Jun 14

SC EP:663 I Thought that is NOT a Bear

Bob Strain is a retired firefighter/paramedic with a lifelong interest in the outdoors. When he was 18 years old, he had a daytime visual sighting while hunting in remote Idaho.

Many years later, this experience, along with others, led him to pursue this mystery and become involved in investigating to the extent he is today.




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70 Responses to “SC EP:663 I Thought that is NOT a Bear”

    • Janice K

      Excellent show! During this COVID lockdown I came across the NAWAC website. Professionals all. Great info, articles, etc. I listened to them discussing aircraft to locate Tag 7, amazing! Boom, Wes has Kathy and then Bob on his show. Thank you Wes and thank you NAWAC. My Dad was an Alaskan bush pilot so I love that they use aircraft in their research. Thanks again! Janice K.

  1. Johnathan N

    Just got done with episode 356, awesome story but very sad at what happened that day and how he lost his family over it. Also episode 357 Ape Canyon, very scary. Now for today’s episode. Thanks Wes!


    I was a wildland firefighter for almost 30 years and just recently retired (Dec 31, 2019) from the US Forest Service. One of my two “maybe that was Bigfoot” related incidents happened in Idaho. The other one happened in California. But I am not sure either was actually Bigfoot related though I will never know for sure.

    • Melissa P

      Congrats on your retirement! Sounds like an extreme career. Thank you for doing such a selfless job to protect others. That is just incredible.
      I would love to hear your stories.

  3. david b

    Thanks Wes, another great interview. My opinion is still the same. This creature is not an ape. Whatever it is, that is the reason it is being covered up.

  4. Melissa P

    Thanks Chief, appreciate what you’re doing. It’s a great escape from all that’s happening nowadays. Hope you had a good weekend. Hope everyone had a good weekend…

  5. Jan F

    If Mike Wooley was alive,then i dont Think he Would Call Them Wood Apes.
    They Can talk..they have a langues.
    I Can understand if you see Paddy on video,why you Would Call her a woodape.
    On Tue other side….there are servel deferent species.

    • m99

      I agree Jan. It made me cringe a couple times when he’d say stuff like I saw an ape. I appreciate his research, and the org’s planned, scientific methods, but saying or calling the group of unknown’s apes, was hard to hear. Plus, the fact that, as you say, there are several different kinds.

    • Debbie S

      I agree too. But I do appreciate the research and his taking the time to come on the show. Some may be apes, who knows? But not all of them. I too think there are different types/species.

  6. Matthew J

    Great show, Wes. I too hope they get a body. The US government would be stunned. I’m really grateful that SC does mention the weird things that happen close to a BF sighting. If you whitewash the strange, you will stop any real learning about these creatures.

    • m99

      Wish I lived in Spokane. It’s been raining in Snohomish all spring long, except one long weekend we were fortunate enough to get out to camp.

  7. Jeff S

    This gentleman talks about not divulging all descriptions of sightings reports, holding back paranormal items, balls of light, cloaking, etc. then the BFRO hacks like moneymaker and barackmen go on tv and discount that evidence as the lunatic fringe. That shames the person making the report feel like their whole encounter is in their mind, maybe Their crazy or they didn’t see what they Thought they saw? Saying nothing about the person who has a traumatic experience makes them feel too foolish to come forward.

  8. Lisa B

    Really enjoyed this episode! I got to listen twice, kept getting interrupted while listening. I really need a “DO NOT DISTURB, IM LISTENING TO WES ON SASQUATCH CHRONICLES!” sign. Loved hearing about the Tag 7 research, very interesting and informative. I liked hearing Bob’s encounters and opinions! Thanks Wes for the “put the lights on”!!! Love that song.

  9. Jeremiah S

    Lisa B. that’s a great and cool idea for a Sign to sell in the S.C. Shop. I hate getting interrupted. Or “Sasquatch the new Hulk” lol. I 2nd that on “put the lights on”. There is no replacing that. Reminds me of my first time listening to S.C.. Its been Love ever since. Makes me feel right at home.

  10. Debbie S

    Great show Wes and Bob! I finally got all the way through it too due to interruptions. LOL Loved the Tag 7 info and hearing of Bob’s sightings. Really loved hearing about how they had tracked/placed them near areas with a lot of nut trees. Reaffirms my thought that the truly massive crop of black walnuts that we had to disappear overnight was due to them. Which is a bit unnerving to consider because it was right up against my house. 🙁

  11. Barbara F

    Thank you, Wes for a great show. I have been going back and listening to older episodes from before I became a member. I would encourage newer members to go back through the archives and listen to 360 ( skeptic). Its outstanding!!
    Hey Wes….how do we get on the list to do an intro ? ?

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