Jul 10

GameCams Pictures

These are some of the images that Bob Garrett sent me. I am looking through the 162 pictures and wanted to review them before I posted them, here are a couple that we pulled out to post. There are no bears in the area and whatever this thing was it was playing with the trailcam for over 2 hours. I will dig through the pictures and post more. There is another picture that I am getting permission to post that happen here in Washington State. More to come.

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    • Christopher c

      I’m with you Carol,the pictures are clear as day outside but the image caught in front of it is blacker than a coal diggers behind so if it ain’t a black bear than depending on how high off the ground the game cam was mounted, I guess well- to be or not to be is the question.

  1. mark s

    Wes, I hope this is not a stupid question!, ( if it is forget about giving me a shoutout LOL but would like really) have they setup trail cams facing other trail cams to posibly triangulate the veiwing area. Bob said they (BF) are interested in the little red light, this way they have photos or video of the trailcams as well. The balloon setup I think is a great idea without habituation and I am excited about Mitchel’s Townsend’s teeth forensic project, great stuff. Love the show have a great night!

  2. Tyler D

    Man, I really wanna see the face. I’m so curious. All the details in the world being described to you gives you a great idea of what they look like but nothing is quite as good as seeing it for yourself, you know? One day, I hope I can see it for myself

    • joe r

      Hey Tyler, Here’s a little tidbit for you, If you go to your search engine and type in patty’s face enhanced you will find among all the pictures an actual still shot of Patty’s face from the Patterson-Gimlin film, you will know it when you see it, it’s really good, what someone has done is take the still shot, they cleaned the blurriness up and then added some color to it. For my money i figured this is the best pic out there until we get one close up and clear. It is an actual picture of a sasquatch, just cleaned up. I think you’ll like it.

  3. Frankie P

    Boy ahowdy, those look like neanderthal pictures on documentary’s, don’t they? Yes, and little blurry, but those are awesome! Even the hair!

    Thank you Bob Garrett and Wes!

  4. Robert P

    Damn I’m beginning to think they’re demons or something. Like a lesser able one . If they are just animals why can’t someone as smart as The Thicket Posse get a photo?

  5. Brian A

    I would like to say, that if the creatures in the area don’t often travel alone then maybe a closer look into the thicket in the background might reveal another creature watching. Just a hunch and I’m looking looking forward to seeing more as well. Thanks, and thanks to Bob for letting you post them research.

  6. Robert H

    Wes… I hope you relay this to Bob and his crew if you put a trail cam up why not put one up right a cross from it so that if you have something messing with one the other cam will be filming it all. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have this brain fart but it might work.

  7. Bruce M

    I think the reason all of the pictures are blurry is autofocus. It appears that the hair does not reflect the infrared light so that autofocus can calculate the distance. Patterson and Garrett had to manualy focus their camera.

  8. Robert W

    Agree with the grotesque nature of the fingernails!! Keep up the good work Wes. I also am following Bob in Operation Overwatch on YouTube! That Travis is a badass with his machete…I think Mo was carrying a pistol to ward off snakes! Have a great weekend everyone! Robert

      • Christine J S

        So glad to see you all on youtube…I missed out on all your wonderful work (videos and blogs) pre-torn up camp. I’ve so enjoyed your interviews with Wes…bless you for taking the time to share your efforts with the rest of us and continuing to do the trekking thru the nasty and dangerously scary terrain. Too bad all the “snakes” aren’t in the woods where you can fight them off with a machete or gun…keep up the great work! God Bless you all.

  9. craig b

    does anyone ever set up one set of game cams that are pointing towards another set of game cams with the specific intent of capturing whatever is messing with the game cams? will that get us anywhere? where is bill dranginnis (spelling) to design this cunning trap?

  10. Kay S

    The forth one is the best so far. Brilliant! You can actually see the fur, head and hunched shoulders. Thanks very much Bob, his team and Wes.

  11. Tim S

    The camera was 6 foot off the ground. The camera was out for 1 month. We have 5 areas we are doing this in. And results in 2 areas. We are going to keep this going for the rest of the summer. Takes a total of 7 to 8 miles to get to these places.

