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    • Forrest M

      Was interesting until they got religious! SASQUATCH IS NOW A NEPHILIM….hmmmm as an Anthropologist I would say Nope. I am a Texan so I am Southern too. They are flesh and blood primates.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Nephilim are the Scandinavian Pantheon ( and all the other little “g” gods ) For the Ragnarok event of Scandinavian Folk Lore is described as the Nephilim Wars in the book of Enoch. Just imagine what could be laying on the Ground down there
        ( Underneath 2 miles of Ice )
        If your looking for a Biblical Interpretation of the Sasquatch People – They are described as Esau in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah. Ask the Native Americans ( I did )
        They are flesh & Blood. But I do not know if they are Primates ? For these things can Breed with us Modern Humans. (Primates can NOT) If They can Breed with us ? They MUST also have the same 46 Chromosomes that we do. If They also have 46 Chromosomes ? Then They are also Humans as well. ( Only not the same Manner as us Modern Humans ) No matter what They look like.
        Isn’t it fascinating that Primates also share our Modern Human Blood Types ? ( and doesn’t it say something about the Blood in the Bible ? )
        Isn’t it fascinating that saying the Lords Prayer ( Even thinking it in Your Head ) makes that ” TIME TO GO ” Feeling – Go Away ? Because I did that , and that feeling went away. And I didn’t even believe in God at the time ( only recalled it from Sunday School )

        • Cali H

          by taxonomic classification, Humans are primates
          Here is our classification:
          I had to look it up to refresh my memory of the sequence so here it is.
          Domain: Eukarya (cells are complex)
          Kingdom: Animalia
          Phylum: Chordata
          Class: Mamallia
          Order: Primate
          Family: Hominidae
          Genus: Homo
          Species: Sapiens

        • Jo B

          The more I listen to these experiences the more convincing it is to me that they are this Nephilim thing , the size, their power, the giants of old, and the accounts from the Far East , plus the episode about the dna investigations from samples saying it was part human and the other part is an unknown species and not from ape family. Fascinating

      • Christian B

        Thank you lol. I hate it when the bible thumpers come out with their theories on this show, makes the whole subject seem a thousand times more inane to anyone that has a real education and a grounding in reality, and not kids’ fairy tales. I can’t even recommend this show to anyone I went to school with or know in real life because I’m afraid they’ll run into an episode like this one and never consider the subject again, just based on some of the people investigating it. Props to these boys for investigating and for being seemingly nice people (if they don’t get their arms ripped off for goofing around in these animals’ territory one day) and for being curious, but they might want to step back from bigfoot and get a basic education in science first, and perhaps consider how religions come about. The whole nephilim BS is tantamount to me going around basing all my research into reality on hans christian andersen or the brothers grimm. These are STORIES people. Some of the parables are so old that they hint at primitive ways of understanding real events, but they are not a guide for understanding the world. Just because the Aztecs believed that giant serpernt created the universe doesn’t mean that as a mexican I should center my fact deduction around that story. It was merely the only way they could understand the cosmos with their limited knowledge and technology. Christianity is absolutely no different, and the fact that so many americans take the bible literally is one of the saddest failures of education on the planet. Also, there is literally not one shred of evidence for a god or creator being. That would be one majorly fucked up entity, and even IF it existed, it would certainly not concern itself with one species (humans) in an infinite universe of billions of trillions of galaxies. I believe in sasquatch a whole lot more than I believe in god. And angels?? LOL SMH. The only god that exists is everything you see around you, and it probably always has been and always will be- people make up a god that creates and plans and guides things because it gives them comfort in a world that has no inherent meaning or reason for existing whatsoever lol.

        • Matthew M

          What is a Bible thumper? A Christian? You can’t be educated and also be a Christian? I’m both. You can’t possibly be more educated than me and it’s possible, although unlikely, that you’re at least as educated as me. I finished college with a 4.0, went to medical school, and then completed a 4 year residency program so I’ve got 24th grade behind me. I can take you from describing biology in terms of atoms (C, H, N, O, P, S) all the way through biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, neurochemistry, all the way to immunology and epidemiology, etc etc . And yea, I believe in God 110%. I’m not going to go on and on but I will leave you with a few things to think about: it takes more faith to be an atheist and pay close attention to what is around you (flowers, life, etc etc) and see if that meshes with the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy) in your view. It doesn’t. Order is all around you, but you have to look for it.

