspiring to hear from you, Take care my friend…

  27. Janetta V

    Okay Wes, here’s an old timer speaking, and I’ve wanted to say this to you many times, so here it is. If you have not ask Jesus into your heart, it IS time to do it now. So be a man and do it. You know all the scriptures, you are smart and well- read so put it all together and get on with it!!!

  28. Cynthia H

    What a blessing to hear Nate this evening. I was struggling with being frustrated with a coworker and I forgot to let God fight my battles. Thank you Wes and Nate.

  29. Jennifer R

    This is my favorite episode so far. The encounters at the river were compelling and Nate is very believable. Nate’s personal story – his description of his near death experience is just fascinating and completely unexpected. Love it!

  30. NHSquatcher

    I’m not a fan of organized religion but I’ve been spiritual. Nate story is very compelling and it has a lot of implications for me. I didn’t even mind that he told it.

  31. Aimee B

    This show and the tread it spawned has turned me into an atheist. I officially renounce God, Jesus and Santa. Still holding out for Bigfoot…. for now….

  32. Edward B

    Good story Nate! That whispering would have really creeped me out if I was out there! Amazing story about your NDE experience also, it was a good reminder for me to walk with God rather than away. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  33. Christopher S

    That was a lot. Before people here go nuts, I am not an atheist, and have people in my family who were combat veterans who experienced near death. Also, I am one of those dreaded university researchers (expertise is in research methods) and WANT to believe in the possibility of sasquatch. This episode was a gross misrepresentation of atheists, and I suspect had someone said a similar thing about going from being Christian to an atheist-humanist to do good in the here and now, listeners would be highly offended. Research on morality indicates that the fear of repercussion (either now or in the afterlife) is the lowest form of morality. As in, I need a reward (the afterlife of heaven) and not be punished (hell) to do good, otherwise, what’s my motivation? The vast majority of atheists follow a doctrine of humanism. Meaning, do good now! Don’t expect a reward. Do good for the sake of doing good. Wes has developed an excellent technique of interviewing, but this wasn’t fair to atheists and, IMHO, listeners probably needed a little reminder that the stats do not show that atheism and immorality are closely linked. Unfortunately, religion and violence is closely linked.

    • Connie O

      Christopher S., but this episode isn’t about “religion”. Religion is man made rules. Christianity is about Jesus Christ, His word The Bible, and whether a person chooses to go to heaven or hell when they die. Either they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, or they don’t. It’s their choice. This episode in part, is about a beautiful testimony from Nate, on how the Lord Jesus, saves those who call upon Him. I wish you well, Christopher.

      • Christopher S

        Connie, before I bow out of this podcast subscription and the forum. Try your statement and change key words, and see how comfortable you feel:

        Religion is man made rules. Islam is about God/Allah, His word, The Koran, and whether a person chooses to go to heaven or hell when they die. Either they accept Mohammed (PBUH) and that he is last prophet send by God/Allah, or they don’t. It’s their choice.

        None of this has to do with the critical search for an undocumented animal. Wes, cancel my subscription!! LOL

    • m99

      @Christpher S ~ Oh I agree. Because “religion” is what man says about God, and being spiritual is a way of life. We love God who accepted us in the beloved, not expecting us to constantly (religiously) work for love from God. One cool thing about God is he gives people the choice (free will), not cramming things down people’s throats. It’s all about freewill. So, freely we receive, freely we give. I tend to avoid religious “Christians” myself. So, being a Christian we can be prompted by the Holy Spirit, who is gentle, kind and loving. Hateful Christians are manifesting the fact they are either “tripped out” or not actually Christian. Seems a lot of people are in that category. Just my two cents _m

      • m99

        _ one other point I forgot to mention Christopher, you said above ^ “…I am one of those dreaded university researchers…”

        Since you understand that, perhaps you could also understand the guest wasn’t speaking from a point of expertise or education. Nor was he trying to convince, persuade or solicit. Rather, he was speaking from a personal testimony viewpoint. IMHO that’s what makes SC so special. Wes is perfectly willing to allow all of his guests to speak to things that perhaps others wouldn’t listen to.

