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SC EP:708 It Looked More Human Like

A listener writes “I was born and raised in Lee County AL. One morning on the way to work in about 2008 I saw a Bigfoot standing in a pine thicket. It was about eight feet tall and looked like a hairy human. Didn’t look animal like to me but more human like.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I grew up in Alabama hunting and fishing and I have never seen anything or heard anything regarding Bigfoot. The state had just clear cut this area where I saw this thing. I have been camping, hunting and fishing in this area. I never believed in Bigfoot and I was in shock looking at this creature. It looked like a huge hairy human, it looked at me and I looked at it. It wasn’t a bear and it wasn’t a human being. I would say it looked more human like.”







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80 Responses to “SC EP:708 It Looked More Human Like”

    • Cathy S

      Woohoo. A guy who believes like me!! Yes the government does not want us to believe the Bible is true. It’s a spiritual world and the spirits of this world hinders people from knowing the truth. I’m sure bigfoots are descendants of the nephillium and are tied in to the ufos and aliens. Satan’s plan to deceive the world.

  1. Annalisa H

    Thanks Wes! You are appreciated more than I can put into words. I miss the Northwest so much these days, please take a nice deep breath of that cold rain filled air for me. (I say cold because I live in Texas now) lol ❤️Sending love to you and yours❤️

  2. Denise F

    At Thanksgiving dinner, I’m gonna remember to name Sasquatch Chronicles as something I’m very thankful for, lol.

    Maybe throw in Wes…..don’t want to freak everyone out tho ????

  3. Jon V

    That’s one of the reasons I love this podcast so much. The quality of production is so good. The perfect southern song, for a great southern drawl. Aces on that Wes.

    • Gary H

      Because they have absolutely nothing to look forward to in their bleak and boring lives and it gives them 30 seconds a fame. It would be most intelligent if they followed with an interesting comment related to s.c. Besides thanking Wes when he should thank us for spending $70 bucks a year. If sc wasn’t so addictive.

    • Heather r

      Yes! I did not become a Christian until I realized that the extra dimensional entities spoken of in the Bible are real.
      After being a new Ager for 40 years I had so many questions that are now answered. This guest nailed what I believe Sasquatch truly are. Saying a prayer for you????????

  4. DeAnn A

    There was a woman from broken arrow ok who was hiking in Arkansas that described the one that she saw as chocolate brown. The one I saw was lighter brown. No reddish tints to it. Just light brown. Good show guys thanks for sharing! Yes there’s a lot of them out there!

  5. cynthia s

    Great show! Humans have such a narrow scope of what reality is. We go by what we know and that is primarily from what we’ve been told. We think we know all the creatures that exist and share the planet with us. It makes us feel a little safer because the unknown is scary. We don’t want to know what could be lurking in the dark. And yet we know we’ve explored only five percent of the oceans. There are great areas of land that are basically unexplored and/or uninhabited by humans. Scientists discover new species every day. Mostly plant and insects. If there are undiscovered species of any kind, there is the possibility of unknown mammals including Sasquatch and even different species of Sasquatch, perhaps hybrids who display different behavior and looks. Our own species is very varied as far as looks and culture which affects our behavior. To actually believe unknown species of animals both on land and in the oceans can’t exist is naive at best and ignorant at worst. It’s like what you said, the Government wants to dummy us up. Who knows why, to control us or because they have their own agenda in what they are doing to other species such as Sasquatch. Look what they do to us, the military has experimented and treated soldiers and other unfortunate people like guinea pigs in many secret experiments. There are FOIA government documents admitting to such experiments. I don’t know which would be more frightening to me, coming face to face with a Sasquatch or a target of a military black project. I think I’d take my chances with Sasquatch.

  6. dan F

    Great show Wes! Don’t comment often but I like this guy and I think he’s spot on with the government wanting reason to hide it. I’d love to sit and talk with him in person. Again another great show! Merkal would be proud of you…lol

  7. Jay T

    Thomas is a smart, salt of the earth guy who is also atune to these creatures’nature, including the accuracy of the Ketchum DNA study and supernatural being. Governments and the early Churches of Judaism and Christianity have hidden the truth of giants, sasquatch, and evil hybrid beings because it doesn’t fit their narrative of what people can handle. Cynthia, I’d take my chances with sasquatch over the government any day-all 8 foot tall and three feet wide of him or her. Also, I’d love to be a hunting buddy with a guy like Thomas. Thanks Wes for another great show and my recurring subscription.

