Jun 20

SC EP:768 Father’s Day Reloaded

I am taking time off today to spend with family. I want to wish all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day. I will return tomorrow night! I have a great show planned for you.

Enjoy the replay of Jessie and his encounter in CA from episode 722. Jessie writes “Dear Wes. Let me start off by saying that a few days before my Sighting I had just gotten news that they found a mass on my Kidney and the doctor thought it looked Cancerish. At this time I was only 33 and Wasn’t ready to die.

So to clear my head Loaded up my car with my 45 lbs pitbull, a backpack with some apples, a bog roll and some water. I also grabbed my 45. At this point I wasn’t sure where I was going, I just knew that it was somewhere up in the mountains. I drove up Highway 168 for about an hour. Pulled off to let my dog go potty. Once I got close to Shaver Lake. I turned off and started heading down an old logging road. About 4 miles up The Dirt road started getting a bit rough for my car. So I Pulled off the trail. and got my stuff together and decided to Hike the rest of the way. Still didn’t really have a plan on where I was going. Just knew I wasn’t ready to turn back yet. About an hour on foot the road became washed out.

There were a few Trees laying across the road. I checked for snakes before proceeding. Now my dog is not the best off leash but she knew not to wander too far. We hiked on for a few more hours. At this point it was about noon. I stopped and drank some water, gave my dog a biscuit and kept going. About 2 miles up the trail my dog stops dead in her tracks. Her hair raises on her neck and back and her tail goes between her legs. I can’t see or hear anything but she is staring at a manzanita bush 15 feet in front of us. At this point I assume it’s a bear. So I said Hey bear pretty loudly so I wouldn’t startle the animal in the bushes. This is when it Stood up and I could see it. It was a female thing. I could see only from just below her chest up. She was a strawberry blonde color. She just stood there staring at me. We stood there for a good min. Neither of us moved. That’s when my dog pees itself, and starts whining and whimpering. That’s when I heard a deep growl and hesitantly looked left to see a Very large Thing 200 yards up on the hill just staring at me and my dog. This thing starts coming down the hill towards us at a brisk pace. When it got about 100 yards from me. It picked up speed.

I did the first thing. I could think up I grabbed my dog and we curled into a ball. I could feel the ground thud with every step. Thud, thud, thud, thud, I knew that at this point it was too late for me to grab my Pistol so I shut my eyes tight and waited to be snachted up. The last Thud before I peed my pants was 5 or so feet from us. Then the next thud was further and then a bit further away. I layed like that till the thuds stopped. About a min. goes by and I built up enough courage to look up and I see him standing next to the female. He dwarfed her. She came up to about his upper abdomen. He is just staring me down. As I shift my weight my dog gets loose and takes off in the other direction at a full sprint. I knew I was in trouble. I slowly started to reach back and that’s when the large male started to growl. I pass my gun on my hip and his growl starts to soften. I pulled out a Gold and delicious apple out of the side pocket of my pack In hopes that if i gave them food they may not eat me. I rolled the apple towards them. and it stopped about 2 feet in front of them and he didn’t even look at it.

He’s eyes are looking at me. The female squated out of site behind the bush and next thing I know an arm reaches out from behind the bush grabs the apple. Next thing I know she stands back up and puts the whole apple in her mouth. That’s when the large male made a chuffing sound and they both turned and walked off. I layed there for a good 5 min before I got up. As I slowly got to my feet now in wet pants. I walked to the bush and stood where they were at. I couldn’t see over the bush. I’m five foot eight and it was a good 6 to 8 inches taller than me. When the larger one was behind the bush he was wider than it. It had to be a good 4 foot wide. Behind the bush I found a little puddle of blood. At this point I started to hear something in the bushes back down the trail. I thought they were coming back to get me so I pulled my gun and out of the bushes popped my dog. Her tail was wagging and she was her same old self. We Jogged the rest of the way back to the car and we Jumped in and flew down that mountain. When I got home my wife asked how your trip was. I went straight into the bathroom, locked the door and sat in the shower for an hour trying to figure out what I saw. It took me several days before I could even talk to her about it. She begged me to take her up there. I wanted no part of going back. I stopped going into the woods for a while after that. I knew what I saw but I didn’t know who to talk about it with. My wife talked me into renting a cabin up in a shaver. The following Jan. We had some strange things happen up there on that trip. Sense then I won’t go into the woods alone or after dark. I know what you are probably thinking reading this. I thought I was crazy for a long time. I even tried seeing a therapist about it. But it wasn’t until I started listening to your show that I knew I wasn’t the only one to have an encounter. Now I read every book and watch every documentary and listen to your show. But as much as I want to know the truth I am not sure I was to see one that close ever again.”








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76 Responses to “SC EP:768 Father’s Day Reloaded”

  1. Mike C

    I’m 12th, Happy Father’s Day Wes and all dads out there. Brunch at my daughter’s house, this morning, now ready to listen to this episode!!!!

    • Timothy D

      Appreciate so many of your insightful, uplifting and encouraging notes in this comment section, (and others).Both Linda B. and Steve B. and Lisa B., along with so many others who ride the wave of your good energy, provide a positive and balanced chorus for our dialogue of cosmic discourse.

      Such an important show last night, along with a few others of which we all have our favorites, which are beginning to shed more light on the role of the supernatural.