    • Venzulo

      Famous last words “there’s no run in me”. I hope they live-stream the evidence because it’ll be tough to upload back at home when the rogue male wraps them around a tree. There’s a reason it hasn’t happened. Cameras are akin to carrying a gun. You want the experience, ditch the cameras.

      • Johanna V

        Absolutely, like Never say never. Thanks for an excellent show, Wes. I think it’s nice every once in awhile to change it up and feature different people from the community. I’ll agree though, be careful. It sounds like you guys all have family. You say you’re respectful, and remember that what your chasing also has a family. However, if you’ve never had a visual, it can sometimes be a case of it’s all fun and games until it isn’t any more; and you won’t be the ones making that decision. Also, while you might have good intentions, if you get convincing footage, what if that draws those who do not. How long could they keep the location of Bluff Creek a secret? And why, do you think, after more than 10 years of them getting to know you, the meet and greet (or at least a more clear visual) hasn’t happened yet? What are they waiting for? Just questions, we’re all here to learn..thank you again for coming on the show!

  1. Dawn K

    I remember my granny calling them Woolley Boogers back in the 70’s where I grew up in Mississippi. Never heard anyone else call them that. I’m a new member and have been binge listening to Sasquatch Chronicles podcast for the past few weeks. I wasn’t sure Bigfoot was in Mississippi until I heard a few different witnesses retellings. That would explain the strange howls I used to hear when I was a kid. I live in Cave Creek, Arizona now. (North of Phoenix/Scottsdale) Haven’t heard about any Sasquatch being around here (yet).

  2. theresa m

    Thanks guys, Wes. Very interesting. I wish you all good luck and safety in the woods. I’m definitely just an armchair sasquatch listener but I do believe from other people who have shared, there are rogue creatures that have bad intent in their hearts. Be careful and go with prayers for yourselves and for your daughter, David.

  3. Lee N

    Happy Friday night Everyone!
    Hope your feeling better Wes!
    A heads up everyone. Just checking to on everyone. When I opened Sasquatch Chronicles sight on IPad. It asked me to log in and when I entered thumb print password. I messaged appeared stating my password has shown to be compromised. Something to that affect. It suggested I go in to site and change my password. Hopefully no one else had this issue.??
    Thanks and a have a wonderful weekend

  4. Cindy B

    I think at least some of them are part human and some even have souls. As believers we’re supposed to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15. It could be the final mission field.

  5. Annalisa H

    You know what Wes? I loved it when you said tonight more than once in your intro!! My daughter and I thought it was cute!! So, I’m not sure why you changed it but if you did it because someone made you feel like you had to, don’t! We think you’re just right the way you are❤️

  6. Melissa K

    Hmm..so none of you have actually seen one clearly?
    I m not so sure if you see one clearly and up close that you will run toward it, not sure you will even think to get a picture of it
    Especially if you get close to one of the big ones

  7. brad b

    I don’t mean to be too mean but the one guy that thinks they’re going to invite him to a picnic and a friendly chat or something is bordering on delusional. He’s going to end up as one of these missing 411 statistics if he doesn’t get his head out of the clouds in regards to these creatures.

