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SC EP:1046 Three Months In Hell

I will be welcoming Jerry to the show. Jerry writes “I lived deep in Provo Canyon, in Utah, in a camper trailer with thousands of square miles of forest right behind where I lived. The first month and a half I lived there was peaceful. One day it felt like I was being watched and I had a bad feeling almost like I was sick. I fell asleep that night and woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.

I had 2 “Wyze” cameras set up inside my trailer (Later I faced one outside so I could see what was happening, although they avoided the infrared light) that recorded 24/7 and they also have night vision but a crappy microphone for audio recording. So when I woke up I immediately felt like I was being watched and that something was wrong. I checked the recording on my phone from the camera as I just had a feeling that something woke me up. I looked at the recording from my cameras on my phone and there was a big BANG as if something slapped the side of my trailer thus waking me up.

The video titled “Attack1” shows what I saw and what happened and you can hear me wake up from it.

I was trying to justify what the bang was but something felt off so I stayed up all night and A LOT more happened. “attack2”, “attack3”, and “attack4” videos are all from that night some being very violent.

the camera microphone is very cheap so you will need to turn the volume all the way up to hear what it sounded like and it still was louder in person. The cameras record clips when a sound is loud enough or when it detects motion.

At that time the cameras were both inside my trailer recording the inside. The creatures were just outside my door that night and if I had opened my door I would have seen them. I was scared stiff in my bed trying to be silent and I was just frozen to say the least.

I heard whistling and quick “whooops” coming from behind my trailer where some bushes were and also from the side and front of my trailer as I lay there all night not being able to move, breathe, or make a sound.

My cat was very curious as to what was going on as you can see in the videos and you can tell where the sasquatch was standing from where my cat is. Once the sasquatch hit the trailer my cat would get scared and run back to me in my room.

I could hear the sasquatch run away but only the first 3 steps as they left. then BANG they came back to hit the trailer again later in the night. I could hear the whistling and whooping throughout the night.

The next day I quickly left my trailer with my camera once the light came out and Very quickly took pictures in the directions where I had heard the whistling and whooping. It took me some time to look at the pictures but when I did I was shocked once I zoomed in and studied the pictures.

There was a BIG one hiding next to a house showing his teeth at me and this photo was taken from behind my trailer. Also, the black one hiding in the bushes was taken from the front of my trailer.
In both photos, they are both about 200 yards away and the pictures were taken with a 1080p Sony camera which is why the zoomed-in photos are a little grainy. Now those videos are from 1 night, and the photos from the morning right after. I included pictures of both areas without the sasquatch for comparison as well. Yes, there were some tracks and I have some photos if you want them.

I only stayed there as I was hoping the attacks would stop but after a month of trying they became bolder and bolder and I had to abandon the trailer, take what I could carry and my cat to my car while looking down at the ground so that I wouldn’t see one in person (seeing one in person with my eyes would have been way too much for my mind). Yes, I saw a HUGE male sasquatch, through the night vision camera and I have never been more scared in my life.

this email would be a book if I wrote all that happened during that month and I am shaking while writing this and I feel sick.

I included a video of a possible sasquatch on my landlord’s roof that has his arm reaching down and he pulls it up as he lifts his face towards the camera as if he hates it. His face is lit up by a light and infrared light which is why I think his face looks like it is glowing. It was also raining and it appears that there is a water droplet that moved and then the infrared becomes stronger on its face and that’s when you see his arm move up and face turn up. I am curious what you think about this video.

there is another picture that appears to show a brownish female sasquatch and her arm standing to the left of what I think is the big one but I admit it is not the best photo.

There is also a photo of a possible dogman but it is a long exposure. I heard sounds I can’t describe, my windows were ALL covered so I put my phone under the blanket covering the window and took the photo. I hope it’s not what it looks like but I figured I would include it and you can make up your own mind about it.

I NEVER went back to the trailer to get my stuff. but that’s a long story I can tell you over the phone. As much as I love the mountains I have never been back to any of them since. I was a Boy Scout and lived for camping my whole life. I grew up and lived right next to Little Cottonwood Canyon and spent most of my life exploring, camping, and hiking in the mountains and all over Utah and it makes me cry that it has been ruined for me.

I have so much more to tell you that I can’t write out but people need to know what can happen and that these creatures are real and to be careful.

Once I got a little vocal about what was happening with my landlord, the other tenants, and my family (sometimes showing some of them just some of the pictures and videos I have) The other tenants moved out of the mountains 3 days later, my family thought I needed help, and the landlord KNEW (I have theories about him) about these things and then he also ended up moving around the time my lease was up (I had paid in full for 6 months upfront).

Anyway, I am a bit worked up typing this as the PTSD from this is still there, although I am doing much better now and I can communicate much better in person and explain so much more in a way that makes better sense as it is hard to convey 40 days ish of being tormented and scared to death through a shortish email. Also, the aftermath of what can happen when you are vocal with the wrong people that “I had/have A LOT of evidence of these creatures”. I feel that this needs to be shared so others do not make some of the mistakes I made hopefully or at least get this off of my chest with people who know this is real.

I apologize if this message does not make much sense and I hope to talk to you and go through what has happened to me while being trapped and tormented deep in Provo Canyon. People need to be warned and I need to get this message out of what can happen.”


Video Jerry Sent

Pictures along with Jerry's Notes



Damage to the trailer from them hitting it





Black Sasquatch I caught going back into the tree line


My shoe size is 10.5 on the right. I weigh about 170lbs



Construction crew on the property I talked about


Some kind of track by the roof nobody walks. The day after the one was on the roof.


Movement on the camera and I thought they were lights till I zoomed in and it was standing behind the tree. The second picture is zoomed in




2 Sasquatch – Male and female the second photo is zoomed in



Zoomed in picture of the devil Sasquatch


Its blurry but this is one coming up to the trailer



Face of the one laying flat on his stomach watching the turkeys and probably me too. The second picture is zoomed in.  


Strange wolf? The light on the left I think is from me shaking











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263 Responses to “SC EP:1046 Three Months In Hell”

      • Rebecca A

        He was! Dude, the freeze response is the worst! You can’t will yourself out of it, and I bet the poor guy goes into when his PTSD is activated. I wonder, if it’s part nephalim or is one… does it need an invitation to go in like demons? Because demons need an invite. Curious for sure. God bless this guy!!!! 🙏 So glad he survived!

        • Tara W

          Hi, is that something that’s known about demons in general? I had a friend buy something from a yardsale as a kid and it brought a demon into the house. She wasn’t aware. So, I’m curious. Thanks!

