Jun 25

SC EP:769 Wildlife Biologist Shoots Dogman

Matt writes “Back in 2019 I had an encounter and actually shot what I believe is commonly referred to as the Michigan dogman.”

Spoke to the Matt and he works for the government. He said he thought it was a huge wolf. He watched it from a distance and noticed it was stalking him. The witness decided to shoot it. He said “I know I hit it in the head. It shook like it had been hit hard in the head, that’s when the strangest thing happened. It stood up on two legs, like a man. I was in shock.”









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116 Responses to “SC EP:769 Wildlife Biologist Shoots Dogman”

    • Cathy S

      The thought that something can’t be a demon if it’s flesh and blood is inaccurate. When Jesus cast demons out he sent them into a herd of pigs. They can be paranormal and still flesh and blood.

  1. Linda B

    Here we go!! Uh oh, dogman! Oh boy! Yeah, probably not a black wolf!, right Wes??! Lol my brain was matrixing,trying to come up with answers that make sense. Congrats Marcia and have a great and safe weekend sasquatch family!!! Where’s Clifford? Jesse, hang in there!! THANK YOU WES!!!

  2. Whizbang

    Wow Matt you’re really cool headed, what I don’t understand 3 shots .45 1 in head 1 chest ? no blood, that’s not a normal flesh and blood creature, understand predators not doing anything to get harmed. What about three rounds of a .45, normal would be run away after the 1st to head. not stand up and face you take two more and wander off. That would be freaky scary !!!

    • Shannon R

      Reminds me a lot of Skin Walker Ranch… the story of the owner who shot a “Wolf” that was attacking his livestock, he shot it point bank in the head and that didn’t phase it one bit….. has to be some kind of dimension thing, who knows!

    • Shannon R

      Reminds me a lot of Skin Walker Ranch… the story of the owner who shot a “Wolf” that was attacking his livestock, he shot it point bank in the head and that didn’t phase it one bit….. has to be some kind of dimension thing, it’s there but nit really there, who knows!

  3. Mark R

    Great show! Matt, very shortly I will be in the Keweenaw Peninsula for two weeks with fishing gear and a 1911 in tow! The UP is a special place that I’m hesitant to brag about. It’s nice that it isn’t overrun with people.

  4. Sheila L


    Thanks for sharing your experience with Wes and us. Really appreciate it.
    [Go on and get back to your local parish. Many of us have not been the best Catholics over the years. Welcome to the club. He’s waiting for you. :^) ]


  5. Denise F

    Good show, thanks guys.
    No matter what, you’ll never convince me that these things aren’t created, controlled and or improved upon.


  6. Stiles H

    Matt, good shooting under duress ! It’s hard to understand why there was no blood trail. Speaking in generalities a 230 grain .45 ACP fmj (full metal jacket) round will have in the neighborhood of 800-900 feet per second muzzle velocity giving the round about 369 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. In other words, it would hurt. A lot. But it may not penetrate like a high power rifle round would. Too bad Matt did not have a rifle on him.
    Wes, in my opinion this is the most impressive guest you have had on. EVER. It’s very refreshing to hear an account from an intelligent person. I believe this account from start to finish. No speculation on alien involvement, satanic connections or “orbs”.
    I would like to ask Matt if he noticed paws or hands on the front legs since this is often reported. Otherwise, he covered it all pretty well. I agree that we have to come up with a better name than “dogman”. That name only hurts our credibility with the public and media. Werewolf doesn’t help much either. Anyhow, a great witness and a great account. Thank you Matt

  7. Cali H

    I wonder if Matt knows what the DNR tells the Game Wardens about Sasquatch and what the DNR tells the GAME wardens to say to people who report encounters. Their new line should be, “if you have had an encounter, call Wes at SC..” Good for the traumatized witness, good for us.
    Great show; it goes from scary to mind blowing when a Wildlife Biologist has a dogman encounter.

  8. Janetta V

    Thank you Wes. Dogman is a strange thing. I feel like Bigfoot is part of the Nephilim gang. But dogman, I don’t have the same feeling, Much harder to kill, meaner, spookier, and some are seen in uniforms. Know what I mean Wes?

  9. Matthew J

    Matt, that was a great encounter. Your job makes the Dogman cryptid a lot more believable. If the first shot glanced it’s head, maybe that helps explain the head shake. I’m very surprised that the creature lived after 2 to the chest. I’d guess that it went off to die. If not, we have to at least consider a paranormal explanation.

    • Whizbang

      Agreed, a good tracking gps, feet on the ground, for three days, should have revealed a body. Finding spent bullets. Might have revealed a little dna, or parts of whatever it’s made of, with microscope, as it went through or pounded on head/chest. Since not found, stayed in (body) ? not far from encounter. With 150 game cameras in area you might have a clue from time stamp. Next time use arrow (evidence) followed by 2 clips of .45 when at body put few more in head.

