Oct 13

SC EP:590 Big Game Hunter Shoots Sasquatch

Spoke to the witness and he said “I am a seasoned hunter, I have been a hunting guide in several states. I want to discuss with you about a time I shot one of these creatures in Idaho. Myself and several other hunters saw this thing including a deputy sheriff. I ended up shooting it as it came towards our camp.

I know some people say it looks human….this did not look human.

This wasn’t the first time I have seen the creature. Several years back my father and I had a run in with one in Colorado.

We will also be speaking to Amanda who is from Texas and will be sharing a strange encounter she had while doing trail maintenance.




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213 Responses to “SC EP:590 Big Game Hunter Shoots Sasquatch”

        • schlad

          He sounds genuine to me, I don’t agree with killing, and I know they exist , because of all the amazing accounts on fhis show. I can promise you most people aren’t capable of much more than sports & weather talk, making up long detailed stories …impossible.
          Thanks Wes, beautiful work, I don’t need a dead body, I want them to stay hidden, humanity is insane, we wou l d just destroy them.
          Love and Peace for everyone!

      • Nicholas W

        Why would you ever use a .220 swift, and a 30-06, on the same platform in over under single shot with one trigger and good optics when they perform so different? Doesn’t make sense but I don’t know

    • Cryptids Unlimited

      I don’t understand why people think we evolved from apes. Darwin’s theory is just that…a theory. It has never been proven! And cannot be proven. Why is it taught in school?? There is no missing link! Any other theory of our existence is just as right as Darwin’s. God created us and God created sasquatch. That’s my theory and can be proven more than Darwin’s because it at least has the history of the Bible to verify it. Why does society want to believe we were once dumb apes and suddenly developed brain skills? That makes no sense to me.
      Sorry, rant over…..for now. Lol

      • Teresa M

        The Bible verifies it? You do realize that the Bible is a theory just like Darwin’s? Ancient men and women wrote the Bible and it’s their theories and beliefs that they wrote down and nothing more. Both have some information to glean but to say the Bible verifies anything is just not true.

  1. Dutch W

    Like people some Foots just need their space to have families,enjoy life ,and not take us to eat or kill. Than there are those, that need to be shot , killed .period!

  2. Donna F

    The “Big Game Hunter” is just a despicable coward. Killing for the thrill of killing is just plain wrong. And, Wes, stop encouraging people to kill a Bigfoot. Bigfoot is part human and to encourage people to kill one is just irresponsible. Can’t men just live and let live? What is wrong with you? My hope is that the next “big game” that this guy goes after gets him before he gets it. Thrill killing is pathetic and the hunters need to find another way to prove their manhood! My prayer is that this guy gets what’s coming to him the next time he is out hunting for the thrill of it. It’s one thing to kill for food. It’s another to do it for the fun of it. Wes, you are always wondering why BF hides from humans. This is the perfect example. I think BF prefers Indian Reservations due to their respect for BF and all creatures. And, Wes, if you thnk the government is ever going to allow a BF body to be brought forth to the public, you are dreaming, and I am grateful. All these big hunters in tears from the fright of seeing a being that could rip them limb from limb just makes me laugh. With any luck the next time this Big Game Hunter goes hunting, a BF will be waiting for him.

  3. Nyla R

    It’s hard to believe if he thinks this is just an undiscovered species, it would affected him so profoundly. And I have NO problem with someone shooting one.

  4. Bonnie I

    Thanks Wes, both encounters were really interesting. Amanda never being able to see the Sasquatch although it continued to follow her and her friend (even knowing that it was flanking them from the right) was really frightening. Perhaps could they not see it because of cloaking? The hunter’s encounter (Colton?) was somewhat troubling because he could not really tell us what it was he shot. If it was a Sasquatch charging him or his fellow hunters that would make sense to shoot at it. Just to say that it was a giant unknown animal roaming around the woods no, not justified. Don’t believe anyone can get a permit to shoot a giant unknown animal. Although it is easier I think to shoot something one classifies as an animal and not human. Shoot to kill, yes if it is making threatening moves or charging you or a companion. Otherwise, no not at all justified even if it was a scary looking Sasquatch.

    • John C

      Agreed this was not justified at all. Unfortunately he now has created a very dangerous animal for other people since he did not finish the job. The creature did not deserve to be shot since it was not being aggressive. It’s ashame. To shot something out of fear that’s not attacking is just wrong. Would you do that with any other animal that’s not attacking? Probably not this should be no different. I believe in hunting not murder. A little strong but true.

    • Matthew W

      Bonnie, I’m pretty sure you can’t purchase a Sasquatch hunting license. And if you are going to shoot to kill, you better be sure what you are shooting at is not a person, especially in certain states, scary or not.

