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SC EP:796 The Stand Off

A listener writes “I’m a private person, a 20 year military combat veteran and have only told this story to two other people. My wife and my cousin.”

Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He said “I bought some property in Oregon and wanted to get away from everyone. I was dealing with PTSD. I was staying in a trailer while I was working on building a home on the property. One night I thought people were messing with my equipment. I armed myself and ran out of the trailer. I was face to face with these creatures. I have NEVER seen anything like this.”





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137 Responses to “SC EP:796 The Stand Off”

  1. Darrel B

    One my favorite episodes now. What a story! So glad you were willing to come on and let us relive it with you, thank you “John”. And thank you for what you sacrificed for our freedom.

  2. Daren c

    Wow!!!!! Just WoW man.

    Thank you sir for your Service to our Country and Thank you for deciding to tell us your encounter. Many Thanks at that.

    Best Host on the Planet Best Guests on the planet Best Podcast on the Planet, No doubt in my mind that’s for sure !

  3. Deedee H

    Holy wow! First of all, thank you to the witness for his service for our Country! Secondly, I’m absolutely amazed by his bravery and his quick decision making, that most definitely saved his life. Ive spent a lot of time up at Lost Lake between Hood River and Mt Hood, also on the south side of the mountain- Timothy Lake, and Trillium lake and often wondered about Sasquatch in that area. I believe any area near Mt Hood has a population of them. I use to hike alone up there with my camera, not anymore. Great encounter Wes!!!

  4. David L

    Thank you John, and Wes you are a true professional. I’ve listened to a lot of other podcasts. I know you have heard everything out there about Bigfoot, and you still are able to not overwhelm your guests, and let them tell their thoughts respectfully. I don’t know of anyone else who is able to, or willing to do that. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jeremiah S

    Thanks Wes, John was absolute professional. War sucks and it does change a person. But I’m glad through all that, as a testament to his spirit. He has a heart that beats with the hope for life. Thank You for your service. My sincere gratitude.

  6. Denise F

    You have shared more tonight than you may realize. The description of the one creature putting his or her arm on the others shoulder is fascinating. I was envisioning a parent trying to save their child. This simple act is so ‘humanish’….wow …..thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Renee S

    Ten & a half to 11 feet tall! Whew! Thank you, John, for sharing these important details w/us. I think the male by the truck was at an ambush point, but perhaps only if needed. I think the small one in the hole was trying to be helped out of it when you ran outside. So, the one by the truck was possibly serving as a lookout to begin with, just until the little one was removed from the hole…. Also, thank you for your service. I certainly hope your future becomes less burdened w/many blessings

  8. Lisa B

    Wow what an encounter! Thanks Wes! And thank you John for sharing your encounter. Such amazing detail! I always think the ones with the black skin and black hair are the most dangerous! There’s an evil about them. Seems to me anyway. Glad you are ok and hope you found a different place to live in peace where you can heal from the ptsd. Thank you for your service good sir! God Bless You! 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  9. Stephen W

    I was trying to think of the of the most oppropriate words but lisa b beat me to it.I do hope you find a homestead property without these beasts on it.Good luck and peace to you John you have earned it. God bless you.Thank you Wes for bringing this good man on SC.

  10. Colleen B

    I don’t think I’ve heard such great detail in any other account before! This was an amazing story. Really enjoyed listening to John tell his story. I know the area. Lived in Oregon most of my life but husband and I escaped from there in December and live in North Idaho. Mount Hood is loaded with sightings.

  11. Matthew J

    Thank you for your service, John. I was in the USMC for 4 years when Reagan was President and did not see combat. You did a great job out there and recalled a remarkable amount of details. I know you said you left that morning but I can’t help but wonder if the bangs on the truck would have happened again the following night. I’ll bet that prankster kid got a good ass wupping and would not have come back.

    I find it telling that the land owner never questioned you about what happened. Seems like a good question that he should have asked while he took the property back. How deep was that hole? Was it meant to be where a basement would go? I really hope you take care of yourself and thank you very much for the interview.

  12. Torz C

    Wow 😯..UK listener here….. John, thank you for coming forward to share this incredible encounter. Your incredibly detailed retelling gave such much great info that this will need multiple re-listens. I’m not sure your realise just how much detail you’ve given. Very professional. Thank you, this ranks as my number 2 so far.

  13. Chad W

    A terrifying, yet highly detailed and insightful encounter. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and most of all, thank you for your service to our country.

  14. Laura M

    John’s encounter was incredible. I agree with him that pointing the gun away from the little one saved his life. I also agree that they are their own thing. I don’t think this group were bloodthirsty killers because he would be dead if they were. However, they are not to be trifled with.

