Jun 26

BEAST TV: Dan Nedrelo

Dan has been investigating the subject since 2000 and has been involved interviewing nearly 1,000 people. He has had some experiences himself and continues to help people look for answers and clarify their sightings. Dan is a herpetologist (a reptile and amphibian scientist) who has worked with the Department of Natural Resources, the National Wildlife Federation and as an environmental assessment biologist.

One Response to “BEAST TV: Dan Nedrelo”

  1. Pete M

    They’re full of crap, acting like there’s no DNA evidence or studies that exist. The truth is that they don’t accept the ones that are already out there because it doesn’t fit their undiscovered wood ape theory or their narrative. They ignore the supernatural elements involved with these things because they want to be taken seriously and accepted by mainstream science. I have news for them, they’re never going to accept this field of study unless you produce a body, which you’ll never be able to do because they’re not just a physical creature, there’s something extra to these things.

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