Jan 10

Tonight’s Show: The Strange Light Phenomena

Will-o’-the-wisp appears in traditional legends of numerous countries and cultures; notable will-o’-the-wisp include St. Louis Light in Saskatchewan, The Spooklight in Southwestern Missouri, Marfa lights of Texas, the Naga fireballs on the Mekong in Thailand, the Paulding Light in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Hessdalen light in Norway.

Damien Nott will be my guest tonight. Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations) began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO’s. His goal is educate those who are interested in the phenomena, as well as those who may find themselves having had an experience or encounter of their own.

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  1. m99

    ~ I like those cute little green tree frogs that come out after it rains. ???? Sorry it’s snowing there Denise, but glad you’re not bummed. It’s not snowing in the valley, but I’m sure it’s snowing in the mountains and at elevation. It’s raining, surprise, surprise! Anyway, hi Denise. Hi Chris. Hi Michael. Hi Ben H. and Hi FS! But, where is Lisa B?

  2. Kathy K

    Even if you don’t catch Sunday’s show on Sunday evening you can always listen to it on Monday while you’re having your morning coffee, that’s what I usually do as it makes Monday a little bit smoother and easier to deal with. Have a Wonderful week Sasquatch fans see ya Friday night! ( smile)

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