  5. jeff m

    Thanks Colton, great accounts. Enjoyed you stories and your honesty on how you evaluated your situation. My money’s on Colton to prove their existence considering he’s in Texas. Maybe hookup with Amanda over in East Texas to guide you to her encounter in the Sam Houston/Big Thicket area.

  6. Cathy S

    Please don’t shoot bigfoot unless he threatens you. They have families like we do. The goverment has plenty of bf bodies in sure. Killing one won’t prove anything. Remember the guy who had one on ice traveling the country? People still said it was fake. If the government doesn’t want us to know They will still hide it even if someone does shoot one.

    • Matthew W

      Cathy, How much of a threat is enough? A loud growl, a tree knock, a tree shake? Once you say it’s ok to kill them, for any reason, it’s a slippery slope from there.

  7. Monty P

    And on this episode (and not to give it away) we almost had Sasquatch meat for dinner! Wander if it tastes like chicken? Oh and one day I’m gonna be First! Great show!

      • Jason D

        Lol… long pork.

        Appreciate Colton’s honesty, but question that choice. A wounded animal in the bush is the biggest no-no out there, especially ones that can make you empty your bladder by looking at it. Live in Kenya out in the bush and have traveled through the hunting countries, there is no reason to shoot predators unless they are causing problems. Though I wish Colton’s reaction to seeing his dad “humbled” by a bigger, badder dude was not qto kill it, I think he is an honest, self aware guy.

  8. Donald P

    I appreciate Colton’ honestly and for coming on the show but he’s the reason why ethical hunters get a bad rap. Obviously didn’t have a permit to kill something he could not identify, and then only wounded it and couldn’t find it. He claimed to be a professional guide or something of the sort – I find that hard to believe. Those guys have an ethical and moral compass. Wes, I’m also surprised by your response. You didn’t tell the other guests who had one in the crosshairs that they should have shot it and screwed up. The authorities will never let anyone drag one in for public display. That is just wishful thinking.

  9. Lori M

    ?O ?M?G? i don’t know what the heck i would do if i ever..
    ever came across that … Hunting for anything? In the woods that was very scary just listing to the recording from the phone?

  10. Bill A

    Wow, great show. Colton is the first guy I heard on your show who has enough knowledge of hunting and ballistics to get the job done. I hope he encounters another “squatch” when he has his .416 Rigby in his hands.

  11. Mary D

    I don’t care if anyone shoots a sasquatch (I am pretty sure that the government already has a few in cold storage, so saying that it needs to be done to prove that they exist is a moot point.)

    But lions and leopards? Jeez, leave them alone. They are kitty cats. People that kill them for shits and giggles need to be eaten by one.

  12. Fran S

    Great show! Thank you to the guests and as always Wes you do a awesome job. The beginning of the show was very scary. That was not a known animal. Yikes! Maybe I should say one that the government won’t admit to.

  13. Stephen W

    great incounters , the Hunter I pass no judgement people are to quick to jump on the band wagon, being a hunter and in the military you develop a six sense, I think this guy assed his situation and felt threatened and sometimes the best form of self defence is attacked kill or be killed , we are not supposed to kill our fellow man but in war we do it isn’t right but we do, , because we want to live plain simple as far as saying this thing is part human we don’t know and until we have one on a slab we will never know , I think John green said if see one shoot it, it’s like shooting a bear , if these are part human, then some would kill us and some wouldnt, it’s a hard world out there especially in the animal kingdom and survive of the fittest , do we know that most disappearances of people like in 411 books isnt from Sasquatch hunting humans for food , I know one thing ,if these creatures want harm you wouldn’t get a second chance with them , many thanks Wes and too the two guests

  14. Steve W

    D O N N A F. .. Until yesterday I would have agreed with much of what you are saying. I saw an episode of ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING yesterday in which ADAN CONNOVER explains how many of our beliefs are misconceptions, with facts to back him up. He pointed out that while our opinions about BIG GAME HUNTERS may be well founded, the truth is it generates money for conservancy and breeding programs that BENIFIT the respective species. Don’t hate me or take my word for it or call me a liar Try to find the episode on BIG GAME HUNTERS and watch it. It won’t change your opinion about the motives in the hearts and minds if the hunters, but you will come away better informed on the topic. And please, please watch it before responding. If any SC listener wishes to further expound on the program I saw yesterday I would appreciate it. And as always WES …thanks for this forum and your great podcast

  15. Lisa H

    I live in Basalt Co & spend a lot of time in the woods this is truly the 1st sighting that I have heard of in this area.Thank u Colten for sharing in such a truthful manner

  16. Randel S

    good for you Colton. The 416 is what I have been saying people need to carry to bring one down. Since you’re in Texas and we have very aggressive Sasquatch here I highly recommend that you carry your 416 when you’re out in the woods. You’ve had your rehearsal now you know what to do. I’ve been through that in dealing with men. I hope we hear from you again ! All the best and welcome to Texas!