  8. Matthew J

    Thomas is a lot like me in most of his beliefs. Wes came up with an excellent point of making bodies of giants disappear. I heard that policy began in the 1800’s with an evolutionist who was in charge of the Smithsonian. That comes real close to hiding sasquatch bodies.

  9. Jay Carlsen

    Wooooooooo Hooooooooo !
    These things are Esau as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah. I have found this when reading where Isaac was giving Esau that empty Blessing , when Isaac told Esau ” Behold , your Dwelling the Fatness of the Earth , and of the dew of the Heavens from above.”
    When the question formed inside my Head ‘ when was the last time you seen Bigfoot standing in line at Mcdonalds ? ‘ …. and you know ? I never have seen Bigfoot standing in line anywhere ( I seen a 10 foot tall Gorilla in a Christmass Tree Field in the summer of 2000 )
    So I went backward in the Story to where the Children struggled in the Womb and Rebekah was troubled and went before the Lord HIMSELF and asked ” Why am I thus ? ” And the Lord said unto Her “‘ TWO NATIONS ARE IN YOUR WOMB , AND TWO MANNER OF PEOPLE SHALL BE SEPARATED FROM YOUR BOWELS ; AND THE ONE PEOPLE SHALL BE THE STRONGER THAN THE OTHER PEOPLE; AND THE ELDER WILL SERVE THE YOUNGER. ‘” And I was very intrigued ! Because the Sasquatch People are NO QUESTION the Stronger than Modern Humans are. ( Physically )
    Every time we hear of Multiple Young , it is always only 1. And they are described as being of the same Hair Color and markings.
    And it goes on to say the First came out red , all over like an Hairy Garment. ( …… And don’t these things have a dominant Red Hair Strain in Their DNA ? )
    The Sasquatch People are the Cunning Hunters ( not because they Hunt , but HOW They Hunt )
    The Sasquatch People do eat Venison ( I Believe if you have a healthy Deer population ? Then chances are……. )
    The Sasquatch People do live in the Field – when Modern Humans live in Structures ( Just as Jacob was a Dweller of Tents )
    The Sasquatch People do eat Their meat raw
    The Sasquatch People do emit a Foul Odor ( just like Esau’s Housecoat )
    And they do live off the Fat of the Earth and drink from the Dew of the Heavens from above
    The Sasquatch do have the Dominant Presence. ( Because when Jacob heard of His Brothers Approach ? He was SCARED ! )
    And this is in answer to everything it says in the Book of Genesis that tells us that Esau was the Sasquatch People. And with only this I was Pretty Sure of my little Theory ( that is not Mine – as I have heard the Elderly call these things Edomites before. Only at the time I never even gave it a second Thought. )
    But then about 5 years ago I found this Denomination of People who tried to convince me that I was of Esau’s Lineage because of my European Heritage ! ( Which is Silly as I am Danish and not even a Hebrew ) And it was this Denomination of People who told me of the Book of Obadiah ! And Yes ! Now I am Certain that Esau is the Sasquatch People ! Because the Sasquatch People are small in number Compared to the Great Nations of Modern Humans today ; and They are Greatly Despised ( Because These things are Cannibals )
    The Sasquatch People do live in the High & Rocky Places , and Low & Behold they DO Have a Connection to the Demon Craft
    who we call U.F.O’s Today.
    And the thing that Nails the Sasquatch People as Esau ( for me ) is the Sasquatch People will never deplete a Food Source. But They will always leave a Few to repopulate the Food Stock for the next Time they are Through the Area.( Obadiah verse # 5 )
    And how they will be searched out & Their Hidden things will be sought up ! ( Yet to happen at this time. As it has been Foretold by a Tribe of Native Americans from Northern California , that these things will be revealed to the Public at large just before the end of the World. )
    There is NONE Understanding in them. ( Because of they carry the 27% Extra Grey Matter of Their Pre Human Brains that controls our long Term Memories ! ) And isn’t that Fascinating ? Because this is in the lower – back of the Skull Cavity. Which is why they have a Conical Forehead. ( …… well some of them do I Believe. The One I seen did that is certain )
    And this part of the Brain that carries the the Extra Grey Matter that is responsible for our Long Term Memories ! This is why they have the Sloping Forehead ! Because it has been Theorized that these Feral People are Born already knowing what Food is good to eat , and where to look to Find It ! All from the Collective Memories from BOTH Parents ! ( and isn’t THAT Fascinating ? )

    [ My disclaimer is that I have never read the Bible from cover to Cover before , ….But I have poured over a Standard Measure Crap Ton of Material about the Sasquatch People ! ( and YES ! I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express before ! ) But when I found this was just around the Time that I made the Connection to the 10 foot tall Gorilla I had seen – and the Bible.
    And I took it to my Friends Father as they are Ojibwa ( and the Native Americans are the Experts on the Sasquatch People ! Especially the Lahcota. ) And He told me that I was right ON the Money !