  10. aleksandar c

    My friend is a cop in Alaska, he was telling me of having to shoot a dog (who was mauling an old lady) with two .45acp hydra-shok rounds and the dog barely acknowledged the rounds. The dog died 2 minutes later. But he was very surprised two .45acp hydra-shok rounds to the spinal column area didn’t drop a regular pitbull. Who knows what it takes to drop something like this creature.

  11. Evelyn L

    We have Black Bears that come into our area during the late winter/early spring months when they are first waking up and during the fall and early winter when they are fattening up for winter.. We live in the woods where houses are scarce but there is a country club/golf course down the road from us that has dumpsters that must attract them. Apparently we are on their route to those dumpsters. They are hungry when they first wake up during those late winter/early spring months and there is little food around. Anyway we feed birds and have small livestock. They never bother livestock but they want that feed. As long as you keep it locked up they can’t bother it but they can smell it.
    The Black Bears love that bird seed. They will come up right next to the house to raid those bird feeders. I mean they are not a foot away from the bedroom window.. I used to be terrified of them.but the reality is that they are kind of like giant squirrels. If me or my husband go out on the patio and start yelling and making noise they will take off running, but if they are really hungry they will come back after we go inside. Sometimes they will hide behind a tree (not very well) and peek out to watch and wait until we go inside. I would never walk up to one of them but most Black Bears want nothing to do with people. If they know you are there and are challenging them they will leave, even if they are hungry. The situation with a mother bear with cubs is something different. I would not go outside when a mother bear and her cubs are out there. So far we have not had that situation.
    Once food becomes more plentiful they go back to wherever they came from and the bird feeders and the garbage are left alone until the next feeding season begins. I feel bad for the bears. Their habitat has been invaded by humans and food is not as plentiful as it should be for them during those seasons. We can’t feed them though (although I don’t think that they have invented a dumpster that they cannot get into yet). If you feed them they will never go back to their regular habitat.

  12. Evelyn L

    I do not think that a wolf that stands up and walks on hind legs is a “natural animal.” I have a problem with any kind of creature that can take a bullet and not leave a blood trail and not be phased by the hit. I realize this guy is a scientist so he is trained to think in a certain groove and never look out of it but, come on, that is not natural! It may have a physical body but it is not part of our natural ecosystem just as the Sasquatch is not. I believe that they were all genetically engineered at some point, maybe long ago, it may be still going on. What do you think that those “aliens” are doing when they probe people and mutilate livestock and wild animals?? DNA. You think that is funny? Well, those flying objects that the military is now admitting to have been being sighted for thousands of years. None of this is new. It is just increasing.

    • Steven B

      ” I have a problem with any kind of creature that can take a bullet and not leave a blood trail and not be phased by the hit.”

      Feral hogs can do just that. Due to matted hair and body fat interfering with blood loss, it is possible to shoot one and have it not leave a blood trail.

  13. keith c

    I just can’t buy into the whole Dogman phenomenon. The physiology of the animal just doesn’t make sense to me. Canines do not walk on two legs, like Wes said “they can’t” I am not calling Matt a liar at all. I am just not convinced in the the existence of these cyripteds.

    • Adam C

      I’m with you Keith, completely. I can’t make biological or evolutionary sense of this, therefore greatly struggle when listening to these encounters. Matt is beyond credible. My BS meter does not light up whatsoever. His story, education, and experience are all quite impressive and deserving of critical inquiry. If real, troubling to say the least, but the reality would be that they have been around for a very long time, I’d think anyway. Who knows? Fascinating, regardless.

    • Clifford B

      I’m with you .
      My old boss was a judge who has been interviewed here and everywhere as he has gone on a retirement campaign since he left the bench a few years ago … Then he started his own podcast … I’ve talked to many folks in our area about it , and I’ve gathered some disheartening info to be nice .
      That said, I don’t know if I’m going through a “Dahinden phase” or not , but I’m starting to not trust anyone or anything they say these days .
      How do they all survive brutal winters ?
      How do they procreate?
      My neighbor has a Robinson R44 Cadet helicopter, and we have spent around 40 plus hours over OH WVA Mi IA NY VA PA during the pandemic , and I’m telling you that it just does not seem likely .
      With all the subdivisions going up
      and constant development, there are fewer and fewer places to hide .And yes the bird has FLIR which would show heat signals under ground No ?
      I’ve gone from full fledged believer to being embarrassed that I was .

    • Michael V

      Hey Keith I don’t think anyone is trying to convince you or anyone else of their existence one way or the other. You have to draw your own conclusion. One thing for sure, Matt shot that thing three times with a 45. it did not kill it and it left the area. It is what it is and does not leave a person with a warm and fuzzy feeling.
      I’m an ex police officer and carry a 40 caliber mp shield with me wherever I go. I’m fully aware of the power Behind these handguns. There have been other police officers shoot these things and they don’t seem to go down or if they do they go down and get back up. It is spooky and a little scary for anyone that has any common sense. Just the way it is.
      Mike V
      Ps Matt a great job and a cool head. Keep up the good work and God bless you as you move through your career

      • Clifford B

        In Los Angeles I saw a dude on PCP take 10 rounds from a 40 caliber and he just kept running like Carl Lewis into the night .
        I never got the disposition of the event .

