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    • Rob S

      Wow surprised to in the first few comments. Just got that vibe there may have been an upload. Android user, sasquatchchroniclesapp not available on google play Australia. Happy new year everyone, mine was last night!

  1. Jess M

    they just came out with a 50. cal desert eagle fully auto. as soon as they make drum mags dog man is done. But i have seen Forrest rangers equipped with safari calibre guns .

  2. Linda B

    I saw a dogman on all fours, I know my sister in law saw one on all fours in a field. Yep, it’s a dogman. Funny to me though is without a foot form description, 21 x 11 foot size, x formations, dead silence, pacing out, sounds to me like sasquatch and dogmen have the same effect on the woods/ leave simular sign, but the growl bark is mostly off. Glad I was in my car. The more I think about it, the more I realize my husband’s truck would not have been hit by a mountain lion getting inside in the truck. Bizarre stuff. It was physical but the look on its face was beyond animal, it was a knowing intelligent look on that animals face. I don’t go out at night much. Liventhe show, Wes. Thanks!

    • Oly W

      Happy new year, Linda. Thanks for sharing. I know exactly what you mean about the human-expression. I’ve seen that. ‘It’ was a ‘she,’ an old lady. She had cataracts; I could see the little golden band that forms around the pupil in advanced stages. It took a moment for her to focus but when she finally did, that eyeball popped wide-open in surprise & then this heavy brow came All The Way Down! No doubt in my mind that this animal had scowled at me just like Clint Eastwood! Too dark to see what it was, there was just this big ol’ eyeball looking up at me from the bottom of a drainage-ditch, glowing as if it had a lit candle inside of its skull. What a world, huh?
      Best wishes to you & thanks again.

  3. Robert S

    Can’t get logged into the app. I can still access the regular way with my ID and password, but it doesn’t recognize it when u try to login the other way. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  4. Deb B

    Wow. Carla’s encounter is exactly why I started listening. My daughter and I decided we would like to start camping which prompted me to google how to deal with wild animals coming into camp at night. Your podcast came up along with other results. We live in east Texas and I was shocked we have these things here. This has really made me rethink how remote I would be comfortable camping. I would hope though being armed with some knowledge these encounters provide I could keep some shred of wits about me if we ever ran into a situation with these creatures.

    • Jay Carlsen

      These Things react to the Thought of Jesus who is the Christ. And Yes , I have made that ” Time To GO ” Feeling go away by saying the Lord’s Prayer in my Head. And I didn’t even believe in Jesus at the Time. I remembered it from Sunday School !
      I will not go into the Woods armed. ( Because some how They know ) I go with that little bit of Knowledge – and I have no Fear.
      If I only knew that when I seen that 10 foot Tall Gorilla that one day ? There would have been a different Ending to my Encounter
      ( Episode 801 )

  5. Kelly S

    That was the fastest two hours ever!
    I’d definitely listen to a four hour podcast from you! ????
    Thank you, Wes!

    I wish you, ALL, in this New Year:
    ???? 2022 ????

    12 Months of Happiness!
    52 Weeks of Fun!
    365 Days of Success!
    8,760 Hours of Good Health!
    52,600 Minutes of Good Luck!
    3,153,600 Seconds of Joy!

  6. Antony H

    Happy New Year Wes. Thank you for another year of great shows. Appreciate the hardwork and dedication to keep them coming week after week.. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate but I am having the same problem in England with the app not showing for android in playstore guessing its best you know asap.


  7. Bob B

    Happy New Year Wes….I’m back in Albion Idaho elk hunting…still hearing lots of locals telling about their Sasquatch encounters….small world we live in!


    • Karen H

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  8. Brian R

    2 app issues i see.
    1) shows can be pinned but not unpinned. Am i missing something?
    2) when app is minimized and then i attempt to return to app as it is playing I get the log on screen. I attempt logon and says logon failed. I can’t access the app at that point yet it still plays. Must stop playback and close all and restart and relog.
    S8 Android.
    Got some bugs still but cool man. Keep refining…you’ll get there…but had to go back to website for this episode.
    Carry on.

    • Brian R

      3) if im in settings and hit home icon…all is good. But if i hit back button on my android while in settings it exits the app and i must re-enter. It should return to previous screen. Again, small things…but wanted you aware. Feedback.
      Carry on. Thanks.

  9. Brian R

    Uninstalled and reinstalled app. Logon issue seems to be resolved as well. Will let you all know if changes.
    Only android back button exiting app while in settings remains. Small matter. Cheers again.

