Aug 22

SC EP:785 Pastor Films Creature

Spoke to the witness who took the video and he has agreed to come on the show. A listener writes “Hey everyone, So, I wanted to share my video with y’all , that I took a few Saturdays ago on 7/24.

First of all, I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I’m a pastor of a small country church for the past 15 years and I’m also the lead vocalist for a Christian rock band called: Stained Red.

I live in Royse City Texas and The morning of the sighting was very hot and dry and I was basically just outside early in the morning sipping my coffee about to go in my prayer room, when I noticed a couple fields over from my farm something moving very quickly to the North.

So, I thank God that I grabbed my phone and began to video this creature. I also noticed that it had a white tail doe on its back. ( I did have my phone on zoom) But notice how quickly it crosses the fence, which I measured at 48”, but no hair to be found , and the ground was to hard and grassy for any foot prints.

The grass was 3’ at fence line, but it was still moving very gracefully. I couldn’t get any closer when I was filming because I was already against my fence line to my prayer room. And honestly I was a little scared to go down and look for it, not knowing if it had babies down in trees that it might try to protect.

Tell me what you think, your friend IronMan of Stained Red . I would believe that it was about 7.5’ tall easy and very heavy. God bless you all!!!”

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191 Responses to “SC EP:785 Pastor Films Creature”

  1. William L

    Love the new format, Wes! I also love being able to watch at SasChron or on U2Be. Looking forward to the SasChron After Dark becoming a regular thing. The addition of video is OUTSTANDING. Thank you for advancement of the great work you do!
    Great stuff, ! Thanks for all you do, Wes.
    ???? Do nothing in fear, Rather do all things in Faith! GOD bless all the saints everywhere in the name of ✝Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha Mashiach✝ If you don’t know or understand the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ, please find out about it! Knock and the Door will be opened to you.

      • Venzulo

        FWIW the video works on Pocket Casts which is the app I use. As others have said, for the member shows, I hope there will be a download option so I can listen offline as usual. Otherwise, love the format! Would be really cool to see a video series of you checking back in with some of the more popular guests from over the years.

          • Wes

            haha I am not upset it all…Sorry man I am testing out this new Studio for the members and thought I would test it out on the public shows first to get the kinks out.

          • Todd W

            7 bucks a month tim ???? thats a hamburger combo meal, or a cocktail at a bar bro. Wow just…. wow

          • Timothy D

            And he gave you a very good answer. When did we decide that real art and it’s emergent into new forms was on the clock? You go, Wes. We’re with you, bro.

          • Timmy R

            I guess I did sound like a well you know.For that I’m sorry.
            You know you got the best show there is.
            I remember you and woody on Bigfoot tonight
            and then blog-talk.
            I have caused you and the good folk trouble and apologize for that.
            I will skip comments from now on.

          • Jan F

            Maybe in the future Wes.
            You should have a countdown to your show…so we n
            Know When its comming.

            also a message if a show does not COME.

            I hate waiting for a show that not comming until the next Day .
            I understand today

          • Cristina J

            I enjoyed every minute of the episode. The video was great, I loved seeing you and I was getting more excited just thinking of all the amazing things you are going to do for after dark. I LOVE Bigfoot but I also know u love aliens and I would love to hear some really good demon ones. I’m so excited to be hear from the beginning for this one. But I would still totally take his 24 minutes for a call if you wanted to talk ????

        • Douglas K

          If you can’t control your mouth, then control your fingers. If you don’t have anything nice to say…There is no paywall for this episode. But, I get it, you’re a Rockstar. I’m the opposite. I can just, throw a rock and hit a star, for the fuk of it. ????

          • Timothy D

            Hey Tim, That was big of you to come back and deescalate the energy around your first comment. That’s one of the reasons this Community exists: finding new ways to get at old truths. Wes is just trusting the community to try some new ways of expressing his super talent. Sometimes it takes 90 minutes and sometimes it takes less than 35, to make Art happen. Hang in there, and you’ll find this is a great place for learning, discovery and exploration. Winston Churchill once said,, “When everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking at all.“
            We all think a little different around here, which is a good thing. Pretty soon they’ll be a show that needs 55 or 65 minutes to give the message. Leave it to Wes and you’ll forget counting minutes. Instead you’ll be listening over and over again;) have a great weekend, Tim

      • Reid D

        It was great Wes!! Love the new format and like seeing you again! Its not in person but!! In Vancouver and Houston, your still just as cool as ever brother!!