      • Ragnar J

        My thoughts too. No one should have to feel like that. Unfortunately, by enduring and roughing his way through it, he lost so much sleep and adapted with methods that look like psychosis—it sounds like he has found help that is trauma-informed.
        If he had known about the sightings in his area as he was living there, maybe he could have reached out to people who could have helped him? Then?
        Maybe someone who is SEO savvy could add a page or a site that is specifically aimed at capturing from people looking for support for PTSD and/anomalous phenomenon. Maybe with resources , a compiled list of where to get help or a flowchart of how other people have navigated such issues: like that pastor Wes has had in the show who does exercisma and maybe mental health and legal help similar to domestic abuse help im that they are cognizant of the real possibility of physical harm and the exigency of the situation.

        • Sarah G

          Nice thoughts, but we are nearing the end of times and people need to get right with God as a priority. PTSD support will only go so far, more creatures will appear. We all need to brace ourselves and trust in the Lord!

    • MIKE G

      I’m sorry but, his episodes are riddled with lie after lie. It’s people like him that makes others with “REAL” encounters, not want to reach out with their encounters… Wes, I love your podcast and was honored to have you listen to whatever I witnessed while my family was on a camping vacation. It honestly bothers me so much when people like this guest thinks people aren’t smart enough to pick his encounter apart! I have immense training on listening to people and figuring out every single time that they lie during their interview encounters.

      • Brooke B

        Wow! Thank you for posting something so bold! I’m really curious to know more about your post. Was it the inflections at the end of his sentences that caught your attention? I’m a complete ignoramus on the subject of analyzing people’s speech for falsehoods, but I came away from that believing him. Please tell us more!

        There was one episode I felt as strongly as you do about this one. But only because this dude was taking every opportunity to brag about being the “top guy at [insert a pretty military training course].” In my experience, no guy or gal who excels in those courses will boast openly about it because their skills and prowess do the talking. I can share which episode I mean, in private, if you’d like.


        • KRISTA J

          Hey Jerry, I thank you for trusting us enough, to share all you went through at that camper in Utah. I am so interested in the photos, and vids you got during that time…I just had an idea, I don’t no if you have ever heard of MK davis, but he works with videos cleaning them up and such. He’s been doing it for a long time and is known most for his work with the video of Patty… I wonder if you might try to get in touch with him, and send him your stuff to see if he could clean it up better. Because you caught some really interesting video and photos. Anyway it was just an idea, thanks again Jerry.

      • Charles C

        Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. Why do people do this? Just for kicks? Fun to pull a fast one on the believers? I don’t know, but it felt like a completely made up story, OR, he’s mentally ill. One of the two.

      • KRISTA J

        Everyone is different, unique, in their own personal, specific ways. Just like a fingerprint, never two alike. When our guests come on here, if you were one, you’d know, it takes a lot to share stuff like this. And if you had an experience, camping, I’m guessing, you only dealt with it, for a very short, limited time. By rule, men can be so different, when it comes to feelings and emotions, compared to a woman, a Mom. They are trained from young, to be strong and hide these important things. The youth of this age, is very different. It’s not a bad thing, but very different. So much more to take in, since technology took off. He, Jerry, is not lying. He dealt with this stuff, alone, for months consistently on end. His unique self explains everything, still questioning it all himself to date….Mike, really, who wouldn’t? I just ask, to be careful, how you word things here, we are just usually not like that. Calling anyone a liar. Because truthfully, we don’t know. State your uncertainty, basically, but not accusingly. I’m sure, if someone tells you you’re a loon, bf doesn’t exist, you didn’t see bf! You would be upset. We aren’t here, to hurt anyone. Ever. Thx for sharing your experience, with us, or Wes, alone, whatever, I hope you are doing ok from it. To Jerry, I believe everything you said, I’m a mother of three younger, adult sons (20s) I know, it’s not easy to share things that are hard for you. Especially when you might be questioned. But please, never ever not tell your story, because everyone’s story truly matters, here, anywhere. God bless us all. Thx Wes, your the best! Take care Mike.

        • Rick W

          This is a great episode Jerry knows your not alone and I don’t see Steve’s trailer up there there is a trailer up there but from ur pics I don’t think it’s the same one and I was hard pressed to go walk on the property with signs everywhere saying private road so I got a quick feel of the land hopefully I catch something on my voice recorder Jerry if u YouTube Provo canyon bigfoot up lil further in wallberg the have a video of a creature

      • Jennifer G

        Sorry but I don’t believe you have “immense training” detecting lies by listening to people on a podcast. I think you listen to podcasts like these with the intent of catching people in lies. Maybe makes you feel smarter than everyone else. Detecting deceit is difficult enough without visual cues and without the ability to ask probing questions, in person. I’m pretty sure that police detectives, the FBI, the CIA, etc. don’t listen to one recorded podcast interview and conclude the interviewee is lying much less accuse them on a public forum. A professional expert would admit that even if deceit is suspected,, one still requires a lot more evidence before opining about deceit. You’re comment is extremely unfair and

  1. Karla Amber G

    usually I’m not into blob squatches and I LOATHE pareidolia pics, but I think Jerry really caught some stuff! I mean in the one close up picture you can actually see nostrils and teeth!! and one of the ones with the damage to the side of the trailer looks just like fingernails scraping. we couldn’t inflict that kind of damage scraping a trailer with our fingernails but I have no doubt that these beings could. and the one lying on the ground you can tell that’s not a bush. it takes a lot and I mean A LOT to impress me with pictures, but…I’m impressed!!!

    • Rick W

      I left a full jar of peanut butter with the lid on so it has to be unscrewed and a banana up by the water tank we will see
      If it’s there when I go back up there to retrieve my voice recorder

  2. Karla Amber G

    I actually have had DNR or fish and game tell me that I needed a picture of a nuisance bear before they will do anything about it… which is crazy because why would I call them and just make up a story that I needed help with a bear? they said they’re really busy and they needed proof before they devote time and resources to the problem. crazy

    • Ragnar J

      I agree. This is a wacky thought, but why should we be required to have a camera of some kind to get help ? From the dnr? Is that keeping us safe to need a picture? Or the animal?
      They are busy, I get it. Something was attacking the trailer.

  3. Karla Amber G

    how CRUEL it is to have a dog on a 20-foot chain 24/7. it is literally just TORTURE. I would have called the ASPCA. it’s probably still there on that same chain. 😭 what a s***** life for a dog.

