Apr 30

SC EP:753 Unexplained Mysteries And Encounters

Tonight I will be speaking with John, he comes to us from Texas. John and has family own a large amount of land. John said “We have all sorts of odd and strange things happen on that property.

I thought we had poachers and what I saw was not a man.” I will be back on Sunday for the members I have a great show for you guys.

Also I will be playing the Jumping Space And Time story. “I didn’t believe in time travel or teleportation until it happened to me. I flew through the heart of the Bermuda Triangle before I’d even heard the term. Skeptics have dismissed the Triangle as a nonmystery, but they weren’t in my airplane when the fog surrounded my craft and I leaped ahead 100 miles. I documented what happened and memorized every detail of that flight.” – Bruce Gernon






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111 Responses to “SC EP:753 Unexplained Mysteries And Encounters”

    • Steven W

      Sorry but this is the first episode I call out as nonsense. What HASN’T this guy run into on his family property?? He’s a freaking crypto zoology encyclopedia at this point! Sasquatch, UFOs, demons, ghost dogs, stairs in the woods etc. What’s next? The Loch Ness monster in the bass pond? Cmon Wes. Do better screening people like this. It’s insulting to your members and audience.

      • STEVE W

        Unfortunately I beleive in the very least , He beleives what he is saying , I have stories that very few would beleive , That is unless it happened to them , And when I do share stories and someone says BS , I am actually happy for them , Blissful Ignorance is a great thing , Always having doubt is a great thing , I hunted 35 years , All over Southern Ohio , I never seen a BF untill Sept 2020 , Now I am screwed when I go to the woods , I did not want to know for sure , Now I do and it’s not a good thing

      • Johnathan H

        I really don’t appreciate you calling my or my family liars. I spoke nothing but the truth. About the stairs, I never said I saw them, I said it was odd my cousin asked me about a very niche topic. What could I have possibly stood to gain by spending my time telling a bunch of lies on air? I mean really.

        • Joel g

          Hey, just wanted to point out I totally agree with your theory about demons posing as Bigfoot to prop up the lie of evolution, etc. Where you get it wrong is in thinking the peaceful sightings aren’t also demons. Demons don’t have to frighten unless they choose to. The peaceful gentle giants do more to deceive than any other form of sighting because they make Bigfoot seem like a real animal vs a monster. “Ghosts” are also demons playing dress up to deceive by seeming like dead loved ones.
          There may be a flesh and blood abomination leftover from the genetic tampering between apes and fallen angels, that may be the empty vessel demons can posess and where they even got the idea to also manifest as Bigfoot. Tulpas are also demons taking the form of whatever scary character the public is fascinated by.

      • Christopher A

        I’m guessing that Once the adjoining property had some kinda satanic activity there need it it exercised, once that door is opened everything he mentioned plus some is possible. I’m glad Wes had him on, it keeps the all the possible big foot factors relevant. Texas has the most irregular behavior for the reports. Texans don’t lie about stuff like this if it is something you are a custom to up there then I understand your conclusion. It’s simply a highly peculiar land with highly peculiar activity.

  1. Robert C

    Hello Wes love your show I listen to it religiously…I live in Saskatchewan, 🇨🇦.. there’s been a few sightings in these parts (north of prince Albert) never seen anything personally but know people that have. Anyways keep up the great work!

  2. richard r

    ive heard of the “stairs” before in the woods. it came from “creepy pasta” which are mostly ghost stories that just that stories. the rest i believe which this man said. really fascinating stuff ,never get tired of it.

  3. Brian L

    Anyone else believe….think…..feel…. that squatches ain’t entirely from Earth…… Maybe dropped off here… and there… in ‘our’ forrest’s as a vacation from the stale mothership….. P.S., I’m commenting on Friday night…

  4. Venzulo

    Hey Wes, never apologize for going off-topic to present us with the unexplained, great stuff! I could listen to John any day over a Todd Standing type droning on about DNA and midtarsal breaks. I also loved the intro, that story is 100% legit and fascinating.

  5. Doug K

    WOW!!! Great program tonight Wes!!! Thanks for coming on tonight John!! Really scary stuff man!!! That stuff would frighten the hell out of me. Damn!!! YEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  6. Jay Carlsen

    Now isn’t it Fascinating that every time a Ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle – Another Person goes Missing in a National Park or Forest ?

    Or that the Red Eye on Jupiter is just about the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle is on the Earth ? ( Maybe bye a few degrees ? )
    Could this be Hyper Dimensional Physics at Work ? Whos to say ?