        • Christopher S

          Well , we are going to have to respectfully agree to disagree. There is a lot of things in US society that are allowed to be said out loud, and other things that are not. Many US politicians have noted that an atheist can’t run for president. They have to claim some faith. That in itself is strong testimony to a public bias. If we “tested” a guest who came on the show, and said his understanding for the meaning of life was tainted by Christianity, and he only became good and free with fully comprehending atheism and humanism, I would like to see a response of people saying, “well, that’s just his opinion”. Call me a Doubting Tom.

          Regarding other responses (not necessarily m99), as a research professor and practitioner, I can guarantee that no one in the field of social, natural or applied sciences will touch this subject due to what Wes used to call, “the woo” factor. It’s not that religion and science is incompatible, the Golden Age of Islam proved that. It’s that faith is not part of the scientific method. You can be guided morally and ethically about your research, but the research itself must be observable, validated and replicated. Whether it’s good or bad is guided by something else – perhaps your religion. It’s the old saying that it’s one thing to know how to build a nuclear bomb (science), it’s another to know whether or not it’s good to build a nuclear bomb (ethics).

          I wish it wasn’t true, but departments of psychology have proven that parts of the human brain will give the same effects that were described in this episode, when they are stimulated (or simulating death). I don’t WANT that to be true, but it has been reproduced consistently. My faith trusts that there is something BEYOND this commonly told experience.

          Back to sasquatch: it may be that the search and answers many of you listeners are looking for – in the university setting, at least – will be in the religion departments. That is a good space for any discussion that examines what is increasingly brought up in this evolving (no pun intended) podcast. And that’s GREAT if that is what people are looking for! 🙂 Some listeners may want to reach out to their nearby universities and see if religion professors are interested in the subject. Direct them to Sasquatch Chronicles and see if they have an opinion they would like to share. You will be surprised that many would welcome a conversation with community members, that they are meant to serve.

          And that is fine if your search is through faith! It’s just not where I think the answers to this mystery will be found, and not what I would focus my attention on. To another podcast, then! Cheers

  34. Matthew M

    Wow that was a powerful one. I’m a medical doctor and I believe in God 100%. I’m the most skeptical, highly scientifically minded person I know and I’ve realized that it takes more faith to be an atheist. There is order everywhere you look that defies the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy). Really enjoyed this show.

  35. Holly E

    I love this episode!!! The account was great, but his story of his near death experience… what it meant to him and what God showed him through that was amazing!! It really spoke to me and I’m so thankful he shared that! Praise God for his goodness! Peace & Love to you all!

  36. Michele C

    Just Wow. What an intense encounter . Nate and his friends goy a lot more than they bargained for when all they wanted was a few catfish. Also the near death experience I found highly interesting. I was glued to every word, the detail was incredible. I am liking the way the show is evolving , yes its primarily a bigfoot show but its a good expand the content to other non bigfoot encounters occasionally, keeps things interesting

  37. Nerida H

    I’ve woken all my life at 3am, I talk to God all the time, day + night. I tell him off when Im angry at life, he smiles kindly, + answers my prayers anyway, because God is unconditional love. I think Wes is more spiritual than he knows, his voice has helped me get thru a breakdown 3 yrs ago. Bless you for letting something a bit more off track to come on here. Love from NZ

  38. cyndie r

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I appreciate your frankness and your vivid descriptions. It was all so interesting. It certainly gives me something to think about. I must confess I don’t really believe in god. I wouldn’t say I am anti-christ or anti -religious. I am all for others in believing whatever it is that they believe in. Whether it be Allah, or Jesus Christ or Ganesha, I think others should believe in whatever they feel the need to believe. For myself I have a hard time believing there is an all-mighty spirit or deity who would allow or promote (some would dare say have a master plan of it all) the intense pain and suffering which occurs on this planet earth on a continuous basis. There could be no plan which could justify the pain and suffering, and injustices committed and suffered.