  10. Ben A

    Wes, thank you for the show. It was great. But this is the first time I really felt someone was lying to you. The first account, seemed, off. Everything happened to her that’s ever happened. Idk. Just me

  11. Erin D

    Were those real recordings of (what was thought to be) dogman or was that the way in which they best describe what they heard? It could have been (l know…. Cliche…..) a bear roaring. (Or a recording of a lion or a sea lion? )
    If those are real, that’s incredibly terrifying but… maybe he lived near Sasquatch and thats why there were signs of both? Ugh, l can’t believe that lm actually believing this. So scary.

  12. Stephen W

    Thanks Wes for the show it was great.Hope that shoulder is getting better.I have followed you for 10 years I believe, yep since 2012…been a member for 3years I think.My family is gone so I have adopted this community as my new family.Gods speed to you Wes Germer and family.

  13. Karen H

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  14. Melinda J

    The best to you Wes in the New Year. And to all the SC family let’s all make 2022 a safer kinder and peaceful year. With this pandemic we have lost so many loved ones we just never know. Happy New Year everyone. ✌

  15. Elaine L

    Happy New Year Wes and family, Thanks for coming in for this show it was 3 of my faves for sure. I’ve been wanting to ask you and I’m sure you’re very busy so I don’t want to bother you but I’m trying to find out who the Violin/Fiddle/Guitar group is that recorded the segment ending song It’s an awesome version of ‘Auld Lang Syne. I’ve gone on Spotify, Shazam’ and some description searches but all to no avail.. I hope to hear from you with the song group. Thanks so much. Elaine

  16. STEVE W

    I was thinking Dogman before it was revealed in the intro, Many similarities but there are differences, I have listened to thousands of stories, Sasquatch and Dogman , Its completely ignorant to seek out any cryptid , Something keeps these beings from ripping us apart, And its not fear of man and being hunted, A guy on Youtube named Dark Water has researched Dogman for years and has produced maps and common traits among dogmen , Dark just combined a data drop of what he claims is all of his research, Its called Dogman 101
    The reason he dropped it might surprise you, There is a spiritual side to both, Just in my short time of listening to stories its very apparent you do not want to threaten either one and you do not want to seek them out, It also appears a Standing X is a warning, So use your sixth and stay out after dark, If the woods go silent, Leave right then, One of the differences between Sasquatch and dogman is you do not hear stories of orbs related to Dogman, The most terrifying encounter of Dogman are in swamps, Dogman encounters happen more than people think

  17. Shannon S

    mo.. is who he is and I saw the foot prints…. like the old man sead..nobody runs your life.. the Lone Star trail It’s something to see I saw my footprints.. We only have so much money to invest.. Is in life..

  18. m99

    Hey Wes,

    So glad you took some time for yourself and family, as well, your shoulder. I hope it is all healed up now. Anyway Thank You for everything you do. My husband now asks me when is the next SC program coming up? Your podcast has changed our lives and outlook on many things. Thank you Wes.

    _definitely sounded ^ like Dogman. I tend to think they are both physical, and spiritual. If you consider other spiritual things, like angels, they can manifest and become flesh and blood in this realm too. People have encountered physical demons (or aka_ devils), too. I also consider it may be a dimensional thing. The creatures may have to cloak before going into that plane, or alternate dimension. I have heard physicists say there may be as many as eleven dimensions.

    Those pictures I took in the Cascades mountains a couple years ago, show several (at the very least) dogman looking creatures. One looks as though it’s cloaking, or perhaps physically manifesting but stopped. As I took those pictures, I moved to the right and snapped another picture, in a long series.

    Months later when observing the pictures, I noticed a couple creatures changing position, slightly. One even showed malice in it’s eyes and facial expression (pareidolia doesn’t change expressions or demeanor) then again, the next picture slightly changed in it’s expression. I can easily see one that is hiding it’s face behind a branch. It is sitting on the hill by the mountain access road. That one is very hairy and looks fluffy on it’s arm and back. I did move, but ever so slightly, through the series of snaps. I had a scary and weird feeling but didn’t hear a thing. As we unloaded upon arrival, I recall asking him if he had a weird feeling? He said no, just trying to get set up. I know the creatures were watching us, and can tell you they were authentic. I don’t really care if this explanation sounds unreasonable, and I’m not trying to prove anything.

