Jul 11

Bigfoot Odyssey: ‘Bigfoot scared me out of the woods’

Kris shares his encounter that occurred in Texas with the Bigfoot Odyssey.  Kris discusses growing up on this property that has been in his family over 100 years.

3 Responses to “Bigfoot Odyssey: ‘Bigfoot scared me out of the woods’”

  1. Jan F

    I Am sure that i have heard that voice before.
    And i know who
    Hes have been on before.

    Those creatures are design to Walk in deep forest.
    A snake cant biite the skin of this creature…abomanation .
    Remember its a GIANT …Bigfoot is to cute a name for this.
    They are old from the bible times./Karamera
    Thats my bellive.

  2. Jan F

    People ask why dont we see Them?
    Well after listen to more than 7-800 testemony you just know some things.
    Why do they have so huge lunges?
    Maby they live underwater in some CAVES in the water UNDERGROUND

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