    • joe r

      Tim, have you tried triangulating the cameras so they face each other, sooner or later one of them will become so focused and intent on playing with one specific camera they will lose interest in the others and get caught in a pic, I know they are smart but i have a hard time believing that they could be smart enough to position themselves at all times to avoid getting a picture taken. I may be wrong here, you’re the expert bud, but i would think this has a good shot at working don’t you?

  12. James B

    I’m thinking outloud here, but those look like the hands except #2, and if so wouldn’t that explain the blurriness of the photos, the auto focus like Brian A said. Or I got my glasses on backwards again. Thanks to Wes and Bob.

  13. Teresa V

    Thanks to Bob, Tim, and crew, and Wes for the pics! I love seeing them. Is picture 4 another fist and fingernail shot, or is it a top of the head, including eye, shot. I can see it both ways depending on how you look at it. It’s kind of like one of those optical illusion pictures that most have seen where one way it looks like a rabbit, and another way a profile of a lady’s face. Lol

  14. Knobby

    In the interview with Bob Garrett he mentioned getting fingernails on a trail cam. Is that what those lighter areas are in some of the images. I would like to hear some commentary on what is it we’re possibly seeing.

    • joe r

      HEY kNOBBY, What’s up my brother? hey, check out my comment on the bottom, and try the little task i explained, i think it’s pretty close. Let me know what you get out of it. cya

  15. MilitantDanny

    Not knocking the pictures, but the orange dots kind of remind me of a vivid butterfly wing pattern that has a blueish base color. Why wold a butterfly hang out for hours, I don’t know.

      • Tim S

        To the butterfly theorist. There are 162 pictures over a 2 hour period. We did not put the best pics out. The best ones believe it are not are the ones that don’t have an image but the background. Playing them sequentially you see the shadow move across the ground and then you get an image. The pictures are not open to debate. We are not going to debate them. They are what they are. People said they wanted to see pictures, well we selected a few. No need to complain, we just will not share anything again publicly. I see the point of the Butterfly thoery but there are footprints around and all sorts of other sign. I again would like to say. They are not the “Best” pictures, but it was what we were willing to share at this time. I would just rather get a “Thank You” for sharing and leave it at that. Otherwise , go try to get your own pictures. Thank You.
        I will not debate this any further.

        • jeff m

          Tim S., thank you for sharing these photos on the site. I always love to hear about the research in Texas. Please keep us updated and don’t get discouraged by the naysayers. You have those in every group everywhere.
          And Wes, keep up the good work.

        • James (Waylon) Johnson

          You guys are in my backyard, literally. Thank you guys for all the effort you’re putting forth. I’ve lived near LLC and Lonestar for 40 years and it’s hard to get anyone that isn’t a lifer around here to understand just how difficult even navigating can be in the area let-a-lone getting usable images and footage. I lost my research partner when my son left for college; you gents ever need fresh eyes from an old jarhead just let me know. Love yourself, Bob and the other team members are doing.

  16. Kent C

    Because I have NO pictures to bring to the table, I cannot bring myself to be critical.

    ……I did find the “Butterfly Hypothesis” to be interesting, as some of the photographed patterns do kinda resemble butterfly wing patterns, and the rapid wing motion required for flight would explain the extreme blurring.

    Regardless of one’s interpretation of the pictures, I think we all can agree that some sort of “multiple viewpoint camera coverage” is badly needed. Ideally, the cameras should be interconnected like individual charges on one piece of det cord: ….When one fires, they ALL fire!

  17. Robert W

    To Tim S – sorry thought you were Mo in the YouTube video! I would be afraid of a snake that big as well- but you had your pistol for hogs. Good work guys!!

      • joe r

        Yeh but Mo is better looking….LOL

        On a more serious note, please,please, please do not take any negative comments to heart bud, you’re gonna get them. You know how people are. for every one person that has something negative to say there are 10 that appreciate you sharing. i mean that. I know it’s hard work and long hours, and you are respected much more than you know. The majority of members on this site Tim are good people and if you notice we all try to help each other out,keep each other informed, and find the answers to those who have questions, myself included, so keep up the good work, and get me a damn clear, close up facial shot and quit screwin around….LOL cya….Joe

  18. Travis L

    In the very first pic (2:40 pm), off to the right just above the blurry image is a dark looking figure in the trees. If you look close, you can see that it is behind the trees because a smaller sapling comes up right in front of it. This black figure is not seen in the other photos.

