May 11

SC EP:1054 They Chased It!

A listener writes “I’ve had a week of direct encounters with my dad, brother and uncles in central Utah back in the early 80’s while deer hunting. Over the following 30 years, I’ve had at least four more probable encounters in the same area. I think that I’d like to tell you about them.”

Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He recounts a hunting trip with his father, brother and uncles back in the 80’s.





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54 Responses to “SC EP:1054 They Chased It!”

  1. Maria G

    Great show..and the out music tonight just felt like home.. really relaxing and soothing. I feel you haven’t played it in a while so Thanks. Hi SC family.. Happy mother’s day to all the moms out here. You’re the real heros doing God’s work. Love, light and peace from Maine

  2. Karla Amber G

    I was so upset when Wes changed the intro from the previous one. the one that starts out with the dramatic piano keys. but I’ve really grown to like this one. that last part with the boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom gives me goosebumps every time, it’s the only intro to any podcast show that’s ever given me goosebumps. I don’t think it could ever be topped. I hope he doesn’t try. anyway, I gotta say I’m not a fan of playing a little snippet of the interview at the beginning before the intro, because I don’t like spoilers and I always have to run to my phone and fast forward through it or plug my ears and say” la la la la la la la” until it’s done LOL. 🤭

  3. Karla Amber G

    I think the reason the creatures kept coming back night after night is probably because they were trying to scare the humans off. they probably didn’t bother them during the day because they were probably somewhere holed up sleeping or resting or whatever, and then as soon as it was time to wake up to come out to hunt, they went back to their task at scaring off the humans.

  4. Karla Amber G

    I think it’s interesting that the very last night that they saw the creatures was also the night that they saw a baby creature. maybe having baby with them made the situation theme more real and dangerous to them. perhaps Mom and Dad told baby to stay at home and then it followed them, and it sketched the parents out to know that their baby could have been in danger. I don’t know, I’m just theorizing of course. I just think it’s interesting that correlation between the baby being there and it being the last night they showed up.

  5. Karla Amber G

    the guest is a spot on about there being something to the fact that we can’t get a hold of one of these things, in more than a hundred years of people actively searching for them. I mean they can’t be that perfect at what they do, to never make a single mistake and never get caught or breast and never find a body. there’s something different about these things. they may be flesh and blood, but that’s not all they are. there’s something about them that allows them to remain hidden with 100% success rate, even in the day of drones and thermals, night vision etc.

  6. Karla Amber G

    I’m not sure what it was I was trying to say in my last comment, but I certainly didn’t mean to say “breast” LMAO. 😂 I wish there was a way to edit the comments on this app lol, I make a fool out of myself quite often because there’s not.

  7. Karla Amber G

    you know what’s funny about the whole Melba Ketchum thing? the people who are trash talking her and saying that she’s wrong, are usually podcast hosts or other Bigfoot “experts” that have absolutely no knowledge of dna. it’s the people who actually know something about DNA and can actually contribute to a conversation about it, who say that her science is spot on, or that even if they don’t believe the findings, they can’t find anything wrong with her method or her science. it’s like I hear these people on Bigfoot shows talking about how she’s completely wrong and she sucks at what she does, and it’s like you probably wouldn’t know a DNA strand if it came up and smacked you in the face. but then it’s the people who are in the DNA field who have stood behind her and back up her procedures, even when they don’t agree with the findings. to me, that’s pretty telling.

  8. Linda B

    Jim, It’s the second time in two days I’ve heard about Bigfoot being referred to as “Cain” “Can’t be destroyed, cursed to walk the earth forever like an animal”. I think it makes sense too. Great job with the interview!
    Wes, hope you get to feeling better and the dental work settles down and works 💪 for you. My son in Colorado had a terrible infection from dental work and was kn big gun antibiotics and pulled through but it was nasty. Please feel better. P.s.. I text you a video clip of monkey screams at the lake. I was super lucky to catch the screams but honestly it’s about the fifth time I’ve heard them. The screams come between twilight and dark, when allnthengeese start flying in onto the lake, when the birds start to roost.

  9. Jim Mayoros

    Thanks for all the positive comments. I was hesitant to tell our story to the world but got caught in a weak moment. The Cain/Bigfoot theory isn’t one that I completely hang my hat on but it does carry enough weight for discussion. And if that is “The Claire”, who commented on my episode, I’m honored! Wes, you were positively professional during the interview and the lengthy conversations before and after.

  10. Renee C

    Jim- great story! I grew up in Central Utah as a teen in the 80s. I’m no longer living in Utah but would love to know where this was located. I wouldnt expect you to divulge the spot but would you mind giving the general area?

  11. Rob M

    I believe Melba Ketchum and her DNA results. Nay sayers on TV shows are either ignorant or paid off by the govt to discredit Melba’s character. That practice was widely seen in the scientific community when credible people came forward regarding ETs. Same is happening now with Bigfoot phenomenon. They attempt to suppress and discredit the truth.

    • TJ G

      I wish they would have disclosed the specific area in central Utah that this happened, I live in southern Utah but had some strange experiences while hunting in the La Sal mountains outside Moab. Which is middle eastern Utah. Great show though, it seems like lately a lot of encounters on the show are coming from my home state. Thanks Wes

  12. theresa m

    Wes, you’ve been having a bad time of it lately. Sorry to hear that, wishing you the best with the dental issues. Jim, thanks for coming on and sharing. I learned a new thing today with the ‘Cain’ reference. I’ve never heard that before. I’m glad for you that your uncle had the foresight to tell you dad not to take you out of the woods that evening. It does take a village to raise a child! Really enjoyed your share!

  13. Charles R

    Really enjoyed the experiences that you, your Father, and uncles had back years ago. Seems riduculous that your Father did not seem to believe in Bigfoot, however would state there is something very tall, huge, and hairy, and bipedial in these mountains and forest, and we do not know what it is. Just maybe deep down he really knew, but just refused to acknowledge due to life long belief. In any case he was a hero being a Vietnam Vet.

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