  15. Charles R

    Damn straight the one on the left had stealthed around to jump John if it needed to, and yet they all stood and watched, growl reminds me of a dog giving warning, in hopes John would do the right thing, which he did. Talk about tough love, grabbing the child in the pit and flinging it out behind the adult. However I have heard a couple of encounters in which the human child a female would rescue would drag the human kid sometimes back to safety. What a great view and description John was able to ascertain. Yes arms are longer but usually not below the knee and calf area of leg is generally shorter. The legs are shorter in proportion to total body length than the typical human. This may well be an adaptation to the environment they live in. I think their torso is longer as the intestines are much longer in order to digest the uncooked food and hair and bones, etc that is their diet. Maybe someday we will know. I never thought about knees lower to get down on all fours, but Wes this does make sense. I bet it aids in their ability to travel on all fours at an extraordinary rate of speed also. The little one was making woman screaming sound, not this is very interesting. The one I heard Sept 1, 1996 on Bradford Road in Midland County MI could not have been a child as the lung power was just to large, enough to shake the house with a tremendous amount of bass.

    • Carl W

      Given your profile pic, that is a significant statement, Clifford! I think it’s wise to treat these creatures with a healthy respect for self-preservation.

  16. Gavin H

    “John”: Thank you for sharing this important encounter, and thank you for your service to this country. I am so impressed by your account, but my heart aches a bit for what you’ve gone through. God bless, my friend.

    Wes: I’ve listened to all of your episodes, but I don’t really post. Still, I immediately told myself that this is definitely one of the Top 10 encounter episodes only to come on here and see that others have said the same. Thanks to your interview style and reputation, people like John are willing to share their personal encounter stories that otherwise would be lost to time.

    • cynthia j

      Fantastic encounter. The details re these creatures have given us a deeper dimension to their intelligence and possible intentions. Thank you so much for helping us stay safe. Thank you again Wes for your intelligent interview.

  17. Lesley V

    This was a fascinating episode! The guest was actually able to articulate and describe what he saw and experienced. In so many accounts, people can’t seem to put into words what they experienced, John was able to do that. I’m amazed all he was able to notice about everything going on around him. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Ann D

    Thank you Wes.

    John: Amazing detail of perception, intuition & situational awareness as you shared your encounter.
    Appreciate You, Your military service & stepping forward to share it here.

  19. Sean O

    Top 10 episode. As compelling and believable as Tracy, the magazine delivery driver. Outstanding. You were born to do this Wes. There is not a better podcast on the planet.

  20. Darryl H

    A couple of observations that stood out to me.

    First, I don’t think the one of the left, the tallest and behind the truck, was there to ambush John. I was struck that John heard that one moving into position but John then said it left silently. My conclusion is that the tall one wanted to be heard was it approached. Why? Maybe to distract John, maybe to let John know he had more to worry about than the ones in front of him so John didn’t think he could just shoot the ones in front of him to be safe. But that suggests a level of strategy that indicates an intelligence that’s very high, human-like.

    Second, the creatures seemed to both understand what a rifle was, and when it was less dangerous (not aimed directly). That isn’t animal level thinking of “humans bad” and, I think, provides supporting evidence that they have a language. I don’t think gestures alone would account for that info being passed among the creatures. I’ve been of the belief for a while that these creatures and humans have a long history of bad interactions, it has always proved too costly for the creatures, and that they avoid humans and tend to avoid disappearing/killing us because they’ve learned that leads to more of us searching and likely conflict. I think that requires a language and intelligence capable of critical thinking by these creatures.

    Of course, the WOO factor may provide other explanations and negate all of that.

    • Charles R

      I agree with you Darryl H. After all, they have been in close quarters with us for many thousands of years. I have said for a number of years this behavior is either learned or it is instinct, but I lean towards the learned. Every other homo sapiens cousin has become extinct, very possibly by interactions with us. It really makes sense when involved with humans on human property, but it seems to extend even into the Sasquatch territory. When they could easily dispatch a human in their territory, they almost always just move on or chase the human off by a variety of means.

  21. Jeremy S

    This episode literally gave me chills. Him describing those screams? I’ve heard those screams. At the time a friend convinced me it was a bobcat, and back then I wasn’t really a believer in sasquatch, but knowing what I know now? It sounded exactly like a woman getting, and I’m sorry for writing this but it’s just true…. it sounded like a woman getting murder raped. Abso-F’n-lutely blood curdling. Thinking back, we would hear these large rocks (I’m talking small boulder sized) get thrown into the creek behind our house at night. No rock slide. No fish jumping. Just one solid “ker-SLOOOOOONK.”

    Crazy thing about it? Fast a forward a few years later, I’m outside with some friends telling them about the rocks in the creek and the screams, and small rocks get thrown at us from somewhere in the darkness. Fast forward a year after that, and I’m once again telling a different friend about all these encounters with the rocks, he, out loud says, “can you throw a rock now?” ON COMMAND a large rock gets tossed in the creek about 30 yards away. I thought it was spirit activity back then, because we had plenty of that on that road (not to mention UFO stuff too), but looking back? That is bigfoot activity 101.

