May 10

Woman in Italy captures photograph of UFO from her balcony

The surprisingly clear image shows what appears to be a metallic saucer-shaped object in the sky. Something strange was haunting the skies over the Italian town of Celle di Bulgheria earlier this month, but an explanation for the mysterious sighting has proven quite elusive.

The object was filmed by Anna Ida Guida who posted it up on Facebook on May 5th. “I took a picture outside my balcony, actually two, at the same time, in one there is nothing and the other is this posted, can anyone tell me what it is?” she wrote.

“Me while I didn’t see anything, I wasn’t looking at my phone but at the sky, because it was a picture made enough to show time to my boyfriend.”


Link to the pictures

The image she posted generated some lively debate, with other users suggesting that it could be anything from a black plastic bag to a drone – or perhaps even an alien visitor.

According to a local news outlet, the photograph has since been forwarded along to the Mediterranean Ufological Center for further analysis.

2 Responses to “Woman in Italy captures photograph of UFO from her balcony”

  1. Charles R

    People are getting better pictures of these today. Not sure what is that appendage at the rear. Looks like a see through rudder. I don’t understand Italian language or if the witness had some idea of speed.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Mama Mia !! She sounded awfully excited!! Who wouldn’t be? I just wish I knew what she was saying, Come to think of it, if anyone here speaks Italian, would they be nice enough to translate?

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