Aug 13

SC EP:782 I Did Not Think It Was Real

Tonight we will be speaking to Patrick who comes to us from Louisiana. Patrick has been hunting his whole life and grew up thinking Sasquatch was nonsense, made up bedtime stories for people to tell their kids. In 2003, he was hunting and was chased out of an area by a female creature. Patrick said “I could not believe what I was seeing.”







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172 Responses to “SC EP:782 I Did Not Think It Was Real”

    • Jay Carlsen

      Well the ” First to Comment ” of course. And yes TOTALLY CHILDISH. For this is a serious Subject , when you turn from the wind to lite a cigarette and 200 feet away is a 10 Foot Tall Gorilla ! a little levity goes a long way. ( well , for me anyway. ….Maybe I am being selfish ? )

  1. Jeremiah S

    Thanks Wes for bringing back the classic outro. Most fitting for one Epic episode! That was one insane and intense account. Thank you Patrick for sharing it. Truly as real as it gets. Can’t wait to hear from you again, your awesome man!

  2. John A

    Patrick very interesting and narrated encounters, erudite comments and discussion. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and observations. Thank You

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Don’t feel bad Patrick , I have known of these feral People since 1978 after my family moved up North from Detroit Michigan. When a Neighbor let me hold a Cast of a Human Looking Footprint that was cast 6 yrs prior , but from only 10 miles north of the old Farmhouse we had just rented ! But when I seen that 10 foot Tall Gorilla back in the summer of 2000 ? I had to put up Trauma Blocks in my mind to keep it in the back , well out of the way of Pondering Thought.
    These Feral People can not intimidate you if you ask Jesus to back you up.

    YEARS Before , I had that ” Time To Go Feeling ” that surrounds these things spike one night As I was walking back to Town from a friends House. And I was walking down the Dirt Road , I really didn’t have an immediate Escape ? And I do not know , because I was the furthest from Religion at that time in my Life , But I Automatically started saying the Lords Prayer. And that ” Time To Go Feeling” ended.

    I do not know if it gave me courage ? Or if the Source of that ” Time To Go Feeling ” knew that I said that Prayer in my Head ?
    I lean towards the later.

    Isn’t it a coincidence that the only United States President that had a ” Wild Man ” story to tell ( Theodore Roosevelt ) just happened to be the same guy who signed the National Parks and recreation act into being ?
    Because I think it is Quite a Coincidence.

    Plus I do not think They are as smart as we are , because They have Different Brains than us Modern Humans do. Which is also why They have different abilities than us Modern Humans.

    • Paul M

      Jay C. Good points = my brother had them on his property = But they were mainly PO at his NABIOUR for shooting one with a pellet gun = so for One hole summer they would throw rocks on nabiours roof = Growl = trip flood lights = play games = look in windows = My Brother and l casted FOOT PRINTS = 18 INCH LONG = 7 WIDE. = GOT a few night time pics = kinda crappy ones = Also measured hight from a tree limb it was standing under = 9 ft BF HIGHT TREE LIMB WAS 9 FT 3INCHES = IT wasn’t hard to know the nights they were around = just sit on the deck and wait for the show to start = SO finally my Brother got tired of there carrying on = HE Prayed to Jesus they be gone = And for the most part they are = But its not like they packed up and got out DODGE = BROTHER’S friend 3 blocks down the road is having lots of experiences NOW = And ORBS are common at my brother’s property also = REAL DEAL NO DOUGHT

      • Linda B

        I got rid of some troublesome spirits the same way, by using the name.of Jesus, and playing the word of God out loud. They can’t stand against Jesus power. Very cool.

        • Jay Carlsen

          I have heard Episodes where these things were Described as ” Restrained by something ?” ( for now ) But what would it take to set these things off ?
          What would happen if the North American Continent was hit by a Nuclear Attack ? …. Is that the Restrainer ?