    • NHSquatcher

      This is why I prefer to just get the audio in my PodCruncher app because I listen in at night while in bed and I don’t want the screen on and if you have to leave the screen on that’s not good. I am curious to see the video which I will look at later but I mainly want to hear the conversation first. Also if it’s going to be Members I hope there will be a link so that I can save it in my File Manager and listen to it that way like I do with all the other paid episodes. I suggested doing what Whitley Strieber does there’s a special link for people to put in PodCruncher and other apps if you are a paid member maybe you could look into that Wes???

    • Cathy S

      I love how you are open to other things like orbs, aliens, and other beings. I love sasquash but can’t help to think they are all connected somehow. Keep the mysteries coming. Thanks Wes for all you do. You’re the best!

  2. Ar

    Great format Wes. I liked how you played the 1st video in a loop for a long time. Good background too. Nice to see you on video!

    So, these are hosted on youtube going forward?

  3. Linda B

    Thanks Wes!! What a great video. Ironman, if you and your wife aren’t busy maybe hit the Honobia,
    Oklahoma bigfoot conference Sept 30-Oct. 1. My husband Steve and I will be there, would love to meet you. We are Southern Baptists.
    In late 70s early 80s, we lived 15 minutes south of Beavers Bend, loved it there; my brother had a road crossing sighting (members only epiaode) as i told Wes in SC Ep 743 It was Staring Back At Me (I’m the 2nd guest on the show about half way through). The six yrs I lived there, no elk.

  4. Mark R

    Good show. Definitely one of the cooler bf videos I’ve seen even if I couldn’t spot the creature carrying a deer. I enjoyed the interview and I’m glad his father’s account was recorded and subsequently aired. Have a great week, Wes!

  5. Matthew W

    Great show Wes. If Ironman is is looking in on theses comments, thanks for sharing your family moments. Hey Ironman, would love to hear your slightly metal version of Black Lake!

  6. Lisa B

    Woop! Woop! Dang, I missed all the excitement! Was watching Godzilla vs Kong. Couldn’t help but think of Kong as a giant Sasquatch! Happy Sunday everyone! I get to listen to the pastor talk about the pasture now…thanks FS for that. Love the new format Wes!! It’s awesome!! Thank you good sir…

  7. Emily T

    I live just down interstate 30 from Royce City in a city called Rockwall! Enjoyed the video clip you played of the creature booking it !! Loved the new format Wes and was so cool seeing your face and hearing your voice! Great show! Thanks

  8. Sheila K

    I’m visual by nature and do enjoy video, photos and even watching as you interview guests. So this formatting appeals more to me. I did notice on this format the audio seems soft/mushy? Perhaps it was the connection over the phone on this particular interview?

    All in all it’s a good enhancement and experience for me as a listener and member. Thank you????

  9. John A

    Wes. I am happy with whatever you produce – I don’t expect perfection and appreciate the effort and the information. If I don’t like it I don’t listen however there are few episodes out of the several hundreds I have not finished.

  10. Timothy D

    Hey Tim, That was big of you to come back and deescalate the energy around your first comment. That’s one of the reasons this Community exists: finding new ways to get at old truths. Wes is just trusting the community to try some new ways of expressing his super talent. Sometimes it takes 90 minutes and sometimes it takes less than 35, to make Art happen. Hang in there, and you’ll find this is a great place for learning, discovery and exploration. Winston Churchill once said,, “When everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking at all.“
    We all think a little different around here, which is a good thing. Pretty soon they’ll be a show that needs 55 or 65 minutes to give the message. Leave it to Wes and you’ll forget counting minutes. Instead you’ll be listening over and over again;) have a great weekend, Tim

  11. Kelly W

    Hi Wes.. Repeating all the praises for the progressive format. I imagine your goal is to merge audio and/or video output, as chosen by the audience at hand, in a single recording format. That would make total sense and allow you to expand your audience across as many platforms as possible. I dig it. I’m a relatively new member but I’m a big fan who has already listened to all the archived episodes too. I probably speak for all the other Members here too, in that we eagerly await each and every new episode. We all support you as you experiment with the show format, because it’s you and your content that drives the show to be among the best hosted and managed podcasts available anywhere and to anyone.

  12. m99

    Hi Wes! I see you! 🙂

    Hi Pastor Ironman! Nice to see a video, which is always fun (and unexpected)!

    Great job Wes. I’m liking the whole After Dark theme. Cool Beans. If you need anything, I for one am a willing volunteer. Be blessed brother!