    • Lisa B

      @Jay I always enjoy your theories on Sasquatch and Esau. I too have wondered about it. I believe Sasquatch has a long tie into the Bible. It is fascinating! But I sometimes think too, they come from the Nephilim and the corruption that was upon the earth at that time. As if an unholiness is about them. Why do they scream and run when the word Jesus is spoken? So much to think about.

      • Jay T

        Hi Lisa, my view is just an opinion or theory just like all of us and I’m in no way certain. I’m hoping that the sasquatch are overall a force for good.

      • Jay Carlsen

        ……. I have been listening for someone to mention one of these things having a 6 Fingered Hand ? Or double rows of Teeth ? But I have yet to hear it.

        And isn’t it funny that Apolo on it’s 20th Mission found a 6 Fingered Alien Pilot ( Frozen – Dead ) in a Derelict Craft found on the dark side of the Moon ? ( But it had Human Proportions )

        • Lisa B

          @Catherine B I have heard it on many encounters. I don’t know what episode it was but it’s one I always remember this happening in. Two brothers, or nephew and uncle in a little boat fishing. They were physically attacked by a Sasquatch, one was seriously hurt. The other guy started praying out loud in the name of Jesus Christ. The Sasquatch instantly stopped, ran away screaming. Maybe some reading this knows the episode? I’ve heard a few of these.

          • Scott B

            Den Mother Lisa B:: could they have been cousins? That sounds familiar on episode #413 GRASSMAN GONE WILD. Give it a try ????

          • Linda B

            Wow, Lisa B. I am so excited to hear you say that about an episode where the sasquatch screamed and ran aaay from someone using the name of Jesus. If I were afraid of a giant monster I would be colling on the Name of Jesus nd crying out to Jesus too. I always use His name to thwart things when I feel I could be too close to a negative spirit. The Bible says, you know, that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. They must know His power. So that means they must be either demonic or have the spirit of fallen man (fallen if afraid of the name), enough to understand the power of his name. What do you think? Very interesting.

  10. lyonflyin

    Remember that gal who said her mom worked in rescue but was an “investigator” that surveyed cars in the Sierras that had gone off the road in winter and people were missing, everything left in the car untouched, and some had blood in the car???
    Now, remember the cases on SC where BF bum-rushed straight at vehicles only to turn off at the last minute?…not the ones that just run across the road…

    Well, this guy was on a road with a sharp turn coming up, the BF was just standing there, and I wonder…how many people have gone off the road during one of these deliberate bum-rushings trying to avoid hitting one, only to be taken (eaten, or ?) after going off???
    Just something to reflect on….how many, I wonder…..

  11. Barry R

    Just reading the comments something tells me this one is gonna be right up my alley. And it sounds like the guest and are on the same page . World governments and science cant have proof of the Bible getting out.

  12. Jay T

    Amy, no disrespect, but I think you are applying “confirmation bias” yourself by noting that the guest’s opinion is “BS”. No one knows for sure what these creatures are and could very well be flesh and blood and supernatural beings. I like to hear all opinions to be better informed in my own view.

  13. Johanna V

    Thank you for having Thomas on, Wes. And thank you for sharing your encounter and thoughts, Thomas. Also, though, with regard to the
    scientific and evolutionary aspects, these scientific findings are not completely conclusive, and are themselves filled with questions, like regarding missing links, true understanding of the roles of chromosomes, etc..which require much deeper digging. Enjoyed listening to your encounter very much.

  14. Danny D

    I think this guy is on the right track to what they are.. This is the best theory I heard of which can explain a lot between the supernatural ones and the more physical ones even though BOTH are very much physical but you know what I mean.. Great stuff! The Wes as always and thank you guest for sharing your encounter and thoughts..

  15. Nick T

    Thomas is in my opinion 100% right, the gov. is teaching kids evolution, the truth about bigfoot would be proof of the bible. The gov. also doesn’t really care if any body goes out into the national forests, they know if this info about bigfoot became acknowledged some people would still go into the woods, possibly food for the big guy’s.

  16. Natasha S

    I love how much Thomas loves his dogs, what a sweetheart. I’ve never met a bad pitbull, only bad people. I have a lot of respect for hunters that hunt for food; can’t stand trophy hunters. Great guest and discussion!

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