    I am a little taken aback in your belief that your atheisticism is what caused you to be cruel to others and out to take what you can get. I don’t think that is an accurate description for all or even most of the other people who don’t believe in god. I think it is odd that you could find no empathy for others before your NDE. It is fascinating that you literally had no sense of the idea that being fair and kind and loving towards others has its own redeeming value. I am not so sure that it is a direct result of “not believing”. There are a lot of really solid, loving, generous, patient, gentle and empathetic folks who also happen to not believe in god. For us, having a NDE might not prove so fruitful. We have already found other reasons to motivate us to behave. 🙂

    No matter how you arrived (to the kinder and gentler side) I am genuinely happy for you and wish you the absolute best in what life has left to offer you.

    • nate m

      That was my view, if God didn’t exist, there was no repercussions for my actions. I grew up in poverty and in a very harsh enviroment surrounded by gangs, gambling, or drugs. we faced racism as immigrants in the 80’s. Alot of americans had hate towards us, since vietnam war was still fresh. I remember my dad being harass by people in chicago/ california. I remember being ridicule and attacked physically as a child because i was different or because we were poor. So you see it made me an animal, all the hate.

  39. Johnny N

    this dude literally telling people info that could LITERALLY SAVE THEM BIG TIME IN THE AFTERLIFE… yes you may not believe but what you believe or dont believe doesnt change reality.
    i know its nearly impossible to believe anything supernatural i was atheist for most of my life until I had my experience which started with me learning that there IS consciousness after death
    Jesus saves sounds so cliche because its been repeated so much a lot of people sick of hearing it pushed but how can you stop telling people about something that could save their immortal spirit.
    Its like pleading with someone about to drive off a cliff if you have love in your heart you will want to warn them not to drive off that cliff even if its a total stranger.

    God told the world He would be sending His son thousands of years before it happened. Jesus isnt some freak accident. Its God literally coming to us .. leaving the comfort of the heavenly dimension just so He can teach and offer salvation.

    • nate m

      I’m trying Johnny, people don’t understand it took a bit out of me to tell these stories. I’m a business professional, was advise against to tell my story, I took the risk, out of love.

