189 Responses to “SC EP:692 The Explanation”

  1. Tracy H

    Thank you Wes for Sharing your business with everyone while you have no reason to! You’re Great! I have never actually heard you slurring! You are Great. Keep on entertaining us and I will be praying that you get some relief from your dental issues!!

    • Sandra C

      I have heard the slurring, but didn’t really think anything of it. My daughter had a serious phobia of dentists. She had extreme dental problems (stemming from a severe autoimmune disorder) for which she had to undergo a large number of invasive procedures.

      Unfortunately, she had a hard time getting numb. Most dentists didn’t try too hard. The result was that she felt everything every they did. She’d make an appointment and cancel over and over until the severity of the problem forced her to go anyway. She’d spend the morning sobbing before having to leave and shake uncontrollably while there. What made it worse was negative comments from staff regarding the condition of her teeth.

      Before her untimely death last year at age 34 (complications of severe lupus), she had found an understanding dentist who found she could be numbed, though it took a bit more effort than for most people.

      Anyway, I would be the last person to judge anyone for problems related to teeth and dental procedures… and probably the first to understand how tough it can be.

      Btw, yes…you can indeed die from an infection like you described, and the infection can travel to your heart like you were told…or even your brain. Depends on which blood vessels the infection gets into.

      Sounds like we’re very lucky to have you…way more than we thought.

      • Sandra C

        HAVE TO ADD… The quality of the show despite significant mouth/jaw pain, infection, fever, etc shows Wes’s immense talent and professionalism.

        I thought he was incredible before. Now I think he has to be a recording genius at a level rarely achieved by anyone.

      • MONTE M

        I never detected any slurring ?Whenever someone is successful there are going to be haters, to heck with them. I think you should have a drink on air if someone is nervous about an interview, announce hey folks Bob is kind of nervous so we are having a cold one tonight to help him take the edge off and we invite you to join us. Kind of like the dentist giving you some gas, and if Bob feels like a six pack then who’s counting? It’s the worlds best podcast , I dont think there are any rules? Or did I miss the rule section? We are the only people taking Sasquatch serious so if a person has a drink it’s not going to change if people take it serious or not , yeah haters are going to be jealous that we have fun and are into Sasquatch. I mean if you go to the drive thru at the bank and are a passenger in the car they should give the passenger a drink instead of a sucker I mean what’s the harm? Who wants a stupid sucker anyway I’d prefer a beer. Recently you can be perfectly healthy and get Covid and die, life is short , people need to lighten up and enjoy life. No harm no foul.

    • Walter L

      Hurting or not, swollen or not, hell even drunk or not, you are still the baddest mutha effer in this format. Kicking ass and taking initials because there is no time for full names. You do you Wes, you will always have the support and membership of my wife and i. Every one on this format for this subject should pay attention and kiss your ass for building the path they follow !!

  2. Kimberly B


    • Julie N

      Thanks for sharing, Wes. I can tell you first hand that tooth infection can go to your heart or brain. It will find a weakness and make a little home there. I had emergency open heart surgery 5 years ago (infection grew on and ruptured a valve) and am still trying to get my teeth fixed (another long, painful story!) Our system is so broken and it infuriates me that teeth & eyes aren’t covered under medical. It is all connected!!…a rant for another day… But best of luck with your choppers & thanks for all you do.

  3. AMY R

    Hey WES, no explanation needed. People ought to mind their own business.
    However it was nice to get a little insight into your life outside of the Sasquatch world.
    After experiencing a wisdom tooth extraction gone wrong (dry socket, cracked molar and raging infection) I feel your pain! That must’ve been excruciating!

  4. Julia O

    Oh Wes, you owe us nothing. Cant beginn to tell you how many times you’ve saved me. Thank you for all the hard work, the best show and the humbledness you show every guest.

  5. Lisa B

    Wow, thanks Wes, you’re such a cool cat. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the worse pain ever, tooth pain. Glad you’re able to get it taken care of. I don’t know about other members, but you can slur anytime you like. We love you and appreciate all that you do for us! Glad you left Vegas and went home. You probably suffer from a TBI as well, I hope not, but you may want to look into it. Feel better Wes…

  6. Greg T

    I don’t do much online reading in forums or Facebook so didn’t have any context. But screw anyone that doesn’t mind their own business. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It was a good opportunity to mix in some Tom Jones. Well played. Keep up the good work.

  7. Denise F

    This is a lesson on giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Not every thought has to be posted or made public, I’ll say it again….

  8. Cindy S

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you! People can be so rude! You do a fantastic job!! You have so many people that support you and truly care about you!!
    I will keep you in my prayers.💖🙏

  9. LaVonne J

    Wes it feels weird saying that was a great “show”. But you’re talented sir, and the music and the history was a glimpse at Wes. That you let the young soldier go just shows what a great guy you truly are. We all already knew that. My dad, as a Marine, spent a few nights in jail for doing just as you described. What’s so crazy odd is that not only did I work in a very nice casino on the Rez, but I also worked in dentistry for over 20 years. The casino job was at night since I was raising my daughter. I loved the job and it put food on the table. The Reservation police coupled with our own guards were incredible. Hope you heal well sir, and can enjoy being pain free. Oh….and you’re one tough dude to do this without anesthetic!

