Jan 10

SC EP:723 The Strange Light Phenomena

Will-o’-the-wisp appears in traditional legends of numerous countries and cultures; notable will-o’-the-wisp include St. Louis Light in Saskatchewan, The Spooklight in Southwestern Missouri, Marfa lights of Texas, the Naga fireballs on the Mekong in Thailand, the Paulding Light in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Hessdalen light in Norway.

Damien Nott will be my guest tonight. Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations) began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO’s. His goal is educate those who are interested in the phenomena, as well as those who may find themselves having had an experience or encounter of their own.


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96 Responses to “SC EP:723 The Strange Light Phenomena”

  1. Ric M

    I should post the story on here to Wes regarding a UFO visual encounter that my entire battalion got to see while we were in the field doing field training exercises at Camp Roberts with California National Guard.

  2. F S

    Thank you Wes! I’m not crazy about the whole lights/IFO thing – but I know it all intersects with “high strangeness”, so I appreciate this.

    And – it’s almost over. Thank God. What a flustercluck our homeland is.

  3. Matthew M

    Good one. Sasquatch is a slave/hybrid race that a different alien race drops off to complete tasks and then they pick them back up. Explains everything, particularly the seeming contradiction of a rather unsophisticated and large hybrid primate that is too elusive to be found. It’s not supernatural, it’s science beyond ours. Both the genetic hybridization and manipulation of dna plus air travel. If you showed an iPhone to someone 200 years ago, they would think it’s magic. Just my opinion, I have no evidence of course.

  4. Melissa P

    I was watching the show Fact or Faked, they did an investigation on the Spaulding Lights. They tried everything they could think of and could not debunk the light. Give been waiting to listen to this show Wes, thank you. You never cease to fascinate me!

  5. Leahpatra

    Saw one Friday night! Very tiny one. I went to get my dog off the deck into the cabin and it flew down from the tree above and out all the way across the meadow. It was not a lightening bug. The do not exists here. And it never blinked on or off.

  6. Barry R

    Hey Wes ( and everybody else for that matter), I posted some game trail video with odd lights in the FB group if you want to check them out. Even though we’ve had some what ibelieve to be Squatch activity on our property and surrounding area for awhile now I’m not sure about them .on one hand I keep thinking theres some ratiinal explanation on the other hand I keep hearing about lights or orbs going along with cryptids. The lights dont seem to move much but they’re there at night and not during the day. More details with the posts if your interested. I’m Barry Preston Robinson on the FB group

  7. Pamela J S

    Really interesting program. There are so many strange things on this Earth that need looking into. Thanks for sharing. Would like to hear more, as I believe it’s all connected.

    • schlad

      Thanks guys, amazing show, I Loved that he knew something was wrong, because the Woman in black was physically attractive hahaha..
      I would trust a real person before any gov body, when I need info I find out the official ‘story/Lie’ and flip it! Our system is the exact opposite to the Truth, always, 100% of the time, makes it simple really 😉
      Love and Peace for everyone.

  8. David L

    I’m an Aussie, from Orange NSW, living in Ireland now. What a lovely surprise to hear my home town talked about in my favourite podcast! There’s Yowie out there too… Hence why I’ve been mildly obsessed with the topic my whole life.
    As adventurous kids my mates sister walked ahead and came to a dead sheep. What she thought was a bear crouching over it (the are no bears in oz), stood up, covered in hair, and ran off into the tree covered creek area. We heard the screams and set chase, but found nothing.
    Now I’m hearing there are the lights? Defo a connection there!

  9. Amanda V

    Has this gentleman, ever had a DNA test done? Very interesting show Wes, I would love to see his video footage, that he spoke about along with his photos…great show thanks

  10. Chris I

    Great episode Wes! I usually don’t say anything about the music selections cuz it’s not my podcast, BUT, wow! Normally when you have new music on the outro I picture you sitting back with your shades on just chillin’. This music conjured images of you in ballet tights and toe shoes!!! ???? Please don’t put me through that again!???? #cringeworthy

  11. Leann G

    Fantastic Invterview! I had already seen Australiens and think this interview was better! Damien is very humble and open and enjoyable to hear his experiences.
    Thanks Wes !

