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SC EP:774 I Hit It With My Car

Doug writes “The reason I am emailing you is because a few months ago here in Arkansas I was driving down a two-lane highway just after dark when something that I could have swore was a orangutan with reddish hair came hauling ass up onto the highway from out of the woods and it had a raccoon hanging out of his mouth.

A large mouth that had the raccoon by the backbone, anyway, it came hauling ass up onto the highway out of nowhere on all fours and I smacked it dead center of my hood. I remember it turning and looking at me right as the impact happened.

Here’s the thing, right at the exact second of impact I saw a flash, I’m not going to get into detail right now, but it was not like a camera flash or any other type of light strobe, it was just a flash man, and then boom. I hit it and the impact was so hard it felt like a brick wall was in the middle of the highway I came to a quick stop I got out with a flashlight expecting my car to be totaled. No damage to my car whatsoever. Nothing man. My airbags did not deploy, I was traveling at around 65 miles an hour, I backtracked to see where the impact took place to see if I can find whatever it was a hit.

No blood at all whatsoever on the highway, but, blood all down the side of my car on the passenger side, blood all over my right rear tire, but nothing in the road.

No Trace that I had hit anything except for the blood on my car and wheels and there was absolutely no damage like I had impacted anything. It’s kind of a long story and I’m sorry I took up this much just trying to give you a brief description. If you want to get back with me that would be great.”






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118 Responses to “SC EP:774 I Hit It With My Car”

    • Joan h

      ✍????Hey Wes…. I’ve been listening since the beginning of Sasquatch Chronicles… but you knew about this”” FLASH OF LIGHT”” for how many years? ???? …. how long will this class take to play catch-up………… I’ve never heard that yet ????????
      Is it because no one came on as a guest and spoke about it until now…??((( THANK YOU DOUG????!!)))???????? , just wondering what else do ((You know that Many have told you)) but your not sharing…???? why can’t you take down the encounter…and leave the personal stuff name,City,State etc… ****If said person doesn’t want to tell about their encounter ????****
      . NOT THAT YOUR BORING…But I fall asleep right after listening to Sasquatch Chronicles…
      Must be the voice lol …. either that dammit or put it all in a book ???? So we can all learn more lol ????
      TELLING PEOPLE TO LISTEN AND LEARN … I KEPT GETTING PHONE CALLS FROM WASHINGTON DC …I don’t know anyone in dc … I was posting pic of their calls …. then I quit sharing ,they quit calling… I deleted fb, twitface etc etc….
      life is better without the drama … AGAIN THANK YOU DOUG ????

    • Doug K

      Great show Wes!!! Big thanks to Doug for sharing this encounter. Sounds like a very creepy experience. Seems like a lot of these encounters happen in the deep south. Yeeeeeee Hawwwww!!!

  1. Linda B

    Awesome!!! Listening now. Hi everybody. We, you and the hubby are my heroes. Thank you!! Doug, I used to live in the Arklatex. Pretty creep goings on. Thank you for sharing your story!!

    • Linda O

      Government knows they are there but think of how many hunters and fisherman, hikers our tourism is a big industry if people knew they existed there wouldn’t be as many doing it.

      • Terrence B

        Great point. I feel like that is probably the main reason why government is not sharing info on these beings. Hate to say that, but ultimately it’s about money and responsibility. Thanks.

  2. david b

    Thanks ol pal. Doug thanks for sharing your story. I am not on the woo bandwagon but I believe you saw what you saw. Whether it was a bigfoot or not, we will never know. It sure is a mystery that I believe some know the answer to, but refuse to share the origin of this creature.

  3. Douglas K

    The idea is that there is a reality where your car was damaged and perhaps you didn’t survive. But, you are given free will to continue along this life path and perceived time line. So in a “near death” experience or say close call, you actually died.

  4. Linda B

    So, I have a question, somebody let me know what you think. Here goes.
    Doug, thank you first of all.. Question: Doug never said which side of the road this thing came from and I assumed the creature was running from left to right, the head was dead center with the hood, the blood down the passenger side of the car, kind of places the raccoon towards the passenger side, but center. However, when asked how big the creature was, and I will go back and listen again to make sure I heard right, he said the creature extended past the passenger side in front of the car which would make the creature coming from right to left, the rear end of the creature to the right, and the raccoon towards the driver’s side so the blood (you would think) would be down the driver’s side if it was the raccoons.
    So…that means the creature got hit explaining the mass amount of blood on the passenger side (not that much blood with just a raccoon) and the carcas was “beamed up” in the light to leave no evidence. Except that there was hair in the tire well, passenger side, so creature hair.
    Crazy stuff. Thanks, again, Doug.