  10. Renee S

    Man, Wes! What a colorful life! BTW, no one’s business but your own. You do such an amazing job here @ the Chronicles that anyone who picks @ every little thing should just stop listening. You’ll always have your faithful listeners who know you deserve as much privacy as the next guy. I’m sorry for your pain. Just knowing that you persevered thru each episode for your members is truly touching. Thank you, Wes. You are much appreciated. You do you as only you can! 🙂

  11. Joseph E

    The dentist was correct about the infection possibly killing you. My sister used to be a hygienist and that actually happened to one of her patients when he didn’t finish his antibiotic prescription for an abscess.

  12. Vanessa M

    I have nothing nice to say about cockroaches, I shall not say anything at all. I will mention that I never notice any slurred speech at all. Keep up the good work Wes! And ya those are some big teeth to get pulled they hurt bad too when infectied. My son just had his third set of wisdom teeth removed and he is in his thirties. I had a canine tooth removed because, the roots were growing into my sinus cavity. Tooth pain is the worst! Get better buddy.

  13. Beth H

    No explanation ever needed, Wes. It’s your show and your business (although I did enjoy hearing about your life as a bouncer -always entertaining). People need to display less judgement and more grace. My mother-in-law had implants put in, in her entire mouth, several years ago. It was incredibly painful, she endured (slurred speech and all) and she was a champ through the year+ long process. You are tremendously courageous. Be well – glad you are near the end of the process.

    • Cali H

      I agree. Teeth. Alcohol. No matter. Not my business to know. I am grateful for my wind down time with SC. Besides, its never nice to embarrass someone . Like internet shaming. What happened to the days when you had your compare’s back? Wes has an email. He gives it out every show. If you have to criticize, you can do it privately, really.

  14. Trey

    I’m actually about to have a few implants out in myself for different reasons. Gotta be a trooper to have those and keep doing a podcast. I’ve seen how much swelling happens when you get them in. Hang in there sounds like you’re almost done with it brother.

  15. timothy w

    As an audiophile with 2 exorbitant systems I love your choice of music in recounting your days as a bouncer in sin city, got to be the toughest place on the planet for this occupation, the music gives it authenticity and a sense of realism.
    I’ve never noticed any odd vocal pronunciation in your shows presentation, only a humble, gracious, respectful treatment of your guests and an absolute command as a host to what can only be the best Sasquatch information show on the net, I’m a very content and happy subscriber wishing you many years of success!

    And keep the music coming, copyright infringements not prevailing.

  16. Anthony S

    Wes I never thought you were slurring. I actually loved your Vegas story. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all that. Get feeling better. Thanks for all your great shows. I always listen to them while I paint (I’m an artist in my spare time).

  17. Brian K

    Never have, nor will I question your integrity…I’m an Ex-cop, Ex-Boxer and an Ex-all around fighter for no reason (A-hole when younger)
    Keep up the Fantastic work you do Sir…Please…

    • Karen G

      I never noticed the slurring however that being said, alcoholism is a horrible disease with more signs and symptoms than just slurring. I am very glad this is not the case for you Wes, because I love the show. Wishing you have a speedy recovery with minimal pain. P.S. My husband and I do laugh every time you pronounce “Honobia”. We’ve lived close by our whole lives and it’s pronounced Hoe-nubbie.

  18. Sherry S

    I commented about the slur. I noticed it. I also gave a supposition explanation of that you were probably tired. Although you certainly don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation, I suppose I will take this opportunity to tell you I too have issues with slurring and teeth issues. This may in fact, be why I noticed so easily. My teeth issues are being dealt with at current – you see, I was in an abusive relationship and my front teeth were shattered. I too, had trouble getting my teeth fixed as they are now bonded. I am now having to seek long term dental care and this is exactly what causes my speech issues. I was not insulting you – only that I was definitely noticing. Call me a monster or call me astute for noticing, either way, I am just sure that I am hated for having criticised your slur (cant wait to read the hate mail I must now answer to). All I can say is at least I faced it head on and now I will take my “hits”. I’m sorry for noticing and I am also sorry for mentioning it so much that you felt you had to answer just a few short days after I commented. Those who know me that although I am open and honest and many times bold, I am not a cruel or hateful person. I’ve taught my children to be loving as well. Again, sorry I said anything – I am definitely NOT a hater. Not so sure I will appreciate being hated, however. You live and learn!!!