  13. Gary B

    Awesome Top Gun production Wes!……Keep Walking Tall
    Faithfull SC Follower’s are Loving what you do….Even…wholeheartedly…when they simply test run’s!!

  14. Nerida H

    I found your podcast 2 1/2 yrs ago, + your voice helped pull me thru a breakdown, so soothing. I still cant reconcile your face with your voice, LOL. LOVE this site, as I saw 1 looking thru the window when I was 7, gave me nightmares for 50 yrs. I asked my brother recently + he said all my brothers had seen something looking in the window. I live in New Zealand,

    • Gabriel H

      so, something akin to a Yowie (Australia) which exhibits almost the exact same behaviors as our North American Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Is there a Maori name for such a creature in New Zealand? Are there wild man legends down there?

  15. NHSquatcher

    OK if you’re using Podcruncher for Apple iOS it shows you everything the picture, the audio video it works perfectly. But what I think about the audio is it scares me that it could be someone’s dog getting ripped apart by a Sasquatch so it bothered me a little bit to listen to it because it sounded like an animal being tortured. ????

  16. Albert Y

    No regular audio version?

    Video on YouTube is great but how about still uploading the audio version so I can just listen to the podcast while driving. And I like to download it so I can put it on repeat and not have to mess with it.

    • Darryl H

      Yes, this.

      I too listen to the podcast while driving and use an old mp3 player that does not support video. I downloaded the episode via iTunes, and it comes with the video.

  17. Joyce E

    Wes, really impressed with your new format. the content is always great. Please take this for what it’s worth….I have no production knowledge…..I would like to see a bit more of Wes Germer and not such a bright lite. Your face is really washed out. Or maybe you need to work on your tan…..LOL Thanks for all your time and work.

  18. David J


    Being able to watch the footage was a nice touch! Clearly from the speed of the creature, that was no human being! It was awesome seeing the video while Ironman explained it! I like this new feature!

  19. Josephine L

    Wes, thank you, Ironman & his father for sharing their encounters. You’ve raised the bar to new heights! I really loved seeing Fabrik play their hit Black Lake. They have such an awesome sound ????. Keep living your dream…it’s coming true and I’m grateful to experience watching you & your show grow! Loves to everyone❣

  20. Katherine H

    I loved the episode! The addition of pictures and video were bonus! I would take a 36 minutes show with pictures and videos over a one hour show anyday! Also, I saw what I thought might be a bit of a canine snout on the blob squatch
    …anybody else think so?
    I LOVE your show Wes. And I think you are a good guy.

  21. Debra L

    Love the new format and you too Wes ❤️ Thanks for the many great shows. It’d be awesome to hear follow ups from past guests and Woody too. Miss seeing/hearing y’all together. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on this new format. Looking forward to upcoming shows. Cheers!

  22. Janetta V

    I watched all of this from my laptop, and then enlarged the vid. to full screen and it was just great. That critter was really moving fast and smooth, the way they can go without their heads bobbing up and down the way humans do, a sure sign it’s a bigfoot.
    Wes I really love the new format and thank you. All good except for that spooky song at the end.

  23. Ron S.

    I was thinking that Timmy Rs comment was a skit, something like you and Tony Merkel would do lol!
    I fished my favorite trout stream for this first time this year yesterday where I had encounters…heard something walking and breaking sticks nearby upstream, then the clear stream got really muddy in front of me…probably a black bear but I don’t know anymore after what I’ve seen there in the past several years…I left bacon ranch sunflower seeds on the ground as usual again before I left

  24. Annette H

    Wow I really enjoyed the format.
    That was a pretty decent video, that thing was moving.
    I really enjoyed the video of Iron man’s father. He seemed like a very honest straight up kind of man.
    Thanks Wes

  25. William H

    Everything you do is very well done. That was a great video and wonderful guest. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. My internet is provided by a poor satellite connection, making streaming impossible. The only way I can listen in real time is to download it to my iPad and watch it later.

    Hopefully, you will be able to provide the long, rectangular box with the green arrow in it, so we can download the audio only.

  26. Chelsey M

    Excellent After Dark segment. That video was great. I like putting your voice to your face! Thanks for the hard work Wes, and I loved seeing Fabrik perform at the end. Good stuff.

  27. Donna H

    Wes, Love the new format, being able to see and hear you is awesome. I’m a fairly new member listening to your podcast episodes every opportunity I have throughtout the day. Mostly while I’m on the road and at bedtime. My goal has been to get caught up on all the years of episodes but it just dawned on me, I had better slow down, once I’m caught up I’ll have to wait a week to hear the next show! Also, I love the music you close the shows with, I use to run past it to get to the next episode but now I sing along to the end. Bless you Wes for your hard work and the compassion you have for all. ????