  4. Jackie K

    Jerry you are going to have to leave for your sanity. Unless you can tell yourself they aren’t going to harm you which if they were I feel they would have done so by now. I truly feel for you.

  5. Karla Amber G

    jerry, please don’t let this ruin your love for the outdoors. I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty, if these things wanted to kill you, there was NOTHING stopping them. you would be dead. they could have ripped the door off that trailer at any point in time. I really believe that they just like to get our reaction. we are their entertainment. they don’t have televisions and smartphones to occupy their time. They have nothing else to do really but toy with us. I think they think it’s funny when they scare us. but again, if they had wanted to kill you, you wouldn’t be here. please don’t give up your love of the outdoors

    • Jay T

      Agree Karla. It’s a game to them and isolating deeper in the trailer may intrigue them further and push until get a response. May sound crazy, but I’d talk to them honestly and let them know they’re driving you nuts. Maybe leave a simple stick designed gift for them.


    hands down one of the best episodes Ive ever heard. That rusty old door sound he heard before they showed up. That sound has been referenced before. I have a feeling it has to be something paranormal or something in another dimension. The sherriff deputy that camped in the LBL in 1993 heard it, the elderly man that was blind in one eye that vanished on a hunting trip from Missing 411 The Hunted heard it. Im glad this guy got out of there without becoming a statistic. The landlord sounds extremely shady too. 2 👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Ann Y

    Landlords always are in deniel about everything wrong with the property.

    You’ve come a long way I. Healing. If you haven’t already,look into EMDR for PTSD.

    The name of Jesus if the most powerful name. We have authority in Christ.

    • KRISTA J

      I believe that you were dealing with dogmen as well. I’m about to listen to this episode, but if you’re reading the comments, in second to last picture, the one with turkeys in it, I actually see two dog snouts,( right beside each other) and their whole faces. Wow, I’m sorry you went through this, with no family or support. I’m glad you came on, to share your experiences. This needs to be known by all … Take care of you.

  8. m99


    I had to take a break a couple times. My heart went out to him so much that I even cried. I could feel his feelings. Trust me, I’m real, but not that emotional, usually. I mean, I can’t recall an episode that made me cry.

    Agreed, God protected him. That landlord should have been ashamed of himself, especially renting to people with children, and not upfront with Jerry when it started happening. After Jerry left, I bet the tormenting spirits went into full force. I bet, and I’m glad, because the landlord had it coming, in my opinion.

    About smelling them, I don’t think they always stink, but emit it as part of their dominance stance. Also, I’ve heard that some Sasquatch troops allow the Dogman in, or are dominated by the species.

    I have a friend that goes out alone sometimes for a couple weeks at a time. I wish he’d leave it be and not do that. Whatever anyone believes about these things doesn’t make a bit of difference if they decide to take someone. Just sayin’.

    Anyway, that was absolutely riveting and the episode had to be therapeutic for Jerry. Thanks so much Wes. You truly are helping people.

    Be Blessed_m

  9. Virginia S

    Listening to Jerry is heart wrenching…he legitimately sounds terrified by just telling of his ordeal.
    Thank you Wes, for the episode and many thanks to Jerry for coming forward and having to relive those experiences.

  10. L. Oriana S

    This guest is beyond credible….very rational and measured in his responses to ongoing harassment. Kudos to him for having the courage to share this long horrible experience with all of us. People need to know these creatures are no joke!!!

  11. Chad W

    I haven’t listened yet, but it sounds like it will be an epic episode. Thank you for sharing, Jerry. I can tell you’ve already impacted a lot of people.

  12. Julie G

    I LOVED this episode! Jerry does a great job telling his story. I can’t see the Sasquatchs or wolf thing in the images. Anyway to mark it up so we can see what we are looking at? its like those image puzzles, my eyes just won’t see it until I know what I am looking for! 🙂

  13. Gwen K

    I’m floored at what Jerry went through. I’m relieved he is working with a professional to help him process and move on from this, as his account is one of the most terrifying I’ve heard. I appreciate how hard it must have been to relive his experience, but her sure did a great job.

  14. Jerry B

    Thank you to Wes and everyone in the community for your time and comments. I really appreciate the support from everyone, it really does mean a lot to me. Best Host, show and community for sure!

    • Chuck P

      Hi Jerry , my name is chuck and I also live in Utah. I live just south of Provo and have spent a lot of time in Provo canyon and am very familiar with the surrounding area . Thank you for sharing your account and hope you’re doing better day by day . If you’d like to reach out I think what I have to say regarding accounts of bigfoot there including personal experience ; might b helpful. Just wanted to reach out to ya . Hope all is well . Chuckliftsbig@gmail.com

    • m99

      You’re SO Welcome Jerry. I used to live in that area, you know, back when the crust of the earth was still warm. LOL. Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us. I had to stop and pray for you a couple times, and I also could feel your angst. I’m sorry this happened to you. Utah is a very special place. Be well. Be Blessed. Good job describing the whole event. Thanks for sharing your documentation. _m99

    • Mary D

      Hey, Jerry, I lived in Provo for years and moved down to Wayne County in 2016. I would take my dogs to the trail from Bridal Veil falls to Vivienne Park at least once a week (so many people there all the time!) and sometimes we would keep walking along the railroad tracks for a mile or two, sometimes on the other side of the river. We covered a lot of territory– we’d walk the benches from the “Y” to Slate Canyon trailhead every day. I always wondered about this area. Even with a thousand people using the trail everyday, sometimes it still felt eerie. Your story scared the crap out of me! I was hoping and praying that there nothing like this out there, but I’ve heard that there are from other people. I’ve gone all the way up Rock Canyon to the Squaw Peak campground with my dogs and there is a creepy feel up there. I hate it! With all the building and construction going on in Utah County, I’m afraid for families that live along the benches. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this. They tell us that monsters aren’t real but that’s not true.

  15. Robin D

    Holy bleep. I got such anxiety listening to this. Jerry really did a great job conveying his terror…at one point I actually yelled out loud “get out of there!”. It felt like a descent into madness. I am so glad he got out of there and I hope he can get his life back.

  16. Cheryl H

    It almost makes me feel like they were responding to your fear, acting out to provoke more prey behaviour on your part. As a predator, they must be highly aware of fear behaviour and they saw it ramping up on your part and they responded in kind.

