Oct 29

SC EP:1002 Sasquatch, Dogman And A Mouse

Tonight I will be speaking to Harley who had an encounter in 2020 in Virginia. We will also be speaking to Brandon who had a very strange night of running into this werewolf type creature.

Harley writes “I have a encounter I’d like to share with you. I have pictures of footprints, the creature, I have audio and what I believe to be a Bigfoot, would love to chat!”

Spoke to Harley and he said “I always thought Bigfoot was nonsense. In 2020, I was hunting in Virginia and I saw this creature come out on the ridge and look at me then look down the ridge and look at me again. It kept doing this and it was massive. I was able to snap a picture then something strange happened on my phone camera.

Later that night several of these things were going off and you could hear it echo through the valley.”


Link to video


Brandon writes “I wanted to reach out to you to possibly discuss my strange encounter from back in February 2007 in Miami county Indiana. It isn’t so much a Sasquatch, but I don’t know how to describe it all because the whole experience is crazy. I’m not sure if you want all the details, but I’ll write it all out below.

The short version is a coworker and I were both driving our own vehicles and had to swerve to avoid a large black shape in the road, then turned around to see what it was an encountered a large canine that stood up on two legs before running off.

If you’re interested in talking with me, please let me know.”




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151 Responses to “SC EP:1002 Sasquatch, Dogman And A Mouse”

    • Carla H

      Harley, I have experienced “that feeling.” I think its our subconscious saying, “you are in the presence of a god “little g” and you were allowed to survive by their mercy. Its a knowing, that you were shown mercy by a being that has unfathomable spiritual power.

  1. winkatme

    WES, I can’t wait to hear what you have planned for episode 1000! I hope everyone has a fantastic HALLOWEEN! Nothin but LUV, WINK 😉🙃😁👻🦇🎃😈👹👺💀👽🦉🧟‍♀️🧟🧌🕷️🕸️🧙‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🧛‍♂️🤹‍♀️🩻🪦⚰️🛸🌚💓🕯️☮️

    • m99

      _hi Wink ~ You’re a nice lady. Good to always see the love and encouragement. Don’t you think the world would be a better place if everyone was so loving? _love_ya_wink_m99

    • m99

      Yes, that’s what I thought, as well mixed with a dinosaur sounding call, and whales vocals, AND mourning ~ all wrapped into one. I think, if this is what people have heard in those hills for years and years, no wonder they think they’re ghosts. It’s different from what I’ve heard in SETX, and from anything I can recall. But it sounded like a mixture of what others have mentioned, as well as mourning…

  2. Jaclyn G

    not me checking my phone at my daughters family birthday dinner after talking about Wes like we are on a first name basis to see if 1000 or 1002 pops up tonight … yes… I have been drinking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Darrel B

    Harley’s recordings could be some BF researchers out blasting whale calls. Especially with that 15 minute periid between them. Or they could be real creatures out there. Horrifying to hear either way!

  4. Chuck C

    Thank you Harley for sharing sharing your encounter. The sounds they make that cause the primal fear response is not normal. I encountered this years ago when they were imitating coyotes, and they were in the outskirts of a major TN city. I have never experienced such a primal fear response, because it felt so uncontrollable.

  5. Lettie M

    I feel like I’ve heard the 2nd story on a different podcast (not complaining…) but I can’t listen on this platform it keeps glitching out and shutting down completely. I’ve had to listen on a different platform

  6. Connie F

    Thanks Brandon and Harley for sharing your experiences and evidence. I always feel for people who have genuinely had something profound happen and feel they can’t share because of how they were dismissed. Those people just haven’t had their defining moment yet. I like to put the biggest critics right in the middle of the action. I had 2 “researchers” take off in the middle of the night scared, I had one friend stay the weekend and she stayed awake listening to something breathing and walking around the house, she stopped dismissing everything. I found in family members it was a coping mechanism, they had to deny it in order to function in their daily lives. For every critic, there are thousands of experiencers and credible researchers who can benefit from your testimony. You have found the best place to start, Sasquatch Chronicles.

  7. Pauline P

    scary. enjoyed it.
    I think with the dimensions it’s not necessarily living in another dimension, but more about perception. like a being living in a 2d world wouldn’t be able to comprehend our 3d world, just as we can’t comprehend what it’s like in the 4th or 5th dimensions. we can only know the 3rd dimension and we can experience a 2d world to an extent,such as by drawing on a flat surface. perhaps the higher you get through the dimensions,you can somehow understand or experience the lower dimensions in some limited way,such as we can 2d. who knows.