    • Jake C

      I have heard several stories about people dropping them with a 45-70. I think that just about anything would work if it had enough go juice to drive through the muscle mass, while staying intact.

  17. TARYN L

    Great episode. Both encounters very interesting. Amanda was right to not say anything to her friend at first, she may have took off running. You never know how the other person is going to react. Colton’s encounter was one that until you see one, who knows how your going to react. The sounds at the beginning gave me chills

  18. Denise F

    Oh what to say Wes that hasn’t already been said ^
    Except that I was hanging on my East Texas girl, Amber’s every word! Great show again….if people get stirred up, it’s always a winner, lol. Thanks again

  19. Annette H

    I don’t hate anyone for shooting Sasquatch to prove the species exists. But I don’t think this was what was being done here. I think he was afraid, and I would have been too. But I don’t think he was being clever. A wounded animal in the bush is never a good thing. I presume it was alone and for that he should be very greatful. My problem is that if it survived it’s not going to have a pleasant attitude towards people. The next people this creature comes across may end up dead.

  20. David J

    I think it should be a priority for field researchers to try and duplicate whatever event silences the forest. Maybe play infrasound through speakers or release scents that we as human can’t smell. That would shed some more light on how supernatural these things may or may not be.

    • Brenden M

      David, I like that you are thinking outside the box, but i have one question. How are they going to create a scent that humans cant smell if they cant smell that they made a sent that has no scent?

  21. Jay R

    Heck ya! Now that’s a great episode. If Colton lives in Texas, maybe he should hook up with Amanda and take a jaunt thru the Big Thicket with Bob Garrett. But as stated above, Uncle Sam will not allow this to come to light. Probably confiscate the carcass and swear everybody to NDA’s. Bob got his share of dealing with the government regarding Sasquatch.

  22. Joshua W

    Awesome show Wes! Both were great guests. I think that Colton (sp?) is now on my list of “Favorite Guests”. Thanks to all the of you for allowing me to get out of my head for a while.


  23. Lori


  24. Maria R

    So, I am not a fan of “Big game hunters”. You basically wounded another being. He suffered before he died. If he died. You are a coward shooting at something from 200 yards! Not even knowing if you would kill it. Hopefully the Bigfoot will return the favor someday! Or any other Big game animal for that matter.

    • Maria R

      Reply to Shannon S, but “you” hunters have a tag for what they are out hunting for. You don’t have a license to kill what ever comes along! He should have waited to see if this thing was going to be a threat. There were 14 men there, all with guns. He did not have a tag to hunt and kill a bigfoot, he is a coward, in my opinion. And an irresponsible Hunter.

  25. Lauren R

    I grew up in a hunting family, my dad hunted to put food on the table. I have a hard time listening to big game hunter stories because I have zero respect for the hunter. Killing an endangered species is nothing to brag about no matter how you attempt to justify it. I can’t believe the guy even mentioned that he killed a lion. I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but at the beginning when he talks about being “so mad” at the creature he wanted to go shoot it, I thought, “yep. Big game hunter.”

    • Jake C

      What endangered species?

      Lions are not endangered.

      Most “big game” hunted for sport in Africa has the meat given to the local community. Whether or not he took the meat from any of his African hunts, I guarantee you that meat got eaten by people. The money from the booking of hunts keeps several game preserves open. These preserves protect endangered species, and stop poachers.

      At this level, we don’t know exactly what these sasquatch, or sasquatch like creatures are. It would follow that we have nothing but speculation as to their distribution, or population densities.

  26. MONTE M

    Thanks for another great episode. Colton you do not need to apologize I feel I may have done the same. With fourteen of you your experience just could have been a defining moment in Bigfoot History. I think with that many people and a specimen it would have been hard to snuff that one into ( it was a bear / you shot a bear). If it was wounded it could have killed or maimed someone in the hunting party so maybe you were all lucky? Maybe it could have turned ugly with a group of them unleashing a can of woop ass on your group? Maybe it was wounded and got help by another? Maybe it was in the trees above you? Maybe this could have been in the history books?
    I’ve had a wounded Mule deer buck evade me stomach crawling in a small patch of knee high shrubs no bigger than twenty by thirty yards in size and to my amazement get up and try to run after I had gone right by it twice at Chalky Buttes in Western ND . Animals are very smart and have natural camouflage and the instinct to survive and surely these creatures are smarter than most animals. Thanks for sharing.

  27. MONTE M

    Colton Iam not in agreement with Big game hunting animals that have declined majorly in numbers to put a mount on the wall but you were hunting Elk mostly for food I presume again just my opinion. People can say what they want it is your life your conscience, those same people probably just ate a cheeseburger. They did not have the experience you had and then again and they probably would have feared for their life also, so tough commenting behind the screen of a cell phone for these people. Iam for shooting a Bigfoot since the Govt. has and will not share. Iam not for shooting two Bigfoot.

