Jan 28

Dr. Grover Krantz at the Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch Forum

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Much appreciation goes out to Larry Lund for allowing these conference videos and related footage to be made public here. Thanks also to Gene Robinson for shipping the boxes full of VHS tapes to me. Thanks so much gentlemen!

This upload is part 1 (of 3) of tape 3 of the Harrison Hot Springs May 28/29, 1994 Sasquatch Daze Sasquatch Forum. In this part the audience full of luminaries of Sasquatch research is seen mingling with one another and various other members of the audience after Robert Milner gives a short talk. That part was actually from the day before (May 28). On May 29, and around the 10 minute mark, Dr. Grover Krantz begins his talk. I hope that you enjoy this video.”

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