Jan 16

SC EP:823 The Hypnotic Eyes

I will be speaking to Will and he had an encounter while hunting in Alabama. Many years later Will was hiking with his family in TN. Will said “When me and this creature locked eyes I felt like I could not move.

We will also be speaking to Emily and George. Emily writes “I believe I had an encounter. I was camping in a van in the Mark Twain national Forrest last month while hunting with my boyfriend and friend. My friend got there late the first night, when my dog started barking I woke up and saw one shadow at the each end of the cars. My boyfriend saw it take huge steps away. We assumed it was his just another friend who tagged along, but no one came with my friend. The next night we had our a pumpkin outside of the van we were sleeping in. When we woke up the next morning the pumpkin was moved (no scratched or marks and out right side up) about 10 feet away. In the middle of the night, my boyfriend woke up to my dog and my friends dog barking and panting like crazy. Then, he heard the sound of a finger nail tapping on the window. There were no tree branches that could have touched our windows because we were in an open field. We also noticed later that day three huge handprints on the back window and side window where my boyfriend had heard the tapping and where the dogs were barking and looking at. We really just want to know we aren’t crazy and just talk to someone who actually believes us! I have also attached a picture of the handprints. They were way bigger than all of ours. Thank you for your time!”







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137 Responses to “SC EP:823 The Hypnotic Eyes”

  1. Linda B

    Hubby went to bed so had to put the game on hold until tomorrow and enjoy some good squatch time. Go Chiefs! Take care of your shoulder brother Wes. Hubby fell down the stairs twice last week and he’s feeling it for you and himself in the shoulder department. The man is still falling for me after 37 yrs. Whoop whoop. Call me, Wes. 🙂

  2. jeff m

    I would have like more details from Will’s encounters. The experience of being mesmerized is facinating and I’ve heard a few others that had similar meetings. It makes me wonder if the creature was trying to share with him, communicate or control his actions. Perhaps this is a defense mechanism they have to avoid conflict and move off to safety. Maybe it’s a flaw in ourselves during high stress events that our systems just can’t react to and we just lock up. Another take away is and other’s seem to have this as well after such experiences that they’re more in tune to when these creatures are in the area and interactions seem to follow. After this experience does Will maybe have the ability to share with other people mentally like the creature did with him ? Does such an experience turn on a latent ability of ours through such interactions ? It’s no wonder why the government and military continue to hide these creatures from us when you consider their abilities and how they could be weaponized.

  3. Quintin B

    Hey all this goes out to everyone but there is a guy in my neck of the woods named Mike who runs Sasquatch Ontario, he has some truly amazing vocalizations he has captured and would make for a very good guest on the show. Meantime anyone reading this check out the vocalizations they will truly give you chills and maybe help someone with what they too have heard.

  4. Linda B

    Wes, I really appreciate your asking Will to share his story. I don’t know if Will can read the members’ comments but I want to encourage him. He is a nice young man apparently suffering from ptsd. I think the mind speak thing is a type of spiritual encounter. The devil tries to tempt us to do things by planting ideas supernaturally . Jesus experienced that and told the devil to get behind him. If demonds can talk to us, how much do they know about us? They bring fear and intimidation too. If they are part human, part animal, that’s pretty much an abomination and evil, and since humans have a spirit I think these things can have an evil spirit inside. The animal part of them could tear us apart. The human side might have some kindness or humanity in them if that side is dominate or wars with the bad side of them, so then that would explain why sometimes people are rescued and helped by them.
    Emily and George were so fun to listen to! Pretty creepy experience for sure. Mark Twain Forest is on my travel list. Great show Wes!

  5. Jay Carlsen

    If these Things can Speak inside your Head ? Then there is no telling what They are able to do.

    …… I believe these Things can turn ON that ” Time to GO Felling ” at will. But what do I know ?

  6. Robert J

    The first guy is clearly not being truthful, if you come face to face with a creature like this you will definitely be able to describe the face in detail, all he did was avoid the question by misdirection. People who claim to have 3 encounters definitely raises red flags.

  7. Matthew J

    Wow Will, that’s an amazing encounter that really got me thinking. From your description, It seemed like you were ‘mind shared’ by the creature. Seeing yourself through his eyes. Glad it had no intention of going after you or your family.

    It sure seems like these things are a human-ape blend. The best DNA study we have to date confirms that. The appearance and behaviors are consistent with man-ape. The monkey wrench is tossed in when some of them seem to have unnatural abilities. How tall was the one behind the log?

    I’m not a psychologist but I’d guess you are dealing with PTSD. Finding a professional that would be fair and honest about your encounter may be a challenge. Treatment for PTSD does vary from person to person. I’m glad you came onto this show. That is a step in the right direction. Walk away from any dimwits that deny what you saw. I’ve never met a person who denied that bigfoot exists and have actually put time into researching the topic.

  8. Will B

    I understand some people aren’t going to believe me but it happened and trust me there are a lot of times I wish it didn’t but it did and it Changed me. I’m not the same person I was before it happened and I will never be

    • Melissa K

      I believe you, Will.
      I had a similar thing happen to me. When I talk of my first sighting I get nervous and talk fast but, the second sighting I was only 20 feet from one and we were looking eye to eye. I didn’t even tell anyone for over a year and I actually am unable to physically get the words out.
      Those who have not had such an experience just do not get it.