      • MONTE M

        Good reply, nothing really. People can trophy hunt Elk but I assume most hunt it for the meat since Elk is excellent meat, or they do both. Elk can be a hard hunt many times as stated thirteen people were Elkless. Alot of people feel hunting anything is wrong but they eat protein whose life was created specifically so people can eat meat. Hypocritically people bitch about hunting as they chomp a burger,chicken or whatever down. It had nothing to do with shooting a Bigfoot sorry.

        • Mary D

          There is a huge difference between respectfully thankfully and humanely putting meat on the table and going around shooting animals so that you can hang their heads on the wall. That’s what we are talking about here.

          As for shooting sasquatch, they are dangerous and destructive. I would, but I know that shooting them opens up a huge can of whoop ass. I’m not sure it’s a fight you can win

          • MONTE M

            Iam pretty sure we are talking about numerous things here not just trophy hunting. It sounds like they were hunting Elk and if I recall correctly his father harvested the meat. People can hunt Elk and still not be out trophy hunting, just hunting Elk.

  28. Jacob S

    It’s scientifically proven killing animals makes your penis larger. I’ve never heard anyone regret not killing something so bad, psychopathy.. And why is it so necessary to prove these are real it’s almost a psychological detriment for some at this point. As long as you know isn’t that enough?

    • Ben H

      Nope. It’s not enough. I already have to tie mine in a knot to keep from sitting on it. I won’t stop killing animals until I start stomping on it when I try to hit the brakes. If killing a Sasquatch makes me start tripping over it, then I’ll just throw it over my shoulder and start HUNTING WITH IT.

      Great show!

  29. Leann G

    Great episode. Both guests had compelling encounters and reactions. Comments about Colton’s experience should be limited to the encounter shared. Thanks for sharing!

  30. m99

    I’ve felt that fear in the woods at Village Creek area of SETX. I did not hear anything breathing, but knew I had to go as quickly and quietly as I could, and somehow knew not to run (I was 14 years old and had slipped off by myself to be alone). I felt it too and noticed it was eerily quite. I was afraid. That’s not too far from Big Thicket National Park. I’ve been to that are area she’s described. It’s beautiful, but also very eerie. Once me and my husband went out there and that bridge was literally covered with different types of water snakes. We left immediately because of that, not because of a Sasquatch or anything. Really great testimony. Thanks Amanda. Thanks Wes. I value your show.

    • m99

      _say Wes, maybe the bird is a Raven or Crow. We went camping in the Rainier National Park and in the morning there were three Ravens cawing very loudly. Seemed to be triangulating the area. First I said, what the hell is that? because it woke me up, then I went outside and watched these birds as they flew the whole site and spoke to each other. It was interesting, albeit annoying. LOL.

  31. John W

    If Anthony in the pivotal Episode 419 is to be believed, and Wes said he knew of a handful of similar situations, then clearly Sasquatch is more hominid than animal with fully developed language and complex social behavior. Certainly brethren to be protected not shot.

    What about blood samples?? Here we have 14 people who can testify the blood was that of a Sasquatch!

    • m99

      OY VEY! I wish he wouldn’t keep saying he knows he’s gonna piss people off. It’s your experience Coltan, and it’s Wes’ show. So what if it does?

  32. Russell B

    The cromagnum man is based on a theory it never existed. I remember being in elementary school as a kid and the teacher showed us drawings that someone created of these so called pre humans. But he explained it as such as being a theory. It is being taught now as being a fact so people believe it as being such. They never existed. I do believe that these creatures people see today are real but I believe it is something from ancient Times maybe biblical times. Maybe demonic don’t know.

    • Jason D

      Nope. Not theory science. Fossil records show there were lots of bipedal primates before us and man is sure to change over time so future thinking bipeds might find our bones after a future cataclysm and say, “check these strange guys out.”

      My point is, things are explained through the lens of the viewer… maybe UFO’s were Gods on flying chariots, aliens were crocodilemen, Bigfoot were Giants or Nephilem. We tend to view through the lens of science today—if we have an idea of Gigantopithicus because we found a few teeth, why is it such a stretch that it could have just been a Sasquatch?

      Just my theory..

    • Cali H

      Cro magnon man is synonymous with European early modern humans. The term comes from the area where first discovered. They were early homo sapiens. Us. Anatomically, us.

  33. Kristy S

    The sasquatch call is eerie and sounds like it’s wailing. I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear it first hand.

