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  1. Clifford B

    The ultimate king of the beach !
    I plan on taking my motorcycle from (101) Newport to Crescent City Ca then back up .
    I will be going right through that area x2.
    Loved tonights show .
    In Don I trust

      • Clifford B

        Funny you say that ,because
        I’ve had an event occur while on my very first motorcycle.
        In the early 2000s when riding slowly in a patch of fog , someone love slapped me on the top of my
        helmet .

        • Charles R

          Wow, interesting Clifford. I too am a motorcycle enthusiast, do about 6k miles every year. Every time I cross a bridge on a river or creek I will slow down if not one close behind and elevate myself and look down the waterway, just hoping to see a Sasquatch(s) in the water or on shore. None yet but will keep looking.

          • Clifford B

            6k is a lot of riding .I don’t touch those numbers. As for encountering ,
            I firmly believe that the quieter the bike the higher the odds of catching these things off guard unless one or more wants to be seen.
            I have heard the story’s of juveniles chasing bikers in the PNW which must be terrifying .
            Any predator giving chase must just be crazy .
            Link lol https://youtu.be/Kretf52y9RQ

    • Lisa B

      How awesome that we have Claire listening with us tonight! Hope all is well with you Claire over there in England! Praying for us all in the US and UK in these amazing times we are living in!

    • Clifford B

      Dear Claire:
      I’ve heard every episode to date .Episodes come and they go .However;515 is what I call “ my gold standard of encounters” . I will remember 515 until the day I die .
      It is the 1 episode I play for my fam and friends or even people I’ve just met . Some of my Fam is also in the UK .
      Also , I adore your voice .I hope all is well with you . ????

  2. Bonnie I

    Thanks Dan for sharing your encounter and pictures. I think these things do drag a branch over their footprints sometimes especially when walking alongside a young one.. This was not the case with the footprints you caught on film so definitely very good pictures. Thanks Wes for another great episode!

  3. david b

    Dan, thank you so much for sharing your encounter. You did a great job describing your encounter, it felt like I was there as you described what happened. All I can say, if people dont share their encounters, we will never get to the bottom of what these things are. No two people look alike unless they are twins, I feel like these creatures are the same way, no two look alike.

  4. Linda B

    Great job relaying your sighting, Dan. Wow. I was thinking does this biggoot on the beach that didn’t feel at all threatened know that humans rarely carry guns when they are at the beach. They are more elusive in the woods hjdjng behind trees, etc., when they see humans in the woods. That is more like what a person would think than the way an animal thinks or acts. The old fire burn on the sane makes me wonder if other people had run away from it walking on the beach so maybe he knew what to expect from humans it catches off guard. Those prints are amazing. So deep and for the younger one, so clear. Wow.

  5. Linda B

    I get creeped out when I think of all the times we drove south from Bailey which is north of Pikes Peak, through the Hayman burn area, past Deckers, I was always looking, and it’s wild and kind of creepy. Further south of that you get into the Pikes Peak district.
    Saw a single line of tracks a bit off the road in the snow, long strides, west of Fairplay which that road turns south and back east to Woodland Park. Great job Dan and thanks again Wes.

  6. Jay Carlsen

    Would Knee Placement make it appear to be ” Crossing his Feet ” as it walks ? As heard in Episode 783 Terror in Tennessee when Amy describes it ” Crossing its Feet ” as it walked away.
    But I will leave that to the Researchers. After seeing that thing in 2000. Now I know. I get it. Thank You. But NO , I do not ever want to see that ugly thing again.
    I sure don’t mind listening to encounters though. The TERROR ( that thing They Do – the ” Time To Go ” Feeling these Things Project )
    is not something I would willingly Put my self through. ( I do not care for it )

  7. David P


    Love this show! My wife and I loyal listeners and she gets irritated when I don’t turn on the Friday and Sunday shows right away!