    • James M

      Will B. My own family didn’t believe me. That hurts. Myself, I could care less if a bunch of strangers on a website believed it or not. After my first experience I swore I would never call another person a liar ever again. Some people still wouldn’t believe if one of these damn things came up behind them and put its “big foot” up their backside. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • John A

      Will. Often there is dissociation after such an encounter – people react differently to stresses and trauma – it may take a long time to process such events. I wish you well.

  9. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and to your guests, appreciate your shares. Stay Safe. Wes, I hope your arm is mending well and you got some well needed rest around the holidays. Enjoyed listening to the Sunday night show this morning with a snow storm/rain storm here in NH.

  10. Leann G

    I didn’t hear anything untruthful in Will’s encounter. I have a nervous laugh also and it doesn’t reflect dishonesty. A liar coming on a interview may have the script worked out but a nervous person might not reveal enough.
    Sounds like he just frequents rural areas prone to activity , and maybe he doesn’t remember the fine details after the effect of the 3rd encounter.
    Thanks to the guests for coming on !
    Thanks Wes!

  11. Alex M

    Very interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing. I know he’s highly controversial, but Todd Standing recently described a very similar experience in this video around the 13:45 mark where he’s discussing lying in a tent in the middle of the night when he starts to see from outside the tent an approach towards the tent he’s sleeping in and feel a curiosity that wasn’t his own, etc. He speaks at length about his belief that these creatures have tapped into their ESP abilities in ways we’ve only ever been able to stumble across accidentally, etc. Who knows? Whatever your feelings about him, it’s interesting: https://youtu.be/ejbEX_eiqC0

  12. John D

    The New World Order, colluding with the United Nations and other government entities, is planning to depopulate the Earth through various measures, and eventually drive remaining humans into “Smart” cities, where “You will own nothing, rent everything, and like it” according to the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab. Forested

  13. Stacey C

    Wes, how tall are you?? No I’m not a stalker lol… I seen you on TV and you looked short, saw a video of you and Duke you looked much taller. Just curious. Also will you pls answer this question for me, is YouTube Sasquatch chronicles yours or is it a stolen channel??!!!! Thank you so much love your channel ❣️❣️

    • NHSquatcher

      To the person who is asking about the YouTube channel: a while back there were about two dozen channels that were stealing Wes‘s stuff and they were naming it with other peoples names like David Paulides etc. I did a search and I sent Wes the whole list. He does have an official channel but now Les Stroud is posting his stuff but that’s not Wes’s channel.

  14. Jennifer H

    This is by far one of my absolute favorite episodes EVER! I have listened to every single episode , members and public over the years and it was absolutely fascinating Wes! Thankyou for all of your extremely hard work and for posting such amazing accounts. also thank you for fixing the app issues.

  15. Meesha F

    yeah I don’t think those are human hands lol I just got my van and will start the conversion very soon so hopefully I can visit this National Park before or after deer season next year

  16. Jennifer J

    The first caller should read the Sasquatch book named “Enoch”….it’s very enlightening and may help shed some light on the out of body experience and feeling it’s feelings ♥️ You empathized with it, or it, you, telepathically maybe?

    • NHSquatcher

      There’s a blog post with a video for the 23rd which is today but there’s no show for Friday night and no comment except the people in the video are talking about Bigfoot. And I still can’t get my avatar to show!

  17. Linda B

    I’m so thankful you guys are on here and NHSquatcher for relaying that Wes needs prayer. He’s sure got it. If you,hadn’t posted that we’d be in the dark. I was thinking the men in black had our friend (and still in need of prayer). God bless. If anything hears anything, please comment on this episode, some of us, unfortunately, are not very techy to catch other venues. Thanks.

  18. Joe G

    Ever since I have become a paying member it seems that the amount of content is slowly dwindling down. Bigfoot must have heard about the show and has been keeping a low profile. ????????

  19. Antonio C

    Hope you’re healing up Wes. Health is everything in life. Been listening to your podcast since episode 30’s something. Crazy how far you’ve come. Your episodes definitely got me through tough days. Get well soon as and no rush on production. Your health is all that matters.

  20. Evelyn L

    We have several family members and friends who have had “the virus” and have recovered well. Most, but not all, were under 40. All flu is miserable. This new virus seems to effect various people differently. Well wishes to Wes and anyone else who is laid up with it. Best time in the world to lay around and rest up.

  21. David S

    Sorry to hear this Wes. I hadn’t seen any episodes for a while and figured something was up. Hope you’re feeling better soon and that you don’t have any of the long term issues. I have a friend who lost her sense of taste for a couple of months. Brutal. For the folks who are upset about the lack of content, keep in mind this is a really small operation and you’re supporting to keep it going with your membership. Health issues happen and it’s not like the CBS Evening News where they can just pull in another anchor to present the work of dozens of behind the scenes team members.

  22. Connie O

    Wes, it really makes me sad to read some of these people complaining about the lack of new episodes. I read on your new app that you have Covid and are very sick. Don’t let the complainers get you down. There are plenty of other comments from people who are concerned about you and not the episodes. Like Mr. Rogers, used to say, “it’s you I like, you, it’s you I like”. While the episodes are great, the bottom line is they would be nothing without you. You are what matters. Your health is what matters. Just concentrate on taking care of yourself. You are in my prayers. ❤️

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