    Most of the negative comments assume Colton is hunting like a rabid pack animal. That clearly wasn’t the case. Over and over we hear that this type of fear is unimaginable and both guests experienced this horrific fear ?. Come on people, you are portraying Colton to be a cold blooded killer. Do you honestly think you know how you would handle a sasquatch encounter? Clearly most of us have not experienced the type of fear they are taking about. So stop VOMITING so much hatred and judgement at these people! Most of us haven’t walked in their shoes. I’m sure as hell glad that I haven’t. You can tell this young mans life has been turned upside down and to top it off he has people like you making it worse!

  34. Wanda R

    There are a lot of negative comments about this guy shooting at a a Sasquatch and I do get it. Shooting and/or killing something that wants to live is always wrong, I don’t care who you are and the reasons, it’s wrong. Imagine if someone was shooting at you and all you wanted was to live. This is no different than killing a cow, a pig, a deer, a dog, a bird… it’s wrong and every living animal/man wants nothing more than to live.

  35. Richard W

    Wow! It’s unbelievable how many gun, and hunting haters exist in this media. Coward? Not this guy, or his buddies. Son, I respect you for your shooting and hunting abilities. Calm, and cool in face of adversity. Ignore the idiots that want to deface you. I, as a hunter respect you!

    • Kristy S

      Agreed!!! It’s sure easy fur these people to say OH NO don’t shoot them. If anyone of these fools had one of these creatures heading toward them and their families I think they would be singing to a different tune. Common sense should tell you to protect yourself and those you care about. Hears a thought, all of you that are condemning this young man should smile at Sasquatch and invite them in to your camp and offer them a burger ?.

      • Wanda R

        Shooting for self defense of yourself and others I think is justified but we all know very few animals are killed in self defense. Most animals have no idea you’re even there until they are shot. For the record I believe everyone should be armed, especially when they are out in the wilderness.

  36. Dovie D

    It took me until I was in my 50s before I realized what I had seen as a kid was one of these but I have seen them at least twice maybe three times and twice some came to my home when I was alone. I have found tracks twice. I know that primal fear. It is a fear unlike no other. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed hearing the encounters.

  37. Connie R

    What began as an interesting and intelligent show in the interview with Amanda unfortunately disintegrated into a disturbing second portion with this Colton. To listen to this guy talk about leading “trophy” hunts, bringing down elephants, lions, rhinos, and then shooting at and admittedly intending to kill something he has no idea what he is even shooting at – God help us all – humans and animals alike. Absolutely horrific, and I hope he stays out of the woods and finds something more constructive to do with his life.

  38. Jake C

    Pertaining the second guest, I find it interesting how many ladies are so quick to judge. I wonder how many miles have they walked in his shoes?

    The detractors are quick to condemn Colton, all while promoting the first guest. Did she not say that she will no longer go into the woods without a gun? What do these people think she would be willing to do with that?

    Big game hunting does more for conservation than any drum circle ever has.

  39. Jonathan B

    I love it. All these comments and whining is just absolutely annoying to go through to get to meaningful comments. Just people whining about what they think about the actual human beings that were there while they’re listening in on their cell phones. Just listen give positive o fo or opinions and if you don’t like whatever happens cry in your pillow and get over yourself because these stories are not your experiences. But good show Wes! Hell Maybe!

  40. Jeffrey M

    Bigfoot minding his own business prob foraging for food then bang bang 2 in the back for no reason probably better to shoot him with a good camera then we might believe you

  41. Charles R

    I will tell you what I believe about that Texas group getting the permit. The gov’t agency ( I wonder which one, maybe Dept. of the Interior sub group ). This group was pro kill and hunted them. To my knowledge they never bagged one, although one member claimed to have drawn some blood with a shotgun. I think Bobby Hamilton ( Recent cable channel series, Killing Bigfoot ) was the leader, not sure, but there was a big falling out and he was cast aside and they became the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy. The bird that use to plant themselves in my deer hunting area, Roscommon Cty, Mi just east of Houghton Lake were blue jays. Use to drive me nuts trying to listen for deer movement and they would be constantly calling out from above. May be why I only saw on buck in 8 years of hunting there. I did see my one and only Bigfoot though there crossing the headwaters of the swamp we hunted, the headwaters of the Titabawassee River.
    As for Colton I will only say I am totally anti kill on these creatures. I see it the same as taking a human life. Now if your life is in danger and it is you or the aggressor, take the aggressor out. I was not there and the one who felt threatened. Why did not the other 13 members Colton claims saw it take a shot? And just maybe he only hit it with a non lethal shot to the shoulder and it got the hell out of Dodge.

  42. Charles R

    I also think that with modern technology the Sasquatch can be proven to science and academia without a body. This would be EDNA, or environmental dna. This is where a sample of water is taken and everything that was in that water has dna that will come up. It has been done at least with results coming up unknown primate, but this was just one gentleman. My project would be nationwide with thousands of samples being tested in a scientific way in every state. Take the samples from ponds or small bodies of water in the forest. If you got dozens or hundreds of samples that showed the same unknown primate dna, and accepted by a science journal, surely the academia would have to take notice. This will take a lot of money.