    • Sherry S

      Let it also be known – I am just now recovering from a major back surgery this month where I had a cage inserted around my spine (also a result of the same run of events with this same abusive person of three years ago) and so I may have had lower inhibitions from my own pain which I was experiencing. Perhaps I was too critical and I hurt your feelings. You are certainly welcome to address me directly and I do enjoy the show. I am a paying member so I would hope this was understood. I have noticed some differences in recent times on your show – For instance, less Class A experiences etc. but I can assure you, my comment was not meant to hurt your feelings. It was just an honest observation. I was expressing some thoughts. I had no idea you would address it live. Of course, anyone can go look at my comment and put me under full attack now (cant wait to hear what a dirty, rotten person I am for having such nerve and how I should take a look at myself first etc, etc, etc) Again, you live and learn. That’s really all I can say other than I hope you accept my apology.

    • Sandra C

      Interesting that only a few of us noticed the slurring. It was very slight. Not even every word. I had assumed it was just part of his regular speech pattern and put it out of my mind.

      The show quality is so high, I thought the slight slurring had no negative impact on it.

  19. Ed S

    You owe an explanation to no one. Most of us that saw the ‘slur’ comment by another member immediately had the word ‘dick’ implanted on our conscience upon completing his post. I also often slur getting used to 7 new crowns on my grill- finally able to afford to fix a lifelong embarrassment from childhood neglect. Enjoy the show.

  20. Susan H

    Ive listened to all your podcasts and some more than once and I never heard you slur. That being said, I love your show and I love your slur if thats in there somewhere. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with pain, I deal with it daily and its no fun. You are in my prayers.

  21. David S

    No explanation necessary., but glad to hear you’re near the end of the dental work. That being said, it would be pretty awesome if you had a panel of your favorite recurring guests on and you all did drink to celebrate and all slurred.

  22. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Wow!! Those were some experiences that you had, Wes, I certainly hope you will be healthy and pain free ASAP.!! I did not know you were a bouncer, lived in Vegas, had some terrible fights, tooth damage, slurred your words, or anything else you mentioned. I’m only familiar with your new career, and you are the Best in your field! A true professional. I too have had trouble with my teeth (not from fighting)and few things are worse than that. I now have implants on my upper teeth, and feel great. I wish you all the Best.

  23. Daniel S

    Wes teeth pain is horrible I have been though it and can feel your pain. I don’t think you owe anyone anything. The way you treated me and my son was super cool. You are a true gentleman and you help so many people. Anyone who would talk bad about you, I can not believe they have ever had the pleasure of talking to you. It’s people like you that make this world great. Hang in there and don’t mind the haters. Best wish’s

    • Charles G

      You’re alright my man, I served in the Marines and Army and seen stabbing, shootings and good old ass kickings. I grew up around bars that my dad owned and had two uncles that owned bars each, I am glad you got out of that life Wes, cause as you know a intoxicated person is a hard thing to handle without hurting them or getting hurt yourself! You done agood deed for that sailor and now you are helping so many other people, I think you are a blessing to so many and you have been to me, hope you get feeling better and hope you are happy and keep doing what you do for along time to come, thank you Wes!!!


      And yet another kickass show, pushing 700 episodes
      Doesn’t seem so long ago that I found you on episode 1, had the ipod and your show with early streaming podcast, you kicking it again 🙂

  24. Steven B

    Hey Bro’, I feel for you.

    I’m due to have an evaluation next week to have 2 molars removed that have been giving the gears for a time now. You’re pain is more severe than mine but when mine starts it does radiate down my jaw into my neck and up into my temple area. For myself, if I take 2 Aleve(or any brand of Naproxin) in about 20 minutes the pain subsides. On 7 days of antibiotics right now.

    Yeah, I remember Frogger – great mental image.

    I must not be listening closely – of a truth – I don’t recall a single show where I thought you were slurring. Maybe the subject matter is just that interesting to me that I didn’t notice.

    Wes, thanks for doing what you do even when you don’t feel that great. Myself, I wouldn’t be upset if you took time off to heal. Heck, man, you gotta live your life too.

    You take care. God bless.

  25. Rick P

    You have nothing to explain. You produce a quality show and you have loyal fans no matter what. I hope you make a speedy recovery after your dental problems are taken care of. Thank for all you do Wes !!!

  26. Mary H

    Bless you Wes. I will be praying for you. I have always thought that you have the best Bigfoot show of them all. Now that I know you accomplished all you have while going through all of this it is even more impressive. As I have said before you are such a gentleman. I respect you.

  27. Tommy O

    Wes~ I still can’t get over that you took that full bottle you took to the jaw. I appreciate your explanation and while it was unnecessary, it shows a human side that just increases your likeability. This is, by far, my favorite podcast, and I love the work you do. Keep it up Man!

  28. FearTheReaper

    I fucking love you dude! I mean I loved you before ( in a brother kinda way) but after listening to this mannnnnn you are one solid guy! Fuck all the assholes running their mouths! They don’t know the half of it!

  29. Melinda G

    I have listened to your show from the start. Your show is alway great! Thank you for the insight. Don’t feel bad about the dentist stuff. I need laughing gas to get my teeth cleaned. Have a great weekend!

