Jul 10

SC EP:124 Do you believe in the boogeyman?


Tonight I speak with William who had an encounter with Sasquatch in Washington State. He was out with his church group camping, and he and a friend woke up early one morning and saw a Sasquatch walking away from their camp. The encounter has stuck with him all of his life. He wrote a small paper on his encounter. William is a working professional and spoke to a friend of his who is also a professional who had an encounter but did not want to come forward. Listen as William describes what he saw that day in Washington State.

My second guest is Dawn from Oklahoma. Dawn had a sighting of a creature on an abandoned home and describes some strange experiences on and around her property.



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    • Becca E

      Very well spoken fella.. So fascinating how fixated people get on their memories. All their lives. I wonder at my own tendency to want to know so much about this subject.. I’m safe listening but the human push to know fascinates me. It can’t be mass hysteria. Hmmm

  1. Blake S

    Funny how he said about the fur colour being that rusty brown colour, the same as a dead pine tree, I was thinking that just yesterday. In the videos on youtube, im always looking for dark shapes (black) when scanning them, what if there was a white coloured squatch or a rusty brown one in the shot somewhere? I would not see it because im looking for black shapes.

  2. diana m

    Another Great show, Wes! Thank you for sharing your stories, Will & Dawn. Dawn, I hope you write down all the stories you hear round about!…Seems you’re definitely on to some good stuff.

    It’s interesting to hear all the different kinds of squatch behaviors.

    • Dawn O

      Diana M: I will definitely write down all the stories I hear about, I just wish others would come forward, I know that there’s more stories out there. I’ve decided to keep a log (like I do for myself and my 2 jobs) and that way if someone else around here has similar encounters, we can compare notes. Thank you for your support, too, it helps me in so many ways.

  3. Frankie P

    Very interesting and well told accounts. I enjoyed all the details “William” remembered, and I could tell it really made an impact on him at the time and now. Dawn’s account sure sounds like a little one – and more events afterwards! Great stories, as always Wes.

    • Dawn O

      Frankie P: Yeah to me it sounded like a little one that I saw, but the grunting noises, from hearing it, it sounded so much taller and bigger. IF it was another type of animal, I don’t think it’d be sitting there watching me, that’s the shivering feeling I got from it. I was facing towards its direction while photographing the spider.

  4. Gabriel H

    Thank-you Dawn. Thank-you Will. Thank-you Wes. It’s time. People need to know this. A realization this morning – I’m grateful to be developing the perspective that there are many of us who will be assisting with counter-balancing any chaos that begins to rise as this comes out. It’s going to be a hard realization. But there will be breakwaters to disperse the waves.

    • Dawn O

      Gabriel H: You’re welcome, it helps to speak out because I’ve been ridiculed for years telling that story so I clammed up on people I don’t think I could trust.

  5. Kim L

    Very interesting, very nice, very professional. Wes, you are a gift in men, and this site you’ve created speaks well of you. Hope we don’t tire you out or discourage you with our constant “baby bird” demands for MOREMOREMORE!! I think your manner of speaking could best be described as the “quaalude voice”, puts the witness at ease and comfortable with sharing. Hey ! how about, next time my wife has an “issue” with my behavior, you talk to her and explain how she’s just not understanding my “maleness”?? No, never mind, I don’t need her hearing that silver tongue! Keep up the great shows, and thanks again.

  6. John Ellison

    Another great show Wes. I really appreciate all the work that you put into your shows. I have had one of those weeks where every day seems like it’s was Wednesday, and it really helped to come home from work and set back and enjoy your shows. All the shows are GREAT and I want to thank you for doing such a great job. Keep up the good work and I look forward to whatever you have planned for the next show. From a listener that has been with you from the beginning and has told everyone in my area about your show. I even talk about your show on my morning show here in central West Virginia, and my listeners love it!! I work at a medium market country station and talk about this and that and there has been a many a morning that I have talked about Bigfoot and you and your brothers encounter, and like I said before, my listeners love it. All the best my friend, keep up the great work!!! We love what ya do in the mid Ohio valley!!!

  7. Papa - Yeti

    Hello William, if I may, you’re a very talented writer; making your blogs very enjoyable to read as well as intriguing, as you retell your childhood Bigfoot encounter. I wanted to also state, that in our memories of past events, especially places of yesteryear do change, as old wooden cabins fail structurally, and most places visited of our past do change as our world is in ‘constant changing motion’ in the name of progress, time and weather worn lumber and rusted nails are as much subject to change as we are. And William thank you for the shout out, it was quite humbling, and I am glad that I could help.

  8. Sean C

    Thank you Will, Dawn and Wes! This was an excellent show! I’ve had migraine pain all day, couldn’t sleep tonight, and this show just helped me find the relaxation that I’ve needed all day. I can’t thank you enough, and I really appreciate all of the wonderful guests that continue to share here. Kudos Wes, and I would give you a million bucks if I could, actually more if I had it to give. It still wouldn’t be enough, to show you what this show means to me, but money just can’t pay for the things in this life that are truly worthwhile. I’m just sayin’ if I had it to give you bro, I surely would, in hopes that it would help you out, and I would still feel like I was the one coming out ahead, for being able to enjoy your show!

    Rock on, brother Wes!