  43. Jake C

    – Federal 416 Rem Mag TB Sledgehammer Solid 400GR 20rd box … $99.96
    – Sasquatch Chronicles Yearly Subsciption … $70.00
    – Waterproof Map of Washington State … $7.99

    – Calling Wes at 3:00am to help you load something big and hairy into the back of your truck … Priceless

  44. MONTE M

    Shooting a Sasquatch is a controversial subject and people are going to have different feelings about it. There is no right or wrong way to feel it is a personal decision. If you are against it that is very understandable, I respect that and I respect that more than my feelings that we need a body to prove this. How would I feel if I shot one with its young one ten feet away? Like a despicable human being and piece of junk. Iam not into big game hunting but I have harvested wild game and enjoyed it as a natural food source from mother nature. I enjoy being in the outdoors doing it and like photography of nature as much or more than hunting as I’ve aged and my hunting has tapered off especially once I had kids and I have not since getting cancer, those things made me want to just let life live but I eat hamburgers and other mea so that is a contradiction in my life. Hunting wild game I feel is more humane and better meat for your body. If you harvest a deer and it is in a group with its young same difference as shooting a Bigfoot, the deer is not coming after you.
    While hunting Mule deer in Chalky Buttes of ND back in the late seventies I witnessed a doe get shot out of a group of eight deer. They all ran but another doe turned around and walked back to the one that was now laying dead and looked at it (turning back to its family member and stood there for a second looking at it laying there, in my mind it was thinking come on get up we need to get out of here) it was sad and it made me think about animals,their families and their feelings and love for each other. My co worker had an uncle who was a long haul truck driver she was against hunting and I find more women feel that way than men. She said her uncle ran into a group of deer or goats on a mountain pass and several of them were killed and several were wounded. She stated the others did not all leave and they were crying out. That is sad and it tells you something about their need and love for each other. A side note my co worker came home and found their young teenage son dead from huffing white out. I witnessed her pain from losing her child we have all experienced loss of people we love somehow or another. Fish also live in families musky and other fish are seen in groups, a fellow once said he sees musky swim by in groups in the winter thru his Northern Pike spear hole in his dark house, you can not spear Musky ,are fish affected by the loss of another like a dolphin or porpoise might be? We have heard the deathbed confession story on SC .That being said is it not enough to just know Bigfoot exist as someone posted earlier? To some yes. I feel enough accumulative eyewitness accounts and the proper filmed footage in high definition along with DNA and tract casts should be enough to prove this or at least warrant biologists to take this subject more serious and be able to have open discussion and study of this phenomenon without fear of being an outcast or losing their job. People argue the only evidence good enough for the true discovery is a body and this statement seems to have merit to it. I feel that that statement is probably true that maybe that is what it would take? That is why Iam for harvesting one to try and prove this and that could even have its problems, it might not see the light of day. Colton and his party were in a good situation or better than most to be able to possibly harvest that Bigfoot and prove this exists. Most people in this world think Sasquatch is a hoax. It is not enough for me to just believe I feel we deserve to know what is in our forests and if a body is what it takes unfortanately then Iam for that be it unethical or not. If the Govt would share then that wouldn’t be the situation but until then I may take one down if the opportunity presented itself wich it probably will not since I do not really hunt much any more so iam not out in the woods with a high powered rifle. I do not think Colton was wrong trying to take that thing down. Neither do I feel he would have had hero status if he did and proved Sasquatch to the world .

  45. Doug K

    Wow!!! Great show Wes.!! Thanks to Amanda and Colton for taking the time to share their awesome encounters with us. Thanks !!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  46. Christopher H

    Great Sasquatch calls at the beginning of the show. Thanks Wes for sharing. Another awesome show. First, let me say this. I’m a hunter. I only harvest game for food. I’m not Big game hunter. I don’t see why the Big Game guy killed one of these beings for no reason. Shooting one to prove they exist or for scientific study is one thing but shooting it just to do it is wrong. If one is threatening you yes. Shoot it but killing one just to do it is not right. Just my opinion.

  47. Ed J

    Kill them, I agree. If they were all furry and friendly, the government would say so. There is much to be considered with this animal, and we need to know the truth before we can continue to just let it be.

  48. Wookie Booger

    Wow…that may be the two best witnesses I have ever heard on a single episode! They were both sober, serious, and professional people that witnessed something very strange. Outside the norm of what they thought they knew about the natural world!……… Yep!?

