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SC EP:1004 A Tall White Shaggy Bigfoot

Luanna writes “About October 1983-84, It was a Friday evening, sister Lisa, her fiance Randy & myself went out, we lived in a small town. Nothing to do. So the normal thing to do was ride the back roads & have our beer.

We went down Pebawma road, it was a road with no houses & hardly ever traveled. We had to stop for a pee stop, Randy went into the woods on drivers side, Lisa and I went behind the pickup on passenger side. We saw a shadow in front of truck, we both thought it was Randy, we looked up….& was shocked-scared shitless.

It was a tall white shaggy Bigfoot walking on an angle across the road. We pulled our pants up & ran in the truck, Randy came running to truck. We all were shocked asking WTH was that?? We could not get out of there fast enough.

This thing was like at least 7-8ft tall. Not in a hurry. Walked in front of truck with the head lights on, did not seem startled or afraid of us. It looked white with dirty shaggy clumpy hair its arms were very long & hung forward.

This has been over 39 years ago, & to this day the 3 of us know exactly what we saw & swear to it. We have all gotten teased about it when telling our story. But I- we know they (Bigfoot) really are out there.

I should also say I am from a family of 12 & lived on 45 acre farm, been in the woods my entire life & have never seen anything like this before or never again. This took place in Walkerville Michigan over by Pebawma Lake.

Mike writes “I had a childhood experience when I was 8 at a dude ranch in Nebraska. It was at night and probably 60′ away from me. It was a full moon and lots of stars over the summer.

I did not see its face as all I saw was a silhouette. The encounter was for approx 2 maybe 3 minutes. A day before my encounter one of the girls ran into to boys section scared as hell. Said she saw an ugly black face in the bathroom window. The next morning we checked out that side of the building (one side for the boys the other side for the girls). I was only 8 at the time but the window seemed pretty high off the ground. There were handprints which were large and strange as far as thumb location. A couple other things happened at the dude ranch. Nothing truly bizarre but interesting. The horses were always jumping the gate for some reason.

When I saw it I was asleep and just woke up feeling like I was being watched. Stood up, looked and I saw it. At first I thought it was a counselor trying to scare us but then I noticed the arm length, way too long for a human. Then I noticed hair all over the body. As I watched it started swaying which was real eerie. After 2-3 minutes it just walked down the hill to a real overgrown holler. I was surrounded by other kids and was unable to react, yell or anything.

I know you are busy as hell but if you are at all interested would like to talk with you. Decades later I live in Georgia and have had some strange things happen. During the day I was just glancing in the woods and swore I saw two black legs. It was really thick vegetation as it was about two months ago. It was walking one direction then stopped and the legs turned towards me. I think it realized “oh shit, I’ve been seen”. It took off so fast it was a blur. Twice we have loud smacks against the house. A week ago both our TV’S, me and my sons just went out. No power loss, just both TV’S at the same moment turned off. I called a cop one night and told him I saw a partial look of a guy in a gunney suit. Didn’t want him to think I was nuts. He suggested a game cam. He looked around but being night saw nothing. Another two times we heard what sounded like someone beating their arms against their chest but it was really loud.

You have a damn good show. If interested drop me a note some time. Would be willing to talk about it. Otherwise thanks for hearing me out. Have a good one.







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77 Responses to “SC EP:1004 A Tall White Shaggy Bigfoot”

  1. Nolan J

    Sounds like what some people describe when they have a dog man encounter like metal door dragging on cement terror in the lbl I think on the confessionals very good episode

  2. Maria G

    Congrats’s stupid but such an accomplishment..hahaha. trust me I know. so Kudos. Hi of our all time favorites here in the states. Badass and wonderful all wrapped in one, we luv ya girl. Thx Wes you’re a rockstar and don’t even know it. hehe. My SC family stay safe and have a great’s time for me to settle down, relax and listen to tonight’s episode 😜. Talk to you guys next week, God willing

  3. Robert S

    I’ve never been so high or drunk that I would mistake anything for a bigfoot. I’ve been pretty intoxicated in my life, so it’s such a weak excuse when people try and blame the paranormal on intoxicants.

  4. Tim K

    Wes,2 little questions on the dirty white color sasquatchs??
    What is the eye color on the dirty white color sasquatchs?? Are they pink, or red?? Or the normal black as coal??
    Also what is the skin color on the dirty white sasquatchs ?? that are reported to you , are they pink or grayish white?? Or are they Grey, blackish or tan like a catchers mitt?? The norm reported??
    Thanks wes!!
    Also special thanks to your guests, for sharing there encounters!! Thankyou for being brave and allowing all of us to listen to what your encounters were like. It really helps others to know what others have experienced. Just knowing your not alone or going crazy helps more then will ever be credited!!
    Thank you Wes, and Guests!!

  5. Karla G

    I’m sorry, but when people say, “oh you were just drunk,” that’s just buffoon talk. I have been super drunk in my day, super high in my day, and even tripping really hard in my day, and in none of those instances have I ever imagined a Bigfoot -or anything- for that matter. when people say that, it’s obvious that they’ve never been drunk before. I saw mine when I was seven, and had an older cousin there with me witnessing, and I know we weren’t drunk!!! people just grasp at straws to try and explain away something that scares them or messes with their paradigm of the world.