    • Karla G

      Okay listen, I work at a Mountain Conservancy Stewardship, where we house two elk. NEVER have I EVER heard them make the noise that Harley captured. That’s just ridiculous. Whatever that is making a noise, dang it sounds huge, it almost sounds like a train putting on its brakes to be honest. Also almost sounds like whale song. Two voluminous to be a bear. I don’t know what that would be other than a Bigfoot. That’s no elk!!!!!

  8. Karla G

    oh my god, there is NOTHING more INFURIATING and INSULTING than when people try to tell you that you saw a bear. I am 45 damn years old, I KNOW WHAT a FREAKING BEAR LOOKS LIKE!!! and I could have told you when I was 5 years old what is, and is not, a damn bear. even a toddler knows what a bear looks like!! that is just SUCH AN INSULT. God I feel like punching those morons right in the damn nose when they say that.

  9. Karla G

    it’s funny that most dogman reports will say that the face resembles a German shepherd. I’ve heard chow also, and wolf, and even Rottweiler and Doberman type faces, but usually it’s German shepherd.

  10. Josephine L

    Wes, you continue to amaze me with your guests who bravely come on to share their experiences with you & all of us. I will check out “Tin Foil Tales” next. Goodnight SC family 🌜 & have a great week everyone! I, too am looking forward to listening to Wes’ historic “Epic”sode 1000❣Until then…signing off from the Paddy state of California 👀

  11. Mc P

    I have a super sentimental yet uplifting comment to post when the 1000 show hits.

    Also fellow chronicle he’d z- I’ve got a great idea I think we can all get on board with I’ll post the n the blog soon.
    Squatch u later.

  12. Blanche D

    The sasquash and dogman fight does sound plausible. Very strange encounter. When you look at Egyptian images of Anubis there are both hands and paws depicted, so dogman encounters are very perplexing. Hard to know if they are something from another dimension or not. I can only imagine how this experience must boggle the mind of the experiencer.

  13. Annette S

    I would have to say if I were to guess that Brandon’s experience has the real strangeness of a skin walker affect. I don’t think it’s skin walkers are only in our desert states. I read a lot of encounter stories and sometimes people here in the states have encounters with Japanese mythical creatures so things from what I’m reading aren’t always as we might think.

  14. Harry P

    Congratulations on #1000 and all your success. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I have listened to and enjoyed every episode. And listened to many more than once. May God bless and keep you and cause his light to shine on you.
    Harry Price

  15. Daniel R

    @Karla G. Yeah, the people telling you “it was a bear” or “it was a deer/elk/moose making those wood knocks”. pfttt. I was 25 yards from a near 10 foot monster that had been knocking intermittently for almost an hour before I got too close and it got pissed. my brother said “maybe it was a woodpecker making the knocks”. sheesh.

  16. Pamela P

    I don’t usually comment on these, but I just wanted to point out with the dogman encounter that these guys might have witnessed a dogman actually breaking through into our dimension. I think that is why the first thing looked so weird and moved like a “glitch”. Also with the way the dogman was sprawled across the road, I think it was fatigued after crossing over onto our plane. Too bad these guys didn’t witness the point where it actually broke through.

  17. James D

    Sound like he saw one of those ‘crawlers” or “striders” Merkel has a show on them. Sound like the guys might have crossed into another realm for a minute

  18. Brad W

    I’m going to guess that 1000 will be a Halloween episode. This was an awesome episode! Those sounds are CRAZY! Like a land-whale! Amazing interviews. The second guest was great too! I’d be freaked out the same as he was!

  19. Douglas K

    Still excited to hear another interview with Gary Wayne and Wes. The bump podcast brought up the term Elioud, which are the grandchildren of the fallen. Gary recently did a 2 hour show with Paul Stobbs. All fascinating stuff. 🤷‍♂️

  20. Janelle K

    The audio from Harley strikes me as a mourning sound. I don’t know why but it sounds sad. I was unfortunate enough to be a few blocks away from an accident where a little boy was hit by a car and we could hear the mom shreik weeping. This gave me the same hollow feeling. Thanks for sharing Harley and Wes.

  21. Eric N

    The Sasquatch audio kind of reminds me of whale sounds. something similar to a show recorded in the earlier shows , early first 100 shows. I believe the guy was a researcher in Michigan Irish hills area. great show Wes.

  22. STEVE W

    When you actually see one, There is no way too mentally prepare, You realize instantly we are being lied too, People need to know they are real and the warning signs so they can avoid them.

