Jun 8

Puzzled motorists spot truck towing a UFO through Kennewick

Heads were turned in Washington state recently when a truck was spotted towing some very peculiar cargo.
We’ve seen a few examples of vehicles transporting UFO-shaped industrial components over the years but this particular object, which was spotted in Kennewick, seems to actually be a UFO (or at least a crude approximation of one).

Measuring a couple of meters in diameter and with a distinctive dome shaped hull coated in silver, this ‘flying saucer’ looks more like a prop from an old B-movie than a genuine alien spacecraft.

“[It’s] not every day you see a homemade UFO cruising down 395,” wrote Tobias Mears who posted a photograph that he’d taken of the spectacle on the Tri-Cities Bad Driving Shaming Facebook page.

Before long, other users had started to offer their own thoughts on the sighting.

It became apparent quite quickly that the UFO had likely been purchased from a property in Spokane which also happens to be selling a number of other sculptures including dinosaurs, space aliens and even three cows in a boat.

The owner, Mike Ferguson, had reportedly started to make and sell the models after someone offered him a large amount of money for one that he had on display.

Exactly what the new owner of this particular model is going to do with it, however, remains unclear.


Source: News Talk 870

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  1. HD H

    Too bad the gentleman who bought it didn’t have an old army surplus jeep with which to hook up the trailer and haul it home. Can you imagine? Even better reactions!

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