      • Jay Carlsen

        Right the same area where I had that ” Time To Go Feeling ” ( though years later ) I was walking back to Town and just as I was crossing the Manistee River. It was a mile up stream from where I was walking , And it was Amber in Color. ( Like a Street Light color amber ) And at first I told myself that it was only Someone driving a Car with a Tail Light out , who is stuck on a small Hill on a road that is in that Direction ? ( which was how I was interpreting what I was seeing )
        Until the Orb began to float south , which told me that it wasn’t where I expected it was. For if it was on that road where I first assumed that it was ? Because it couldn’t move any further south , and still be in sight ? Because that is all tall White Pine , which would block my Eyesight , if it were at ground level.
        As soon as it started moving south , I Knew that it was closer that what it seemed to be. Since I was watching it I thought it was above a Buoy in the River ? Because of how clearly I could see it.
        When I realized it was about 200 feet above the River ? I assumed that it was Aliens ? And I ran ( Jogged ) back to Town.
        ( at the time I was scared of aliens ( Until I learned the name of Jesus who is the Christ ENDS Alien Abduction Scenario )
        Since I have heard encounters where people say that they were not even speaking – only Thinking of Jesus to save them. Which make these things react at just the Thought of Jesus.
        These things are Esau as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah. ( if you are looking for a Biblical Explanation of these Things )

  4. Susan S

    I’ve heard some fantastic interviews, and they all are real & important, and this one is really something special. I especially liked hearing about the young female and the way he described her… wow, what an incredible story. Thank you!! Totally amazing & I can really appreciate how frightening that must have been and the logical way he dealt with it then & now. So sorry about the nightmares. Thanks for sharing!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Jeffery C

    Wes, please ask Patrick about the heat feeling on his shoulder. Was that his own sixth sense? Is this common for him? Was this a one time extra-sensory perception? I’d love to ask him about that on the first encounter. And also what tobacco will scare away a Sasquatch?


    Wes, a very small thing but would it be possible to ask people, in these situations who are armed, what caliber/gauge their rifles/shotguns are? I know some on here may think it is a non-essential detail but it just gives me an idea on how a possible “if they had to shoot it” would turn out. Thanks.

      • James N

        also @Jon W I thought his voice sounded like Ron Morehead. That was my first thought when listening to this episode. I know it wasn’t, but maybe you two were thinking the same.

        He must have really had a great look as he gives a very detailed description of the sun light playing off the hair.

        Patrick said he thought the female was recently orphaned and was trying to gain some interaction, but I’m wondering if she was just practicing hunting without actually going for it all. Sorry to be morbid, just my take.

        • Jon W

          The part I remembered was the kid copping a squat every 1/4 mile and “marking territory “. When I heard him tell that part I told my wife, “someone will mention territorial marking later in the interview.”

  7. cynthia s

    Great show. I read an encounter about a man riding on his motorcycle off trail saw what he thought was a baby monkey in a tree. It was caught in some branches, he got it down and went back to his bike when the monkey’s mom came out of the wood line and realized it was a female sasquatch and it was her baby he took out of the tree. They disappeared into the woods. The guy was scared got on his bike to leave and there was an old lady who appeared she asked him if he wanted to know more about them to follow her to her house but he said no. She told him where her house was in the woods if he changed his mind and a couple days later he went back found the house and from that point on had several encounters with a family group of sasquatch that were friendly with her. She watched juveniles at her house when the adults went out to hunt. He met two of them. The adults didn’t go into her house but he saw the woman talking outside with a huge alpha male about 9 feet tall. He was in the house and couldn’t hear what they were saying but he could see they were having some sort of conversation. Later that day the lady and the guy went out on her porch and a young female showed up sat outside with them. The guy described her just like Patrick. Said she was thin but muscular like an athlete, she was about 5’5 and estimated she was only about 12 years old or so. Her hair was long and he said she looked more like a native american woman and he found her quite beautiful. She caught him looking at her body and he said she let out a low growl at him as if to tell him to stop looking at her. He said he saw the juvenile girls mother and she was bigger and her looks had turned more apish and she was not at all attractive like the girl. He thinks the juveniles are more human looking but become more ape looking and uglier as they age. Well ugly to us anyway. They probably think they are beautiful and we are the ugly ones.