  8. Wright W

    Sorry but I’m having a hard time believing these guys. I’d much rather just hear eyewitness accounts instead of some guys who are just here to promote their YouTube videos. They also lose credibility (in my opinion) with all the Christianity/religious nonsense

  9. Melissa H

    After watching just the first video these guys submitted I can absolutely understand why the Bigfoot on that property have not hurt these boys, they are playing with them, and I don’t mean head games, I think they are literally playing, and who could blame them, being a Bigfoot has got to be boring, I bet they (Bigfoot) can’t wait for Friday to roll around every week, I thoroughly enjoyed this show these guys are a breath of fresh air

    • Jeremiah S

      Thank you Melissa for something positive. You can see a lot more when you look through someone else’s eyes instead of only your own. If you noticed in other accounts how often its been said how human they look. I think that are some type of humanoid animal hybrid. So you would think that they could exhibit behavior of each. Their animal nature lends to them surviving in their environment and their human like qualities demonstrates their intelligence, curiosity, verbal communication and the forming of family units. Even we behave in animal like ways. If their looks are diverse as ours why wouldn’t be their personalities be.
      Think of the examples of animals that has been domesticated over the centuries. Given the right circumstances, time, consistency and trust . I’m sure its probably has happen before. Especially before modern firearms.
      I didn’t mean to get long winded. I just wanted to show how I see it could make sense because I thought the same thing you did. I was very surprised. Because I seen some on their stuff a month or more earlier and really wasn’t sure what to make of them. I would of kept watching but when I saw the title of some of the videos being Paranormal Investigation. I had to rolled out because I don’t get down with that. I’ve closed that door and ain’t going back.

  10. Jeremiah S

    I don’t care what anybody says, because majority of it negative. I understand that what there doing is not the wisest decision and I myself wouldn’t do it. I do think they have a special set of circumstances that may or may not affect the final outcome. It’s not their first time doing this and sounds like they been putting in their time. They enjoy what they’re doing, having fun doing it and who they’re doing it with. They ain’t hurting anybody or out breaking the law. They sound like Legit, Real,Good dudes. I like the fact that they felt comfortable enough to cut up like real friends do during the interview. Really easy going, but I got a felling they might be adrenaline junkies lol. I believe all 3 but the main one talking I know for sure he’s an honest about what he was saying because he told it just like I would tell it. Its easier to remember the truth than to remember a lie. I’m glad you gave them a stage Wes. It was good to hear some Southern-Brothers. Out there gettin Wild with tha Wildman. It’s funny they said Woolly Booger. I know what it is, just don’t hear it that often. Thats what I call one of our dogs running round here because she looks Abominable! You know like two breeds that shouldn’t have gotten together. Looks like The Fly with a wool coat, Hid-e-ous!

  11. Donna C

    I have many concerns about this pod cast and group. I think wanting to touch a wild creature/ animal is always a bad outcome. I worry for both sides of getting hurt. A example is people wanting to pet a bear or bison. The person approaches touches and then the animal doesn’t like it bites or turns on the person and they are injured or killed and then animal is killed because it reacted. The outcome is bad for both. There is a reason Sasquatch don’t want to be our pets or friends. Look at the human track record of devastation we have caused the animal kingdom.
    The lack of backup plan is another problem. I just can’t agree with going into Bigfoot’s home Antagonizing a creature and not expect a possible bad outcome. I do think it’s really good the group is passionate about research. There is a history of danger and it should be respected.

  12. Andrew A

    Guys, I watched your whole episode on YouTube and commented to get in touch with Wes. I’m afraid based on what I saw on YouTube that one of you don’t have long to live….not at all being funny. Fir instance, Wes, who is not a small man and has never met a fight he wasn’t prepared for was scared shitless when he and his brother ran into them. Now, as I recall there were 5 or more and they were crawling around on their fingertips like a FREAKING spider, but I’m sure your “no run in you” wouldn’t be afraid at all and would get you through it. You need to listen to the the Ambulance Driver’s episode or the episode with the Delivery Guy’s van broke down and he pissed on one of them! I would HOPE one of those encounters would change your mind.

    I. HIGHLY recommend listening to ALL of Sasquatch Chronicjes episodes. Not sure that will change your mind but I hope so. BTW….don’t EVER throw rocks at them….EVER! You seem to think they are your buddies and I assure you they aren’t! What would you do if you surprised a momma grizzly with her cub? Now, take that plan and multiply it by 100 because a Sasquatch has been known to whoop a grizzly’s’ ass. 10 foot alpha male gets tired of your antics and decides to rip one of you LITERALLY in half and feed it to the wild hogs? What are you going to do then?

