Apr 29

Sunday Night: A Scientist Shares Encounters

John will be my guest tomorrow night. John said “I am a scientist and have been for many years. As you can imagine in my line of work we do not talk about Sasquatch. I had a couple of encounters back in the 70’s.

One of my encounters was very strange. I was staying over with a friend and his family lived way out in the country in California. We were sleeping in his tree house one night. I woke up to this thing looking at me through the window. I did not know what it was.

I laid there in shock. This creature had entered the tree house and urinated on me. Soon after that it ran off. I thought it was a nightmare but it wasn’t. After this encounter, I heard the parents talking in private about the creature being back.

What does a scientist think Sasquatch is?

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  1. Jo M

    Just think about the internal struggle this person must have had trying to come to terms with what he knows to be true, and what he is able to share with his peers. I wonder if that’s one reason he gravitated to science as a career choice? This should be interesting! Can’t wait!

    • cynthia s

      Think outside the box. There is life that evolved on this planet that use their own internal sonar, create their own luminescence, can change colors and shape to blend in their environment, can lift 100 times their own weight, can survive in environments humans would die in. All this life inhabits this planet and that’s what we know about who knows what else is out there undiscovered.

  2. Jan F

    omg a man who stil bellive in the evolution.
    Il sit this over.

    Is funny that we just have leand to fly after billioner of year.

    The eath is not that old……Think about it billions?

  3. John A

    John I look forward to hearing about your encounter and your insights about classification within an evolutionary theory (s) framework. I agree the behavioral and physical adaptations are perplexing if not completely baffling. As Wes says there’s no wrong answer.

  4. m99

    Well there goes the neighborhood! Can you imagine, paying that Washington guy to build an ultimate treehouse, and a BF pees on you and runs away? Of course that was just me speculating. Looking for ward to this one.

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