    If they perceive IR, and it seems they certainly did perceive your IR cameras, they may see IR cameras as you visually looking at them (because that’s what their own IR does, visualize things in the dark) . When you turned the IR off, they may have seen it as you not looking at them any more, and when you put up coverings on your windows, they could no longer peek into see you. You hiding from them in this way may have provoked them to escalate frustration at no longer getting you to come outside, look at them, let them look at you and what was once a teasing interest on their part became an agressive ramping up, almost like bullies who aren’t getting the response from their victim any more. THis may have escalated into more predatory behaviour towards you. Especially if these are young males entertaining themselves with you. Seeing how far they could go with harrassement.

  17. Chuck P

    Thanks for this episode Wes and thank you Jerry for sharing. I am from Utah as well and live near Provo canyon . I’ve spent a lot of time in that canyon and I’m confident there are many accounts of bigfoot in that canyon. Again , thanks for sharing and hope you’re doing ok day by day .

  18. Janetta V

    Why in the world didn’t you move out sooner, you had some savings. Maybe you would have gone though less trauma. Get the cats and go. Anyway you have graduated to the highest degree and have come out a winner and a survivor. Good going Jerry. Thank you so much Wes and all of the good advice. NOW if someone call the authorities to get that poor dog out of there.

    • Ric M

      Dude, you’re way off base with that comment. It’s obvious he’s suffered some PTSD. One experience with these is very rough, but three months worth…you try it for yourself. Yeah, the pics are blurry, but there is something obviously there in all of them.

      • m99

        Thank you Rick, as a man to a man^. I can’t understand people who are mean like that. The remark I made below was in response to the rude guy, not you.

    • m99

      He’s probably been baptized. The devil always attacks us when we’re venerable, using whatever tools he can muster. Real life experience like this is rare, and he was trying with all his heart to not be a burden on his parents, apparently. Have you ever been in a situation, ongoing that you get confused and don’t know what to do? I have. Anyway, loves to you Jay C_m

  19. Ric M

    Man, Jerry, I really feel for ya bro! Way too scary to be there for that long! The ‘devil sasquatch’ photo, I can’t tell if it’s standing behind the tree, or if it’s up the tree like he described one of the experiences with the creature. Reminds me of Todd Standing’s DISCOVERING BIGFOOT FLIR video he took of one of the Squatches holding itself up on a tree with one arm. I did Google “sulphur spring” in Provo Canyon, and wonder if its the house whose street address starts 8969. Looks like a RV trailer parked in between to patches of trees. …. Jerry, if you’re reading this, can you let me know if I’m close? There are quite a few houses around that home now, but they also look ‘new’.

  20. CINDY C

    Father God, I thank you for Jerry. He is precious to you! I speak right now that he be surrounded by Your Holy warrior angels! Nothing can touch him! I speak that all fear and all trauma leave him now IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Also, the same for his cat. He is free. He is safe. He has Holy Spirit within him at all time. He is never alone. He is loved and cherished. No more torment, no more memories with fear or pain. I speak peace and security within him. In the name of Jesus, amen.

  21. Tessa C

    What an INSANE experience. Jerry did incredibly well getting that story out, what a smart guy, my heart goes out to him.

    I’m so curious to know what Wes’s theory is about why these creatures seem to have rules of engagement, like not entering people’s homes. Does anyone know? Wes if you’re reading this, we’d love to know ❤️

  22. adam w

    Jerry you done an amazing job retelling this nightmare and i just wanted to say thank you for telling your story I have been glued to my phone the entire time and you shared a lot of details that I love to hear about because many people don’t notice some of the things you did. The metal door sound is something I do not like because seems like a lot of people vanish after that noise is heard almost like the creatures that are affiliated with that sound are just pure evil.

  23. Mark D

    I think what you said about these things at the very end was exactly right, that messing with us is their form of recreation and entertainment. That’s why in other encounters they wait to cross a road until a car gets close, then they run out in front of the car or truck. They’re crazy creatures for sure!

  24. Matthew W

    After renting the trailer, the landlord decided that he wanted Jerry and other tenants out, so he could sell the property. Buyer did not want the trailer nor a tenant, so the landlord tried to scare Jerry out. Look at some of the marks on the trailer which are squared off and straight at the edge, indicating a straight metal bar or piece of lumber was used to smack the side of the trailer. Personally, I do not see anything in the pictures that looks like Bigfoot. Jerry may have seen the neighbor and his buddies sneaking around, taking turns smacking the trailer. This was a neighborhood with other houses. No one else was being bothered, no one called the police. I believe that Jerry was being harassed and went through a lot, but why would a group of Bigfoot set upon the trailer only? When Jerry was in the thick of it, who did he see outside, the landlord! The landlord never asked Jerry why he left and did not respond to the text. It would be interesting to speak to several of the homeowners in that development and see what they say.

  25. Bryan G

    Beverly… your the reason this community is so hush. who are you to ridicule or judge? for all you ppl like Beverly knock it off! its so wrong and low to say someone is lying. your nobody to judge! wish ppl like you would go away. invite researchers? who wants that in there life? wow ppl like you are so warped

  26. Matthew W

    The construction work looks like road building. Was the landlord turning the property into a subdivision? The landlord seems to be the central protagonist here. Jerry, a simple inquiry to the local municipal zoning and/or building inspector’s office might tell you a lot about what your landlord was doing with the property.

  27. Audrey J

    I live in Utah, and Provo canyon and Utah county in general is notorious for Bigfoot sightings. I remember a few young guys caught one on video that made the local news not too long ago. the Bigfoot was just standing in open view of the inhabitants of the valley staring down at people filming him without moving at all. They seem pretty bold in that area, but Jerry’s experience is shocking in the extreme. I think the landlord was just hoping he could maximize the value of his property and maybe these things would eventually leave his tenants alone. I wish Jerry had just confronted the owner directly since he clearly had more experience with this property and the phenomenon and his information would have been fascinating and might have helped Jerry feel less confused and frightened. I’m surprised more researchers don’t focus on this area.

  28. Krista N

    This is my first time commenting and I’ve been a member and listened for years.
    Regardless of everyone’s thoughts on this episode, This man was terrified and it broke my heart to listen to it. I’m glad he got out safe from whatever the situation was.

  29. Robert M

    I am curious to know what Wes’s. theory is about these things. I believe they are possibly demonic and might be used as a tool in the end times as in “the beasts in revelation”. it would explain the limitations they have right now and I believe they have to be invited in to be able to enter a door. at some point they will be loosed. Just a loose theory right now. I used to believe these things were just an undiscovered species, but after listening so long and putting together patterns, I no longer believe that. They seem like the get their jollies from fear right now. just some thoughts.