  23. Ken B

    Excellent episode. There is quite a bit of information to absorb from this one. Would love to see those recordings on the graph to see how they stack up with others. The guests sound very credible and the stories authentic. Well Done!

  24. Chad W

    Tomorrow being Halloween, I’m going to wear my “BIGFOOT STATE UNIVERSITY” sweatshirt, which I got in Willow Creek a couple of years ago. It occasionally draws comments from folks who are curious/intrigued. And best of all, it’ll actually be cool enough here in San Antonio to wear the sweatshirt comfortably!

  25. Mike T

    a lot of increadability loyal, patient respectful, careing people, have been thinking about this thousand episode fork quite some time and how exciting it hopefully will be , there seems to be absolutely no indication on this incomprehensible, achievement,Mr Germer , it such an accolade, that you have achieved, do you have any thoughts or comments please . ? ( praying your health is not compromised in any way. Thanks for the Friday night endorsing lights and Sunday night. adrenaline Heights

  26. D C

    WOW, that audio clip is loud. And totally has that creaky door hinge “metal on metal” sound others have described. Great capture Harley. If there was an audio quality prize, you should get it.

  27. tiffany k

    In the first encounter I wonder if he had some friends that were walking by and he didn’t want him to see them so it made some noise and showed himself to make a diversion. And that’s why it kept looking at him and to his right checking to see if his buddies were out of dodge before he walked away.

  28. Ron S

    Great show! Sounds like more people are finally realizing some strange aspects to these different creatures. Now we’re on the verge of getting somewhere. I like the second guests fairy tale analogy too.

    • Jennifer G

      Harley mentioned that it was turned to its left looking at the ridge. I looked at the photo with that in mind and it makes more sense. You can see it’s right shoulder/arm and the profile of the right side of its face as it’s torso and head are turned to its left. At least that’s what I’ve come up with.

  29. NHSquatcher

    That’s a poor coonhound stuck in a tree or lost in the woods it happens all the time they need to put tracking collars on those dogs because if one gets stuck in a tree it’s going to die there

  30. Jesse D

    I’m sorry, BUT I am NOT of the “protect and preserve” these creatures that are killing people type mindset. BUT BUT BUT …listening to their very obvious pain made my eyes water in sympathy. Mostly because that kind of pain is from loss of a child; a mate or a parent. Damn if these audios didn’t break my heart and make me cry in the middle of my freaking workout.

  31. Blake B

    Photo shows a black spot in trees LOL! Show a second photo where that spot isnt there then we can talk. I cant believe Wes lets people DUPE him so blatantly. This podcast is becoming as goofy as that factsonhowtohunt psycho. Credibility going STRAIGHT down the drain. Grasping at dogmen and orbs for crying out loud. Bindernagel WOULD NOT HAVE approved. Humoring wild accounts to sift out useful information and propagating pure trash is two different things. This is pure trash.

    If you even think for one moment of saying “You dont have all the answers so you have to accept any bullshit theory some lunatic conjures up as facts to fill in gaps in knowledge”, you need you head checked. Quote me.

    • Blake B

      Awww are you mad I spoke facts? Are you butt hurt that I poked huge holes in the dogman logic? Boo hoo cry baby boy. Sorry your fantasy is 100% baseless. I wasn’t insulting anyone, just speaking facts. You then come on here and personally insult me, lol! What a loser! Your insecurity is showing bum!

  32. Brandon S

    I need to call and share my encounter. This is final straw for me. We were sliding benches on smooth cement in a pavilion on the edge of a forest. at night. WHICH SOUNDS JUST LIKE THAT (heavy wooden legs howling as it skid across the floor). Me and another guy stopped sliding and the noise kept going. and going. like we accidentally called it in. It got scary and I’m going to have to share it all at this point

  33. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes. I really enjoy listening to your guests. Harley, thank you for the pictures and the vocals. Wow! Those are so very mournful. They do sound a little like whales in the way that they sing. Those other sounds in the background sound mechanical. I’d love to know what they were if you know. Brandon, thank you for sharing your story. I grew up with Lon Chaney, Jr. acting as the Wolfman in the movies. As scary as Sasquatch is to me, a Dogman would absolutely freak me out. Seeing something we are not supposed to see scares me to the core of my existence. I love your analogy of the creature moving like the tube dancers we see on the sides of the road at car dealerships. Great visual!

    Blake B – shame on you! Have you no humanity? Do you imagine it is easy to come forward and share these experiences? Show some grace.

    • Blake B

      Shame on me for not jumping to conclusions or believing every radical encounter I hear? Lol people like YOU are the reason sasquatch research is laughed at. Take a good long hard look in the mirror.

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