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    • Annalisa H

      I absolutely adored this man!! And you are correct in saying that he was easy to listen to. This one is in my favorite episode yet. Take care Wes. Much love to you and yours.❤️

  1. richard r

    funny i never had any idea or hint of anything like this till i moved to oklahoma from california even though there every where i know but it wasnt till i a few years ago , im 60 now that i had any contact, i mean pounding on the house or freaky stuff happen to me personally. why it took so long i dont know because i wouldnt really be afraid of the dark untill i started listening to sasquatch chronicles. lots of stuff started to come together and when i hearsomething at night like a knock on a tree ,i think “thats a sasquatch for sure dont mess around just take things seriously and be cautious.

  2. Lisa B

    Wow thanks Wes for talking Bill into coming on the show! My hubby was OPFOR at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He’s constantly sneaking up on me, I’ll turn and there he is, never hear him or see him, he just appears! Loved listening to Bill speak about all of his experiences. And thank you for your service Sir! ????????????????????

  3. Chuck C

    Bill – you did a great job! Amazing encounters in those years. We are so grateful you were able to come on and share them with us. Thanks Wes for having him on the show!

  4. andrea b

    I think they are Pukwudgies or small people with lanters , the American Indians have talked about them for centuries, perhaps gnobms or fries with lamps. That’s my theory. John. I didn’t believe in the little people until I saw them. I’ve seen sasquatch before but I want prepared for pukwudgies. And BTW they are trouble makes. I use prayer to keep them away. Nice video. That’s interesting. Maybe the lamps connected to a pole?

  5. theresa m

    Bill, thank you for coming on to share your experiences. I appreciate that so much. Wes, thank you for being able to have Bill on. I hope your week was full of fun, rejuvenating energy and welcome back.

  6. Pete M

    Thank you for coming on Bill. I loved your stories, thank you for your service. I really loved what your dad did. I was the K-9 sergeant at the end of episode 37. I was in west Texas at the time, I live in east Texas now so I’m not that far from you. Thanks once again for sharing.

  7. Eli K

    Thank you Bill. ” They’ say, us humans used to be able to send out these ” orbs of light” back in the day too. Before we got numb, and dumbed down by our government etc. The same reason why babies and toddlers can see ‘ spirits or orbs” that we adults can’t see. Same along the line with chi. People who can create heat or fire with their chii. Some say, we humans used to be a little superhuman back in Adam and eve and Noah’s days. Sasquatch do not have these abilities suppressed by the world so they still can produce these orbs. Apparently they kind of send them out and can visually check things out without having to physically go to the area.

  8. pam

    OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe what I am hearing…. THANK YOU BILL! Listening to him tell about the camping spot I had a flood of pictures hit my mind! I realized there WERE other campsites there! I could see them in my mind!
    I even recalled it WASN’T a pop up trailer! It was dark and I really thought it was. But after hearing him talk about it I remembered seeing a hard gray shape in the dark of a very small trailer thing.
    Although I never hear the creatures speak- I was inside the VW van so I missed all that. I don’t recall the small pup tent being theirs but my brother’s lol. OH MY gosh!

  9. pam

    I wish he and I could talk more! How about the other people who have told Wes they were also there?? I totally now recall there WERE a couple of other campsites and where they were would have been RIGHT in the path those horrid creatures were heading after they threw the rocks at our van and went to ward the road!!!

  10. Gloria H

    Awesome show Wes as usual. Thank you for your hard work. You are number one as far as I’m concerned. As long as you are doing what you do I’ll be right here listening. You bring so much joy to do many people. Keep up the good work and God Bless.
    Gloria aka Jazzlady

    • David L

      As an Okie. I thought this was the Best episode ever. Men were men in those days. I laughed at the thought of your dad, Fightin those hippies. And I understand why he was not going to let himself believe those were bigfoot. I would let myself believe in them for years. If you admit to these things, your no longer the biggest dog in the fight. He knew to win you have to believe you CAN win. I myself applaud him for taking care of his family. Against man or beast.

  11. William C

    Bill, Retired Military as well, and have seen a lot of crazy stuff as well both in ops and in training. Thank you for your service and Happy Holidays….same to u Wes. What a show you have. Congrats on 800 and counting!

  12. Phoenix B

    Holy crap! That is the same kind of light I saw with my cousin Georgie back in 1993. We were walking down the road east ward. Our road is a main road on First Nation territory in Northwestern ONtario Canada. We saw it about 100 metres away, it was bobbing up and down, like a basketball would if you dribbled but it wasn’t touching the ground, was not making any sounds. It also had the feature as if it was bobbing like a ballon in mid-air! what else was strange about it was, it was moving by itself, no one pushing it. It strided along the dirt road, it moved 80 metres ahead of us until it went off onto the side of the road, and went into the bush, part of the side of the road – bush, where we couldn’t follow it. the bush was all twigs, sharp pointy trees with thorns. We just stood there watching this red firey ball go into the dark bush and dim out on its own, it. moved silently – quietly – swiftly in the middle of the night, midnight. I felt scared and yet I was intrigued and in wondered-aww. Like what the heck did we just see? It was dead quiet in the neighbourhood. No dogs barking. Another lights I saw was in 2015. These lights were blue and baseball sized. that is another story. Thx Phx

  13. Rebecca A

    This is my first post ever. I love this site and of course Wes! You HAVE to do another show with Bill!! Sounds like he has many more truths to tell even some from his granddad. Bill, if you read this, you did a great job and I had no trouble understanding you. I would love to hear more. Thank you!

  14. Terry B

    Thank you so much for coming on the show and relating your incredible experiences, You’re a natural and were great to listen to. I could listen to your stories all day! You’ve lived an incredible life and I was pleased to here about some of your adventures. You should come back and tell us some more. I’d love to hear more!! Thanks Again Bill and Wes! (The best podcaster in the business!!)

  15. John S

    I’ve seen ball lightning twice. I don’t think that is what this is.
    once it was following along high tension power lines and the second time it passed through a picture window at my dad’s farm and hit our iron wood stove. when it discarged it left scorch marks in the hard wood floor where the wood stove legs sat.

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