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SC EP:824 The Face In The Window

Tim writes “My first encounter happened in the state of Vermont. Between Clarendon and Tinmouth. My father was with me. And we was deer hunting. To start from the beginning.

My father was a minister and he had started a church in Rutland. We had a family that had started coming on a regular basis. And it was almost rifle season and we didn’t really have a place to go. So in conversation with this family and my father, we got invited to go out to there farm. This would be my first hunt. Like I said, we didn’t really know where to go. But the man told my father that they had deer on there property and if we wanted to go, we were more than welcome to hunt there. I was excited since this would be my first time hunting and my dad was going to let me use my aunt’s old rifle. She was short and the butt of the stock had been cut so she could shoulder it. I had shot it before. And I could shoot it quite well. It was a Winchester model 54 and chambered in a 30-06 caliber. My dad was using a ruger chambered in a 7mm Magnum. We got up early that morning.

It was November and cold. We left our house early because dad wanted to get out and get settled in before it got to light out and things had time to get quiet. We got out to the property, found the barbed wire gate and dad got out opened the gate and drove the truck in and closed the gate behind us. There was what we called a two track road that we could drive on. It had grass in the middle of it and we drove a ways in and found a place where we could get the truck off so the man if need be could get by if he chose to come out. Vermont is mountainous and rocky and lots of ridges and ravines. We got out threw on some warm insulated hunting clothes on and loaded up and started walking up and over ridges. Dad as we walked said that the highest ridge would give us the best advantage to see. By the time we reached the ledge of the highest ridge daylight was breaking. Dad pointed out a huge sugar maple that would be good to sit up against and I made my way to it. Dad said that he would go down farther on the ledge and still be within eye sight if I needed him. I cleared the leaves where i was going to sit at up against the trunk of the tree so if I needed to move , I could without any noise. The mountain was still behind me and it was steep so I was expecting deer to feed among the ridges and ravines for acorns. I bunched my knee’s up against my chest so I could use them as a steady rest. It wasn’t long and I could hear something coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. 4 does came full tilt running and ran down the ledge I was sitting on and they never stopped.

They ran through some spruce tree’s and was out of sight. It wasn’t long and something else was coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. Now Wes, I noticed just from feeling the ground with the steps it was taking that this wasn’t deer. I literally froze , and didn’t move a muscle. Whatever it was , was behind the tree I was leaning against. From this point on. Things went into very slow motion. I heard what sounded like a nut hatch bird sounded like on the side of the tree. I heard dirt or bark hitting on my left shoulder. Moving my head extremely slow a looking up and over my left shoulder was a HUGE and dirty hand. This hand had enormous fingers. If I was to compare the size of the diameter of the fingers I would have to say that they were as big around as the packaged eckrich sausage is that you see in the grocery store meat coolers. They were extremely dirty and a dark grayish black in color hair on top of the back of the hand that wasn’t really thick hair because you could still see the skin. From where my head was I’d have to say that the hand was every bit of 5ft above me. I seen breath as it was breathing as it plumed out from behind me. I literally lost all bodily functions. I soiled my pants as well as wet myself. It emitted a very low but vibrating growl. I don’t know if you have ever heard alligators during the breeding season where they do a low growl and the water literally vibrates off there backs in the water. But it was very similar. I could feel it inside myself. It then took off down the ledge where the deer went. It moved with such a speed that you cannot comprehend. The hair looked black at the base and where it was longer it looked almost a deep brownish red. It was every bit of 9ft tall and the shoulder width was massive. Probably 4 and a half to maybe 5ft .the hair on the back where the shoulder blades are located looked longer in length. And it had mud matted in the hair wherever it had been sitting. I never at one time thought about the rifle that I had in my hands. After it took off my Dad came running over to me and asked me if I was ok. He said that he would have shot it but was literally afraid that if he did then it would have probably killed me. We cautiously made our way back to the truck. Which wasn’t easy with the way my pants was.

I vomited before I got into the truck and we left. We got to the gate opened it and closed it and never returned to the location. I was shaking violently on our way home. We pulled into the driveway and dad shut the truck off and told me. Don’t you ever talk about what had just happened. We would be ridiculed in town and school for me. This happened in 1979. I just told my wife whom I’ve been married to for 26 years. This encounter has given me a paranoia every time I’m around woods or I’m outside in the dark.”





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  1. Mark R

    I would have been here sooner but I was listening to a first pressing of Wynn Stewart’s 1968 album Love’s Gonna Happen To Me that I just got. If you like the Bakersfield Sound, honky-tonk or traditional country, give Stewart a try. Great voice. Think Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakum…he influenced them all.

    I hope you’re totally on the mend, Wes. Thanks!

  2. Jesse K

    Thanks Tim for sharing your encounters. Wes, glad your back and getting better, I have been down almost two weeks with Covid but I am much better now too along with my wife.. Have a Great Weekend!!!