      Since the Enlightenment and Darwin et. al.,, we’ve been looking through the Scientific Petri Dishes as if they were the only Icons of revealed truth. As the scientific laboratory surpasses the sacred spaces of our collective worship, we have neglected the deeper truths residing in our fairytales, dreams and personal stories as the means of divine revelation.

      Those of us who gather and listen through our own great mediator and storyteller, Wes Germer, are forming an important community of men and women who hear the stories through our own unique and individual lenses. The comment section allows us a chance for dialogue in pursuit of truth, come whence it may and cost what it will. Thanks m99, for setting a kind #1 tone from the beginning:)

  2. Linda J

    What a FABULOUS Show!! I just LOVE listening to WES and his guests! When I fond your channel I was amazed!
    I look so forward to all your shows..This was one of the VERY BEST! I think I heard one once in my backyard. I lived at the time on top of a mountain along the high tensions. Makes me wonder….Ill continue to watch…xo

  3. Pete M

    Thanks Wes, hope you guys are having a better Father’s Day than me. My wife took my two boys and left. We met you in Houston on May 11, 2019. We sat at your table with Bob. Evening show. I was down to one eye then, lost the other one during the fifteen days to flatten the curve. So much for in sickness and in health. Guess we should change it to in health. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to twice a week, brother. Fan since 2014.

    • Linda B

      I’m really sorry to hear of your trouble. I would suggest a nice, friendly, Baptist church. Those people are like family and they woumd help you get to church, especially in a small town if u live close to one. as a side note, those gals are good cooks and the churches have lots of potlucks, the guys like to fish, you would have lots of support. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Scott B

      Pete, that is just straight up EVIL. My god woman, WTH!!! I’m sitting here with my jaw on the floor.
      Hate to say it, but karma is going to find her but good.
      So sorry to hear that brother, try to keep your head up. Something very positive is going to turn your way!😊👍

  4. Linda B

    HAPPY Father’s Day to all the dads out there! God bless you all. Hope you had a good weekend! Jesse, if you’re listening, thank you for sharing your story with us. You did l the right things in some very scary and tough situations. man, I probably wouldn’t have recovered from the first one and you overcame and went back out there. Glad you have sasquatch chronicles in your corner. Be safe.

  5. Stephen C

    Happy Father’s Day wes and too the rest of the sad cron family, hope it’s been a blessed day also for the single parent out there having to play both roles[ I’ve been there ]and deserve as much credit as anyone it can be a tough but a rewarding situation in the end.

    • Adam C

      Normal folks would say “here’s” a golden delicious apple, not “hears.” Since we’re being critical or at least Seinfeld comedic and all.

  6. James H

    Seinfeld could make a great episode of of this. If it’s true thank goodness he is ok and yadah yadah yadah! But most likely it’s an exaggerated account that Seinfeld could have a field day with 😂😂😂

  7. Matthew J

    Really a heroic act to cover your dog while a monster is headed straight for you. Why does science demand a body? The famous Gigantopithecus only has half a jaw bone and a hand full of teeth. Everything else is guess work.

  8. theresa m

    Loved listening to this again, Wes and Jesse. Happy Father’s Day to all. Jesse, your first encounter was terrifying and you did handle yourself so well. Guess, humans can’t have everything. We take the woods and build cities and push everything back. Then, we go into the woods for relaxation and this is where all the other living things reside. As far as the cabin incidents go. Holy Moly! I wonder what their intent was, as well. What would have happened if they had actually not just opened the door but came into the cabin? I wonder if you ever told the people you rented the cabin from that they need to warn people of what you ran into? Thanks, Wes and Jesse.

  9. Leann G

    Fantastic episode to replay! I have to point out that the door had been opened once on the trip so the next night maybe turning the knob was a distraction or scare tactic? Interesting that it was a turn around scenario where Jesse was there with his mate and they were made to feel harassed/ threatened.
    I hope Jesse recovered from what was going on with his kidney.
    Thanks Wes!

  10. Clifford B



    Take your Father’s Day and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine .
    I will never have kids because I never want to be the type of dad to a kid that my dad was to me .I’m damaged goods .
    Thanks dad.

    • m99

      @Clifford B ~ Gee man, I’m really sorry to hear that. I wish you peace anyway. My family is dysfunctional (was, most are deceased now), and I know some of what you mean. I decided to try to practice forgiveness, but still have to put down thoughts of negativity and look to the bright side. It is Not as easy as all that though, and I know it. Anyway, I’ll be thinking of you and lifting you up.

  11. Lisa B

    I have a theory about the eye glow. Hope I can explain it correctly. We hear so many say that the Sasquatch just stood there staring and their eyes glowed. I’m wondering if that’s a way of collecting data of their environment. Jessie said he saw it’s eyes change from black to a glow. I wonder if they’re going into a position of shutting down and starting up a collection of information. Like opossums have the ability to shut down and it’s involuntary, I wonder if Sasquatch have something similar. When the eyes glow, they’re recording what they’re seeing. Not sure if I’m explaining this right. Anyway, something is definitely going on during the eye glow.

  12. Nathen C

    This dude is in love with the young beautiful strawberry blonde bigfoot, with the Mongol nose… who is on her period. Can you blame him? He bribed the Daddy bigfoot with that tasty apple and now he is in! Hilarious.

  13. Stephen W

    Have listened to this again and I’m so angry at that insensitive psychologist or whatever he or it was.I would have complained to his governing state board.I hope he has a up close in your face Sasquatch event.What goes around comes around bud. Oh happy belated father’s day Wes Germer!

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