    Reference the locomotion of theses beings. I was stationed with the 3rd US Infantry (The Old Guard) in Washington DC. We had to learn how to march different to makes us “roll” instead of us bouncing up and down as we did our ceremonies. We would step down with our heels and place our weight onto the outsides of our feet and roll into the balls of our feet to stop the bouncing or up and down motion. Case in point is if you have seen the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They glide along the mat with no up and down movement and are smooth as they “roll”. I believe this to be the same motion used by Sasquatch. You can also muffle your footsteps in the woods using the same manner of walking as you are not stomping but deliberately placing your feet/weight onto the ground. This would make sense as how they magically appear at times and the leave without making a sound. Just some food for thought

  8. Charles R

    I found Dan’s pics on page 190 of Meldrum’s Sasquatch Legend meets Science, thanks for the tip Wes. Two out of the ordinary behavior aspects in that the Sasquatch just walked past you without a care in the world. I like what Linda B posted as maybe the reason. It is possible the Sasquatch comes across many people in this area that never seem to be a threat to it. The other is the trackway. First one I have seen in pictures or film ( I have seen personally a really good one in snow in the Huron National Forest area ) that walks with a straddle, at least in this type of substrate. I wonder what this is about. However tracks are huge deep. Enjoyed your interview Dan.

  9. theresa m

    Wes, Dan, thank you both. On this podcast and others I’ve mostly heard Sasquatch behavior that was aggressive and elusive but not dismissive like your experience, Dan. It’s quite possible that like people these beings can act/react to their environment and experiences. It’s possible not all Sasquatch are going to be aggressive or elusive each time there is human contact. We don’t know because we can’t communicate with them as we do with each other. Anyway, great episode, Wes. Really enjoyed it and appreciate your content, always.

  10. Russell W

    They were talking about wide the being was. And that’s what sticks out to me with my encounter! Mine was near Chateaux Elan Winery in Georgia back in the late 80’s. Something that wide shouldn’t exist here, it was way more rural back then. But still it was 8ft tall and at least 4 feet wide. I understand when skeptics want to see it to believe it. Take care all, great show Wes.

  11. Penny F

    In the good morning America clip they told Joan, the TV anchor they were going to test the hair sample. ???? Curious, why are we still at the same juncture we were 30 years ago?

  12. Larry R

    Thanks Wes an Dan great encounter I know how difficult it is , you did great! I had a some what similar experience in San Diego – S.C. E.P. 532 Encountering the Zoobies.

  13. Jamie O

    I’m a truck driver so I look at episodes in middle of week to make sure I have something to listen to!!!! Do these shows go off live I see all these comments when do all you folks get on here to go bk and forth the way some of u do…….if no body minds me asking And oh yeah anyone know how to change the name we post by????

    • Don H

      The episodes consistently show up on Friday nights. I never catch them when they come out either but if you try and catch it on Friday, I remember them coming out at about the same time every week.

  14. Jamie O

    Plz and thx u everyone

    Best show about this topic by far the format is excellent and most of the encounters don’t come off as no way this is true Everyone does a pretty legit good job so well done everyone!!!!

  15. Gary F

    This really is one of my favorite episodes so far and I’ve listened to probably 25 episodes so far. He seems so believable and his pictures really are fascinating. I’ve got to admit I had trouble believing the Delilah episode so was glad to hear this one to get back onto the loving the show train again.

  16. Don H

    I found it so funny that when he made it to the other camp and asked for help from the other folks all of them skittered into their RVs and left Dan and his GF out to dry. I understand wanting to make sure the family is safe but if it was me I would’ve gotten the family inside and safe then go out and help the people that asked for it. What the heck was up with that?
    The footprints do have the human-looking gait with the feet landing to the left then to the right of each other where most of the track ways I believe could be Sasquatch have a very straight line of prints. The toes pointing out compared to the heels also make me think of a human type of look. But looking at the size of the tracks compared to the persons tracks next to them, those tracks look huge!
    Either way, this was a great story. I liked the detail that Dan was able to remember. That is always appreciated.

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