  3. Joey S

    Dang bout time Wes I’ve been going through withdrawal’s bad dude! ???????????? 2 week’s without a new episode is pure hell dude! But seriously I hope your feeling better and over the rona virus BE WELL

  4. Melissa P

    Hey Wes, how are you feeling.?
    I hope you didn’t come back too soon because you felt badly about no recent shows. Speaking for me and probably a lot of your fans, we would wait a very long time for you to get back. You are most certainly worth the wait. So please take care of yourself.

  5. Keith M

    Hi Wes, sorry to hear that you were feeling under the weather . I’m glad that you’re feeling better, thanks for being a trooper and getting a show out. Don’t push it too hard and try to take it easy. I can listen to old episodes for another week, they’re great too! Stay well.

  6. Linda B

    Wes, so glad you are doing better. My Steve lost 20 lbs in ten days with that nasty stuff. Many of us were praying for you. We love and need our Wes. One of the members calls you Wessy Poo. Kind of want to tease you with that. Rest up my friend. Cant wait to listen.

  7. theresa m

    Wes, Tim … great show! Waiting for the blizzard hitting us here on the east coast. Just started snowing. Wanted to hear this before a possible power outage. Wes, so glad you are feeling better. Watch your energy level. Tim, thank you very much for sharing your sasquatch experiences and your paranormal experiences, as well. I can appreciate that you shared some of these with your dad and mom. It’s always better I think to have others to process this with. Good health to you, Wes. Tim, you are not alone in this.

  8. NHSquatcher

    for some reason my post didn’t finish posting. I am in Boston right now and the blizzard has started with tiny little fakes and the wind blowing if you’re afraid of losing power just download the episode to hear it off-line

  9. Miss Kendall S

    I believe we did go thru withdraws lol, at least I know I did.. I’m so glad you’re doing better Wes but you still need to take it easy for a few more weeks. It will take you a good month before You start feeling like yourself again, you will though.
    Also thank you Wes for doing a show and thank you too Tim it was a great show ..

  10. Jay Carlsen

    I was surveying in the Oilfield when we were working just outside of Camp Grayling , which is just a little ways from Kalkaska Michigan.
    And this Large Job we were doing was just down the Road from that Gas Station – Hardware – Laundry Mat – General Store in Mores Town. And we would “Sneak” over there when the Boss wasn’t looking for an Extra Store Stop. I recall the Gas Station because it has old Pictures from the 1920’s of Blueberry Pickers hanging on the walls.
    Now that Job was in an Area where the Amy does Mock Battles. And when we were there laying the Job out – the Military were holding one of their Mock Battles between 2 opposing Forces. And all the men were waring the Laser Harness , and they all had a little Attachment in the front of the Barrel which I assumed was where the Lasers came from ? And the Rifles were firing Blanks
    When the Soldiers were “Hit” the Harnesses would Beep , Signaling that the Target was out. And we would see each Team parade their Victims around. The Ones who had been Captured . But other than that , We didn’t really see anyone ?
    Towards the end of the Job, I recall being done Compassing the ‘line’ I was on , when We walked out to the Pavement to get Picked Up by the Guys who were helping us Survey……. They apologized being late. Because 4 Men walked out of the Woods on to the Main Road and they held up a Hand to stop the Jeep from picking us up – And 2 of the Soldiers had Their Weapons pointed at the Jeep ?!?
    And They made the Jeep stop , and they were all in Distress ; because someone in their Group was just Stung by a Bee !
    And they wanted to know if we had a Phone in the Work Truck ? So They could call a Ambulance just in case their Friend just happened to be allergic to Bee Stings ? These Soldiers were Frantic ! So the Guys I was working with let the Soldiers borrow the Car Phone that was in the Jeep. Which was when it was found that they had contacted 911 earlier , That the Ambulance was on it’s way. And it should be there soon.
    And we all said that we were in trouble now. Since these Soldiers were afraid of Bee Stings ? But since I have learned that the Sasquatch People live around these Military Bases ? But now I wonder if they had seen a Sasquatch ? As it was emphasized that they were in a PANICED State.
    Yet another Great Episode ! Thanx for all you do.

    • Charles R

      Yes Jay, Camp Grayling where the various National Guards in the Midwest come to train, especially in the summer. We often saw these caravans of military trucks, jeeps, etc going up the I-75 or the I-127. This was also an Army base that trained with artillery. I am certain that those military trucks came from Camp Grayling. Only question is were they paramilitary type soldiers that react to these sasquatch situations that may occur from time to time in Northern, Michigan. Or were they ordinary National guard sent out to take a body. On the 3rd Thursday of July, 1995 members of our softball team were heading north for a tournament in Curtis of the Upper Peninsula. I was with my friend since childhood ( still is ) Rick. He was driving his pick up, I was passenger. Suddenly metal noise came from his truck bed of metal cans moving and hitting each other. I immediately turned around and one foot away was a fuzzy orb, the size of a large grapefruit. Only thing separating us was the back window. I starred at it and said Rick turn around, you will not believe this. As he was turning the orb shot straight up at instantaneous speed out of sight in less than a second. At that time we were adjacent to Camp Grayling.