  8. Janetta V

    Thank you so much for you encounters, you had me on the edge of my chair. You are very good at telling a story, I can picture it in my mind as you tell it. Stay safe, please. Thanks Wes

  9. Tim K

    Great show Wes, and Patrick very articulately told, good job and thank you for sharring your encounter.That must have been very emotional after you got in your truck. Thanks again.!!

  10. Mandy K

    Thanks Wes & Patrick thank you so much for telling your story. It was amazing to hear. Sorry for the stress it caused but really appreciate hearing about it. Best wishes to you both from Queensland ???????? ????????

  11. David L

    Patrick, you sir, are the salts of the earth kind a of guy. I COMPLETELY understand not believing the encounter. I can’t tell how many time I’ve had that small voice screaming run, and then calm myself, just as you did. Making excuse after excuse, of what I was hearing and feeling. It took years to accept these were actually encounters. I’m going to have to buy myself thermal optics, so I can see that I’m safe, before I can resume with hunting like I did before. God, bless you and stay safe.

  12. STEVE W

    These forest people are not normal, They are not a dam animal,, But what people need to remember is if they wanted to kill us, It would be no problem, In 3 weeks I will be back to the area of my encounter, Dont get me wrong, I will be nervous. But I look at death more like a soldier, If I am meant to die, I will, I will treat them with respect and continue on, I did walk into one area that I felt like I shouldnt ever be. So I wont be back to that area

  13. STEVE W

    I can only judge from my encounter, But I think I was used to train a young one, They realized I wouldn’t harm them. Would take me forever to type out why I think so, But the one I seen was a handsome juvenile. Stood about 6ft, No dirt on the hair visible, Nice and shiny, Almost looked brushed hair, What ill never forget is the eyes, A guy said it best, They look like shark eyes, I seen no white at all, Coal black with eyes the size of old Eisenhower dollars from 1976

    • Jay Carlsen

      Send in Your Encounter ! ( I am Fascinated anyway ! )
      The 10 foot Tall Gorilla I had seen 200 feet away , one morning had a Shiny Black deep set Eyeball the size of a Baseball ! With black / dark grey wrinkly hide like Skin on it’s face ! Which was such a Traumatic Experience that I Trauma Blocked it from Immediate Recollection in my own mind for years. ( Until I heard a young man say he & his friend were being escorted when they were sneaking away to have a cigarette they stole from Their Mother which brought these memories back to me)

  14. Daren c

    Best Podcast on the Planet!

    Thanks Wes and Thank You Patrick, WoW you really brought us back to that day . Incredible. Our Government sucks for allowing sooo many to be blind sided by this.

  15. Linda B

    Man, Wes, I’m so glad you interviewed Patrick. That was an amazing account, Patrick. There were a couple of times when I caught myself squirming in my seat. As I’m listening, we are camping, and my husband is asleep and talked suddenly in his sleep and rolled over in bed so that this big trailer shook, my heart jumped up into my throat, listening to your scary account. I particularly admired the calculated strategy you formed as you ran terrified to make it to your truck and also the way you were going to have it out with the more aggressive one. Am I right you were avoiding going back to where your son was so was going to face it instead? So brave and wonderful. Interesting about them scuffing their feet when they stopped at the woodline. Thanks, Wes!!

  16. Russell B

    Sasquatch is not related to humans they are some kind of hybrid animal. I am a Christian and my Bible says we were created by God Almighty along with every other creature on earth.