    • Timothy D

      Hi Linda, you and your husband might enjoy the supernatural seminars given by Dr. Michael Heiser, on YouTube. He’s the real deal and all these experiences begin to make sense when placed in such a perspective of historical and theological thought. Best to you and your husband this weekend, Tim

      • Linda B

        Hi, Timothy. Thanks for the tip has a bunch of paranormal stuff happen so that if I drive by a cemetery I can’t look at it and have to focus on the word NO. (Like do not follow me) when passing by. We will check out M. Heiser.

      • Karen D

        Hey Wes… Did Doug ever say if the other cars traveling with him stopped? He said that there were 2 or 3 vehicles all going about the same speed. If there was a car behind him, perhaps someone else witnessed this as well. Totally crazy encounter and my claims adjuster mind was thinking of follow up questions. Lol. Thx!!

        • Wyman S

          Wes, thanks for sharing this with us.
          DOUG, great experience, Thanks for sharing this. It’s really really incredible. Hey s_ _t happens. It shows us, how much we don’t know.

    • Deborah R

      I agree. ???????? I love Sasquatch Chronicles. And now after all this time, Wes’ voice is the trademark Sasquatch Chronicles voice. You don’t have to be loud or extra dramatic host this type forum. The stories and guest speak for themselves. They’re amazing. Thanks Wes. Excellent podcast.

  5. Denise F

    I’m finally laying down and listening to the show- Wes, I sure did need this, my sweet old gal, Bella, passed today. She was a faithful companion for years. Thought you may want to know that a good episode can make a difference.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • STEVE W

      I dont care how crazy it sounds , Tell your story , These beings are not simple apes , No dam way , We would have dragged one in by now , A ape cannot make the woods go silent

  6. Whizbang

    This goes beyond awed and amazed. Wes how do you keep your sanity ? You’ve experienced, you’ve heard 10x more behind scenes, knowing there is no reality. I have to wake up in morning and make sense of everything I do tomorrow. This episode is going to make that impossible, I need to retire and become a Bigfoot hunter/fisherman, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, Zzzz….

  7. pam

    WHAT IF: when ALL sasquatch die, they are instantly POOFED into wherever (portal?) and that’d explain why we don’t have a body…..?

  8. Randel S

    needed to ask the witness if he lost steering control of the car at all meaning that he hit something with mass? This was a vital question and it was never examined. It was good that he said the flash of light did not illuminate anything around him. A hard impact in the dark well cars your optic nerve to flash like that it’s a transmission to the optic center of the brain. This has happened to me when I fell down a dark concrete shaft and I hit my head on the side of it and I saw little lightning bolts that was a definite bright flash. This is how our body and optic nerve centers react to an impact. Need to find out about the car if it went out of control due to hearing something heavy I assume no one took samples of the blood, of course.

  9. Tracy L

    The light that doesn’t illuminate sounds exactly like the strange lights or obs or wil’o’wisps that everyone sees in the forest, either on their own or just before or after Sasquatch sightings. People describe them the exact same way.

  10. m99

    @Doug ~ Woo-Woo or not, it’s a fascinating encounter and thank you for sharing it on Wes’ show. If ever I “see” a Sasquatch type, I pray I never see this type, the Orangutan type. Creepy pasta!

    One time I was driving from SETX to SWLA for business. I was grumbly about it because I had just moved to my new place where nothing was unpacked. I had worked that day, and was expected to drive to Lafayette that evening.

    As I’m heading East on I10 an ominous feeling came over me that caused me to be on high alert. I recall saying, What is it Lord? Then, suddenly something hit the front of the car. I nearly lost control of the wheel. Whatever it was, either was thrown from the shoulder of the road, or came up from the interstate. I thought it was a loose bumper (a car part). Then I said to myself, why would someone do that? And how could someone throw a car part that large? It must have been thrown because if it was in the road, I thought, it’d have gone under my car. It shook me up too, but I decided to keep going because it was nighttime and so dark on that stretch of the road. There were very few cars out that evening.

    On I 10 East the speed limit is 75 miles an hour. I was doing about 65 to 70 MPH in the far right lane. I heard the impact. It happened so fast. It made the car rock and was very real. Immediately I looked at the windshield to see if it was cracked. It wasn’t. There was no flash of light when it happened, just the feeling of being struck and the sound of the impact. At the time I just thanked God for His protection. It was scary on that dark night. I was tired and it was too much for me to deal with. I surmised that my guardian angel had stopped it from hurting the car or me. Funny thing though I heard it hit, thought I saw a bumper fly up at me, impact and shake the car. I did say, What was that Lord?!

    So, my point is, maybe your guardian angel did the same for you.

