Jul 6

Strange Familiars: Pine Ridge Shapeshifter

Strange Familiars writes “Lucinda, Jon, and Timothy talk about their trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. While driving through the back country, they saw a strange hiker who, seemingly, disappeared. Was he an unhuman? A shapeshifter? A shape-shifting bigfoot? … or just a normal dude?”

3 Responses to “Strange Familiars: Pine Ridge Shapeshifter”

  1. Craig F

    I went to listen to this and lost patience, the conversation had not begun to tell the actual story yet but was still in introduction mode. Please get right into whatever you are talking about with a minimum of intro.

  2. Ron S

    I feel pretty confident in saying that whatever we’re dealing with is indeed some kind of shapeshifter or shapemaker that is mimicking many aspects or characteristics of what we readily see in the natural world or our own personal environments.

    I feel as though this mimicking process isn’t limited to what some or most of us are aware of in the “natural world” or even in the collective consciousness of mankind but it can also use folklore or popular characters that have impacted us from stories or other media such as books or movies.

    This intelligence seems to play off more than just the five major human senses but can also be linked directly into the subconscious or a deeper and more complex neural link that connects to how our bodies and how we take in information.

    On one hand it’s possible when examining credible but alleged Sasquatch video to apply filters or adjustments of light and contrast to get clearer details, but you also find oddities that seem to turn this one phenomena into a variety of others such as a dogman, mothman, human, demon, extraterrestrial or even creatures known in our wildlife such as insects (spider, mantis, snake) or fur bearing and feathered mammals as well… Sometimes it’s a complex combination.

    Maybe most people would see these results as a form of visual pareidolia or a fault in the imaging device, some might not be able to see or comprehend the results that others are getting and only see a blur, but that also speaks directly to how I believe this intelligence works with the layers of how each of us perceives reality and additionally our subsequent spiritual beliefs which may be slightly different from one person to the next.

    The true face of this intelligence may not even be able to be seen or comprehended in our realm or it might only be a faceless intelligence or group of them that are manipulating things to come together on a particle or wave form level to then form a manifestation or thought process for us to visualize or experience.

    I don’t believe mankind in general (or as a whole) is intelligent enough, open minded or connected enough as a whole yet to grasp things beyond our repeatable scientific study. To me, the deeper mystery to this topic is if we already have a box to put this thing in at all, whether it be Alien, spiritual, a manifestation of collective or singular consciousness or what have you… It seems to prefer that’s its origins remain hidden or at the least, very elusive.

    Sometimes life is what you make it, but maybe it’s more than that. Maybe life is what WE make it. 🙏🏼🌞❤️

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