  30. Kenny H

    Infections under a capped tooth are the worst!! I’m dealing with it now, and have two implants going in in two weeks, And you have to watch out that all those antibiotics are taking don’t weaken your immune system. Good luck with all that pasta you’ll be eating, I’ll be enjoying it too. Best wishes always, Kenny

  31. Dorothy S

    I started listening about a year ago, first with the regular episodes and then I became a member. I have listened to pretty much all of the episodes, and I never remember thinking that you slurred! You have a very soothing voice – i think that is why I sometimes fall asleep while listening.
    Thank you for sharing that personal part of your life, but it wasn’t necessary. Anyone who would say a word against you is probably just very jealous of your much deserved success.
    I, too, have teeth problems, so I know how painful it is. I had 10 months of chemo two years ago, and the chemo ruined my teeth. I am still without help though, as it is not covered by insurance and dentists are very expensive. I actually wish I had not gotten the chemo. (I’m 66 now) The chemo affects every part of your body, so it also took my strength so I am unable to work. Enough about me. Stay the course! Throw those that criticize you to the curb! You don’t need them. You have the love and adoration of the ones who really matter!😺

  32. chris422

    I understand. Sometimes you just have to set things right for your own peace of mind. I’ve had two of my molars broken and they both were impacted. Scared everyone in the office when they were extracted. I was pretty loud from the pain. Even with meds it hurt like hell. And yes, they do affect your speech. Even with implants, your speech is never the same. Again, I understand; You do what you got to do.

  33. mark a

    Well my brother you were delt a shitty hand there for shure. You are in my prayers. As you already know I’m a long time subscriber to SC, I have read every blog, listened to every episode except for the few I found (out there). no judgement here. Honestly I never detected slurring during your shows. I find no need to dig into the past to find any. I know your no saint and neither am I, but to many of your listeners your are. And that is a fact! Wish to you good health and a speedy recovery. Keep up the good work.

  34. kristin l

    For a long time I thought you were drinking while doing your show because of the slurring. I never went to any forums or talked about it online. But then it just became obvious you weren’t drunk by how you comported yourself consistantly during all your great interviewing. So it was just a mystery to me. I was worried you might be developing a motor neurone disease. Thanks for the explanation. I am glad it is something you can eventually resolve and not a chronic health issue.

  35. Darrell O

    Hey Germer, Thank you for sharing! It was entertaining to listen to and also sad due to the chronic pain you have been dealing with. Heal up my friend. Not that it matters, but my two cents is that I could care less if you had a couple of cocktails when you are interviewing…

    Stay Safe, Stay Strong…

  36. Jo M

    Wes – you, more than anyone, know how cathartic it is to tell your story, you’ve been helping others do it for so many years. I hope getting it off your chest helps, and you know what? We loved hearing it! So you helped ease tension and entertained. True gift you have . I also dont think those that noticed were judging – only concerned. My mom was diagnosed with ALS after I noticed her slurring her words. BUT – THAT SAID – I think we’re all due a drink or five this year because . . . 2020 .

  37. Charles R

    Never noticed the slurring Wes. Sincerely hope that the implants are a huge success and pain free soon. I had three done ( front teeth ) in their early days in 1977 due to a flag football accident, only one remains. They are done better today although the pain and swelling seems to be far worse than mine was. Rough job being a bouncer. Use to go to Vegas several times in 1981 – 83. I remember the street ladies and stayed clear of them. However Vegas was more mob run back then. Never went back again until 1995 and Vegas had become Corporate owned and much seedier. Never have had the desire to return.

    Liked your music. Into with Layla, nice. Clapton has been one of my favorites for decades and listen to him often on my motorcycles. Saw him in 1976 at the old Forum in Los Angeles. He was joined onstage for a couple of songs by Ringo Starr. The opening act was the Charlie Daniels Band who also became a fav of mine. R I P Charlie sure miss you. Tom Jones was the man back in the day. My mother use to watch his variety show on ABC 69-71 and boy did the ladies go nuts about him.

    Sorry for the digression but you story brings back lots of memories. Do get well soon friend and continued success.\

  38. Danny H

    Did anyone else instantly grab a shovel and a trash bag once the Goodfellas music started? I’m right across the bridge if ya ever need “help” disposing of anything Wes.

  39. m99

    Dear Wes. Thank you for sharing part of your story. I’m sorry you’ve been maligned online, but you can be sure it wasn’t from the faithful of SC. If it’s coming from smart asses that are members here, well it wouldn’t make much difference if they left, I’m sure. As a comedian once said it wouldn’t be avoir’, no, it’d be adios!

    Yesterday me and Lisa B had a brief conversation in the forum, part of which was, I wish I could work for Wes, and me too kinda thing. So, IF there’s anything we can do (I’m sure I speak for Lisa in this regard) let us know & we’re here for you.

    Love the Tom Jones song! Reminded me of the time when I was a youngin’ and had my first serious boyfriend. He would sing that song to me. Lol.

  40. Donna R

    I hear ya, Wes. Tooth pain is the worst. I can remember having a toothache when my kids were little. It was the weekend, and I was searching through the kitchen cupboards like a drug addict, looking for oil of clove or something like that. I was desperate, and read online that it might help, LOL. Sending good wishes your way, that you are on the upswing now. Hopefully it will become a dim memory, some day. Your days in Vegas were interesting, to say the least. Takes all kinds in this world, doesn’t it? Be well.