  19. Michael J

    Hi Wes happy new year,

    It’s hard got me to understand in a way that dog man to you sounds more of a Spiritual creature or a miss identified Sasquatch. I would think that with all the encounters out there with it, it would be more believable or identifiable as a separate species of some kind then a demon of some kind. I personally haven’t seen one but have ran into some kind of pair of wolfs at one point moving Unnaturally fast threw the woods of which I retreated before Witnessing them fortunately., but heard them howling.

  20. theresa m

    Wes, I’d sit for hours listening to your guests. Knitting and sipping a beverage is how I like to Sasquatch Chronicle! Wishing you and all of your listeners a wonderfu New Year. We are headed for some harder times I fear and I think being kinder and more thoughtful is the way to go. Cheers Everyone!

  21. Kelly S

    You’re welcome, Annette H.! Thank you! ????
    Wes – I finally realized how is DOES work like a playlist – episode after episode! Love the app!!! (Still can’t post my profile picture – if anyone can help? Android – upload from gallery.)

  22. Matthew J

    Yes!!! Number #106 ! I have a lot of time to watch videos and listen to podcast on a variety of subjects. I believe this podcast/sometimes video is among one of the best in the world.

  23. Craig T

    Wow, what rock have I been living under??? Into my 2nd year as a member and don’t recall ANY of these encounters! Thanks Wes, all the best to you and yours in the new year!

  24. Timothy S

    Wes. This has to be the greatest best of Sasquatch Chronicles yet! Every story was riveting!
    Can’t wait for the new episodes to start. Happy New Year Wes. Take care and keep up the great work!????

  25. Charles R

    Great encounters every one. Thanks for the new year present Wes. John in Oregon has been a favorite, just the whole interaction going on and then seeing a gigantic one of maybe 11 or 12 feet. The nights leading up to the encounter where the house slapping took place may have been the child. It makes me think- is this a game played by their young? It is often described and not seen. I just love Delilah’s story in that Appalachain accent and demeanor. What a fantastic event to witness where the female just steps out and seems to argue with the huge male. Not the first one I have heard about. And of course the great recording that Ron Morehead and Alan Berry got in the Sierras, that you have played for witnesses, who say – yes that is what I was hearing. This was the first time I listened to John in Ontario and it was another remarkable encounter. He got to witness what I think is an adolescent one, being of slim build and less than 6.5 feet, put on an amazing display of athletic running and diving. In my mind, I am picturing that recent video and guest Pastor Kip Brockway from Royse City, TX, who captured what I think is a Sasquatch on his camera phone, as it blast across the open field to the fence, then over, and blazing away again to tree cover. I have heard of that dive movement John describes. In fact an old friend saw one do this back in late June of 2015 by the Stillwater River, just north of the town of Ludlow Falls, OH. I went and checked it out and there is no way any human was going to dive into that tangle brush that he witnessed.
    Thanks again and heres to a great 2022 and hopefully the end of this pandemic.

  26. Nerida H

    Best Wishes from New Zealand. This oldy has NO idea what an app is, so dont try to download or whatever, just glad I can sill hear you on this site, LOVED this episode, LOVE Wes’s voice, so calming, got me thru a breakdown 2 yrs ago, binge listening to all his shows. Bless you Wes.

  27. Paula B

    Happy New Year everyone! Great choices for the Best of show – thank you Wes. Hope holidays were all you hoped.

    As far as the app is concerned…
    I deleted the app, (iPhone user) then reinstalled from App Store and all attempts to loggin have failed, having tried both with user my User ID and password used on SasquatchChronicles.com and my email address and password. No luck. Seems like it is just downloading the old version from the App Store but I could be wrong.
    Hope it’s an easy fix.

      • Paula B

        Wes thanks for your swift response.
        No this all went down today.
        Should’ve got a poweball ticket, because I figured it out ????Found the new version (somehow) and logged in with zero problems with my user id and password.
        It’s a freaking miracle – alert the media ???? this is much more rare than the hairy dude. #oldladyproblems
        Have a wonderful evening! Thanks again for your hard work.

  28. Mary H

    I know this is a Sasquatch podcast…but has anyone here had any what I call “Deer-Man” experiences? I can’t seem to find any others. Let me know please if anyone here has. Thanks!!!

  29. Connie O

    Happy New Year, Wes! Thank you for your kindness. Your podcast is such a success because of who you are. May 2022, be a safe, healthy, blessed year for you and your loved ones! ❤️

  30. Christine M

    I love this compilation. The story of the army vet in Oregon is my favorite. I’ve listened to 2 episodes on another bigfoot podcast where the encounters also felt tired and sleepy.

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