Feb 18

SC EP:830 U.S. Marine And The Creature

Tonight I will be speaking to James. James writes “Around 2006 I was about 16 and I had a girlfriend that lives about 2 miles away from me in ft. Drum which is a very small town puts of okeechobee.

One night my dad who was kind of an ahole…to put it lightly wouldn’t let me see her so I thought we’ll it’s late I just wanted to go outside and clear my head but I actually had called my gf prior and we were gonna meet half way and hangout. So I started walking down the hard bars ball road and I got about 1/2 a mile down the road the moon was about half way lit so you had some ambient light.

I was walking fairly quickly I am already a little sketched out about the dark. I would say when I’m about 50 feet from this bend in the road I see something in the middle of the road and I’ve been living and in the woods and know what certain animal looks like…a bear a hog and deer. This was not either. So I’m thinking this has got to be mind playing tricks. So I keep walking forward I realize the size of this thing at the time I was about 5’4”. I get witching 15 ft of this creature and it has not moved a muscle. So I completely freeze up and I am watching this thing if I had to guess it was about 6-7 ft tall and just massive.”



We will also be speaking to Mike. Mike writes “I’d like to tell you about a sighting that I had in 1981 when I was about nine years old. I was born in a town called Saginaw Michigan. It’s pretty close to the big Saginaw bay which the Saginaw river and the Tittabawassee river run directly into. I lived right at the edge of the city where there was a large golf course large wooded areas which are now part of the Shiawassee wildlife refuge. The strange thing is what I saw did not make sense to be in that part of the edge of a subdivision.

It was approximately 1 o’clock in the morning and I remember not being able to sleep so I was just playing on the back of the couch peering out the window towards my school that was kitty corner from my house. On the corner there was obviously a street light which illuminated the whole intersection between my house and my school. I saw what appeared to be a large hairy man with long hair walk under the street light and stop just at the edge. The first thing I remember is saying that man has really long hair. But But as he proceeded into the light he became apparent to me That this guy looked like Chewbacca. I watched it as it slowly walked away across the intersection into the subdivision and disappeared. When I woke the next morning I remember telling my mother what I saw and she said you must’ve been dreaming. I told her I swear it looked like Chewbacca and she said that I had a very vivid dream and a wild imagination. When I woke up the next morning I was getting ready to go over to my school where there was an ice rink and play hockey with my friends.

As I walked over across the sidewalk in the edge of the snowbank I saw what appeared to be bare footprints very large. There may have been more than one but as I recall when I saw the footprints I remember telling myself it wasn’t a dream it was all real.






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  1. Nigel R

    Spaceship Earth is moving really fast. We’re travelling around the Sun at 67,000mph. That’s 18.61 Miles per Second. But that’s nothing. Our solar system is orbiting the galactic center at 490,000mph and our galaxy is doing 300,000mph towards Andromeda. And you aren’t wearing a seatbelt. Happy Friday everyone.

  2. Bill F

    I have a hunting camp on the “Prairie”.. I have run into these critters many times there, as have others.

    There is no shortage of them.. If you get to know the locals, who are pretty stand offish, they will tell you all about how often they are seen out there.

    I spend quite a bit of time there.

  3. Linda B

    Wow. Great guests, Wes! James and Mike, thank you for coming on and telling us what happened to you! I have been waiting all these years since 2017 to hear a recording of a whistle. The old audio had several whistles. That was it. Its exactly what. I heard at Bear Lake, Pine,, Colo., same duration as two of the one syllable whistles on the old audio. Same intensity. The narrator said something like… no human could make that sound. Yep. Confirmation. Wow. It was absolutely invisible. It had to be cloaked. The forest was ten year old pine new growth in the Heyman butn area. The trees were pine and rather sparse and lots of space between, nowhere to hide. It was too close and too loud to be too far. I was half way to the top. It was completely out of sight.