  41. Tobye H

    Don’t owe me an explanation…

    To be honest I just thought you weren’t as good at mixing your vocal in the early days, compared to now… Sometimes frequencies get lost and do strange things to the voice. Your Irish listeners will know what I mean as our news weather girls always sound like they’ve eaten way to much cheese and are all phlegmy.

    Anyhoo. You’re a decent skin altogether, Wes!

  42. Nerida H

    Wes, your beautiful voice got me thru a breakdown, as I listened to all 692 episodes over the last year. Something very soothing about listening to you, a gift you have. Our prayers are looking after you. Bless, from New Zealand.

    • Sandra C

      I agree. Wes has the most incredibly soothing voice. Hard to believe he was once told he didn’t have a “radio voice.” He is the very definition of professionalism and talent in broadcasting. Few could match him….even on his worse day! We know that now for a certainty.

  43. Renee F

    There is nothing worse than the pain of dental surgery. The fact that you’ve been going through all this and never stopped producing amazing shows really says a lot. You are very well spoken and appreciated by your audience. Sending healing vibes your way and hoping for a speedy recovery. (Take lots of vitamin C, it will help with the healing process) 🧡

  44. Stephen C

    Wes, thanks for sharing some of your life experiences with us but you don’t owe any one an explanation unless you just felt like sharing some real life stuff ( think I remember you saying you had some dental work done here and there) I know you’re a humble kind of person and it shows and that’s I believe all the listeners would agree on that wholeheartedly. It takes a good ol dude to stand up in certain circumstances and stand up and do the right thing in a time when doing the right thing is hard to do . I think it would be cool to hear some of those old war stories he’ll you could probably do a whole other podcast on that people sharing crazy effects they’ve survived lol thanks again

  45. David T

    Wes: I never noticed you slurring your words and I would not have mentioned it if I did. Sorry your teeth hurt. Glad its getting better. Also, I would think you are allowed have a few drinks during your podcast. Why not? Joe Rogan does and he smokes weed too. All the best.

  46. Lee N

    Thanks Wes! I’ve never seen one bad comment, especially junk or worse. Teeth can be really hard to deal with. I have a close friend that had blood infection from infected teeth. Was told he could die. I appreciate your moral fiber Wes. You stand for what’s right and for the people that could use a hand up. Don’t change who you are for anyone!
    Love ya Brother!
    Prayers for healthy teeth!

  47. david b

    You dont owe anyone an explanation for anything. I have heard your episodes at least twice and I have never heard anything that would lead me to believe that you were drinking. Heck, I have not even noticed any “slurred speech”. I am very aware of a condition called jealousy, and you, my friend, are envied by a lot of wannabes. All we are owed as paying members is the search for the truth about these beings called bigfoot or sasquatch. I really enjoy being a member of sasquatch chronicles. I enjoy the extra content through the blog. Wes, people are gonna talk, they are gonna run their mouths, they will certainly tell lies, they will try to tare you down. You are a bigger person than that. You have a great podcast, a great website, you conduct great interviews, you never disrespect a witness with their encounter. Thanks man, for all that you do!

  48. Michael S

    Thanks for sharing your past Wes. Glad you’re no longer a bouncer, you need teeth to chew. Like other posts I’ve never noticed any “slurring?” But it’s funny, out of all the positive posts about how many appreciate the work you do, and the difference you’re making in this community, you choose to focus on the few negative posts? We’re human, we all want to be liked, but it’s not possible. I value those who know me and like/love me, if a few don’t like me, oh well. I could see if you got negative after negative response, I might think twice. But you have a gift, don’t let other people boredom affect you, let them create their own show…

  49. James M

    You were actually slurring? I thought it was the Kentucky bourbon I was drinking that made you sound like that. You should be drinking some yourself, it’s the best pain and infection killer on the planet. It will also make you not give a damn about being called a drunk by the likes of us! Party on Garth!

  50. Brian R

    You are a good storyteller and it sounds like you have quite a few to tell. I’ll listen.
    As far as slurring? Never noticed…but that could have been my bourbon not yours.
    Carry on.

  51. Natalie J

    WOW. Thank you for being who you are, and thank you for sharing this with us. Wes— you don’t owe anyone anything. I’ve NEVER thought you sounded like you were on something. I have thought a time or two that maybe you sounded tired or literally wondered if you’d had dental work. But drinking or drugs would mean you’d have stopped being accountable, or start making mistakes or saying/doing inadvisable things on air, etc. Never saw anything like that from you, so it never crossed my mind. There are those out there who will try to take you down no matter what, and when you have integrity, they just cannot do it. You are a person of integrity, Wes, and it shows in everything you do.

  52. Eileen K

    That sucks Wes! Sorry you have had such an ordeal. I absolutely love your podcast and this story was really great (except the pain part). You have a career in writing and your telling of the story is the best! Music was superb too. Feel better Wes!