    • Lori C

      Robert M., I just read your comment after I posted mine way down below… those are my thoughts exactly!! It’s incredible to see someone else thinking the same thoughts about these creatures!

    • PNW Girl

      Perhaps some times it takes a awhile to realize just how bad things are… its like an abusive situation, it takes just the last straw to finally get out… not always easy.

  30. Brooke B

    That was an incredibly compelling episode. Not only was it interesting and shocking, but extremely informative.

    Thank you, Jerry, for having the courage to recount your experience. It’s seems like you really went above and beyond to present the major points of your three months of Hell in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. And kudos to you, dude! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better and that you’re working with a compatible, competent, and kind therapist. For many of us, relying on a professional like her is the only way to work through the challenges of PTSD. I hope your kitty is doing well, too!

    Wes… incredible episode, good sir.. Thank you for making this interview with Jerry possible— and then, sharing it in a way for simpletons like me to appreciate.

  31. James G

    The metallic sound has been reported numerous times, Ron Morehead heard it in the high Sierras in the 60s. Hate to say this, but I think that exact sound is the key behind the mystery to these beings, whether you want to call it a portal, wormhole, or whatever it is.

  32. PNW Girl

    Wow, just wow!

    First time I have come running to the forums to see photos and see what others thought of it. Those pics are something,,, that face!!

    Jerry, you did the right thing by getting out of there brother, how you were calculating to load the car??!!?? Its like the feeling you would have knowing there is a sniper in the bushes with a gun…how terrifying! If you are seeing this Jerry please stick with therapy, you had long term exposure to a terrifying situation and it will take some time to feel better (as Wes says) we are rooting for you!

    And Wes, what an amazing interview job! You got the best version of Jerry’s story simply by not badgering him, we appreciate you Wes!

    Thank you so much!
    PNW Girl

  33. Matthew C

    That was the best one you’ve had on in a while. You can tell by the emotion in that guys voice he was re living true terror. Wished the pics were a little clearer but don’t we all. I’ve had some weirdness happen around me before and filming it or even thinking about my phone was the last thing on my mind. Please share with us what you think these creatures are and these very strange “rules” they live by when engaging with humans. I also have a theory and I’m curious to see how close we are. Great interview and I hope Jerry finds peace.

  34. Christopher B

    Great show Wes and Jerry. It would be interesting to interview the landlord since his behavior speaks volumes about prior knowledge and experience, as well as guilt. I’m sorry you went through what you did Jerry but it helps all of us who deal with this subject in various ways.

  35. Jerry B

    Thank you everyone for your comments, thoughts, and prayers.

    For people wondering why I didn’t leave earlier, PNW girl is correct, that’s the biggest problem/reason I did not leave earlier. I have a bit of a history of staying in mentally abusive situations far longer than I should. I am working on this in a few ways and hopefully I won’t let myself be in denial of people or situations again.

    for people who have a hard time believing what occurred, I promise I totally understand and I don’t take it negatively.

  36. Stephenie S

    this may be my favorite episode. oh. my. gosh. this is a testament to how these stories are more than entertaining. he has true ptsd from this and I feel compassion for him. the gate!!!! like the LBL story. I like how he describes it as a gate. like are they actually coming from hell? bc of the couldran thing? so thankful for him sharing and glad he got out okay. I hope the cat doesn’t have it’s too. poor baby.

  37. Stephenie S

    the gnashing teeth reminds me of how Jesus described the sounds of hell. plus the gate sound. makes me wonder. deff praying for your mental and emotional healing Jerry. this situation was truly terrible. so sorry you had to go through this.aldo i wonder what happened with the construction workers.

  38. Kurt W

    Is it not obvious yet that these creatures can see in the infra red spectrum? Bigger yes, more light gathering ability plus the ability to see in the infra red spectrum. They can probably see a heat signatures on the outside of a house on the wall you are close to.

  39. Jennifer V

    Jerry, There is no way fear could be manufactured so authentically. I had a growing dread and anxiety the entire time I listened to your story and had to take breaks. I am infuriated by your landlord. The fact that he was “rescuing you” is the least he could’ve done for you. It doesn’t matter one iota who believes you, but for whatever it’s worth I believe you 100%. I wholeheartedly wish nothing but love and support for you in all of your days ahead. You are resilient and strong, or you wouldn’t have been able to have survived!! Round of applause!!

  40. Sue M

    So sorry you went through this. I do see a spiritual aspect of this. Wherever holiness tries to emerge the more evil comes forth. I sincerely believe angels were protecting you. Wish I could chat with you about the spiritual side to these things. I have dealt with evil and maybe can offer insight and encouragement.

  41. Terry B

    Absolutely the best story. I felt his fear, was able to visualize everything he described. Makes me want to go slap the snot out of that land lord. But, great job Wes. I don’t know if this gets old for you but your helping so many people. You get a super “Atta Boy”.

  42. Chuck C

    Jerry, thank you for coming forward and sharing your story for others. I hope you continue to get better after your experience with these creatures.

  43. Blanche D

    Very tough listening to Jerry’s experiences. Truly terrifying. I completely understood why he tried to rationalise what he was witnessing. That said I am so glad he got out of there. The imagines are compelling but still blotchy. The one taken with phone having appearance of a snout is very very scary indeed. It will take time for him to recover from this period and its aftermath. I wish him all the best. Big thank you to Wes for the way you handled the interview and interviewee, I thought you did great work here. My thoughts are mixed because I cannot understand why a dogman would be able to associate with a group of sasquashes and wonder if this group is made up of inbreds, which could explain Jerry’s descriptions of the creatures he saw.

  44. Jayne H

    2 hours of OMG! I have no idea how you lasted 3 months and survived! Thanks Jerry for sharing and continuing your research into this enigma. Your cat is beautiful. Wishing you all the best mate from Australia 🇦🇺
    Thanks Wes!

  45. Matthew W

    Jerry, I thought it was your landlord and friends were harassing you, but that does not mean that I am making light of what you went through one bit! I am wishing you all the strength you can muster! If you come east, you have my help! Just reach out.

  46. Vanessa W

    wow. what an incredible experience. I was on the edge of my seat listening. I’m kind of mad at the landlord as he could have shared a wealth of more information about his own experience and you could have worked together. great episode Wes. I hope he finds peace.

    • James G

      I 100% agree Joshua. Whatever is making that sound, is the key to this mystery. If anyone ever hears that sound in the woods, go back the way you came fast

  47. Melissa W

    I’m so glad that you’re doing better Jerry! you are braver than I. I would have taken one look at the bigfoot coming up to the trailer and noped right on out of there.

