Jul 7

Bigfoot Documentary (2024)

Penford Media writes “Featuring Todd Standing, Dave McCollough and Erick Szilagyi. Is Bigfoot a hoax or an undiscovered species roaming the earth? In this new Bigfoot documentary we dive into this topic. Interviewers include Adam Malachuk and Mike Tinsley of Chaos Theater Productions. We hope you enjoy this new Bigfoot documentary, produced by Zack Snider.”

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6 Responses to “Bigfoot Documentary (2024)”

  1. Ron S

    Cow food or yard carpet?

    Only two choices? What is this, an election?
    Hopefully there’s more discussed than what’s in the title.

    • Ron S

      If the Sasquatch I’ve seen is basically the same thing that others have seen, like it or not Knobby, Sasquatch is woo. I would’ve never believed it myself 12 years ago… Sure glad I wasn’t laughing at people back before that time who had claimed to see Sasquatch or I’d feel like an idiot now, or humbled anyway. You can’t try and rob or humiliate people with different life experiences just because you personally were -wrong place wrong time- when something highly unusual happened. None of us in this one lifetime will ever be able to experience every possibility life has to offer.
      God bless 🙏🏼🌞

      • Knobby

        No, sasquatch is not a paranormal being. They have abilities many don’t understand, including the use of infrasound. The video spoke of feeling ‘dread’ and making it woo when that’s a known side effect of infrasound. Another effect at some frequencies is short term memory loss which may account for them seeming to disappear, you lost the memory of them moving away. Don’t assume I haven’t thought about this subject Ron which your reply implies.

  2. Greg O

    Using the current taxonomy humans are apes so if Sasquatch is a physical being it would be as well. Humans are the only surviving member of the naked ape branch.

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