    • L. Oriana S

      Very interesting, Jeremy. I hope you’ll volunteer to share your experiences proving that these things understand language -or read out thoughts – on the show. Big pieces to the puzzle!

  22. Janetta V

    Thank God you are okay. But what an awful experience, my gosh, now two kinds of PTSD, but don’t give up on life, there really, really are good people out there who genuinely care about you. “I care for one” along with many others you just have not met yet. Ask the Lord to guide you to them. We all need each other to be a witness to our lives. (I know there are some people we have to go around but in general). Now that you have experienced the craziest of things, try and give life a chance, you owe it to yourself. Thank you so much.

  23. John G

    Wes, your talent here at SQ is your interview skill and empathy for the storyteller. Week after week you are getting these people who come on having kept their stories in the closet for years/decades. I believe they come on as John here says: “not the notarity but as a therapeutic exercise.” As they finish their encounter, there is a relief note in their voices. The “Wes”Factor.
    John, thanks for sharing and for your service to our country.

  24. Russell B

    These things are not a branch off of us. We were created by the supreme being God Almighty. They are creatures that were created but they are not part of us as human beings

  25. Mark L

    I wish he would have taken photos of the area and searched closely for tracks. If this story is true, there would definitely be a lot prints, hand prints, etc. in that hole as the dirt would likely be loose.

  26. Cindy S

    Thank you John for your service to our country! I hope you find a wonderful place where you can find peace!
    Amazing & Scary encounter!!Thank you for sharing with us!!
    Excellent show Wes!!!

  27. Jeffrey S

    Absolutely fascinating! Appreciate coming forward. I’m puzzled that the one in the hole needed help to get out. A understand, it was possibly young, but I’d think with the super athleticism we hear about, that it would have ability to jump up out of the hole. But then, some of us are just big babies and maybe we share that Lol!

  28. Joseph R

    I wish every guest were like him, smart,extremely articulate, to the point, outstanding job sir, Thank you for your courage to tell us that story, And most of all thank you for your service, Because of you I am free, Thank you

  29. Robert H

    Thank you John for sharing your encounter, I’m glad that recounting it was therapeutic for you.
    It was fascinating but terrifying, I’d have folded in that situation.
    You’re a true gentleman and, like Wes, I’m impressed at how you handled the situation.
    Best wishes from Yorkshire, UK.

  30. Mary H

    Excellent interview, I felt as if I was living the experience through your guest. I’m sorry his plans to live remotely didn’t work out and it has made me think twice about living off the grid. Thanks Wes

  31. Brian V

    Wes, this is one of the best you have produced to date. Thank You.

    John, I understand where your mind was that night. I got out of the service in 1989 after only a few years. Your words resonate with me, even though your path was different. It took at least 5 years of self-isolating to fit back into society even a little bit. Good people helped me, and it sounds like they helped you too.

    That being said, your training held up and, while it would have seemed easier to just “get it done”, I am glad your discipline and muscle memory pulled you through.

    To this day, I hunt alone and walk the bush alone. I can only hope I would have responded similarly.

    Thank you for your honesty.


    • MONTE M

      Pretty honest and open guest who communicated everything so well, what a great episode. John you spoke so well. My wife suffers severe depression, I can see the effects it has but I don’t have it, so I don’t REALLY know what it feels like inside. I am glad you are here John and we have been given the opportunity to have become a human being. Think about that sentence. The opportunity to have become a human being. Iam glad you came on the show and that it helped you a bit with these encounters. I hope that you choose life. I hope everyone chooses life. I believe life is good. Sometimes it’s not easy. Thanks for sharing and Thanks for your service Sir.

  32. Carl W

    I think John was very wise to get off the property after his encounter. They may have left him alone that night, but I can’t help but think about the “mean streak” Wes has advised these creatures have – especially after a gun is pointed at them or a shot is taken. I think the quote was “they’ll make you pay”. Starting off cohabitation of the same piece of land like that may have left a taste in their mouths of “This human can’t stay here”.

    I’m reminded of an interview I saw once of a very gentle, soft spoken retired forest service worker who detailed some thoughts after a career in the woods and having experienced seeing these creatures. He closed the interview with this: (paraphrasing) “If you see one, admire it as a part of God’s creation” And then this soft spoken man got stern and serious as a heart attack “…but leave it alone.” Makes one wonder how he came to the conclusion they should not be engaged with, for sure.

  33. Brian W

    Rambo’s first name is John, fitting alias.
    You certainly changed my mind about wanting to go on any of these researchers, group outings.
    John, God is real study the bible, search in there to find out who He is and you will find peace.
    Wes, what you have done with the show is a public service as well.
    The information that is being shared isn’t just entertainment but is helping to save lives.
    Thank you both fo your service especially, for sharing tonight.

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