  48. Dana B

    Totally very scary…like horror movie scary…like I had to watch funny cat videos for 2 hours after that and kept thinking I am so glad he cared about his cat and got the cat out safely… the “ohhhhweeeohhh” sound…made about his cat..and how it bothered him to his core, stayed with me. I am so thankful, he and his cat are safe, the young couple and baby are safe and I pray for the dog for her to be safe and in a happy home without a chain and tribe of Sasquatch hanging around. May angels be with you always Jerry and you also Wes…Your doing God’s work. Thank you both.

  49. Jerry B

    Cody, I had that same question when I saw it. that’s saliva pouring from its mouth, and has been described by one person on SC before that I listened to, and also another person on another show that I listened to and it finally made sense to me what it was coming from its mouth.

    Apparently it’s a normal occurrence for saliva to pour out of their mouths, and I heard from 1 person that they take it to mean they are “about to eat”. it definitely freaks me out to say the least.

  50. Steve G

    People are gonna think i’m a nut for saying this, but i’m a little jealous when people live in a place where bf come up regularly and interact/harass. That would be lots of material for my youtub channel, and maybe could learn new things about the hairy ones.

    Extremely entertaining episode. When his landlord asked about his stuff left behind and mentioning he’s moving… doubt he moved. He just wanted to tie it off, so jerry doesn’t ask later about his stuff.

  51. Norita B

    Compelling, Disturbing, Heart-Wrenching, hard to listen to but like a good book, couldn’t turn it off.
    Take this is a Total Compliment ~ SC podcasts are my adult go-to-sleep, bedtime stories. I listen to the episodes multiple times, thinking I’ve missed it because I literally go to sleep a few minutes in. Can’t go to sleep without plugging in, tho.
    This is the first one in a long, long time where I stayed awake till the end,
    Jerry, I’m sorry you went through such harrowing experiences but Thank you for bearing your Soul. Early on I was wondering how one could find a competent, sympathetic therapist to address Bigfoot encounters. I was relieved for you that you have made a connection with someone you can trust. Good for you and keep seeing this therapist.
    I don’t know how to go back and cite specific episodes but this reminded of three others.
    1) The Scottish gentlemen who was visiting relatives in B. C., if I remember correctly. They went hiking and encountered a group of Sasquatch. His cousin / uncle knew about them but didn’t mention he brought s gun until they met face-to-face
    2) The gentleman recalling a childhood encounter where he and his friends packed up a Thanksgiving dinner for a homeless man. When they went to give it to him, he was gone and his absence totally blew this kids / guys mind.
    (monkey man? monkey face?)
    3) The episode when he was a boy and spending the weekend with his grandparents. He witnessed the woman who lived across from them hand over cages with trapped animals and hand delivering them to the Sasquatch through her kitchen window.
    Major PTSD in all four of these encounters.
    Continue to take care of your heart and mind, Jerry.
    Wes, I can’t say enough about how you’ve become one of the most spot on, in tune with your guests Host. Thank you for giving these people an outlet and a sense of community and connection. Keep up the Great Work, including the parts we don’t hear about on the podcast.
    Norita BH

    • Chad W

      I definitely remember the episode that is #3 on your list. It’s Episode 584, and it’s one of the most disturbing of all the SC episodes I’ve ever heard, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them all.

  52. Mandy K

    Golly thank you Wes and Jerry. Jerry you were amazing what an awful thing to survive through. Really appreciated you sharing your story with such detail and honestly. Wishing all the very best for the future 🙏🏻✨😌

  53. Bob J

    First time commenting. Been here for many years. Why has it become such a bad thing to respond a bit skeptically? Why are some of you feeling the need to defend Jerry so strongly? He’s a grown man. He can speak for himself. Wes, you’ve got some splaining to do! How or why did you let this one through? I live in Utah. At the mouth of Provo canyon, no less. I firmly believe in the existence of Sasquatch. I married into a family from north Idaho. Multiple sightings by them. I’m throwing the BS flag on you, Jerry!
    I know the community that you lived in. I know where that little building with the panels on the roof is. You said that you moved to the middle of nowhere, yet, that spot is at most 8 miles away from a population of more than 500,000 people! If, any trouble that you describe shows up, move back home with Mom and Dad. You describe playing and walking all through the hills at the mouth of the canyon. That puts you growing up in Orem or Linden. 8 miles away from your 3 month prison in hell. If your performance was for a project in acting class, you get a D at best. I want my 2 hours back. This critical review will have to do. Dear flute players; Please feel free to reply. I’m a man, I can take anything that you may have to say. I do wonder why more of you don’t speak up to protect this valuable resource that Wes and his supporting members, myself included, from box checking stories that are just so clearly fabricated and so poorly read.

  54. Jerry B

    Bob, you are not the only one who is skeptical and that’s OK . You are pretty off base on a few things to say the least But I’m also not going to argue as I know what I saw, and I know what I went through.

    I can’t change your mind and I’m not going to try.

    • Mike N

      Wes, Without question one of the best in a long time. Right up there with ‘The Brothers’ episode. The metallic sounds are fascinating. My family heard metallic noises outside our cabin in the Big Bear Lake area a few years ago.

  55. Holly B

    All I can think about is my rage for the poor dog tied up. Weak individual who refuses to say anything and this guy sounds weak. sure cares about his cat. Im not enjoying this at all:

  56. Jerry B

    I did my best to explain what did happen, belive me or not. I shared to hopefully help someone like I have been helped by hearing others encounters. it’s very hard to relive some very hard stuff for me and recount it the best I could. I’m not trying to entertain you, I just wanted to talk with someone and people who I thought would understand. thankfully the majority can see and understand that. there will always be a mean vocal minority though.

    I am very grateful for those of you who have reached out and been supportive. You have no idea how much it helps to have any support, thoughts, and prayers.

    • Melissa P

      As a cat mom myself, I felt the protection you had for him. The reaction the suspected female bigfoot saying oooooo. Had me thinking that the emotion when we all see a cat is just like us. I hope you navigate your life in a more peaceful way. I’m rooting for you. I would like to chat more with you. If you want. You can email me at mel5bla@yahoo.com. my Instagram is me.lissa3574. take care! ❤️

    • Lori C

      Jerry, I believe you and most everyone else does too. You know the truth and don’t let anyone’s skepticism bother you. Please see my two comments at the bottom of the page. Thank you, and my heart goes out to you!!