    Lastly, you guys seem like good dudes and I would hate to hear anything bad happened to you so PLEASE heed Wes’s warnings! Think about this, ALL humans aren’t REASONABLE and some have mental issues…no different than Sasquatch….I just hope you don’t run into one in a bad mood!

  13. Robin D

    Fun show, those guys are certainly entertaining. I could just imagine Wes breaking out in hives when asking them about their Plan B a few times and apparently there is none because that one guy has no run in him. Soooo….I was thinking they might want to try an expedition to Yacolt Mountain and it should be at night because they will “get more activity” and then when they hear the five or so Sasquatch that Wes and Woody ran into, they should run at them and film them. The headlines the next day would be something like “three YouTubers disappear in WA state”. I imagine Wes is slathering the calamine lotion on his hives this morning and muttering “dumb asses” under his breath.

  14. Wes

    I have to say I really like the Squatch Watchers. There is no ego between David, Tate and Taylor. I think the guys are charming and entertaining. In a field of self inflated egos, petty arguments and a bunch of know it all’s, It’s easy to fall out of love with this subject. Agree with them, disagree with them I found myself envious of their enthusiasm for the subject.

  15. Jennifer B

    Very interesting!

    If you listen to the Law of One, their explanation for Sasquatch is that he came from planet Maldek and are on planet Earth to live out their Karma, and the lights are protectors of Earth.

    But I like these guys definition of the lights much better!

  16. Eric M

    I am really disappointed with all the negative comments tonight. You guys want S.C. to be the same show over and over? Think you can do a better job? Have at it!
    You don’t like the way Squatch Watchers do their thing? Go do it better! You are obviously smarter and more experienced than these gentlemen. Post links to all of your video adventures so that we can see how it should be done.
    Wes does a fantastic job, week in and week out. The content he brings us is fresh, unique, and in my opinion the best on the internet. His production quality is top notch and his observations are always insightful.
    But you armchair quarterbacks would rather sit on your asses and criticize. Pathetic.

  17. Cristina J

    I actually really enjoyed this episode! Lol I love their enthusiasm and their love for the creature. I too would love to see one but I also know I will be scared to death and traumatized! I agree with Wes they should be careful but it’s nice to hear them enjoy what they are doing. Prayers for the daughter and thanks for sharing for those of us that can’t go out all the time

  18. cynthia s

    They need to post videos when the audience can hear something other than frogs and them reacting. It’s not convincing or entertaining. It becomes boring very quickly. I’m not trying to be mean just giving an honest opinion if they want their videos to stay popular and attract and audience.

  19. Mandy

    This is why I recently decided to become a member; an open platform for differing opinions and viewpoints to have a voice about a very complex reality. Although the views expressed in this episode didn’t really speak to me as possible truth, I so appreciate the opportunity to expand my thoughts as to what’s possible by hearing what others believe and experience without fear of being ridiculed. Keep it coming!

  20. David H

    Hey everyone I’d like to say prayers to the squatch watchers and there family. On note 2 David is one of the only people to touch on something very interesting that I feel I should share. Has anyone ever looked into as many “lost” books of the Bible? There apparently was a book at one point in time that discussed the war of the lord and what happened in detail but it was lost through history. I say that just for interesting topic but the book of Adam and Eve talks about how when we left the garden of Eden that our eyes became flesh and could no longer see the heavens or heavenly body’s. It stated that the garden “diminished” before us. In theory nature could be the garden and the garden could be a dimension of earth we can no longer see. Now if we go with that theory the theory David stated that hell being a dimension would hold along with heaven as well. Now sense native people of the world have a way closer spiritual side and most say these entity’s are ancient so if they stuck to there ways this long there would be a endless amount of spiritual energy they coul weld.
    in theory just a though David sparked and this is the only place I feel like people might take the time to theorize it with me.
    again praying for your family and thanks for sharing. great show Wes