  11. Josephine L

    Great intro Wes! It made me smile…you sound good. Welcome back & I hope you’re feeling better. Take care of yourself, it’s easy to overwork. Just getting started to listen to this episode. Thank you to your guest❣ Have a restful weekend everyone, go football ???? lol❣

  12. Dovie D

    Thankful you are feeling better but I can hear in your voice congestion. Hope you recover 100 percent. Scary stuff. I have talked to many who have had loved ones who died as a result of this disease. Thank you for another great show. Stay well.

  13. Doug K

    Hey Wes…..welcome back !!! Hope you are soon feeling 100 percent. Thanks for taking time to download this awesome encounter. I always love the Star Wars intros. YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  14. Paula B

    Wes – so glad you are feeling better. This plague really sucks! Hope you don’t have “covid brain” like I do. The fatigue is no joke either. Prayers for your continued recovery. Hang in there! Thanks for the new show. Everyone – stay well ????????????????

  15. Bob V


    Must have had covid at same time. I’ve had pneumonia four times in my life once close to being hospitalized; covid felt the same. I didn’t have the fever. What I hated the most was five straight days and nights with a constant dry cough. What sucked was wanting to sleep but could only sleep an hour here or a couple hours there. The other annoyance was the body aches and the desire to do NOTHING; so tired of watching TV. Hoping to go back to work on Wednesday.

    Convinced the Medical community doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing. IS IT ABOUT MEDICAL SCIENCE OR POLITICAL SCIENCE? I think everyone of us should ask THAT QUESTION.

    Wes I’m glad you are feeling better. HERD IMMUNITIY IS AWESOME.


  16. richard r

    great show and glad your ok Wes. heard there was a new variant of this Covid going around again, wonder sometimes if this was in the bible and is one of the plague’s and this is only the beginning. makes me wonder.

  17. Madelyn H

    I know Wes never mentions anything religious because people blow a gasket and or are offended, but I would be really interested if in any of theses Sasquatch encounters or paranormal stuff, anyone has prayed or mentioned Jesus and if it has or hasn’t worked. I am just extremely curious. I wish Wes would tell those of us who care to hear about it.

  18. major m

    Thanks Tim, and glad you’re doing better Wes. Regarding the possibility that there is an effort by gov’t to exterminate tribes of BF…Welp it wouldn’t the first time people within our gov’t had such programs. If BF are as intelligent as we give them credit, we would have to consider them as a “people.” People have the rights to life (supposedly) If they are accepted as real by mainstream, we would have to make a lot of room for the new tribe of people to develop naturally. Imagine how hard it would be to legislate BF to say within the boundaries of their “reservation.” Would all forested lands become BF habitats? If there is an effort to kill them by some wing of the gov’t, its being done to aid the BF species into extinction so they won’t be a problem for business.

  19. Tim W

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. It means more than you will ever know.
    so to answer some questions. As far as knowing the growl sounding like a alligator? We actually seen and heard it on tv one evening. Its the closest thing to it that I have heard to compare it too.
    I never thought about camp Grayling in Michigan. So your probably spot on correct.
    As far as remembering details? something like this will forever change your life. Not to mention all the nightmares and things that trigger my memory of the encounters. Its been hard to deal with the paranoia of being in certain circumstances that you get in throughout life. You never will forget.
    I was getting cold feet about coming on and sharing my encounters and experiences with the paranormal. Wes I think knew it and really made it possible. Wes is very humble and never judges anyone and makes it about what you remember and know. If anyone has any more questions. please post them here. I’ll answer them as best as I can. Thank you all for your support.

  20. marsha l

    Best opening ever!! Wow so glad you sound like you are gonna be just fine ???????????????? Was hoping to bump into you when I was up north this past weekend for Squatch Fest ???????? Big hugs and great to log on here and hear your voice sounding healthy & strong ????✨

  21. Jody N

    My grandfather is from Kalkaska, he wouldn’t come right out and say bigfoot, but looking back I am confident that’s what he was talking about when he wouldn’t let us play back in the woods or sleep with the windows open.

  22. Tim N

    Wes great show and hope you are feeling better. To Tim I guarantee at the age of 58 I would pee myself seeing one of those. you did a great job of telling your encounter.

  23. Mark B

    This episode is fantastic Wes. Tim was incredibly sincere and still shaken by what happened to him and his dad. What a crap eating encounter. Thanks so much for what you do. I’m sharing this everywhere.

    Kind regards


  24. Janice K

    That man’s story was the most terrifying experience I’ve heard yet. To be so young and see that, have it behind him then run past him. Wow. I thank him for sharing that and I hope doing so helps him to heal.

  25. L S

    Insane. The best Hollywood horror movie worthy account that only genius could make up. I feel for “Tim.” He sounds traumatized to this day. Hope he can take some comfort.

  26. Bryan G

    Chestnut seems to be a common color in Vermont. That must of been such an intense moment having that giant behind you tasting and smelling the air. crazy he didn’t know you were there but he must of smelt you

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