  6. Karla G

    Tim K, I’ve heard probably at least a hundred different stories of white Bigfoot and the eye color seems to be kind of split equally – black, red, pink, etc.

  7. Karla G

    honestly that noise sounds like what are known as “sky noises.” those weird metallic sounds coming from the sky from all over the world. you can find example after example after example on YouTube of these noises. that’s exactly what it sounds like

  8. Karla G

    wow, Mike, the same thing happened to me as far as forgetting my encounter. mine happened when I was little, probably around 7 years old, and I had a cousin with me who was a little bit older, we went back into the woods in an area that had been forbidden to us, but the landowner was gone that day fishing with my grandfather, so we took the opportunity to go back there and yeah, we ran into a bigfoot. of course I’m simplifying at a whole lot, there’s a lot that went into the encounter. it was probably at least twice my height I remember thinking (so It was probably around the 8 foot mark), it chased us out, we jumped on the dirt bike and it chased us. I remember feeling the footfalls through the tires. but anyway I lived my whole life without remembering any of this, until one day when I was somewhere in my late 30s, I had a YouTube video suggested on my feed which had something to do with Bigfoot, so I watched it, and like in that single moment it all came flooding back. The first thing I did was look up my cousin on Facebook, as we had drifted apart over the years, and I messaged him and asked if this really happened, and I’ll never forget his one sentence response – “I can’t believe you forgot about the time we saw Bigfoot.”

  9. Tim K

    One more question I was curious on Wes, if you have time to respond or not. It’s all good…
    In alot of reported encounters on your pod cast, where the sqautch is at the window doing the motioning for the person/ child to come outside or closer to window. I never hear what the reaction is of the squatchs when the person/ child dosnt do what the squatch wants??
    Do some shake there head NO to squatchs?? Or in most cases does the person/ child cover their head or leave the room so there isn’t a response from the squatchs to report??
    Just curious on what the squatchs reaction is to being told NO?? Does it even understand the concept, of shaking the head No?? Do they give a facial acknowledgement of being pissed?? Do they even react to it??
    Just always curious on that little part of an encounter and it always seems to never be awnsered or acknowledged in the telling of the encounter. Sorry if sounds dumb, I am just really curious on what the reaction is or response of these creatures and that part of alot of window type encounters seems to never be explained or said.
    Maybe to dumb to awnser, or maybe you could keep in mind to report on next time you are dealing with a window encounter.
    That little part fascinates me, ( Do they show a pissed look, Do they punch the window , Do they hit the wall, Do they just move on so to speak)
    What ive gathered in my opinion about most squatchs no matter where or what type they are, they have a quick temper and are not afraid to show it. LOL!
    Just looking for alittle incite on what a typical reaction is on a squatch when told NO, on if it understands the meaning? and do they react if they do understand? I think if there is a reaction, that would sure give you an idea on what the Dam dirty Ape is thinking,( I’ll will, or just simply being playful)
    Anyways when your guest was hitting on that tonight , it reminded me on it to ask you about it.
    Thank you!

  10. Rhonda W

    ***Help*** I know this isn’t the correct place to ask, but the Blogs confuse me as I only have a phone and not a tablet or PC. Anyway, I placed an order 10/20 and still have not received. and it does not appear to have even left the shipping facility. I couldn’t get the “contact” email address to pull up….grrr >:( thanks for any help and sorry to junk up this….well, whatever you guys call call it. Blog? Page?

  11. Ann Y

    Story 1- I believe that Sasquatch did a cat move. Ever see your cat walk right in front of you, almost tripping you, just to get your attention? He was playing the 😎 cool cat.

  12. Trenton S

    No one ever “admitted” to the PnG film being hoax. In fact Patterson claimed it was real onto to his death bed and Gimlin still insists it’s the real deal. If it weren’t one of these two “admitting” anything then it’s just another twit trying to debunk the video without actual proof.

  13. Rob M

    Patterson/Gimlin film definitely has not been a hoax and like @Trenton said, they never said it was. The passing of time has only validated the film with greater details such as worn down hair in certain friction areas and a herniated thigh muscle that can be seen moving while Patty walks. Thats no costume.

  14. Gerry M

    The sound is from an automatic sprinkler system set on a timer to come on during the night. One of the sprinklers is hitting a metal down spout or something similar to create that sound.

  15. John R ep: 883

    I enjoyed this episode. I will say, Ive listened to episode number 1000 five times so far! Cant believe so many havent figured out how to listen to it! Like the song says…WHOOP, there it is!

  16. Jesse D

    👇🏻 you’re quoting a song from 1993? okay wait … using a song from 30 years ago to imply you’re smarter then those of us who haven’t figured out how to listen to an episode? no. I have … a life. it means work, job, family, friends, and hobbies not from 1993. If there’s something more I need to do to listen to an episode… I just won’t. I barely have time to come here to listen to them as is. But go off buddy… very likely in your parachute pants and cut lines in your head and eyebrows.

  17. Jesse D

    —to be clear— I just assumed it was 1001. but I really can’t stand bullies. So if I’m wrong thennn I guess I’m an idiot. who know. but THIS EPISODE 1004 was great! sorry about my temper! I can not STAND bullies 😩

  18. m99

    Good Show Wes. I saved it up because I like to listen to your shows with my husband, but he’s been working six days weekly, ten to twelve hours a day. He and I listened to this one at dinner. Thx for all you do. You’re truly a blessing. _m

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