  49. Cali H

    My favorite part of the encounter was Colton saying he regretted not having a bigger rifle. I thought he was going to be contrite and he wasn’t. I like a man who sticks to his guns. (No pun intended) Reminded me of JAWS. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

  50. Anthony B

    First, the call at the beginning was a large dog. Second, it appeared Amanda used her friend as bait when she sent her ahead alone so she could stay back to possibly observe whatever was flanking them. Not cool. And third, Colton is full of BS. Several things stood out. His dad killed an elk and “they loaded it on his horse”. A bull elk can average 850 lbs or more. He said they were taking it back to camp to quarter the animal, which means they “put” the whole elk on the horse, probably dressed and weighing no less than 650 lbs. He didn’t say anything about using pack horses. He seemed to imply his dad tried to get on the same horse… so another 175 to 200 lbs, and very little saddle room. I feel sorry for that horse. I pack in for elk quite a bit. We always quarter in the field and use pack horses. Then there’s his gun… a custom made over and under 220 Swift and 30-06, single shot barrels. What an odd gun to use for elk hunting. But that’s ok if that’s all he had. But why did he shoot an animal that big, walking away from him, using his 220 Swift round first? That would only injure the Sasquatch and make it much more dangerous. Why wouldn’t you shoot the 30-06 round first? Why would you shoot an animal in the back that wasn’t a threat? Also, in the Colorado story, he pissed his pants and his dad cried? I hunt with a lot of people and I can’t see anybody acting like this. A hunter would certainly be astonished by the sighting, and probably fearful, and would likely back out of the area. But piss his pants and then out of anger, want to follow the animal and shoot it? A lot of things here just don’t make sense.

    • Dorothy S

      I agree Anthony. There were a lot of discrepancies in his story. First he was in Idaho and then it was Colorado. Then it sounded like he said he was in High school and then he said he worked in other states. Perhaps I misheard him. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He also wanted everyone to know the “name brands” that he had as if he was bragging. As far as shooting the sasquatch, I just don’t understand why he shot it.
      I thought it was necessary to have a license to kill an animal. I wonder what he would have done with it if he had killed it?

  51. Lesley H

    I’m sorry but listening to this guy tell about shooting a creature and letting it go off to die in agony why? Because he could? People who trophy hunt are desensitised to killing, there’s zero compassion, empathy’,or respect for any creature , stick your gun up your arse pull the trigger the world won’t miss you.

  52. Jon B

    This guy saying the creature is not that intelligent needs to look in the mirror and repeat those words. Glad to hear he’s stopped going out firing off shots to bloster his ego.

  53. Peter B

    That Big Game Hunter is what is so bad about killing for trophy sports. He uses a weapon that is not equipped for the creature, I don’t care how expensive the weapon is. The bullet is critical in any circumstances… He doesn’t have a legal permit to hunt a BF.
    I’m sure there is a Federal Law that protects that BF. The law enforcement officer who was with them should have turned him in. Not to mention any of the others…. This not a hunter, this is a killer impersonating a hunter. Truly egotistical, never answering Wes’ question. Reminding everyone how ignorant he is, and building up himself. Hoping that we are stupid enough to believe him being the great hunter he is. A true legend in his own mind!!!
    To a hunter that is a firearm… To this guy it is a weapon, because of the assault he used it for. Please Wes !!! No more people like this, I am ashamed and embarrassed for this guy calling himself a “Hunter”.
    He gave all the excuses of ” Sport Killer”, my regrets to the people who had to hear this guy. A true hunter would never have done this…….

    • Jake C

      @peterb …if he had paid his taxes for it (…that is what permits are …) then it would have been ok?

      I find it ammusing how many people commenting on this are detractors of “big game hunters”, yet have most likely never even known anyone who has done that.

  54. Ross T

    No wonder these things don’t want us around and scare some in their territory. Dudes taking pot shots at them and military personnel going in to exterminate… i wouldn’t blame them one bit for taking opportunities to scare off people for no apparent reason.

  55. Robert T

    Wa,wa wa, crybabies !!! Go plant your butt in the woods and have one of these things approach you or even just know it’s there, then tell me you aren’t afraid . Until you,very been there keep your judgement in the livingroom where you probably hunt !!! Hunt the remote !!!

  56. Trevor C

    Fascinating episode! I cant relate to somebody who wants to shoot everything that moves but I respect the guys honesty he talked a lot of sense, also respect for admitting to shooting one of these things! And why? Fear.. wow. He’s also right about proof, nothing will ever be good enough.

  57. Tim N

    i know this episode was on a while ago. i think this guy is a bragger with daddys money. he isnt a hunter he is a trophy killer. he is full of crap. im talking about the first person im not going to listen to the second, bored.

  58. Jamie O

    Best Iv ever heard it put……..that everything goes quite and why no birds no bugs nothing that even the smallest of small has a fear of whatever Bigfoot is or is not very well said Amanda

  59. Stephen W

    the first guest was believable.I believe the testimony of the second guest as well.I usually listen to the program at least 3x deliberately.Amanda has a command of the english language that causes one to be right there with her.The Big game hunter I understand because my father hunted trophy elk, mule deer and white tail deer.If an animal had frightened my father to tears.I probably would have done the same thing.