    • Dawn O

      Sean C: You’re welcome and thanks to everyone for making this easier to talk about. Now I know for a fact we have wild animals nearby, like mountain lions (a church member saw one sitting on a path she walks on daily and she lives less than 2 miles east from me.) and there’s been talk of bears, but this was no bear at all. I could tell from the back of this thing…not a bear at all. I”ve seen bears at the zoo, not even close to what I saw.

  9. Debbie C

    Wes, happy July to you:)
    Using Skype work perfectly.
    Your show I believe is the best I’ve heard so far!:)!
    William’s voice sound like he was right next to you.
    William tells his true story perfectly. I wish all interviews were of this caliber.
    Take William to Texas with you Wes!:)!


    Dawn’s voice sound like she was right next to you too!:)!
    What a scary creature she witness.
    I’m sorry to hear about her poor cat. Sounds like it was squeezed to death.
    I truly enjoyed listening to Dawn as well:)
    Stay safe Dawn.

    • Dawn O

      Debbie C: Yes it was scary for me. Esp the nighttime encounter. I miss my cat some days, even though it’s been several years, she was a one of a kind cat. Yeah, I wish I had an autopsy done for her, but that cost money. Sometimes when I walk Mom home it’s dark and I’m always on my guard. I will note that around this same time, the property adjacent to my brothers’ has this pond, one day we all smelled this foul odor like death, the man and his son were at this pond w/ a shotgun as if staking out the place. We asked him about the smell (he had horses) and he denied it came from his property. I’m wondering now if something had killed a horse and left it for dead and they were staking out the area. That stench stayed around for several days. I will definitely stay safe, Debbie C I’ve learned a lot from the podcasts I’ve listened to. Some things I’ve heard ring true for my encounter.

        • Dawn O

          Debbie C: Yes I would love a friend… 🙂 and I’d love to stay in contact with ya. (Sorry if my Okie accent pours out through my fingertips lol.) Thanks for sayin I’m brave…some times I don’t feel brave, but here lately I’ve gotten to be braver than I used to be. I shall stand tall! 😉

    • Debbie C

      Jay Acks,
      As far as I know, no one can upload photos to Sasquatch Chronicles.
      This site is not like Facebook where you can upload photos.
      But, if you are questioning about your profile image within that
      empty box next to your name…
      Sign up with WordPress.com (it’s free).
      Create an account, upload your image. That image will be seen along side your name
      within Sasquatch Chronicles website.
      Rate your image “G” this rating allows your image to be seen with this website.

  10. Chad W

    Finally got around to listening to this episode Wes. Thanks for the shout out! It sounds amazing and as always great show. And again, I hope you found the email I sent you with the Bigfoot barking audio.

  11. Matt P

    “A boys’ paradise”… Hope there were snakes and snails and puppy dog tails there too. If we’re going to assign gender roles/stereotypes you’d mine as well go the whole nine yards. We’ll have an official recognition of Sasquatch before people stop thinking this way, and that’s saying something…

      • Matt P

        Nope. I’m only purposing that Will’s view of the world is ancient and that he’s obsessed with gender roles and stereotypes. I was also purposing that we’ll probably have an official recognition of the existence of Sasquatch before our own culture’s moved on from that mentality. It’ll be another 20-30 years before that generation dies off, hopefully they take their stereotypes with them when they do, this was very annoying to listen to.

        I was a little boy once, pretty sure no one I knew would have loved to run around in a mine or jump just to touch something high. Then again, I don’t perpetuate gender roles or stereotypes, that’s kind of the older generations’ MO, not really ours.

        • Jay Carlsen

          Well , Sorry to hear that . But look on the Bright Side ! It will not take 20-30 Years for this Generation to Die Off . It will come as a Thief in the Night , After that Happens ….. Things will Ramp Up Quickly .
          And Sorry , Until the day these Feral People send an Emissary to the White House. ( which they have no NEED of . I purpose the exact reason they live in the Far Reaches of Society ) Why would I choose to Think this way ? Have not the People we Voted into Power Proven This ? Sending their version of Men in Black to Quell story’s of this things existence? They do not want this Information to be Public Knowledge. Obviously.
          And Why would I reason for that aspect ? Would it not Prove their Precious Theory is Bullshit ? That things are getting Larger & Smarter as Time Progresses ? These Creatures are much more Stronger than We Are , More adapt to the Environment that they Live In , No Question. Had We the Common Ancestor …… What Happened ? That We as a Species De-Volved ? How does That Work ? In a Idea that ” Only the Strong Survive ” ? We do not KNOW Everything . And the Suppression of this Subject goes to Prove – They do not Want us Too .
          Official Recognition ? The Government already KNOW of these Creatures existence. Having sent Teams in to put down Rouge Males . Confiscating Body’s , Destroying Evidence , Discrediting all Evidence , Seeding Disinformation , Slandering Scientist that offer help studying their D.N.A . That Part has been Pretty Clear to Me so Far . Do not Think that they would ” Share ” Any thing w/ Us. Look at their Health Care Policies , That they Conveniently Opted Out Of. That tells Me there is something Wrong . If this is SO Great , Why would they opt out of It ?
          But this still is America , Home of the Free . You are Entitled to Your Opinion . I will keep it in Mind , Not to write anything about Stereo Types. I am not here to Offend . Thank You for your Response Sir . And Have a Good One .

  12. Matt P

    WAIT THERE’S MORE!…”Screamed like a girl” and “boys slap high signs”… This was just a plethora of antiquated thinking. I wonder if Will’s dad was Ward Cleaver?

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