    • Tracy L

      In 1980, when I was a sophomore in college at the University of Austin, Texas, I had an out of body (OBE). Right before it began, I heard 3 loud knocks above my head. I then began to rise up from my body lying on the bed. My soul, spirit, or the part of me that was rising up, was in the shape of my body, but it was composed of brown and white round balls of light, about the size of a ping pong or golf ball, rapidly vibrating back & forth. Every time I hear about the balls of light, I think back to my OBE, and I wonder if there’s a connection. Can’t wait to check out his website and videos.

  12. Linda B

    Damien mentioning all these different entities being related really strikes me in connection with the age old fight between good and evil, them being evil. I have thought that sasquatch could be evil, like an ancient race that succumbed to evil and certainly capable of doing evil things or be used by evil for evil. I think that’s why when people on and off this show have used the Name of Jesus during incidents have found rescue every time. Lastly, I think the more you have to do with evil, the further open the door into the evil realm is opened. Evil is real and it may be fascinating but is it healthy? I hope I never have to leave this forum but associating with evil in any way seems negative. The original film of Patty being a cryptic and the curiousness of that leading to an understanding of an evil being, shows how much knowledge we have now, whether thise Patty types are physical creatures or physical creatures capable of being paranormal. If its paranormal, we may never know the truth of what they are this side of heaven.

  13. Matthew J

    Very interesting guest and show.I can listen to hundreds of cryptid/UFO topics and come away without really a thing. In fact, I often have more questions than I did before listening to the show.

  14. Clifford B

    Thanks for this one Wes.
    It makes more sense out of story’s I heard from a relative of mine that worked out of the U.S. Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) based out of Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

  15. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes. Thanks, Damien. I’ve watched Australien Skies on Prime. Great stuff. I’ve mentioned this before that four of us were in a party boat in the middle of a lake in Maine three Augusts ago on the last weekend of the Perseids Meteor Shower. It was a Friday night and we four have been looking at the night sky up there for over 30 plus years since our children were small. We have seen lots of things up there but on this night something that looked light a soft white glowing object akin to a round bathroom light moved toward us. I am not good with distances and it was large but not huge. The light did not shine outwardly. It glowed from within only and did not cast light toward anything around it. It was approaching us in a downward and angled descent when it suddenly stopped, flipped from the shape it was to a pinpoint and shot up into the sky like a bullet until it disappeared. We immediately put the boat into the dock area and went in for the night. We did not feel afraid but our friends did not want to talk about it.

  16. Luis C

    I am so interest in Bigfoot and not so much about the lights or UFOS , but if they have a connection I am ok with it !
    But what I am not ok with is ! The BUll S , that ti be a credible person you need to a police men a fire fighter , a pilot , an astronaut , an engineer , a dancer at the BOLCHOI ballet , a Marine , a West Point cadete . What about q simple honest person , A lot of the other people mention before not are necessarily 100%. Honest people , I was raise to be honest and never lie , and that has been my priority throughout my entire life . I do not lie ; . It seems to me that is another cookie cutter white stablishment invisible enforce white cultural BS to keep having control on the world . Use everywhere , Banks , credit , criminal charges , You name it ! Seems to me that we have a lots of things to change in the mentality of entire societies , like whites always playing the victims . That crap needs to go , we need to start changing pattern , crap is being used to cause other countries , and to stop using excuses to start unnecessary wars . Like the one already cooking with China .

  17. Luis C

    Even credibility has been hijack by white culture ! You need to certain somebody to be true ! Starting in the highest of courts . What a “ A”master plan , Maybe UFOs are fair people , now studying and keeping an eye on United States Australia , Germany , Canada , Germany . The not so Great Britain . All getting ready to make China pay for a money Grudge , from a CASINO game we lost to them , that ourselves thought them HOW TO play .

  18. Meesha F

    the lights I seen kinda close to New Orleans Airport glowed very incandescent looking like a candle too! so much different than other encounters I hear but there were 3 but the way they moved and glowed were definitely not anything of this world that we usually see.. I wish I had sent them to people as something happened to that phone and I don’t have the video anymore ????

  19. Meesha F

    Luis C you need help.. I don’t believe people based on color or community standing and never met anyone else who does either.. sad that you have to say that to make yourself seem more credible though lol maybe it’s you and your attitude not your color or background that makes people not want to listen to you ever think of that?

  20. Michael H

    Once your eyes are opened and you see the reality of the nature of our world, that we live in a realm and not on a planet, suddenly everything written in the Bible makes sense.

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