  4. Chad W

    I had just listened to the show with my headphones on, and was starting to doze off a little, when those ending sounds kicked in. Loudly. Wow, did that wake me up fast.

  5. Jordan T

    what an ass! lol this guy didn’t tell his girlfriend about a massive dark figure standing on the side of the road that he has to walk by and let’s his girlfriend walk back alone right by where it was and basically says to himself “good luck” total dick. lol be

  6. Dovie D

    I had the same experience with my encounters as a kid and teenager. I was told you must have had a bad dream. The first one I thought was satan with the red glowing eyes. I watched it peek from behind the house and walk to the window I was looking out of. Tall, black, walked like it floated. Looked right at me through the window. Second one was at a rest stop off I 5 by Shasta on the Willow exit. I was sleeping on the passenger side of the car sleeping mom in drivers side . I felt the car move and woke up with something huge, reddish brown hairy ugly looking at me through the the windshield. The rest stop was next to the Klamath River . I was 14 years old. I love it parents always saying “ oh you must have had a nightmare” I just put it out of my mind for years . I appreciate the guests sharing their experiences. How scary to be that close.

  7. Johnny N

    moving the switch in a four wheeler tank to reserve does NOT shorten the fuel limit. it increases it. its not a separate tank its just a valve that opens lower in the bottom of the tank. you dont leave it on all the time because the lower part of the tank can have water/trash .

  8. Brian L

    In Yosemite looking for Squatches…..so far only found tourists…… Gotta say, the forested areas of the park definitely make the mind wonder what could be out there…..

  9. Dale H

    For episodes dealing with government involvement you should play Tom Waits song: “Underground”. There’s a world going on down under your boots … Rattle big black bones in the danger zone
    There’s a rumblin’ groan down below
    There’s a big dark town, it’s a place I’ve found
    There’s a world going on underground

    They’re alive, they’re awake
    While the rest of the world is asleep
    Below the mineshaft roads, it will all unfold
    There’s a world going on underground

    All the roots hang down, swing from town to town
    They are marching around down under your boots
    All the trucks unload beyond the gopher holes
    There’s a world going on underground

    • Bill F

      You have no idea how wrong you are!!

      That is exactly how I knew he was being factual! The Prairie and adjoining forest have ELK!..

      They were brought here years ago for high fence game, canned hunt operations.. they escaped and have since started reproducing in the area.
      I know where there is a small herd right now running feral on a ranch, I see them just about every time I drive by.
      They are considered invasive and can be hunted any time, any place you have legal access.
      I know several folks who have harvested them and I almost had one last year 1/4 mile from my hunting camp. Someone busted him before i could get a good shot.

      In closing.. don’t be so damn sure you are right about everything.

      BTW.. I have seen African water buffalo and Kudu there as well.

  10. Dennis U

    So he was 10 feet away from the bigfoot and he didn’t mention a smell but later he was 65 feet from it and he mentioned how bad it smelled..this whole story is well..

  11. Kelsey W

    That audio at the end. IT sounds like a monkey-man-dog-pig. What’s interesting is when it sounds like it’s moments away from breaking into human speech. And it almost sounds frustrated. Like, straining to do so. If I wanted to write a legend, I would say they’re cursed men. Forced to live as beasts.

  12. L S

    He just leaves his girlfriend to walk herself home and doesn’t even tell her. ???????? Nope. They don’t make men like they use to.

  13. Joe F

    Sounds like karma is still alive and well, leaving your girlfriend to fend for herself without out even telling her of the threat …..maybe you deserved them switching the gas line to reserve?

  14. craig d

    Cheesy Peeps!
    Is it just me or is this guy insane? He is on patrol he sees something but doesn’t want to tell anyone? wtf?
    He abandons his GF to walk home with some freakish creature wandering about herself?
    And he is willing to allow his own Father’s dog to die so he can run off!
    I realise he was young but come on, this just isn’t cool man.

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