  53. Anna K

    Wes! I hope you feel better. About those that initiated this? I hope your happy now! To me Wes sounds fantastic, and shooting. You need to take on another hobby. Wes, I’m so sorry you had to tell your own private explanation.

  54. Matthew J

    Wes, you are actually quite lucky (and so am I). I’m 60 now and in Dec of 2016, I awoke to discover I now talked slurry. After a few days of this, I went to the hospital to find I had a stroke. Why am I lucky you might ask? I had an aunt & uncle pass away from strokes in their 40’s. I also lost my fine motor skills to a degree and my sense of balance is shot. No more drunkin’ USMC style bar fights for me. I enjoy this show a lot. God’s been good to me. BTW: Do you know where I can get 3 tooth implants on the cheap? Thank you.

  55. Larry C

    Thank you for sharing Wes, not because you owe an explanation, but because it is interesting to learn more about you. I never noticed the slurring, but probably because I frequently have problems with my back teeth and I sometimes slur. Never imagined you were drinking, but if I ever had thought you were drinking I would have just assumed it was because of something Tony Merkel had done! LOL!

  56. Mariajose B

    Hi Wes, thanks for sharing. I noticed the slurring just the last episode and thought I noticed it, but I thought it was sent! Seriously, I went through the dental implant procedures myself and it’s just missarable, just so painful, but it is worth it. Take care of yourself and keep up the good work. I am obsessed with sasquatch podcasts now and it all started by listening to you! Best MJ 🥰

    • Mariajose B

      Hi Wes, thanks for sharing. I noticed the slurring just the last episode, but I thought it was sexy. Seriously, I went through the dental implant procedures myself and it’s just missarable, just so painful, but it is worth it. Take care of yourself and keep up the good work. I am obsessed with sasquatch podcasts now and it all started by listening to you! Best MJ 🥰

        • Estina T

          Wow. First I have never noticed the sluring. And its nice to listen to a fellow vegan. Worked in the casinos for many years. I feel for ya. That place sucks the life out of you.
          Love ya Wes. You seem like a real great guy. Glad to hear just another month. You have a great show. Best 2 days out of my week is listening 2 you and your wonderful guests.
          Thanks for all you do.

  57. Elaine L

    Thanks for the ‘explanation’ but in all honesty I just thought you had a naturally cool ‘radio voice’. Kind of the same way some people have a natural swagger when they walk … looking smooth and all. I looked forward to the shows, especially the intros, and listened for that ‘swagger talk’. I didn’t hear it on every show but even then I never thought you were drinking, drunk or munching down on a few of those special ‘gummie bears’. Anyways, glad to hear you’re feeling better … keep up the great work ❣❣❣ 🩹🙏😘

  58. Leann G

    It seems that just like sharing encounters with creatures ,our health issues bring people together too.
    Abscesses are torture. May your procedures heal fully and quickly and bring a better state of living for you.
    I imagine it weighs on you deciding how much to share of your personal life to strangers who show up twice a week .
    The bouncer story was cool and you have a really great presence narrating. From listening to this podcast I included listening to The Confessionals and from there now listen to Hammer Lane Legends also , not because of I have an interest in big trucks but a good story is a good story and the personality of the host goes a very long way. Keep on keeping on!

    • Debbie S

      Thanks for sharing that Leann…because of Wes, I listen to a lot of the Confessionals, some I just don’t care too but yes, I know what you are saying. I also enjoy anytime Tony and Wes do stuff together. 🙂 missed hearing about Hammer Lane Legends so am going to go check that out. A good story IS a good story. Thanks! 🙂

  59. Walter L

    Hurting or not, swollen or not, hell even drunk or not, you are still the baddest mutha effer in this format. Kicking ass and taking initials because there is no time for full names. You do you Wes, you will always have the support and membership of my wife and i. Every one on this format for this subject should pay attention and kiss your ass for building the path they follow !!

  60. Jay T

    Thanks for sharing, Wes. That was a most honorable act to forgive the Army guy that likely changed his life. Few would have forgiven such person or considered his plea, but that is the kind of guy you are.

  61. Debbie S

    Loved the Vegas stories Wes, sorry you felt like you had to but what a great job making it entertaining….the music! Tom Jones! 🙂 I thought you slurred a couple times but you are always so busy(moving, conferences, traveling) I just assumed you were tired. Then you mentioned oral surgery a time or two….quite frankly, the times you mentioned it I thought ….man, what a trooper, back to hosting the shows so quickly. As others have said, mad respect!