  21. joey-joe

    I think these guy are headed for a rude awakening because you can have all the aggressive behaviour from these things apart from seeing one and think your ready but nothing can prepare you for a full body sighting it turns men to a blubbering mess and saying “I don’t have any run in me” well just get ready for that to change, I think bravado can be dangerous in this field

  22. Tracy L

    These guys are so naive about Sasquatch and their “relationship” with them, they remind me of a mixture of (1) venomous snakes owners who believe their snakes love them and will never hurt or bite them, so they feed them by hand, and then they get bit and die, and (2) trump who claimed that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un loved him and meant what he said in his love letters to him. No one has to punk these guys – they’ve punked themselves.

  23. Chamberlin

    “Squatch Watchers” I’m a new YouTube subscriber!
    I love their video content:)
    I 100% believe what Squatch Watchers have to say
    and share with everyone.
    This interview with Wes is one of my new favorite
    episodes. I would love to hear more from
    Squatch Watchers as in perhaps part two interview
    with Sasquatch Chronicles.
    The Paranormal, UFO, Sasquatch, balls of lights…
    Thanks Wes for bringing these topics together.
    You sound like you are feeling better Wes.

  24. Mark A

    I think the green lights could be the mode of transportation and where they come from.
    A lot of Christian rhetoric appears in some of the comments. So I’m going to throw in my two cents:
    Angels in accord with current Christianity (ecumenical councils and current day councils such as the ecumenical agreement in North America between the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches) are not capable of mating with humans as they are strictly spiritual and immortal. Lucifer was the bringer of light and originally a Roman deity or god. Satan was the tempter – tempting humans with sin (Christianity). Today Lucifer and Satan are used interchangeably in Christianity. Please, take note that translation(s) from Hebrew to Greek to Anglo Saxon (the Vulgate translation in Latin) English and also Aramaic to Hebrew and Hebrew to English – meanings are lost and or interpretations corrupted. The Catholic Church has weighted in on this fact as well, stating the Bible is NOT to be taken in ALL its teachings as literal but rather to be understood as parable. They affirm 4 levels of Interpretation and Literal meaning is the fourth and least important.
    That’s all.
    Really enjoyed the interview!

    • Ann Y

      My thought during the interview was, perhaps they have been exiled to our Lower functioning land for some reason. And the orbs or UFOs transport them. Have you researched land beyond the ice wall(Antarctica)? Some believe there are other lands past the ice wall????. How do we know what type of creations there are.

  25. L S

    These guy maybe the ones who finally solve the mystery. They’re out there and they’re experiencing it all. I was hoping they would be asked if they’re seen it cloak or do the preditor movie scene, maybe they were and i missed it. coed show.

  26. Jeffrey M

    These guys sound like the people that like to pet Bison in the national park and end up being trampled. They seem to have always made up their minds about what these creatures are. I’m all for investigation but purdence demands caution.

    Wes is awesome!

  27. craig d

    I hate to say this but these guys need to grow up, Cheesy Peeps! They are inviting disaster. Entertainment for the Sasquatch? Yea and food for their larder if the notion takes them.
    Wisen up guys. Also if you want people to take you seriously, drop the ‘Squatch’ bs, it’s so imbecillic.

  28. Kimberly M

    Seeing that these gentlemen are very familiar with the Bible then I’m sure they are aware that Jesus warns us as Christians to stay away from anything that has to do with speaking with “spirits” and trying to contact “ghosts”. Jesus warns us to not use palm readers, witchcraft or anything to do with contacting sprits. But that is exactly what they are doing. Wes, you were right in asking the, that if they believe these are fallen angels, why do they try to contact them. VERY DANGEROUS not spiritually but physically as well. They are literally PLAYING WITH FIRE, the fire from hell itself!

  29. Kimberly M

    Playing with spirt boxes and trying to contact spirits is spiritually dangerous and can be physically dangerous! Know one should experiment with these things ESPECIALLY christians. It opens a person up to things they will have power to control. I’d be telling these guys to be careful, they may open up something that can be harmful to them and their families. (Children)

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