  14. STEVE W

    Crazy story,,, Everyone acts diffrent when scared, I probably would have emptied my 45, Over 100 game cameras
    means the guy has piles of money, That is a ton of batteries, I just watched a video of a reported dogman
    If that was a real dogman in the video, I definitely would have emptied the 45 and started retreating
    If it was fake, Someone needs to be in Hollywood, Because you can see the face start to scowl

  15. richard r

    weird why theirs only a few dogman stories but so many bigfoot sightings. what if they are territorial and stay away from each other.im on the fence . i want to believe but i need more evidence.

  16. jennifer g

    Thanks witness for sharing, so interesting💐
    SteveQuayle has been saying they are both very physical and otherworldy, ethereal etc….etc… for over 35 yrs.
    Overlapping dimensions.

  17. Craig T

    I have a question for the Biologist… what are your thoughts regarding the creature raising up and exposing it’s vital organs to more shots down range, AFTER you already shot it? Thanks guys, great episode Wes!

  18. Laura M

    Great show Wes. The bear you’re talking about was actually from NW New Jersey. You are right that it’s front paws were injured so it had to walk upright. It was a small, thin bear that became a neighborhood fixture. Poor thing was shot by a bow hunter who lured him in with an apple.

  19. Douglas K

    YOOP! 906 ❤! That is some remote and beautiful forest. Brunos Run being one of the most scenic mtb rides I’ve been on. I swear my last time their I looked at my brother and said you know what that was don’t you, a woman in white. Just a simple, seemingly normal, yet odd run in near trail head parking lot. 😀

  20. Eric

    Awesome episode! I’ve lived in the UP my whole life, was just thinking about picking up a .45 for woods carrying but now I don’t know… Guess I’ll stick to 12 gauge for now ha… Thanks so much for sharing Matt!

  21. Bonnie I

    Matt’s encounter is very believable to me. For anyone who is interested in possible ancient connections. The Lion-Man carved figure found at the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave system in Germany was determined to be 35,000-40,000 years old and possibly used for Shamanistic purposes. There are pictures of this object online. Looks to me to be a good candidate for the likeness of an ancient “Dogman”. Also the “Cropped Eared Dog” of Arthurian lore also fits the bill as far as I can tell. There was also the Old English word “healfhuningd” and “halhuhngd” in a version of old Chinese that both meant: an ape with a dog’s head, the dog headed Anubis or a kind of “wild man”. Thanks Wes great interview!

  22. theresa m

    Wes, Matt! Great show. I appreciate every witness that comes on to share because that means we listeners can then pass on the information we learn to help keep loved ones in the woods safe. I think Matt hit it right on the head when he said that he thinks this creature was just passing through and saw Matt as an easy meal. I’m not puzzled by the lack of

  23. theresa m

    blood or the lack of the spent shells on the ground. There have been other encounters where creatures were shot at and hit with bullets but it seemed like the creatures were not phased. Could have a really tough skull and with thick hair and skin, a bullet might penetrate the hair and stop at the skin. Kind of like kevlar stops a bullet. Speaking to the videos of the dogs walking and running around on two feet because their other legs are missing … people have learned to eat, paint and do all sorts of every day activities with their feet and we aren’t meant to do that either but all living things adapt. At any rate, good luck to you, Matt. Stay safe.

  24. Andrew S

    My observations as a former Michigander and current Cheesehead that regularly travels through the UP to get to the northern lower- Not many subdivisions going up in the UP. All kinds of area for anything to hide up there. Thanks for coming forward with your story Matt. Not just strange stuff going on in the UP, but also in the lower peninsula of Michigan as well. Stay safe.

  25. todd g

    So he thinks these things tapped into a part of their brain that makes them bullet proof? They’re demonic! Angels have bodies, yet they are supernatural, why wouldnt their hybrid kids have the same abilities?

  26. DALYNN P

    For everyone on here who said that he isn’t being truthful or not describing the characteristics of Bobcat “ears” or “black wolves” etc, correctly, I will tell you, as a retired Fed Gov Worker (US Forest Service), this guy is the real deal. I spent 30 years in a mostly non-office job (Primary/secondary Federal Wildland Fire Fighter) in a lot of states and have hunted for over 40 years, also in a multitude of states. I have run cats in Montana with dogs and bears in Wisconsin with dogs. I have harvested a multitude of herbivores and predator animals. Again, IMO, this guy is one of the best I have heard, here or other sites, for believability. But that is my opinion.

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