    ……… sitting in an enclosed Tent ? Firing any Gun means your Ears are about to have a bad Day. ( yet I TOTALY Understand )

    OH MY WORD ! When I was 12 years old my Father was angry with our Cat with had Scratched Him , and He worded it in a way that the Cat was out to get him. So He had me catch the Cat and we took it out side of the small Northwestern Michigan Town we live in and took it into the Woods and my Father shot that Cat – 6 Times ! And it laid there still , not Moving. I stood right over it , and it was not Moving.
    My Father told me to get in the Car , and we went Home.
    3 days Later that same Cat showed back up on our Porch with NOT A MARK ON IT ? It creeped my Father out so much , that He would not have anything to do with the Animal after that.
    We had that Flipping Cat for 4 more years. Until I watched it get run over by a car one day before School. ( I just thought that was Odd , what a Coincidence John ? )

    Oh Wess you are The MAN. The Sasquatch People disprove the Evolution Theory. ( Fore if these Feral People who have the “Pre-Human” Brains that all the Pre-Humans have – then they are all the same ) No Matter how Large the remains are. Same Brains – Same Mid Tarsal Break across Their Feet – Then they are the same.
    Now does Their Pre Human Brain allow these things to be more easily to have some foul thing the ability to Possess the Sasquatch People.
    Why do they appear to be Grey Aliens ? ( is this all they have been able to put together ? this Homunculus ? )

    Again GREAT SHOW !

  7. Keenan B

    The stairs in the woods are fiction, they were first written about on reddit a few years ago in r/nosleep. It’s a scary story subreddit. It was a story about a park ranger who saw them. His story became super popular because it took elements from David Paulides work.

    Even Dave in one if most recent youtube videos talked about the stairs being fiction.

    • bikridr

      I came across the reddit story initially because I searched some of my odd experiences one day.
      Not surprised the reddit story is fiction but I came across an odd stairset about 20 years ago while mountain biking, that had a weird vibe. We didn’t use it, though I was tempted to ride on it but didn’t. We made a mental note for future investigation. We went back to ride that trail a time later and it was gone. Maybe nothing but the entire vibe was different, it was as if we were remembering a dream but 3 of us saw it so we knew it wasn’t a dream.

  8. Nina P

    Thank you Wes for all you do. I think it would be great to listen in regards to additional paranormal shows other than Sasquatch’s once in a while. Have a great weekend all.

  9. STEVE W

    That was an interesting take of what BF could be,,, Funny thing is I have had close to the same thoughts,,, Demons can take any form they want, I have had some crazy spiritual encounters as well, Thank God I never seen one like the guest has, But I completely believe him only because of what I have seen, I never asked for or tried to seek anything out, Only to find out later someone played with a Ouija board in the home, And Wes you are wrong, If you challenge a demon, You lost your protection, While they cannot physically kill you like humans do, They can cause you to kill yourself

    • STEVE W

      I say this because one day one of these things followed me to work, I work heights and in the dark alone. I was 35ft in the air on a walk board, I heard something running up on me. I turned around with my flashlight to see this mass running straight at me,
      My reaction was to jump out of the way, As I started to jump over the handrail something in my mind yelled stop, I turned back around and the mass was gone, That is when I realized I was that high off the ground and I would have died and no one the wiser to what happened, They would have said he must have tripped and fell,,,

  10. Cristina J

    I love bigfoot, a lot but I also love the mystery, giants, skulls, little ppl shows too! I wish the haters would just skip the episodes they don’t like and not complain so we could have more of the strange shows too. If it’s the free ones nobody should complain lol. I’m just grateful for all the time Wes puts in to do shows for us

    • Donald P

      I like the other stuff you mentioned too, but too many people will complain if it isn’t 100% Sasquatch stories. Not all of the shows are home runs, so if I don’t like it I just tune out. No need to complain.

  11. Jacqueline K

    Johnathan thank you for sharing all of your encounters. You’ve added to the rich body of knowledge of the crypto world. It seems like your family’s property is a safe~haven for these creatures . Probably best to leave them alone. Thanks again. Be well.

  12. Robert P

    Great show! There’s no such thing as irrelevance when it comes to this subject. Strange sounds, time loss, strange lights, odd animal behavior…. etc. It’s all related Wes. You know it, and so do I.

  13. Frank A

    Universe is made of light and energy. That’s what it does. It emits energy in all forms. We might not be able to understand all of it but it happens. Interesting but not as captivating as “The Big Guy”.

  14. Cheryl Z

    Great show Wes! From a fellow Texan, thanks John! And I agree with you, some names are better not spoken. There are a few you won’t hear me say!!

  15. Lisa B

    Whew! I just got home from South Carolina and finally I have a chance to listen and get caught up! Hope everyone’s doing well! Thanks Wes!

  16. Tim N

    theory of evolution can be proven. god or faith is believing in the none provable. if god is such a loving god why does he allow children to die of starvation. if that is his plane or agenda he is a god of misery pain and death.

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