Aug 21

Rend Lake Illinois Bigfoot Encounter

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “This is a phone interview with James, the Bigfoot witness. This apparent waving behavior was also observed in Anderson County, Kentucky in the 60’s by Mr. Tindle. Also some KY teens observed a large, hairy bipedal creature wave at them in 2011, same county. The Kentucky Bigfoot was nicknamed “Howdy.” Illinois must have a friendly Bigfoot as well.”

Sighting Date: Late Summer 1998

Bonnie, IL
Rend Lake
County Road 425 N
Southwest end of the dam.


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  1. Charles R

    I was present for a lecture Charlie Raymond gave at Salt Fork Lake back in 2014, maybe 15. He told of Mr. Howdy in Kentucky which was quite amusing at the time.

    Lisa B. Maybe you already know this however longtime BFRO member Stan Courtney of central Illinois has documented a lot of Illinois ( especially central and southern regions ). He also has quite a few recordings.

  2. Gary B

    WoW, a Bigfoot is seen with a hand raised in what we typically interpret as a communication of friendship or greeting!
    It’s an interesting gesture for sure, considering there are plenty of reports telling the story of Bigfoot/Sasquatch pulling heads off of human’s or animal’s as if plucking a grape from vine. I wonder how many flute player’s would be so anxious to run up and shake that hand and then attempt to play a round of patty-cake with their new, great big buddy!
    Though I’ve never seen a Bigfoot/Sasquatch, I’d be thinking the hand wave gesture was only meant to display the very hand used in all previous decapitation’s!
    I’m quite happy with only seeing or hearing about the creature from the safety of a PC screen inside my home!
    Thanks Wes for the safe zone you’ve built for all of us here in Sasquatch Chronicles!

  3. Brian B

    Have camped there several times. More farmland than woods in the area. But still likely enough cover. One different thing for the area on multiple times I have seen 10 + deer near the roads (within 1 mile of campsites) during the middle of the day. Most areas I only spot deer at or near dusk and even then typically 5 or less deer.

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