  57. Jerry B

    Mike, can you tell me anything about your “emense training” that makes you such a Sasquatch lie detector expert? I HIGHLY doubt it…

    Wes is NOT dumb, he knows a lot more than is said in my experience and I trust his judgment. Sounds like some of you think otherwise.

    • Kimberly M

      Remember the story of Lot. God gave Satan permission to torment Lot but he could not kill himaybe these things ARE DEMONS therefore have to obey God and are not allowed to harm us. These things ARE EVIL! Don’t be fooled by some being docile, they are not what

  58. Beverley M

    I cannot believe I have been called ‘ warped’ and blasted so aggressively by Brian G for very politely saying I was questioning this story.. I am sure Jerry B wasn’t so angered!! sorry Jerry, it was just my opinion and I did say I wasn’t here to judge or ridicule as I am a believer..but many people on here commenting with much more disrespect than me and I get picked on!!! so rude..my first time commenting and my last ..

    • m99

      Hey Beverly, Please don’t let anyone else muddy the waters for you. This site is very calm considering the subject. There are people who troll around to cause the site, or others like it, to lose members and quash member voices. Consider the source and enjoy your own voice. You have ever right to it. _m99

  59. Mary G

    Wow what a detailed story and the pics are great even if they are blury. Our reality is not the same as these creatures and I think they cannot come in your home unless invited OR they have a right to retaliate for some reason…just my thoughts. Great episode Wes!!!!

  60. Delia D

    WOW jerry deserves a medal for just sustaining that type of terror for 1 day let alone 3 months !!! Thank you Jerry for sharing your account!! And to Wes, as always thank you for bringing us fans insight into the world of Sasquatch encounters!

  61. Jerry B

    Beverly, it’s ok to be skeptical of any encounter, mine included. Yes, it can hurt to be called out for speaking your truth or reality, but please don’t let it deter you from speaking up…

    Sure, there are things that won’t be shared by Wes or myself because certain people exist and enjoy casting doubt and throwing insults. It does set us back, but it is an unfortunate reality. That being said, there is a difference between being skeptical and calling someone out. Maybe one day things will change and I do belive we will get there.

    When we stop speaking, it breeds misunderstanding, dialogue nurtures understanding and fosters growth.

  62. Anthony B

    What an amazing episode, wow. That poor guy. I think Wes provides valuable therapy for a lot of these people like Jerry. Someone that will listen and not judge an provide a place where they can get it of their chests clearly, that is why this was a two hour episode and worth every minute.

  63. Dawn B

    This episode messed me up! My heart is breaking for Jerry. I’m so sorry he had to go through this. It’s truly terrifying 😳

    Thanks Wes! You are doing amazing work! Creating this platform for people to share and express themselves- remarkable!

  64. Michelle M

    I would love if someone could draw over the wolf picture. I 100% believe you, but I am having a hard time visualizing that as a wolf.

    Thanks for sharing your story, I can hear the fear in your voice. I am glad you got out safe and are starting to heal from such a traumatizing experience.

  65. Erin D

    OMG Jerry
    Im soooo sorry. I was living in the woods in a trailer and l know the feeling that they know where l am
    One walked on the roof of the trailer and stopped right above me. I was actually JUST interviewed by Vic from Bigfoot radio ( episode 407)
    I dont sleep
    Then l moved to a suburban area and l feel like it still knows where l am.
    Ugh. So sorry. Reach out if you ever want to talk. You aren’t alone buddy. I believe every word you said. Thank God for these podcasts. Thank God for Wes.

  66. Kenneth H

    Jerry, not sure if you’re reading these comments or not. I’ve been a member for years, and have never once chosen to write a comment. Your episode has changed that, so please read this. It is obvious in your voice that you were traumatized and had an uncaring landlord, which understandably made you feel alone in this battle. He probably failed to acknowledge it because he didn’t want to lose the rental income. What I want to say is this. The trauma and fear you experienced is crystal clear unless you are an Oscar winning actor (and if you are, I’m going to see your next movie). Seriously though, you know your truth. You know what you experienced. Anyone that tries to invalidate what you experienced because they have superior insight or special training should be irrelevant to you. What I wish for you is recovery and healing. With what you went through, you don’t need anyone piling on. So please be well, and know that we appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

    • Josh G

      The landlord was effectively putting some ez bait out as a diversion and or test. Talk about a vibe check. Who the heck rents out a camper? Few, sure. Ppl normally move out for privacy and wouldn’t prefer short term rentals that nullify the precious privacy their anchorage offers. Just my blackpilled perspective.

    • John S

      Wonderful words Kenneth. I’m really happy that you decided to post and that you helped to support this traumatized guy. I’m lucky to not have had an encounter yet but if I did I would be so comforted and appreciative by your kind words. Thank you for your supportive words to him, that was wonderful of you!

  67. John S

    Maybe they’re upset about you disturbing peace because I’ve always having the TV on? Maybe they just want peace and quiet? Or maybe the constant television noise interferes with their hunting and so they’re pissed about it and want you to stop? I know I would be I can’t stand TV I like quiet. Maybe they’re not too different from people who just like peace?

  68. Debbie W

    Prayers Jerry! This was so hard to listen to but easily in th top 5 SC episode to date. I am not sure how I would have reacted…..terrifying. And it sounds like we have different types working together

  69. Lori C

    Thank you, Wes, and thank you, Jerry! I totally believe you and also believe the Native Americans when they say, “the closer we get to the end of times, the more we will see these creatures.” For all who don’t believe that Jesus is Lord and is their Savior, they will be left behind when Christ comes to retrieve His people, which looks like it’s not far off. The Bible speaks about “the beasts” that will kill a large number of people who are left behind… I’m inclined to believe that these are part of the “beasts” spoken of in Revelation. Terrifying!!! Get right with the Son of God, please!!! It’s as easy as A, B, C… A: admit that you are a sinner and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins, B: Believe with your heart that Jesus is truly the Son of God who died for your sins, was buried and raised from the grave and lives now and forevermore. He defeated all evil and death and will do the same for us. C: Confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and don’t be ashamed to tell others. Doesn’t matter how you’ve lived your life or what you’ve done, He will be faithful to forgive you and you will receive the Holy Spirit as Counselor and Helper. Don’t be left behind when all of these beasts are free to do unspeakable things to the human race. Like Wes’ big and bad friend said, “The only think I’m afraid of is being separated from God.”