  28. schlad

    I Loved this Show, nice one Wes, good to see you! That dude is Pastor, quite obviously a down to earth regular guy, great footage, simply awesome. I could listen to all your guests forever, Truth always sounds great!
    Thanks for the Fabric gig 2 bro, i Love their sound, brilliant song, it’s like art really .
    Love and Peace for all!

  29. David M

    We definitely do have elk in Oklahoma. I grew up hunting here and have seen them myself. Once while hiking in the witchita wildlife refuge an elk appeared out of nowhere right where we had just climbed down a cliffside. Demonstrated to me how easy it is for a large animal to go hidden or just unnoticed

  30. Charles R

    There is not enough to convince the skeptics and of course the skep tards. This is the nature of cell phone photography for the most part. However this beast is blasting across a rugged and uneven pasture land that if a human did it, would likely lead to an ankle and/or leg injury. I also can not imagine a human crossing a 4 foot tall fence this quick, 2 seconds. Also how fantastic that his Father gave an interview to KY BRO 10 years ago. Back then they were about the only group doing this and they did not do to many.

    Pastor Ironman. I believe you. I would also put out another video of that area of the fence it crossed as I can not see the fence in this video. Thanks for coming on.

  31. Renee S

    This is great! Wes, your hard work is definitely paying off! I’m not at all surprised ’cause you always “bring it!” Thanks for giving us such a great show. ????

      • Clifford B

        You MFer you .

        Seriously , I love everything you did .
        I love the theme of the green screen .
        I digress , I’ve already made SC one of my applications by going to IOS Home Screen options and making it easily accessible.
        Of course safari takes over etc…
        Im still waiting for the email to notify us about the app ( for us to beta / break test )as I was a chosen member .

  32. theresa m

    Love the show tonight, Wes! It was a treat seeing you in your studio! Ironman’s video is very cool, indeed! Thanks for working on this new format. I’ve enjoyed your show for going on two years soon, I think and your platform has enabled so many experiencers to come on and share, which I appreciate. Be well, Wes.

  33. Jennie M

    So a couple things, I swear I’ve seen Wes with this exact same background doing am episode? Is this background and format 100% new to SC? 2nd did anyone notice all the animal sounds were obviously present going against what’s typically reported during sightings. Could it be because the creature didn’t know he was there? Thanks for all the work you do!

  34. Cali H

    Hi Wes,
    Nice show.
    I was wondering if Ironman could pace out the number of steps it takes to get from the last bush before the fence to the fence.
    I was trying to count the strides between the bush and the fence; would like to see a comparison to a man and if he measures the distance between the last bush and fence, he can calculate the length of the stride. Seems like a job for Thinker Thunker.

  35. Denise F

    It’s a neat addition….I’m one of those people who couldn’t totally get used to changing all the show over to this format right away, but having it as an addition is very cool.

    You have a lot of creative options with this ????

  36. Clifford B

    Dear Wes: I followed instructions for IOS ,and I’m getting a message that is something like “ until the developer gets trusted the app will not process”.
    Just letting you know .

  37. Evelyn L

    I guess I missed something. I don’t know what this new format is about. Is it a new podcast that Wes Germer is going to do? I really like the idea of seeing real people talking, you know, kind of like television! I am not much of a podcast person. I like podcasts when I am traveling but we don’t do as much of that as we used to…..changing world and all.

  38. Clifford B

    Update on new app :
    Wes , phenomenal interface .I had to forward the app to an android pad I had laying around and it downloaded no problem . iOS has trust issues as I’m sure you already know .
    I just had to assure ( Android device )that it was a trusted developer etc…Now I am having playback issues .However as you stated it’s just a baby rt now .
    Aesthetically it’s a winner though .
    I’ll have fun waiting for it to be glitch free eventually.
    Thank you ????
    Oh and my mom said “ hi big guy “ lol

  39. gordo i

    wes, if timmy passed on your offer, could you call me for 24 minutes? no that i feel “cheated” out of my membership. i just want to talk to you 🙂

    this new format is a major undertaking. you went from a radio station to a tv station! i wish you the best on this. it’s so, so much more effort to put out visually compelling content. and… make that content still be interesting when you only have it in audio format.

  40. gordo i

    this video is so freaky. the movement is absolutely ballistic and the head/shoulder region looks as stable as a chicken… when you move one around the head stays totally equalized.

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