    What is it with dentists? I have had a lifelong phobia of dentists because SO MANY of them are truly lousy. I finally found a great dentist 4 years ago, just in time to straighten out all the chaos BAD dentists had created. I had to endure the total mess of infection underneath two caps that also caused me to lose the tooth beside them. Also, last summer I had to endure oral surgery on a wisdom tooth that a DENTIST years ago had recommended be left alone because it had never popped the gum. Infection UNDER it and a cyst. Fun times. Evidently drugged up me can be a force to be reckoned with as I didn’t take any of this with a meek spirit. LOL Nowhere near what you have had to endure but enough that I am awestruck that you have had all of this done and still maintained the show. I didn’t elect for implants but chose a partial. Be glad you did not. My partial causes me to slur badly at times….I get funny looks. Yeah, we really need to have a celebration party for when this is over for you. 🙂

    Lastly, you have the best podcast(as far as I am concerned and I don’t think I am alone) on ANY subject period and it is due to your hard work, absolute skill as a host and just the great guy that you are. You are the show everyone tries to emulate for a reason. 🙂 Way back when I had all the confusion going on at my old house, I stumbled on you and Woody sharing your encounter. Wow, I was spellbound then and totally a fan when you began SC. I know people say this to you all the time but it is 100% true….you have helped more people than you will ever fully know. You helped me more than you know. And continue to help me with your willingness to go wherever the evidence leads. Best wishes for speedy healing and for SC to continue being head and shoulders above the rest. 🙂

  62. Jeremiah S

    Wow Wes! I’m in awe of the out pouring of love and appreciation that everyone has shown in this comments section. But really I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m glad I’m not the only guy here that thinks your a Super Cool Dude. The last thing I dont want people to thinking I’m some kiss A**. I guess I need to to learn a thing or 2 about not caring what people think. But in the end I’m still probably going to. Especially when you do the best you can in what you do with Honesty, Passion, and Sincerity. Your a StandUp Guy Wes. I’m proud say I’m not just a SatchChron fan I’m and even bigger Wes Fan. Your bigger than BigFoot in my book.
    As far as Dentists go. I think I’d rather be Moving than having to go to the Dentist. Almost a tie when it comes to the Hate. You can Bet that and take it to the Bank, No Love there lol.
    Hey Wes…one more thing feel free, anytime, to Drop! that “Bee-Gee Beat ” on anyone who wants to slip a Nasty Gram in your email about How you do your Job and or Musical taste. I chuckle (hysterically inside) every time I think about ep 539 “You Got Mail” 🤣 Your the Best Man!

  63. Danny D

    Hey Wes.. people can be so cruel just over assuming things and don’t even know what’s up..They just need to tend to their own business.. Your stories of being a bouncer was really interesting to hear.. lol Btw- I don’t know if you use to watch wrestling or not
    but the road warriors use to be bouncers as well..They had interesting stories about being bouncers..Joe Laurinaitis (animal) just passed away a few days ago… Keep doing your stuff Wes.. you’re the man..

  64. lyonflyin

    It is true you can develop heart valve disease with ongoing infections in the mouth.
    I had 9 fractures of my mandible in a horse wreck along with a slit lip all the way which caused me to slur for a long time since the scare tissue inside my lip and loss of sensation. I have had many surgeries involving loss of teeth, implants and root canals cuz of it. Its a long and painful process and I have always been hard to anesthetize due to it. So many years of surgeries and pain that has gone on since I was 18 (I am 73 now!) but am still now looking “forward” to a root canal re-working and other work.

    You have never flailed or sounded incoherent so dismissed the slur I heard, since I had the same problem for swelling reasons and injuries from my horse. You have a professional voice, smooth and reassuring, with a heartfelt caring for everyone coming from your soul and manner. You strive to make others feel comfortable and your tone helps those that you interview, and the many many others who have seen these creatures, feel a bit more comfort.

    I still am not able to go back into the Bush alone and certainly to sleep on the ground like I use to. It is especially harder I think, as a woman who is generally not scared of anything, including Brownies or Blacks here in Alaska……but Sasquatch is a whole other story. Keep up the great work you are doing. I love your subtle sense of humor even in the telling of this episode !!!

  65. Stephen W

    Great life story Wes it was enjoyable well the story not your teeth 🦷 😁and being welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿A bit of Tom Jones another Welshman take care buddy 👍✅

  66. Michael J

    Glad you are getting the issues resolved and will be done with it soon. Here is hoping it stays fixed
    As to your “fans’ that accuse you of drinking and other unnecessary comments….. I could be extremely rude but I will simply leave it as “haters will always hate”
    Keep up doing the good work and walking with your head up high, but as the old oriental guy told you, keep your hands up…
    Cheers Buddy

  67. Michael C

    Wes I am so glad you did this episode. If I’m being honest I have to say I noticed the speech pronunciation issue. I was concerned for you wellbeing. But I was never concerned about the podcast. You were always awesome. So I just wished you well and left it at that. Now I know you are taking care of yourself. We are all supporters of you and the show Wes. You support us too. The listeners the guests. You know how many people express their appreciation on your shows for what you do. Believe what they say. It is a community. I wish I could help in some way with the dental procedures. I can’t do much but give two words of advice in all caps …. ICE CREAM….. ! Be well Wes !

  68. Lesley H

    Sorry for your pain, hope it’s over soon, you have always treated people with respect and kindness, as a long term member I appreciate your professionalism, good luck for the future, and many thanks for the work you do x

  69. Lori K

    Oh Wes I’m sorry for all the pain that you have gone through. I’ve never heard you slur. You are top notch with all that you do and we are faithful fans. Sending you love and blessings!

