Jun 25

SC EP:667 Exploring the Unexplained

Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific researchers of folklore and legends today. A natural storyteller, he’s the award-winning, Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages). He also hosts the New England Legends weekly podcast, which has garnered over 2 million downloads since it was launched.

Always one for chasing adventures, Jeff has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, he’s explored the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, he’s searched the catacombs of Paris, France (where he encountered his first ghost), he faced his life-long struggle with basophobia on his birthday by going skydiving, and he’s been ghost hunting all over the world from a former TB asylum in Kentucky, to medieval castles in Europe, to an abandoned prison in Australia.

Jeff got his start as a journalist in 1997, where he learned how to connect with people from all walks of life. For his work, he’s interviewed thousands of people about their encounters with the profound.









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120 Responses to “SC EP:667 Exploring the Unexplained”

    • John P

      GREAT SHOW! I live 15 miles or so from Blanford. In the late 80’s 2 friends and I had something jump over our tent. It took 3 teenagers less than a minute to pack up and split. We were at the Littleville Dam area. Pretty much in between Blanford and Cobble Mountain reservoir. Can’t wait to listen and watch more of Jeff’s work. Thanks Wes

      • F S

        Under S.C. “About” tab:
        “Sasquatch Chronicles acts as a safe-haven for witnesses to share their encounters. The show debuted in 2013 on the premise that the existing Bigfoot community was primarily focused on the research and opinion of ‘experts’ while overlooking the value of giving witnesses a voice in the discussion. It is now regarded as the first and most prolific program developed around the framework of giving a stage for regular folks to recount their experiences without pushing any type of outside agenda.”

        Now, for some reason, interviews are 50% “experts”/authors/researchers. We’ve even heard a novelist. Really? What’s next? Children’s pop-up book artists? We want to hear those “regular folks’” experiences. Please.

        • John P

          Speak for yourself FS. It seems like a lot of other listeners enjoyed it. I’m sure Wes is used to your complaining by now.lol Be well and be happy FS. No need to be so miserable.

          • Tammi C

            Apparently he was speaking for himself yet he also provided some good facts to back up his comment. Facts are not “complaining” per se and certainly not“being miserable”…just sayin

        • Mike C

          I come here to get away from politics. Every country has things in its past that it would rather forget. Just so tired of hearing how sucky America is. A good portion of the rest of the planet wishes they could live here but, it seems like all we can do nowadays is complain. Love the show Wes but, I couldn’t make it through this one. Even if no one else wants to, I’m gonna go celebrate my country and be thankful for my freedom and my fellow Americans no matter their color or beliefs or political affiliation. Im afraid we may not realize what we have until it’s gone.

          • Tammi C

            Mike, Well said, couldn’t agree more. I stopped watching this guy’s little documentaries because sadly he used every opportunity to politicize. God bless America.

  1. david b

    Thanks Wes, not really into this kind of stuff, but very interesting. It makes me wonder where we are in the grand scheme of things. The bible says as the days of Noah was, all this stupid, crazy, stuff going on.

    • John P

      I live in Chicopee but from Holyoke. I try to let everyone I meet know I’m into Sasquatch. I have yet to find someone I can have a decent conversation with about the subject. If you ever want to get together and discuss views I would be more than happy too.

  2. William R

    I appreciate all your hard work Wes! This is your show and you can do as you please. Save for a couple of episodes, this Friday continues a string of authors/storytellers roughly three months long. Just as you don’t trust most Sasquatch “researchers” because they’re only out to try and make money and/or get attention, I feel more so regarding authors. Talk about out to make money! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed some of them, but would really appreciate more balance with Sasquatch eyewitness encounters. Again, really appreciate your work! Just feel I had to share my opinion. Thanks!

    • Cali H

      Back when I became a member, one year ago, I binged on episodes and about half way through, which was about 100 episodes less than there are now, a horrific unthinkable idea popped into my head. What happens when Wes runs out of people who have had encounters? After all, sasquatch encounters are not a common everyday occurrence.
      Personally, I would rather hear an interview with an author than hear a lame encounter story just for the sake of being true to the original purpose. Just conjecture on my end; I dont really know but geez, give him some slack.