    • david b

      Hey Russell, I would recommend reading the book of Enoch. I too am a Bible believer and Christian, the book of Enoch answered questions for me that I had been studying for years. I can’t find anywhere it contradics the word of God.

    • Jan F

      Am also bellive in THE HOLY GOD.
      But remember the verse.there was Giants IN the Earth and also after that=the great flood.
      The falling engels have MESSED up the DNA.
      And not i dont have a number of how many that say….they should not belong here.
      May God Bless you

  17. Justin F

    What makes you jesus freaks think you are so much better than all of gods other creatures? Seriously? Humans are the worst thing that happened to our Mother Earth.

    • david b

      I am a Jesus freak and I agree with you wholeheartedly. We were born into sin because of Adam and Eve. We are also born with a freewill. When you mix those two traits, then you can have a nasty mess!

      • Evelyn L

        “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.” You have to know him to truly believe.
        Good thing God has a better opinion of us than you do.
        In the gospels Jesus tells the parable of the wheat and the tares. A man had a field planted with wheat. (Symbolizes the world and the human race) His servants (the angels) came and told him that some enemy had come and planted tares in his field. (Tares look much like wheat until just before they reach maturity. Then you can see that they are worthless plants). The servants asked the owner if he wanted them to pull out the tares but the owner said, “No, for you might accidentally harm the wheat as you pull the tares out. Let them grow together until harvest and then gather the tares and burn them.” The Lord said this was like what the end of days would be like.
        There are good people and evil people in this world. Is it genetic? When you read that parable it would seem so. Someone planted bad seen in the field. The great flood came because the fallen ones had genetically perverted all that God had created. In order to be able to have a pure bloodline for the Messiah to be born through God had to preserve some of Noah’s clean bloodline. Some believe that one of Noah’s sons had Nephilim blood in him. Noah himself cursed that son. It is never entirely clear why that son was cursed but the Bible lists tribes of giants that lived in the area that son settled in. That is why there are so many names listed in the Old Covenant. Some of those lists of names are good bloodline and some are cursed bloodlines. You have to understand ancient Hebrew in order to interpret what those names mean. Most of our modern Christian churches never bother to teach these things.
        We see quite often how a family of children will grow up together being treated much the same and yet maybe one child will grow up to be rebellious and cruel despite the love and care he/she received, while the others will grow up to be productive adults. Nature or nurture? That is what the great academics still do not understand.
        The point is that there are good and bad in this life. Even the good need that new spirit from God in order to be saved. It is available to all who call upon the name of the Lord. Some of the bad can call out to God and be saved through Christ. There are also the truly wicked, though, that seem unredeemable….the people who are so filled with hate and seem to enjoy harming others.
        We cannot judge which are wheat and which are tares. They will look the same until that day. Jesus said that the angels would gather up the tares and dispose of them. We all need redemption. Some just will never be able to humble themselves to ask for that free gift. God tells us to pray for those wicked ones. There may be a badly hurt human being under all of that nastiness.
        God IS love. It does not seem that way in this wicked world but God is not in charge here. Christians are charged with spreading the love of God. If God were in charge of this planet it would have grown into a beautiful garden by now. That is what Adam was charged to do. He was supposed to spread that garden all over the globe. Instead we are dealing with human beings that are cut off from God. We are also in the end of the church age and we have apostate churches everywhere.
        If a church or a person is not operating in the love of God then they are far from his Spirit of Truth that was sent to lead us and guide us into all truth. If the “called out ones” were operating as they are supposed to then evil would not be triumphing as it is.
        You might start by studying those New Covenant scriptures. That is where truth starts. Love is the key. Love is not an emotion. It is an action.

    • Jan F

      We are sinners just like you.
      let me ask you.
      Lets see that a huge bomb went OFF
      And after that a beautifull thing was created whit Nature laws and good and evil.
      GOD Bless you

  18. Jan F

    I dont 10:50 sec he talking about a warm felling on his shoulder,and he turns and Can feel 360 While he turns.
    So he knows were the sasquatch is??