  70. John P

    Tooth pain does suck. I thought the slurring was from a few drinks before the show. Which I have no problem with. I think a show with just bouncer stories would be awesome! Thanks for all you do bro! Keep it up!

  71. brad b

    I never noticed any slurring but knowing your situation now I can understand how it was probably magnified for you and hurtful with idiots speculating nonsense like being impaired while doing shows. And your explanation and recounting of what happened to you wasn’t boring at all. I don’t think you owed anyone an explanation but it’s appreciated anyway. I have suffered some teeth issues myself and can certainly relate. That pain can devastate you. But it’s good you’re on the way to getting it taken care of. I think we all wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully a future without all that debilitating pain.

  72. DeAnn A

    I cant remember if I already commented or not. F what every one else thinks. I’ve got tooth problems too. Cracked a front tooth 10 years ago. Got a bridge that ruined 2 more front teeth. Now the bridge keeps coming off and I have to super glue it back on. I don’t have the $10k to fix it all. I know they are working on people being able to grow their own teeth back. Supposed to be better and cheaper than any other dental work. I guess I will wait til then. I love your story you should share more about your Vegas bouncer days! ❤

  73. Frank B

    Seems like we can’t have anything in our lives private now days, people are so nosey, Cruel, and So fast to criticize others these days. It’s said you have to even explain yourself Wes. Stay strong brother and wear your pain like a badge of honor my friend. It defines us all.

    • Janice K

      Wes, I never thought you were drinking. You always have your wits about you. I heard some diction struggle at times, but never attributed it to you being a drunk on your own very successful show. People can be cruel and quick to judge. I have an autoimmune disease that makes my life utter hell but I manage to do a very complex job everyday and do it well. We all have some burden to bear. God Bless you and I love the show. SC is my fav and so are you!

  74. Johanna V

    Hi Wes..thank you for the explanation, but I never noticed or detected any slurring. I just enjoy your podcast and your eloquent manner of covering this subject and giving witnesses a Voice. Really, who would even bring up such a thing and then make vulgar assumptions about it? Makes you wonder about our ‘community’, doesn’t it? Well, you handled it perfectly, and I wish you well with your procedures this month!

  75. Farva

    I loved this! I used to bounce at this bar near my house. Watched a guy punch his girl. I jumped in and when i grabbed the guy his buddy busted a pool cue over my head. They guy got a beatin and i got 12 stitches.

  76. Drew C

    Wes, your a better person than most, and you don’t have to explain anything to anyone, and if it were me in your shoes I’d probably would have a drink or 5 while doing your show, but that’s just me. And if people are paying attention to your so called slur rather than listen to the encounter’s you are sharing, they probably should find somewhere else to go. I just can’t believe people have nothing better to do than sit on the internet and make fun of others behind the safety of their keyboard when 99 percent of them would never say it to your face. It’s sad what the world is becoming, and I believe that’s why people are having more sightings with sasquatch/dog man is because we as a world have unlocked something evil, just by the way we treat each other. Keep up the good work and stay safe

  77. Sharon K

    OMG Wes.. if people are so shallow and self centered that they would make low budget comments about you, then maybe they should keep the lock on their own closets. Screw them. You have made my life so much easier now that I know I’m not alone… THANK YOU

  78. Andrew O

    I know where you’re coming from, Wes. I’ve had two abscesses at same time recently, and they are due to be removed soon, but if it’s any consolation, I’ve never noticed your slurring.

    Always a top notch show.

    Good luck with the final stages of the treatment.

    Andrew, Eastbourne, UK

  79. Niki B

    Oh my gosh wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story! And you are such a good storyteller so it was interesting although heartbreaking! I’m so glad that you are getting your teeth fixed! Dental work is so painful! I appreciate your honesty and coming forward and sharing your story! Love the show!

  80. Ashe A

    Sending lots of love, Wes! I never noticed any slurring and always enjoy every show.
    Tooth stuff can get serious so quickly. My sister had her wisdom teeth taken out, but because she is still breastfeeding my nephew, she couldnt take any strong antibiotics or pain meds. She ended up getting an infection that went all the way into her jaw bone and she started passing out because of the pain and fever. We took her for emergency treatment (she almost caught covid in the process cause they read her fever and stuck her in the covid ward without asking questions) After alot of stress and shouting she was eventually sorted, only then we found out that the infection was so bad, her kidneys were in the process of shutting down.

    Luckily she is doing fine now, i dont know how quickly irreparable damage couldve set in if he hadnt taken her to hospital in time. Take care of your teeth people

    PS Wes, can we get more bouncer stories please 🙂

  81. Stuart R

    I love your wit, fortitude, attitude and stamina.

    The funny thing about slurring is it can be caused by so many things – for me it is an undiagnosed swelling of my face – and so my lips and tongue has swollen as well – at least you are headed to resolution. Keep up your powerful work. Thanks for the Canadian content!! Especially the First Nations content.

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