  60. Christian B

    You can really only be a stoked big game hunter if you have no understanding of animal intelligence/relationships or real empathy. I don’t really believe that dude’s story for a second, it seemed VERY cobbled together. but if it’s true, I hope something big mauls the shit out of him. Not because he’s a hunter, but because of how casually he talks about killing. I also think the best way to prove bigfoot is with a body, but I think it can be proven other ways. What you need is public consensus, and right now we don’t even have decent photo evidence. If you have enough good photo and video, public opinion WOULD change. I’m not against humanely and properly killing a sasquatch if someone knows for sure how the rest of the situation is going to play out, where they’ll bring it etc. This fool basically showed us his level of maturity and empathy when he said he wanted to kill it cause it made his daddy cry. Right now the best i’ve seen is gimlin, which is grainy and pretty weak. I live in an area with a lot of hunters, and I fish all the time, so I understand the drive to hunt, and the skill it takes. Hunting overpopulated deer for conservation purposes and really using the meat is very different than traveling the world to kill rare things just for the fun of it, and to prove to people that you’re macho, which seems to be this kid’s MO. You can easily recognize people that don’t connect to the animals on an empathic or personal level. What if I went to this dude’s house and shot his dogs ( or his girlfriend) cause it gave me a rush? He’s basically doing that, except because these animals don’t “belong” to anyone, he thinks it’s casual. If you’re going to kill something, you better understand that every animal has relationships, emotional depth, ,family etc. I lived with a wild parrot and it was just as complex as a human. My dog is the same. And deer etc are no exception. I’ve even seen trout in streams that have friendship, cooperation, understanding of me vs other people etc. It’s human hubris to think that any creaure is not emotionally complex. And sasquatch is for sure some kind of hominid or higher primate- they have families, kids, intelligence and emotions. If he really feels that blase about putting a bullet in one, then he’s got some serious maturing to do, and he doesn’t deserve a gun. I have no issue with any hunter who feeds himself with his gun, or even does it for sport in a sustainable way, but understands the ethical ramifications of murdering another living being. I certainly take trout and bass sometimes, and I am grateful for their sacrifice. This is what white people have still not learned. Gratitutde and empathy and the knowledge that all things are conscious and feeling. Hearing this kid apologize, you can tell he doesn’t mean a second of it. He reminds me of someone I knew in college who would grab girl’s asses and then apologize for it, and keep doing it over and over. He doesn’t give a fuck if anyone disagrees with his ethics or his decisions, and that’s why he can mow down various animals and not consider what he’s doing.

  61. Christian B

    Also every time Wes or someone else says “it makes no sense” that bigfoots scare people off or pace them or are aggressive, they should remember how this trophy hunter talks. Humans are pretty much garbage, we kill helter skelter and without need, terrorize every animal, and take pot shots at creatures we don’t understand. Would you be kind and loving and understanding if every time you went out to get food something would harass or photograph or shoot you? Sasquatch has every reason to fear and hate us. What would be WAY weirder is if they were nice to us. Especially after we deforest the planet. It’s pretty amazing that so many encounters are are peaceful as they are- these guys show way more restraint and compassion than most people. If I were a squatch I’d probably dismember every person that I came across.

  62. Cryptids Unlimited

    I don’t understand why people think we evolved from apes. Darwin’s theory is just that…a theory. It has never been proven! And cannot be proven. Why is it taught in school?? There is no missing link! Any other theory of our existence is just as right as Darwin’s. God created us and God created sasquatch. That’s my theory and can be proven more than Darwin’s because it at least has the history of the Bible to verify it. Why does society want to believe we were once dumb apes and suddenly developed brain skills? That makes no sense to me.
    Sorry, rant over…..for now. Lol

  63. m99

    This episode was mentioned in the blog recently, so I went in and found it.

    The howls at the beginning give me the heebie jeebies. I listened to this episode with the forest assistant lady “Amanda”. And we’ve been to that very site. I know the bridge she speaks of. The wholly unbelievable thing is I used to go out there alone, back in the day. It’s a very serene and lovely, free place to hike. I liked going into the woods to meditate. However, I never seemed stay long because I could never get in the groove.

    Once my husband (then dating, was 25 years ago) and I went to this park, after a heavy rain. I just wanted to go in far enough to show him the bridge over the creek. When we got to it, it was literally crawling with snakes, and they were hanging from the railings as well. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Well, that was enough for him. I recall as we walked the trail to the bridge, he was looking left to right and asking if there were snakes out there? I laughed and said of course, but they’ll leave you alone unless you mess with them. Then I asked, you gonna disturb a snake?

    I looked at the map too and yep, that’s it. Great episode. Thx Wes!

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