    We all know the felling if someone is looking at us.
    So i wonder…is it him or the sasquatch that Can do this heat thing..any idea??

  19. Jan F

    On netflix there is a mini serie about ufo’s and Aliens.
    And a insider telling that the moon is not what he thought is was.
    And there was deferent Aliens.

    Is it possiple that Aliens have made those sasquatch??
    They for sure Master DNA mix and create any kind of creature.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Maybe ?
      But why do Alien Abductions END when the name of Jesus is called upon ? I Believe because these Things ( Aliens are Demons I believe )
      Isn’t it a Coincidence that Ragnarok was fought on an Island Continent ( Antarctica ) and the Norse Pantheon were fighting all the other gods. Was this fight spoken of in the book of Enoch ? Where Gabriel was charged with making the Nephilim fight each other before their fallen Parents who were bound for eternity underneath Mountains that are located on that Island Continent ?
      I believe the Nephilim are the aliens today ?

      I did not even believe in the Bible until some time in the month of August 2001. When I had this CRAZY DREAM where I heard HIM say 4 words. If You would like to hear those words HE spoke please email me at I would be happy to write it out for you.

  20. Sabrah R

    I want Patrick to get with an artist who can draw the female Sasquatch. I find his description intriguing. A picture is worth a thousand words. And as far as awareness for the public, it would benefit everybody to have a description file in the back of their minds to go along with the behavior. Would you be willing to do this Pat?

  21. theresa m

    Great show, Wes and thank you, Patrick for coming on and sharing. I’m so looking forward to part 2 of your experiences. Listening to Patrick’s story makes me think, once again, that I have no clue what Sasquatch is. I believe that every living thing belonging to whichever group it belongs to is different in it’s unique own way. Take people – we come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We speak different languages, eat different foods and certainly have many ways of behaving. Individually, we do share common traits and I believe that Sasquatch are no different in that way. You have your alpha males and females. There are juveniles and babies. Sounds like they live in tribes or clans and they may have their own rules of ‘societal boundaries’. I’ve heard of rogue males, some that look like they suffer from inbreeding issues and some that are lone creatures. They live in the woods and that is their home. We go into the woods for recreation and to hunt and when we do, we are in their space. Just because we draw lines on a map and declare that these boundaries mark my property or the state I live in doesn’t mean didly squat to these creatures. Government and the defense machine knows these beings exist and I don’t think covering up their existence is primarily to do with protecting the logging industry. I’m sure that is part of the larger picture but in the end, innocent people who do not listen to podcasts or YouTube videos about this go out into the woods and our National Forests today and become victims of something. Patrick was fortunate that he was not victimized by the two that he encountered. Not everyone is so lucky. Who knows if the female one was practicing hunting on him or if she was just having a go at Patrick at his expense and if the second one who got so darned close to him in the deer blind was simply curious as to what Patrick was because of the chemical chamo he was wearing that day. Did his son’s frequent bathroom stops along the way into the hunting area act as a ‘territorial marker’ for the one who followed him to his blind? Sounds like it was. That is scary because on our intellectual level vs their instinctual level, we make those line-crossing mistakes all the time, thinking nothing of it. Maybe we need to think more on their level.

    • Evelyn L

      Deer and other wild animals are able to deal with people in “their space.” They just go some place else until the people leave then they just go back to what they were doing before. Hunters and hikers seem to get a lot of flak from these creatures when they are just passing through the area usually. They are not setting up a full time recreation area that would upset the creature’s lifestyle. People and animals have been sharing the wilderness for a very long time but some of these creatures are just plain vile acting.
      Most wild animals don’t get angry and they do not break trees and scream at and chase people, with the exception of a couple of types of predators and that is rare in most areas.
      Animals that do scream do it for entirely different reasons than these things do. These things seem to delight in scaring people half to death. Our natural wildlife do not stalk people except for perhaps a cougar and they do it not out of spite but for food.
      The animals do not gang up on people just because they are on their turf. Some of these creatures seem to be just bad tempered monsters that believe that anyplace that they set their foot is their property. It reminds me of what the Norwegians used to say that a troll acted like.