  70. Lori C

    Jerry, I know you are a believer in Jesus, so I wasn’t speaking to you when I said to get right with The Son of God, but I was speaking to anyone who isn’t saved yet. Just wanted to clear that up… praying for your total healing and that you will be able to help others with the experience that God allowed you to have. I’m looking forward to meeting you in heaven! 🙂

  71. larry b

    I listened to this twice I wish you the best these creatures are both physical and paranormal… not of this world.. I believe they sense fear and feed off of it

  72. Sherrie M

    my question is for Wes- is there an episode where you tell exactly what you think these creatures are. I’m really interested to hear you thoughts. thanks. loved this episode!!

  73. Jerry B

    Thanks for the kind words, prayers and thoughts everyone! I promise they make a difference, and I do appreciate everyone taking the time to comment. SC has amazing people in it’s community, and I’m blessed to be a part of it!

    • Lori C

      You’re so welcome, and this SC community is amazing!! So glad you’re part of this incredibly supportive group now, Jerry ❤️. Wes is a God-send to many 🙏🏼

  74. Anthony B

    WES!! Is there anywhere on the site where you share what you think the creatures are and what the “Rules” of the game are? I would love to hear both. Thanks!

  75. Sue M

    Anyone notice in photo of fir tree eye shine 2.5 limbs down looks like a ghost face. Mouth, flat nose, eyes, pale face. Pareidolia probably but face is visible in both zoomed in and far away photo.

  76. Anthony A

    Listening to this episode made me wonder if the Sasquatch were doing everything they can to get him out because dogman was in the area. By them hanging around dogman would probably keep his distance. Maybe they were protecting him in a way and for a reason that we don’t understand. Like you guys talked about, they could easily have gotten to him or the cat at any time.
    Anyway, what an experience! Thank you Jerry for being able to share your story. Hope you’re doing well. Thank you Wes for letting him share his story with no time limit. Love the longer episodes.

  77. Marie M

    When Jerry was talking about hearing a gate-like sound before the events started, I suspect that the creatures live underground. That or it’s the sound of a portal opening. Jerry seemed genuinely terrified. I felt bad for him. We’ve heard of other encounters where they never stepped foot into the forest again.

  78. william Y

    Wow, great show, hadn’t listened in a while. I got distracted with life’s BS . Man two hours of intense listening. I burst out laughing when he said the hairy bitch thought the cat was dessert. I had an orange cat it had six toes talk about inbreeding I still think about that cat. I had the cat 18 years I could squeeze out a tear right now for that freaking cat.

  79. GW

    Dogman is definitely coming for you, especially if you show vulnerability. They are pure evil. Maybe the squatches were trying to drive you out of that place before you became a scooby snack???

    That would explain the arguing outside that you believed was happening. That might explain the fact the Sasquatches were always nearby even during the day. Also how they made sure right until the very end that you were positively leaving without actually making a legit run at you.

  80. Dan J

    Disappointed…I’ve listened to almost every episode. And enjoyed 99% of them. This one should have been left on the cutting room floor. Too many gaps, the guest seemed like it was scripted, and frankly Wes I expected you to cut him off. I can honestly say 3/4 of the way in I shut it down.

    Wes I have only heard one episode you shut down. This one probably should have been the second.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  81. Carol W

    I was fascinated by this episode! There is an authenticity and genuineness to it that just spoke to me. I’m sorry he had to go through that! It sounds terrifying and I’m sure no one would truly be able to understand what it’s as like unless they experience it themselves. Thank you Wes’s for bringing this one to us, and all episodes! I always look forward to them. God Bless

  82. Mariajose B

    Wes, what an amazing interview, that poor man went through so much!! It sounds like he may recuperate from the shock one day. Thank you for this podcast, it helps so many people deal with these horrible experiences.

  83. Jerry B

    Thanks for all the kind words and support, it’s really made a difference to have so many people be so supportive and have really good suggestions and theories. it’s helped me see some stuff in a different light, and backs up some of what my therapist also thought and suggested. You guys are the best, and God bless!

  84. Kelly S

    One of the most terrifying encounters I’ve ever heard. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Jerry.
    May God continue to bless and protect you. 🙏🏻

  85. Kevin S

    several instances of people disappearing, Tom Messick, for I stance,… bystanders, witnesses etc have reported metallic/car door sounds prior to finding the other person missing.

    doors to underground somethings?

  86. Lori A

    Thank you for sharing Jerry. I couldn’t image going through that. I love listening to yours and others stories but it also scares me on when they will decide to come out every where and will they take over. ❤️

  87. Kayla C

    Jerry, I am so sorry you went through this experience, I truly cannot imagine what terror you must have felt. Listening to this was fascinating but somewhat heart breaking. I am so glad you have a therapist who believes you and is helping you! It is truly bizarre about how intimidating they can be, but never coming in, just staying at the edge… really makes you wonder what is going on. I particularly like the photo of the two sitting and the one coming up to the trailer, super interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience; it was very informative and compelling. Wishing you all the very best! 🙏

  88. STEVE W

    I beleive these beings fall under spiritual rules They never killed the dog , They was defending the spot like they owned It , He didn’t own the land, We don’t know what a previous owner or renter has done ,

    • STEVE W

      And what I mean is. A person can do rituals in a home they own, Stir the pot , leave and people behind them pay the price , So he might be paying a price for some other fool

  89. Frank M

    I believe his story, but as for the pictures being clear? Lots of blobsquatches, except for the facial one and the one walking away. If he’s a guy who’s taking pictures and posting to social media all day, I would have expected better photos.

  90. Claire L

    I have listened to this encounter a number of times now and a couple of thoughts keep pressing on my mind. What if the homeowner was using the RV and the person(s) in it as a decoy, to keep the creatures distracted and away from his own home? If he did, that would explain the man’s denial about their existence.

    The second thought is, if the homeowner does know about the creatures, what is/was his relationship with them?

    I wonder how many times the RV has been rented out and whether anyone has gone missing there.

  91. Gary F

    Could you please also load a video showing multiple footprints? I never understand why they’re always just seems to be a single footprint shown? If it was really a Sasquatch you would have a trail of footsteps as it’s physically impossible to just have one sold defined and none other than that one

    If Jerry can post a picture showing all the footprints that would Make it easier for me to believe

  92. Amy T

    I feel so much compassion for Jerry. I understand what if feels like to be terrified by the “unknown”. The PTSD is real. What works for me is prayer and meditation. You sound really smart and loving. I know you will get through this. My prayers are with you Jerry. God’s grace and comfort to you.

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