Dec 3

Tonight’s Show: Danger Close

Tonight we will be speaking to Bill. Bill served in the military for 30 years. He will be sharing with us some strange events that happen to him while serving. Bill also relates an incident with his family in 1972.

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  1. Mark R

    Very nice job on A Higher Call. My Uncle Jack served in WW2 in the Navy and then enlisted in the Army and saw active duty in Korea and Vietnam.

    A few years ago my Mom, sister and I were shopping at a grocery store north of Cadillac, Michigan and the VFW had a table set up by the doors leading in and out of the building. I went ahead and gave a donation and the veteran asked if I had any relatives who served. I told him about Uncle Jack and told him that my Mom had just visited him in tha VA hospital in Grand Rapids. As my Mom and sister joined me head out to the car the veteran walked up to my Mom, gave her a poppy and said “Ma’am, it’s my honor to give you this in honor of your brother. God bless.” I can’t wait to play A Higher Call for my Mom.

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