  22. Beth E

    Started listening to this show about a year and a half ago with my 5 1/2 year old son. I love a good story. Started out as a non believer but now I know that Sasquatch exists. Listening to these stories and hearing the terror in the retailing of their experience is palpable. Great job, Wes!

    • Jay Carlsen

      Ahhh ! Ms Pam !
      When I had figured out that it WAS a 10 foot Tall Gorilla I had seen one Morning in Northwestern Michigan in the Summer of 2000 ! ( as I always known what I had seen. But it refused to connect to anything ( ” Patty ” or local favorite Dog Man ? ) And the whole fact that No One I know will admit to a Feral Population of feral Northwestern Michigan Gorillas. ( it is ridiculous to even suggest it ) Let alone a Species of Gorilla that is 10 Foot Tall ! That stands up straight like a Man.
      But when I heard the Episode where the young Man from New Jersey seen a 12 foot Tall Monster holding 1/2 a dog I about fell out of my Computer Chair when He was saying they were being followed from the Woods. And He thought it was another child , and called out asking if they were going to tell on them for Smoking Cigarettes they stole from their mothers. But when He said they they got No Reply … THAT Same Thing had happened to me !
      I went to my Friends Father , and I told Him. ( as They are Ojibwa ) And He was very Interested , and kept saying ” Oh Yeah ! They are known to do that. ” When I had told Him of turning from the Wind and looking up at this Gorilla that is standing 200 feet away in the next Fire Lane over than the one I am walking up , between me & the Pavement ! And it is acting like I can not see it ( like Earlier that night ) But I COULD SEE IT ! As it was Broad Daylight !
      I told the old man about the Stick that broke in 2 Pieces just behind me , and when I swung around to see who was Sneaking up on me there was nothing there. ( at the 6 foot lvl ) When I turned back to get a better look at that Gorilla and it was Gone without a Sound ? When I ran out to the Pavement like a Terrified Child , and walked home looking over my Shoulders the whole way.
      He then asked me If I would like to watch Him call in the Big People with Tree Knocking , And this Old Man will speak Ojibwa to the Sasquatch People. And these things will come in to listen to Him ! ( But they always have something between them & Him – Sticks – Bushes – Trees – Always some kind of Barrier )
      My Friend told me that when She went with Him , He knocked on the Trees and they came in to Investigate who was trying to communicate like They do. She said that She counted 4 of them that came in closer to hear what He was saying. And she said that there was another one , that was back in the Woods. And She thought the one that was back in the Woods was the Big One.
      Some say The Sabe ( Sasquatch ) People speak a ancient form of the Ojibwa Language.
      I thanked Him for His Generous Offer , but I had to Humbly Decline.
      Then the Old Man would always make a point to go out of His way , to ask me if I would like to watch Him speak to Sabe ? And Always I would Thank Him , but decline His offer. And I don’t know , like the 3rd Time He asked me , when I declined I caught Him giving His Daughter that sideways look & little Smile. And I knew what That Meant.
      So I went to my Friends place of Employment one day and admitted that these things Terrify me. But since I have heard that these Things React to when ever someone calls out to Jesus who is the Christ ( Even Non Verbally in Their own Heads ) And if Her Father has some kind of repour with these things ? Ever since I had that Crazy Dream where I head HIM say 4 words…. I can not imagine being in the Presence of these Things and help myself from calling out to HIM to save my worthless ass. And I would hate to ruin that for Him.
      ( If it is time to Control the Fear ? Then ok , lets do it. I am not too Keen on putting myself in that Situation by choice. I do not know how to explain it ? I do not care for that ” IT’S TIME TOO GO NOW ! ” Feeling that these Things Emit. So I know they are there , so I am Good.
      But you are on to Something ! I do not understand what they Perceive the Meaning behind the Tree Knocking to be ? But when People do it , They will come in to investigate if They are in the Area.