    • Marc C

      Jay Carlsen, I was reading all the comments about how “woke” this jasper was and how we don’t need to apologize for being the best thing on Gods green earth, when I read your’s and had to laugh out loud. Progressives teaching in our schools won’t change the truth. Blacks in Africa captured slaves and sold them to Europeans. Truth. Native warring tribe took slaves and killed off each other over time ad infinum. We Americans in the year of our Lord 2020 don’t owe anyone anything. Truth.
      BUT if you see a red eyed dick you should certainly be concerned! God Bless America, and God bless us each and every one.

  3. Andrew A

    This guy is a pompous wannabe New York Times reporter that loves to hear himself speak and NOBODY else does. I have a few other choice words but wouldn’t want to lose my membership. Wes swings and misses BADLY with this one. Jeff please remember that NOBODY but you cares what you think. I recommend that you should write a book on the origins of the human bowel movement….it would be more interesting than anything you’ve written so-far..

  4. Andrew A

    One last thing…..I figured out the reason why listening to Jeff’s voice and theories is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. He listens to the news and believes everything he reads on the internet. Jeff write a book about the psychology of sheep and why it is they are led by the nose. Then juxtapose your findings with the lunatic fringe today and you may find a DNA link. Now that would be interesting.

  5. Andrew A

    I’m sorry in advance but I couldn’t help myself. I have another interesting book for Jeff to write,”The Zombie Presidential Candidate” the true story of Joe Biden and his unsuccessful run for the Presidency. Anyone who would vote for that buffoon deserves what they get…..baaa baaa!

  6. theresa m

    Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction did not take place in Exeter It took place in Lancaster, NH on route 3. My family and I have travelled that road over 20 years as we went camping up there with the kids when they were little. There is a lot of night sky activity up there to this day. There was also a UFO incident five miles out of Exeter, NH on September 3 in 1965 in Kensington, NH. Two different happenings. There is a UFO Convention each year in Exeter during the Columbus Day Weekend. Really cool event with lots of knowledgeable speakers over the years including Travis Walton. Great Show, Wes. Thanks so much!

  7. Joe T

    Andrew A, One million up votes for your comments about Mr. Belanger and that grotesque Joe Biden. Do we really want a third term of that hideous Marxist tripe of Obama ? Two terms of him almost finished off the USA. I do not want to engage in political discussions here because I come here to escape the real world crap going on. I’ve listened to Mr. Belanger twice now and skipped ahead hoping he would talk about something interesting. His material should be interesting it is anything but, maybe he falls short in the delivery. I give him credit for his dedication and respect for history. Wes please do take not this negatively . I love your show and I admire your skills as an interviewer. You let your guest talk. Countless times listening to other shows I have screamed out loud “shut up and let the man talk”( I hope you see this Brian from CD ). Wes, I feel if my comments are pointed except for the political view point.

    • MONTE M

      I enjoyed this show, Jeff was very colorful. Interesting comment about the Ammityville home being charming given the history of the home. We didnt live it , it is probably true that there was something at play and homes where the heart is but it seems real eerie that comment. Makes you think about that comment and what may have created that feeling. Within a lot of topics covered on SC your imagination conjures what may be at play in the the things people talk about. Most say the book is always better than the movie. I feel that is usually true because a vivid imagination will immediatly beg questions of or shape thoughts and feelings that are so deep and individual about aspects of the story being told. Your mind is magnificent and much different than another person translating a story into film. Admittingly some film makers are super talented and are to create amazing creations that provoke intense thought feelings and emotion. Wish I had that talent. SC is kind of like spoken book so your mind is painting the picture like reading a book. Maybe that’s why it is such an awesome thing coupled with Wes’s talent, willing guests and talented guests and interesting subject matter.
      I was driving West thru the dark night when the outtro song came on. It was awesome, the music seemed to take on being the engine of the truck propelling me thru the night with the late faint summer solstice sunset long gone but still a whisp of light in the West horizon. Enjoyed that song. It is a good one to drive to.