  40. Evelyn L

    Interesting how some people are so offended by those who speak of spiritual things that they believe that they should be silenced. Why would that be? No one is forcing anyone to listen or read. God gave everyone free will. It is people who take that away.
    God is merciful. This man found that out. He was given another chance for some reason. The message that Christ sent His followers out to proclaim has been so stripped of it’s power that it does not even impress the church people. Actually, the whole message went off when the Romans basically took over what was once the body of Christ on the earth. The Roman “church” locked up the scriptures for well over 1000 years and ruled Europe while murdering many and extorting others. That is NOT what Christ came to establish. A church is not a building. The word used for “church” in Greek means “called out ones.”
    Those people were not born again believers. Why do you think that they locked up the scriptures? They did not want anyone to know the truth and the truth was that they were set free from religious people!
    The Roman church built grand buildings and afflicted the people terribly. Many of the people who first came to the New World were trying to escape the other political “church” that was created by Henry the VIII. Both of those churches were simply political and Christ refused to be political. That is not His message. His message was to gather people back into His Kingdom so they could have everlasting life or eternal life in heaven. He came to save people from that place that this man began to see.
    There are some sincere people who actually become born again (which is a real spiritual experience) but then they get involved in church life and never learn how to grow up spiritually which is what Paul was trying to impress on people in his letters. He was obviously having a difficult time getting some believers to take His instruction seriously much like today. The carnal nature does not want to let go. Believers are supposed to become more and more spiritual but it rarely happens because the churches are too in love with carnality. They don’t want to have to wait on the Holy Spirit for instruction.
    When a person receives the new spirit that they are given when they repent and surrender their lives to the Savior the scriptures say that new spirit is in an infant stage and needs to be nurtured with the word of God and spending time in God’s presence. (Yes, it is possible) Few do. The things of this world eventually pull them away. A few continue but not many.
    I heard a man who was speaking of his NDE say that He spoke to the Lord Jesus and He asked Him if he had learned how to love while on the earth. That is very important to Him and if you read the New Covenant scriptures closely you will see that love is the major message after being born anew by the Spirit of God. All the other things that we do on this earth are insignificant in comparison. There is a reason why God seems so different in the New Covenant than the Old but I am not teaching here.
    God gave Adam dominion over this planet. When Adam decided to obey the serpent rather than his Creator they were forced leave that spiritual realm that they had been created in. Something happened that separated humans from that other realm and the spiritual eyes of human beings began to be blinded as the fallen ones began to usurp Adam’s domain. The veil may have been created at that time.
    For thousands of years people who who were into the spiritual side of things spoke of a veil that separates this realm from the next. Even the New Covenant scriptures mention the veil. Some say that at 3:00 am that the veil becomes thinner. I don’t know. I just know that either my dog or my cat usually wake me up then.
    What this man said about things being more real in that other realm than this one has been said by many who have come back from there. He could not enter into heaven because He had not received a new spirit by being born again but he was given another chance. Some have said that the earth is surrounded by a huge army of wicked spirits that will pull human spirits down into the pit if they are not born of the Holy Spirit. That does concur with the scriptures.
    Some of the entities on the other side can manifest physically here. Perhaps they are physical on both sides or maybe some entities are stronger than others. Whatever manifests here must go through that veil. Maybe the veil is what some have seen “portals” open up through. Maybe some entities look spirit like because they are not sting enough to fully manifest. When Adam was led out of the garden there was a guard set up to keep people from passing back to that realm. I think that the veil has something to do with that.
    There was a lease that God gave to Adam on this planet that cannot be broken. When that lease is about to expire we will begin to see many things from that other realm and some things from this realm will begin to visit that realm more. It will not be a quick transition. It will be gradual for a while. Maybe we are having an increase in cryptid sightings because we are nearing that time. It is not the end of the world. It is an end of one age and the start of another much better one. I would advise everyone to read the New Testament scriptures again. Ask for the Spirit of God to give you guidance. When you seriously seek truth with a humility that is real you will find it. If you read it resentfully your not going to get much bout of it.

  41. Mai M

    Go Nate! Thank you for sharing your story, I hope others will listen and understand we all come from God, each and every one of us no matter our race or religion. for those who want to hear the stories of others who have had similar experiences go to JeffMara Podcast in YouTube. he has 100’s of interviews with people who have lived to tell. Blessings to all.

  42. Maple a

    I think bigfoots are jus mad at fishermen (also hunters) because we don’t have to chase the fish or deer ???? We have developed certain equipment to help us bc we are slow.

  43. Ryan S

    Just out of curiousity.. if anyone is still reading these this far down whos seen these things… how accurate a representation is the picture at the top of a strong male bigfoot proportionally? I can never really wrap my head around it but just thinking through.. huge shoulders half as broad as they are tall… arms down to their knees… mass that makes them look like football player fully padded… able to knock a tree down.. intelligent humanlike face.. as unreal as that thing looks it sorta seems like what they describe

  44. Mary H

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Nate’s near death experience, it has helped me with my own spirituality and thank you Nate for being such a humble honest person.

  45. Debra W

    Good book about a believer being sent to hell it’s called 23 Minites in Hell by Bob Weiss. God wanted him to share that there is a hell and it is beyond evil.

    • Tammi C

      What a horrible and beautiful life’s experience that brought you back (or to) The Lord. The nurse being right was a true miraculous blessing, she was there like an earthly Angel.
      God bless.

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