      And by the way I live in the Huron / Manistee National Forest for what its worth.

      • Evelyn L

        I think that any true believer who uses the authority of the name of Jesus with respect would be saved from any troublesome situation if they did it in faith, truly honoring and what that name encompasses.
        I have heard of religious people trying to use the name during various situations and got no help. “Without faith you cannot please God.” You cannot have faith without some knowledge of what or who you are trusting in. If His name is just a word to you that you decide to try then you could end up like the seven sons of Sceva in the Book of Acts that “tried” it and ended up getting beat up pretty badly by a group of demons.

        • Jay Carlsen

          I was walking back from a friends House one night who lived north of the river that runs through Northwest of the small Northern Michigan Town I live in. When I walked across the Bridge I was stopped by that ” Time To Go Feeling ” that People speak of when encountering these things. And at the time in my life I was a Devout Unbeliever.
          But as soon as I picked up on that ” Time To Go Now ” Feeling I automatically begin saying the lords Prayer that I learned in Bible School when I was a child.
          And that Feeling went away. ( And I was troubled having felt that Feeling before and not knowing the cause of it. Now , I have figured that these Things emit this Feeling at will )

          Evelyn L ( my Children have a cat named Milley who looks exactly like your profile photo ! ) If you wish to know this CRAZY DREAM Where I heard HIM say 4 words ? Please e-mail me at I would be happy to tell you all about it. ( But please “Tag” it with where you heard of me , like in connection with the Sasquatch Topic ? So I know this is something that needs my attention )

  23. Kathleen L

    Patrick is a fine man. Heroic, brave men with the integrity to tell the blunt truth are a select group. I felt we were all given a gift seeing into this man and how he reacted. It requires guts to tell it with the shock and fear showing.
    Patrick, your character is sterling. It comes out in your voice. Courage like this, is at once, common and rare.
    Thank you for telling truth in a skeptical world.

  24. Gayla M

    I think this was the BEST encounter that I have heard told‼️ Just the way Patrick told it made me hang on the edge of my seat‼️ It was like I was right there with him. My heart is still beating 90 to nothin’‼️ Thank you Patrick. Your skills with the outdoors came in mighty handy! I appreciate the knowledge from your encounter. I could tell that both encounters were TERRIFYING for you????. I appreciate you Wes as always, another AWESOME SHOW‼️

  25. Luis C

    I love this guy ? I took a while to apréciate her atribuirá. Flat stomach , Nice hair , Patrick is a freak , the only Guy that is a Hunter and a player at the same time . she wanted him too , I wish they would have hook up , eventually , He would go in the woods to find her again . Good love story , thank you for sharing Patrick .

  26. Luis C

    Patrick , is a gentlemen , even in the thickest of woods , I love ho he made it a priority to ti calculate the sizes of the mammal glands . I wish Patrick was around when I used to go clubbing , chasing tail Patrick and I getting home with some ladies , I would used Patric to Calculate the bra cup size . I love it !

  27. Debby v

    Amazing experience, so scary. Thnaks for sharing Patrick. Has a second meeting with Patrick allredy been recorded?
    Wanted to let you know that working from home while logging in the systems drinking coffee I listen to your show. Became such a habbit that when I am later finding an episode I feel something is missing. Greetings from Greece from a Dutch fan x

  28. Debby v

    Amazing experience, so scary. Thnaks for sharing Patrick. Has a second meeting with Patrick allredy been recorded?
    Wanted to let you know that working from home while logging in the systems drinking coffee I listen to your show. Became such a habbit that when I am later finding an episode I f eel something is missing. Greetings from Greece from a Dutch fan x

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