  8. Matthew J

    I have to agree with FS and others. IMO: It’s nice to hear these non-encounter interviews but it doesn’t interest me anywhere near someone’s first hand account. SC may be the best on the ‘net for having guests open up and sharing what happened to them. I don’t want to tell Wes how to run his show but I’m always disappointed when Wes brings on an author, tv personality, or anyone that like me, has never seen a cryptid.

  9. Andrew A

    Monte M….never apologize for speaking your truth. We have so many people scared to speak up these days it’s insane. I apologize for nothing…..and have 0% guilt for anything. Jeff’s monologue was self serving and boring and Gus commentary in what’s going on today is fir the sheep in this world….I don’t listen to propagandists.

  10. Andrew A

    Last thing….again…..I recommend that Jeff….if he’s truly remorseful fir the horrible things that our relatives have done should contribute all proceeds from his book to reparations for the Indians and African Americans. Put your money where your mouth is.

  11. Lisa B

    Great show Wes! I enjoyed it very much! Love listening to historical accounts of places around the U.S. I live close to Yorktown, Virginia, I wonder how many stories there are for that area. I’ve never looked into it but I’m sure there are stories out there about the battlefield.

  12. Cynthia H

    Thank you Wes. As someone that lived in NH for many years I enjoyed this episode. I agree that although I enjoy the personal BF encounters the most, I find that a lot of people (including myself) are also interested in other mysterious topics . Regardless, I know
    you put a lot of time and effort into the show and I thank you for that!?

  13. Johanna V

    What a cool show with Jeff. Thank you! I like the part where he says listen to the witness and keep an open mind. What one person calls a wild man, or an alien, or a devil (like the Jersey devil), it’s important to not get stuck on labels. That’s good advice no matter what you study or enjoy investigating.

  14. Terran S

    I haven’t listened to this show yet…but I will! I get that you have to branch out. I’ve enjoyed the shows with eyewitness’s wether Sasquatch, alien, etc.
    I think the key word is eyewitness or ear witness. If you are branching out…go big! You will lose some and gain some. I’ve enjoyed your show immensely and will continue to. I just don’t know where you are going with it.

  15. BCSquatch

    Cool show man, that’s really funny about what happened with Travis haha I can only imagine being in that situation myself, I’d definitely be a bit concerned ?

  16. Kathy B

    Wes thanks for a very interesting show tonight. Jeff investigates anything unusual. How interesting for him. I really had to laugh about the car ride back to Fargo to catch the plane. That is truly what night time is like when you are out of the city. It is so beautiful and the stars look like they are so much closer. I love the nights away from a city. If you are camping out it is a great time to share some of the stories you investigate….I can really scare myself too.
    I like what you said stay away from labels. I have learned different areas have different names for their weird or different animals or experiences. The history on these names is interesting. I will investigate your website now. I would like Wes to have you back again. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and information about the northeastern part of America.

  17. Jo M

    Thanks Wes!!! I love these shows because, like I’ve said before, I really think all these cryptids are somehow connected. Maybe not ghosts, but maybe? I’ve watched all the New England Legends and I dont even live there. There was a lot of interesting stuff in this episode. I dont mind the guy selling a book because the subjects interest me and he’s pleasant, humorous and easy to listen to. Like Wes and Tony. Good guys!!

  18. Evelyn G

    I keep hearing about the mysterious attributes of Sasquatch that you can’t figure out. Why not get an articulate guest on who has been experiencing these creatures for decades who can explain these things from personal experience ? I would like to hear you interview Keewaunee Lesperitis. He can answer a lot of your questions including why the government is involved in a cover up. No speculation- just the facts.

  19. Tim R

    I have read all the Books by a local Author Michael Touqias on King Phillips War and also about the DROWNING of several towns to make the Quabbin reservoir and this place is loaded with History and very strange…….Things !!!!

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