  11. Linda B

    M99, oh my Lord. You just confirmed a thought. I had after logging back in to check comments. I want to post this now so hopefully you will see it but check my next comment.

  12. Linda B

    Ok. This is for whoever has an open mind and M99 above. I had a period of time in my life when there was so much turbulance. Were talking family in ICU and, unrelated, a terrible car accident where a young girl passed. One of the things that I did at that time was pray and ask God to put angels in my home. I never expected to see one but I did, it went into my sons room and when I approached I saw a glimmer of light in his room. I always wanted to share this with Wes but wasn’t sure how and now it’s all coming out. What I was experiencing was the power of God being so much powerful than the power I was also seeing from the enemy, or the devil if you will.
    In the process, I saw a glimmer of light in my son’s room up against the wall. Because there were also demonic entities in that house, and i was casting them out in the name of Jesus (why sasquatch run from the name of Jesus).
    I am not doubting this guest’s story, just trying to place the figures in the sequence of events. My remark about getting beamed up was a guess, but I like M99 saying that above about a protecting angel because that is what they do, and send messages. I think the glimmer of light jn this episode was the veil that separates this realm from the heavenly one. I didn’t figure this out until tonight and M99s post above confirmed it for me. Thanks all.

  13. William L

    Hey Wes,
    I am back again to finish watching the show. I fell asleep somewhere, not long after the show started, and missed it. Will find out how much in just a couple of seconds.


  14. Linda B

    Ok, something else freaky. SC Ep 438, “I hit it with my car”, Bo at the beach…….
    As I was SC surfing for additional shows to listen to tonite, I just “happened” to pull this old episode up to watch next by randomly selecting a number. Wow.

  15. Scott B

    These creatures must be inter dimensional.
    It sounds like you hit it right before it disappeared. His body is probably now damaged being on the other side or wherever he went to. I’d be freaking out.
    Thanks for coming on and telling us about it.

  16. Norita B

    Wes, man ~ I WISH we could hear even a third of the stuff you’ve heard but can’t share. Just mind boggling.
    Great show, great guest, amazing encounter.
    More please

    • m99

      That’s gotta be the cutest profile picture I’ve ever seen! I love animals,and really love it when they smile, laugh and giggle like your friend in the picture. What a hoot of a horse! You’re blessed.

  17. Daniel K

    This is so bizarre… Do Sasquatch jump plains of reality? I cannot imagine how that could happen, but sometimes it seems like the only explanation. It also makes me think that Sasquatch is have angelic helicopter parents that pull them out of this reality if they are about to get injured or killed.

  18. Jay R

    The guest talked a lot about the eyes and seems like a common occurrence how the Eyes of The Bigfoot invoke such awe and sometimes terror into the witnesses. Sounds like a great title for a really creepy Bigfoot flick; “The Eyes of Bigfoot”.

  19. joey-joe

    Somebody’s probably already said this but that light he’s talking about sounds like the same kind of light that people see in orbs the way they don’t light up the area around it and we know about the thinking around orbs and sasquatch,the part that confused me was that there was blood but no damage to the car the whole encounter is brilliantly strange, great show and thanks for sharing your experience doug????????

  20. fausto m

    Bravo. Bravo.
    Great episode.
    Nothing can be taken away from this Witness description of his encounter.

    Thank you very much for sharing. And thank you Wes for being such a great interviewer.

    Just just goes to show that there is something out there and it’s real.
    I love Sasquatch Chronicles. It is the pinnacle of sharing the unknown .

  21. Evelyn L

    Many ancient civilizations around the world have stories about celestial beings, “gods,” “star people,” and other ‘out there’ entities that came to this planet and had offspring by human women. This offspring always had some super human traits about them. The stories vary but the basis of the story is the same. Even the Greeks had such stories. Having offspring by a “paranormal” entity is a PHYSICAL event!
    The people at Skin Walker Ranch saw physical entities coming into this realm through the veil or portals. Some of those creatures caused some very physical damage and yet when they were shot with high powered rifles it did not stop them and they eventually disappeared. They could not be tracked by very well trained human and dog trackers.
    What this man is talking about is nothing unheard of. It is not an everyday occurrence but it is not something that has not been witnessed in the past. These things seem to happen more often in areas where black magic or idol worship has occurred in the past. That kind of thing is known to open portals or make holes in the veil that often are not closed afterward.
    The “veil” is referenced by various civilizations and it is also mentioned in the Bible. It is not something that anyone can explain but apparently it is what separates us from the other realm.

  22. Robert M

    the worst thing about thins encounter is he tought the baby bigfoot that humans our not there friends , that sucks, if it were me I may have done the same , what an amazing experience , I appreciate it , thanks.

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