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Friends almost strike a tall manlike animal

In April of 2012 while driving in Levy County, FL two men almost strike a tall manlike animal as it crosses road outside Chiefland.


The report is as follows: On Saturday April 13 at 1:30 am a friend and I were driving south on Hwy 19 in Levy county FL we saw something at the woods line which almost instantly was in the road by center line. I thought we were gonna hit it. It appeared to be brown, about 8-9 ft tall and no face. Its arms appeared to reached out as if to hit the car . In shock as to what we had just seen my friend hit the brakes. I then told him to keep going as I did not want to turn back not knowing what had just happened. Could bring harm to us or worse .

We were about 4-5 miles north of otter creek . In between Chiefland and Otter Creek . This figure or creature appeared to be human shaped. I’ve always been a skeptic of bigfoot but now I’m definately a believer. I know what I saw and so did my friend . There is no houses or street lights or driveways for miles in this area so I don’t think this was a prank . Also it was incredible how fast this creature was able to get from woods line to center of road. It had to be at least 30 yds. I will never forget what we experienced that morning.

BFRO Investigator David Bakara states “I spoke with the witness by phone and he seemed quite sincere and forthright. He and his friend were driving south on Hwy. 19 to check on some property. It was a two lane road with a 20/30 ft shoulder and lined with forest on both sides. It was quite dark and they noticed many deer standing along side the road as they left the lights of Chiefland. They has slowed to just under the speed limit of 55 to watch for deer in the road. They had their high beams on. The driver was the first to notice a large animal just outside the tree line on his left. The next thing he remembered, it was in the middle of the road and they were bearing down on it fast. The animal was tall enough that the lights only illuminated the lower portion, so the head wasn’t visible. Within seconds the car was upon it and they both thought they were about to collide with it. The witness said the closest they were to it was about 1 inch. They both thought the passenger side mirror would clip it. It was described as unnaturally fast, huge (about 8-9 feet tall), covered in dark brown hair. It appeared to have extended its arms to brace for impact. The arms were described as long and the build was tall and slender.The driver hit the brakes to turn around and check on the animal, but the passenger asked him to keep driving and wasn’t comfortable going back. Neither witness ever gave the existence of Bigfoot a serious thought until this moment.”


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    So…How fast can they run? How far can they jump? Anyone ever try to take an educated guess? I’ve read a couple of reports wherein the bigfoot was pacing a car, but I don’t remember the speed, if they even noticed.

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