  19. Carol F

    Very interesting photos! We’really anxious to see more of them. Like everyone else, we want to see some clear facial features.
    Love the show Wes. It gets better with each episode!

  20. Tedd

    Thank you for sharing the photos with us! Bothers me that people complain about them, I have the feeling those that criticize have no idea what hard work and the conditions/danger Tim, Bob & others put themselves through to get them. Something there with hair & don’t think butterfly is it. Keep it up guys & stay safe!

  21. James m

    Thank you so much for posting these for us all to view and for the amazing hard work that goes into trying to getting one picture of them…. Thank you thank you thank you((( JUST A HEADS UP I DONT NOW IF MANY ARE FAMILURE WITH THE HUNTING CLOTHING THAT PREVENT ARE ELECTRO FEILD THEY ARE HEG SUITS THEY ARE AMAZING SO MUCH SO THET HUNTERS HAVE SHOWN THAT THEY WITH THESE SUITS ON CAN GRAB A TURKEY BY HANDS (((((( thicket boys need to ck into these

  22. Theodore G

    Thanks you guys for posting these pics. I would love to be there gathering my own data but sometimes life doesn’t cooperate with what one wants. So thanks goes out to everyone out there who had a hand in gathering this type of evidence for us to review, thanks for sharing. Wes, a suggestion for the future you don’t have to tell us where or who the evidence is from if the owners of said evidence don’t want to publicly announce it but don’t mind if it is reviewed by the saschron community. I don’t think that it is necessary for anyone to defend it here unless they wish too. Just a short explanation of what it might be and then let a discussion happen as long as all comments are constructive in nature whether they agree or not with what the researchers conclude it is showing. We all have to remember that pictires like these are just one piece of a larger set of evidence so we will not have the same insight and/or interpretation that a the dedicated researchers have since they get to see and experience the whole picture. For myself, I like to see the evidence they have because I can’t be or there myself so please keep parking anything you are allowed to thanks.

  23. joe r

    The best one of the bunch i think is the second one down. This is what i think we might be seeing here: hold your hand up in front of your face with palm facing you, put your fingers together except for the thumb, aim your thumb at 11 and your other 4 fingers at 2, now bend the 4 fingers at the middle knuckle until they close about 1/3 of the way. I thought that was a pretty close match. what do you think?

    To complete this exercise, take your other hand and pick up your Jack and Coke and take a sip, that completes our exercises for the day. LOL

  24. SantiamLady

    AWESOME!!!! ???????????????? Thanks Wes and Bob!
    Well, it definitely is hairy, & if there’s no Bears….that doesn’t leave much left. ????Wild boars don’t have fingers! ????

  25. Tam C

    Nice job Travis, good catch. In the 4th photo down you see the same exact trees, and that dark figure is missing. Also you can click on the image and enlarge it. Wes, Bob and anyone else who helped to bring these photos in thank you so much. Neat.

  26. Justin R

    I’m not sure if anyone has already said this, or if this creature is even able to set off game cams, or maybe something set off the game cam and the insect got into the picture, but this looks like a butterfly to me. Those spots are vibrant and in a pattern/row. Not sure if it would hang around for two hours in one spot without being eaten or chased off by a bird or some other predator but, to me, this looks like a butterfly/moth. Those shapes sure look like wings. It would explain why the image is so blurry and why everything else is so in focus. The thing’s right up on the cam, maybe walking across the lens.

    • Justin R

      I probably should have read through the comments first. I in no way mean any disrespect to the team that took these. Just offering my opinion. I’m a skeptic who wants to believe, but I have to see it/experience it for myself. It’s my goal to get connected to a reliable, serious group here in New England and get taken out into the field to hear and see what I may. I am grateful for you guys out there doing the dirty work and supplying the pictures. This show is fantastic and, I agree with Wes about informing the public. Just listening to the show has provided me with a new perspective that really rings true for me. I can get behind the idea that Sasquatch, if it’s real, is a creature, a living animal, a kind of ape. The information on this show has given me something to ponder when in the wilds. I used to live in Ohio and hiked frequently. I had no idea sightings occurred there until recently. I was just in East Texas over the holidays. Now, I live in New England. This show may save my life someday. So, overall, thank you to everyone involved.

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